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  1. Sleepy_Bunny

    Which ship for coal?

    Too low impact for randoms, imo. Survivability is ok, but burning down stuff from range is just not a playstyle that can carry hard most of the time.
  2. Sleepy_Bunny

    IJN BBs state

    Kawachi is crap, everything thereafter is at least worth its slot on team lineup. Myogi is low dpm, but incredible in every other aspect (except AA, but T4). High speed, high accuracy, good turret traverse, good hp pool, decent armour. Kongou is an improved version of this and one of the best silver T5 BBs. Only competition for top spot is Pyotr. Fuso is best dpm at T6, decent armour, decent speed, decent hp pool. Nagato loses the good armour from earlier ships in the line, but has incredible guns and a great hp pool. No-nonsense BB pretty much. Amagi is another no-nonsense design with great dpm, good speed, good torpedo protection and some brawling potential even. Izumo is absolutely a proto-Yamato now after the buffs, with great accuracy and penetration and a good armour scheme with a 57 mm deck, minimal superstructure and better citadel protection than the Yamato. You cannot overmatch high tier BBs like Yamato, but if you don't autobounce, shells are accurate and pen hard. Yamato was the first T10 BB and still can be put to good use. One of the tankiest BBs in the game, with one of the best gun armaments in the game.
  3. Sleepy_Bunny

    HSF Harekaze best Commander skills

    At 11 points, your best bet is Priority Target (helpful to know when your cheeky gunning attracted attention) or Preventative Maintainance (when you think that everyone targets you anyway), then Last Stand, Survivability Expert (always helpful on the lowest hp pool of T8 ships) and Concealment Expert. Next 4 points into IFHE, then BFT, then AR. Frankly, your build seems to me questionable and the logic behind it too. Building a gun-focused DD with TRB raises the question, how are you going to use the guns? You cannot gun openly, because your 13k hp is a joke and any ship that farts in your general direction will wreck your DD. You cannot gun from smoke, because you have none. On the other hand, playing with TRB, usually you rely on 5.4 km concealment to outspot everyone, so you sacrifice the smoke by playing a bit more carefully. But with 6 km detectability, you basically get outspotted by almost everyone at high tiers and even Akizuki has only 100 m worse concealment. You can no longer avoid fights through better concealment, if you meet an Akizuki you are absolute toast. IFHE is definitely not more useful than CE. Not on Harekaze anyway. It was when the guns couldn't hurt crap in the past and you relied on 6 km detectability AND smoke to keep you alive, but now that 10 cm guns pen 25 mm of plating anyway, no point in having the IFHE. Demo Expert and TAE are both not worth it. 3 point skills should be SE for actually having an hp pool that isn't gone with a sneeze by a BB and BFT, which just straight up buffs your dpm by 11%, while DE only buffs your fire setting that is absolutely pointless against any class other than BBs (because everyone else takes far less damage from fires). BFT over TAE also is my choice because both armaments are of immense value to Harekaze, but guns are also of defensive value, gunning down DDs that try to chase you. Torp reload is far less useful for surviving such encounters.
  4. Sleepy_Bunny

    Alaska VS Puerto Rico

    PR is not a Montana though, just like Yoshino is no Yamato and Stalingrad is no Kremlin. Not saying Puerto Rico is without merits, but it certainly would be misleading to consider it a Montana in a cruiser slot. It is a tankier cruiser in a cruiser slot.
  5. Sleepy_Bunny

    5 replays

    Haven't watched the replay, but frankly, this sounds like a waste of time. Iowa is not some RN BB, which have good HE damage and outstanding concealment to get close. The HE damage is mediocre, the concealment is mediocre, the accuracy is mediocre to acceptable, but the shell velocity is not helping. If you want to help early cap fights, it's better to just stay with AP, to potentially wreck a cruiser that tries to support the enemy DD, as chances to hit and devastate the cruiser are higher. And if there is no cruiser, some overpens on the DD still do the job too. HE on a cruiser meanwhile will do pretty much nothing. Only time to load HE in Iowa, imo, is if you are 100% sure next thing you shoot is a DD (lulzily, if the DD is low enough, it might even just be better to load AP still to avoid modules eating the HE shell), or if there is a target that cannot be overmatched and no better/more important target exists.
  6. Sleepy_Bunny

    Bella Venezia

    I don't think the use needs to be limited though. The French line for example has MBRB and speed boost and basically can also get a ton out of it (there is a reason Henri meta was a thing and it isn't just the 50 mm pen). Henri gets to your side, it can MBRB you down pretty fast. Of both consumables individually, the French have more charges AND they get hydro. Also, smoke can be countered. Any ship with a hydro or radar (so every non-Italian cruiser) can counterplay your smoke at some point. And for BBs, your rush is dangerous, but with 3 crappy torps per side, most damage comes from an AP salvo to the side. Venezia in this sense can get something out of this, but try that crap in a Montecuccoli against a healthy BB and it might just end you.Something like a Furutaka, Krasny Krim and Emerald are straight up better at the job. Meanwhile, how do you counterplay MBRB? Not to mention, the offensive potential of MBRB is much easier to utilise from relative safety, not tied to basically yolo-rushing enemies.
  7. Sleepy_Bunny

    Bella Venezia

    The smoke isn't even that useful. Yes, it is a nice tool, but you can't tell me that it is worth the lack of hydro, when you have other lines that get consumables of similar potential, but no such issues. e.g. French MBRB, RN smoke + heal, Perth or Huanghe with creeping smoke...
  8. Sleepy_Bunny

    To WG

    Where you on holiday or something, because for a few months we didn't have to deal with this and now we are back to the daily rant thread filled with cursing and no real substance. DM, Moskva and Worcester are unbalanced now? If you have troubles dealing with those ships, what isn't unbalanced? Did you just get killed by one? Can we expect a thread about Shima nerfs next time you eat a volley Shima torps from "insane stealth, no counterplay"? Sure... Personally, while Smolensk is insane, it isn't even the most insane arsonist WG added to this game this year.
  9. Sleepy_Bunny

    Bella Venezia

    SAP dpm doesn't really match that. It's inbetween Hindenburg/Zao and DesMo, being neither in line with non-autoloading guns nor with all the spammy ones. For a cruiser with decent pen and ballistics, it is pretty ok in dpm there. The issue just is, no fires, certain crap you won't pen anyway and you can bounce. You cannot really raise the dpm, because Venezia already wrecks the stuff it can pen, while no amount of dpm increase will be fine for the stuff it cannot pen. SAP to me is just a stupid mechanic that has issues because of the binary way the shells work (pen or non-pen) and how if you mess up your angling, at midrange, Venezia will be even less forgiving than a Stalingrad against any ship that isn't a BB. And we didn't really need ships that specialised in just yeeeting cruisers and DDs. Nor did we need a line that is frustrating to play for low and mid tier, just to become "decent" at high tier. And Italian CAs are designed for basically the most ignorant damage farming playstyle, given they have little else to offer. IJN cruisers offer more utility.
  10. Sleepy_Bunny

    How to Neptune/Minotaur?

    I mean, it's not like it makes the ship always worse. If you have almost no AA it's decent, as well as if you have no AA range and the sector reinforcement/weakening mechanic hurt your output overall when planes just fly over and are already in the weakened sector. Then MAA at least preserves that. What makes the skill absolute crap though is the 4 point cost. It is at best worth 1 point and even then not recommendable on the majority of ships. Certainly not for the RN CLs.
  11. Sleepy_Bunny

    Bella Venezia

    Venezia? Yes. Yamato out-dpms two T10 cruisers only though, which is Venezia and Stalingrad. And Venezia AP volley isn't even super special. Hindenburg can do pretty much the same alpha with almost half the reload.
  12. Sleepy_Bunny

    Shima accelarated torp time?

    +50% chance of torpedo getting disabled is same as on normal torpedo reload mod. The LU for Shima compared to torp mod people usually use boils down to 25% reload reduction instead of 15% in exchange for -80% torpedu tube traverse speed. With ASM in 3rd slot, you require 30s to traverse torpedo tubes 180°. So, assuming you run the 12 km torps, you get 14s less reload (~103 instead of 117 s) but the tubes traverse like (fast) BB turrets. I'd not consider it a terrible mod, because most of the time, you aren't going to torp threats that appear suddenly out of nowhere (DDs you better just try to gun down) and you have still almost 2 minutes inbetween torp salvos to turn your tubes in the right direction. So if you preturn torp tubes like you do in a BB (or if you don't play BB, the same way you usually should preturn Shima guns which also traverse slowly), it's mostly a reload boost.
  13. Sleepy_Bunny

    You can all dry your tears - I'm back!

    Who are you again? Jk, wb.
  14. Sleepy_Bunny

    Scharnhorst Yeah!!!

    Scharnhorst's major issue wasn't accuracy (2.0 sigma), but penetration and overmatch (or rather lack thereof). Not much changing there.
  15. Sleepy_Bunny

    How to Neptune/Minotaur?

    Massive AA. Waste of 4 points on any ship with passable to good AA, if not in general. BFT also is not really all that important, though more useful at least. Would run RPF and either smoke screen expert or EM instead (Mino traverse is excellent, on Neptune, not so much).