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  1. Riselotte

    Perth Appreciation Thread

    No idea.
  2. Riselotte

    Perth Appreciation Thread

  3. Riselotte

    A few noob questions...

    I guess Orion is a cruiser too, right? And Iron Duke. It's not like the AP doesn't work... Wyoming has less hp, it has 26 mm more belt armour (203 vs 229 mm, which are both at the lower ends of T4 BB belt, but miles above low tier cruisers), which in practice means if a BB gets its broadside it can delete it just as easily. What Wyoming does not have is this... Only BB HE will pen this deck, making Ishizuchi far more resistant than Wyoming to HE spam, which is fairly common at low tiers (a general trend among low and mid tier IJN vs USN BB). Ishizuchi also has a reinforced lower bow, which is not terribly useful, but at least offers slightly more protection than the complete 19 mm bow Wyoming has. So, might be my opinion, but it is founded on actual stats. Because it has 305 mm guns just like Wyoming, 10 guns vs 12, but 25 second reload and 2.0 sigma. In a BB vs BB fight, Ishizuchi also has no issue taking a Wyoming apart with AP.
  4. Riselotte

    A few noob questions...

    It's a battleship. You might look at it and say IRL it was planned as a battlecruiser and all, but it fills a battleship spot and for T4 it is undoubtedly a battleship and definitely not a cruiser. It looks like a battleship, it plays like a battleship, not like a cruiser. It is tankier than Wyoming and craps on cruisers harder than Wyoming.
  5. Riselotte

    Were the buffs to Hipper and Eugen enough?

    I take Atago with 41 mm deck armour that can bounce Musashi shells over Hipper any day, range or not. Hipper would likely not take 7 shells for not even 2k per shell average when hit on the deck from behind. Originally I wanted to make a thread gushing about Atago and how much I grew to like this ship, but I decided to scratch that idea, as it felt like it wouldn't contribute much and instead I thought I'd address CAs that imo are actually garbage. Like, Atago can tank, Atago effectively has far more hp than Hipper, Atago is faster and more maneuverable, it can play at those ranges without easily getting deleted and with concealment and heavy HE broadside you can give an impact on DD fights even without radar by just blapping a DD for large chunks of hp that can decide these knife fights. Its sustained dpm isn't great, but it can make those salvos count. Hipper/Eugen struggle much more to do that which is why I consider Atago a much better execution of a low dpm cruiser than the Germans. And even for AP play I prefer this ship, because frankly, the accuracy, 10 gun broadside and having almost the same concealment as Edinburgh do make it much more useful for deleting unsuspecting cruisers with AP than Hipper (as that Neptune up there found out the hard way). I hand it to the German sisters that as @El2aZeR stated, they have much better AA, but I doubt that not getting deleted by a CV once in 20 matches or so is going to make up for being a much better ship in the other 19. As for the UI, that's Azur Lane Enchant by @Compass_Rose. I started using it a while ago and you haven't even seen the loading screens, result screens, port UI, etc.
  6. Riselotte

    Yamato- How to position?

    But muh secondaries! No, but really, the most important part is to be in a position where you aren't in any immediate danger to get flanked and have an exit plan for when it is about to happen. If you don't eat cits/torps, even 10 km away from a target is just fine, unless it's a Moskva or Stalingrad. And the only reason those two are not fine is because those suckers might actually go for the ram and you can't kill them. But some Hindenburg, Zao, Des Moines, you can delete from any angle. Obviously, 10-15 km is a bit more forgiving in getting away though. 20+ km is more like that opportunity shot at the other flank, because they sure wouldn't expect that.
  7. Riselotte

    Were the buffs to Hipper and Eugen enough?

    It's basically how I felt this ship had to be used, till the moment when you trade hp for some decisive torp rush play. I would say though that Charles Martel with barely less range, better mobility and much better damage output and fire chance is all-round better at the role unless all you fire at are German BBs, Roma, Yamato and Russian T10 cruisers. Chapayev admittedly does not have the same excellent mobility, but offers better dpm at similar range and a stealth radar for cap control impact if you need it. AA is solid, but lacks range. It's good when you are isolated though due to your long-range kiting, thus inviting carrier strikes. Still, that's assuming the CV has nothing better to strike than a Hipper. I'd call the armour overhyped and barely worth it if you don't play against some poor T6 Warspite, Bayern or QE. I mean, it's a bot, but with that armour effectiveness, unless it literally comes around a corner at 4 km and dumps all torps, you can just demolish it with normal pens or even citadels. Not to mention, anything that has its impact late-game is basically already at a disadvantage, because by then most matches are either already won or thrown. Hipper/Prinz Eugen alone are unlikely to save them. And this assuming you are up against a BB lategame, not some cruiser or DD, both where all you got going is a good hp pool.
  8. Riselotte

    World of HE Games

    Not really. as is, HE has far less potential damage. What you are whining about is that it is easier to use. Guess what, 15% less damage won't change that. And on a good few ships, it changes almost nothing. Yamato for example already takes lulzy amounts of damage from HE hits, except the anaemic German HE and is more likely to lose its hp to fires (like most BBs that have 50 mm plating or more). But fire chance isn't what you want nerfed, It's the direct damage.
  9. Riselotte

    Russian Battleship Line

    Ah yeah, OR isn't already decent at T5. Nikolai isn't already OP at T4. We need such a monstrosity at T3 now. Also, what better way to fill T5 than to take the most OP T5 and give it a Russian refit? Meanwhile T7 is basically on the level of a Fuso. Honestly, this so unbalanced, even WG would notice it within half a year of release.
  10. Riselotte

    World of HE Games

    Let's be real here. HE already has way less potential damage than AP. So, people who argue it basically is AP with added DoT without taking the damage difference into account basically would complain even with 15% less damage.
  11. I'd say no and will explain my opinion in this post, but I felt like formulating the topic title as a question to open this thread up to discussion from people who might have a different opinion. I do not question that buffs for Admiral Hipper and Prinz Eugen were required, I'm questioning whether they actually made these ships worth playing. I consider both to be the most irrelevant cruisers at T8 still and a chore to play, which is sad for Hipper, but utterly disastrous for Prinz Eugen, which costs money after all. Mainly, I think this comes down to two things: Lack of effective dpm. Highly situational armour scheme. What do I mean by that? Well, Hipper, like most things German in this game, has HE that has high pen and low damage and fire chance and AP that has high damage and pretty low penetration. Which in practice means, unless you have broadsides to wreck, the ship basically relies on spamming HE, which has as its sole ray of light that it can pen 50 mm of armour. Hipper has of all T8 cruisers the least amount of guns, has a very average reload time and the HE shells have a staggering 2,500 damage potential. Just to put this into perspective, Charles Martel and Baltimore as average heavy cruisers have 2,800 damage potential per shell, Atago and Mogami (203) have 3,300, Mogami (155) has 2600, Cleveland and Chapayev have 2,200 and Kagero has 2,150. Due to getting this combination of lackluster RoF, low amount of guns and unreliable or low damage shells, it can very much happen that you are stuck with basically the lowest effective dpm at T8 among tech line cruisers when playing Hipper, or lowest overall in Prinz Eugen. CAs in this game generally have lower dpm than CLs, but Hipper takes it to new extremes by also having low fire chance at 11% per shell. Cleveland has 12%. Kagero has 9% (and due to higher RoF, Kagero is actually about as good a fire starter as Hipper, which is sad). Just to make it even worse, HE dpm-wise, Hipper is actually a downgrade from the Yorck which has barely slower reload, but a significantly better HE shell and 12% fire chance. Prinz Eugen naturally is even worse, due to lower RoF than Hipper. Now, some may say, this is horrible HE performance is justified by the high AP dpm. But I'd disagree. At anything but broadside, you won't get pens and as soon as a ship angles, you are back to requiring HE to get anything done. Thus, I'm going to say that "AP dpm" might actually be a faulty concept, as frankly, you need someone willing to ignore you "spamming" (is this term even applicable with that RoF?) AP into their side. Baltimore and Edinburgh are slightly more forgiving, as they get improved pen angles and thus can make more generous AP plays, but Hipper cannot. And thus, I find the greatest impact value AP has for a cruiser is the ability to surprise blap an enemy cruiser in 1-2 salvos. And guess what, that's about the only thing Hipper could do best... except it doesn't. Hipper/Eugen seem best in damage potential per single AP salvo, with 47,200 potential damage from 8 AP cits. However, all CLs are more capable of firing a follow-on salvo before the target angled, as can Charles Martel (reload booster!), Baltimore is more forgiving for a follow-up salvo with super-heavy AP (and 45,000 damage potential per salvo) and the Mogami (203) and Atago have barely less AP damage potential per broadside (47,000) but have the accuracy to much more reliably snipe a citadel. Mogami (155) lacks that accuracy but has the actualy highest aP per broadside, at 49,500. Thus, in that role, you basically aren't terrible... but noone else is really worse. And others do have actual HE. The second point I stated was situational armour. Hipper has 27 mm everywhere, except the waterline belt, where it is more. This allows it to tank 38 cm shells. Hipper and Prinz Eugen have the potential to be up against a full lineup of T6-8 BBs that can be tanked and brawled to death with torps. Too bad MM throws you against T9s and T10s most of the time, where 38 cm is exceedingly rare. Not that at T6 and T7 there are no big guns capable of hurting you and frankly, any non-overmatching BB that is somewhat competent can just load the HE and stay outside torp range. They'll outlast you easily. Fuso has better HE dpm than Hipper. So, you basically can go try brawl people who have no idea how to deal with your armour and mostly BBs. Against cruisers, 27 mm at T8 gets penned by everyone (except those stuck without IFHE for whatever reason) and DDs fall into three categories mostly: DDs without IFHE that can at best pen Edinburgh and maybe Cleveland. They won't pen any other cruiser, because already 25 mm shuts them down. DDs with IFHE, which allows them to pen every T8 cruiser, because 127 mm IFHE can pen up to including 27 mm. And Cossack/Lightning, which are the two T8 BBs with guns you can tank if they have IFHE that others need to be bothered about. Vs DDs, what matters more than Hipper's armour is that Hipper's poor dpm makes Hipper and Eugen the absolute worst DD killers at the tier. DDs like IJN 10 cm DDs can smoke up and farm you for significant amount of hp, or if they have to, all except Harekaze can pick an open water gunfight and win a 1v1, because Akizuki may only have half Hipper's hp pool, but has double the dpm and will torch you far more efficiently. If you look at other cruisers, they either don't rely on armour to the same degree or they have flat out more useful armour. The latter basically is Atago, which is 25 mm everywhere, except belt and a 41 mm deck. This means that, yes, 38 cm BBs might penetrate where on Hipper they'd bounce, but this armour scheme is actually reliable in what it does from T6 to T10. Shells that land on the deck bounce, regardless of whether it was a Bayern or a Yamato firing at you. This deck plating actually has consistent value. It even holds off most HE. This is what efficient plating looks like. Not 27 mm all over that might as well be nothing as soon as you encounter a West Virginia or Mutsu or almost anything at T9/10. So, where does that leave Hipper/Eugen in my books? Basically, both ships lack impact. They seem geared most of all to deal with BBs, as smaller ships will frankly take them apart with dpm. Hipper's dpm is basically on par with a Kagero but with 17+ km range and 50 mm HE pen, but for actually removing DDs, this is utterly inadequate (because the range and pen don't matter and Kagero is the least threatening T8 DD a DD can run into, with the exception of Asashio). This means that at T8, Hipper most of all threatens Bismarck/Tirpitz, but Amagi and NC will crap on it just like they do on any other cruiser... well, Charles Martel might speed dodge, Cleveland has a small citadel and Atago can tank it on the deck. 38 cm Monarch and Richelieu might get frustrated by the Hipper, but their extensive 32 mm plating means that a well-positioned Cleveland, Chapayev or Mogami (155) are far more dangerous, as are most other CAs. Against T9/10, the proliferation of 406+ mm guns obviously means that the Hipper basically only gets to shine against heavily armoured ships as quasi-can opener, in the hope that it does more HE damage than others get with fires. But even if Hipper/Prinz Eugen were actually able to kill BBs, that would still leave them with lackluster impact, compared to ships like Atago or Mogami, which can play effective surprise attacks (blasting DDs and cruisers with heavy HE and AP broadsides), stealth torpedo attacks or the ships that have dpm and radar. But as is, Hipper/Prinz Eugen can't even do that. So, can WG please go and get these ships a proper role and something meaningful to be good at that isn't utterly negated by the majority of ships it runs into? Or am I overlooking something in my analysis? Also, just to touch upon something that might impact these ships too: WG stated in their latest Waterline video that CAs will receive armour amidships to tank BBs and will no longer get easily penned by CLs. While I have no clue how they plan to do this, it would obviously mean Hipper/Eugen might get buffed. The question however is, if basically all CAs get this, what is the point of these two? If a Charles Martel or Mogami (which after all is a CA hull) can tank BBs, what's the point of Hipper/Eugen?
  12. Riselotte

    Perth Appreciation Thread

    Haida as a DD is faster. In Perth I usually don't have that issue. Also, the main issue with Perth back in the day, I guess, was that there existed ships like Cleveland that just brought massively more at T6. Now, with that one gone and replaced by more modest Dallas, Perth can shine a bit more. Also, the smoke duration isn't too short, but the crawling smoke does mean that there are long durations inbetween smokes where you need to find an island to hug. Leander is overall a vastly more forgiving, albeit also more limited CL, with normal smoke and repair party allowing you to be more consistently smoked up if someone else spots for you.
  13. Riselotte

    World of HE Games

    Ah yeah, I underestimated it. Clearly, a must have skill then, given how hard Yamato would derp on you with its guns if it had its turrets still.
  14. Riselotte

    World of HE Games

    Cleveland and Worcester. Atago above magazines. Cleveland, Worcester have 127 mm, Mogami and Ibuki have 140 mm above magazines. Atago has 127 mm above magazines. Ibuki and Atago have torpedo bulges above that area though, which would cause 0 damage pen (and knock out half the modules on the ship). Edinburgh has 114 mm. So, you end up with the ability to citpen 3 extra ships with HE and one ship (Mogami) gets citadelled at a broader area. Worth 4 captain points? Hell no. Load AP, Cleveland, Edinburgh and Mogami basically get overmatched everywhere and you got a much better chance at citadelling them with that. Worcester gets overmatched everywhere except the deck.
  15. Riselotte

    World of HE Games

    On KGV it has negligible benefits. On Conqueror it has none. 419/4=104.75 meaning 104 mm HE pen 419/4x1.3=136.175 meaning 135 mm HE pen 457/4=114.25 meaning 113 mm HE pen 457/4x1.3=148.525 meaning 148 mm HE pen Go point me at the T8-10 armour plates that are in the 105-135 mm or 114-148 mm area. These are the areas you can now penetrate additionally. This is an absolute waste of a 4 captain points. And please don't say that "it worked on KGV", when your results in one of the strongest T7 BBs are in the utter red.