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  1. In this scenario, either... They would've been better off firing AP at you, taking you out faster. They were in no position to reliably pen you and switched to HE to get something done. In which case, are you blaming them for actually not just going for the lolbounces off your angled armour? In either case, if you find yourself overwhelmed, might be you were overextented. But the issue here isn't some non-British BBs spamming HE.

    Well, because there are situations where you rather want that enemy cruiser/BB to die now, not in a minute or two. That's why you lote AP. And guess what, sunk enemies no longer spam HE.
  3. tbf, Scharnhorst might switch to HE even if it doesn't do much, because if the enemy is angled, 28 cm bounces a lot. Also, it's easier for them to make switches in ammo.
  4. AK-47 is decent and you do get copies of her from commander level milestones, so, if you want to use her, no need to spend cores. Only downside is that sideway buff tile. Anything one can make of that?
  5. I mean, if you don't mind playing a ship like Bismarck/Tirpitz, you could rack the hits up in a few games in random too. Not like you need to play deliberately crap to get secondary battery hits, just get within 11.3 km of enemy ships.
  6. France in general has a history of Japanophilia that goes beyond just manga and anime. But yeah, they license and translate a great variety of works. I kind of appreciate that Kazé even started branching out into neighbouring countries, enriching the market. But hey, I'm used to living in a country most people don't really care about and at least it has an English localisation.
  7. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Issue to me is, for IJN battlecruiserish ships, there exist the Kii for worthwhile credit gain and captain exp and the Ishizuchi for low tier fun. Mutsu is also more competitive, as would be Musashi, though they arguably don't have the speed (but both rely on overpen and have little AA). Silver there exist Myougi, Kongou and Amagi (Fuso and Nagato are again a bit slower, but also not that different). Meanwhile for T7 fast, worthwhile BBs, there exist also the Hood, the Scharnhorst, the Duke of York (if one got her), and in silver there are the KGV and Gneisenau. So, overall, the ship isn't offering much new, it offers a package that might work, but which is likely better served by silver ships and with other competing premiums that likely offer a more fun overall experience. So, you'd have to wonder whether to get this ship or like 4 different premiums that offer either a better IJN experience or better T7 battlecruiser experience, unlike you really just have too much money and don't care. And that is assuming you have no other ships you might want to buy from other playstyles and really just want to focus on the battlecruiser playstyle (personally for example, the reason I did not buy a Scharnhorst was that I bought an Atlanta instead, which is an absolutely different kind of ship, but also a type of ship I enjoy). Additionally, I'd argue that for some, and I would think it would apply to me too, would be kind of disappointed with the Ashitaka, having played the Amagi already, because of how much of a downgrade it is (and a tier lower). Hood or Scharnhorst feel that far less, as Hood is quite different from KGV and the Scharnhorst is not just a Gneisenau stripped down.
  8. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Hood also has an incredible hp pool for her tier and pretty good armour protection while angled, while the guns have good arcs. If you can avoid the bow or stern getting overmatched, this ship can tank a lot of damage, especially given it has 51 mm of deck armour for most of the deck, which just ricochets AP and shatters HE, even from high level HE pen threats like Roon. The guns indeed have an easy time penning cruisers, but cannot citadel BBs most of the times. But you can't have it all. Just settle for normal pens. Very comfortable handling otherwise, even without captain skills, which makes her a pretty good RN trainer, btw. Ashitaka meanwhile... why? It's an old Amagi stock hull. One of the worst hulls to have ever existed and it was removed for a reason. You are going into T7 battles with a ship that has not great accuracy, AP that is defective and reliant on overpen (same old AP shell type as found on Myogi, ishizuchi and Mutsu, just that most of these have an easier time just overpenning and Ishizuchi typically spams HE at anything with actual armour), pretty much no AA and turns like a brick. It's like if you gave Nagato another gun turret and a few knots of speed and in exchange sucked all the power out of her rifles and her survivability. Something like Kii actually just trades accuracy and broadside protection for AA and torpedoes, but if it hits, it hits like you expect 41 cm guns to hit. Ashitaka meanwhile is entirely dependant on MM putting you up vs T5 and not T9, though likely even a Ryuujou can kill you with ease. I mean, if you think you need to have Ashitaka, sure, but the only IJN premium BB that might be worse is Mikasa (but Mikasa was cheaper and at T2, who cares?).
  9. From the list of countries I took it they made an English version and released it in English-speaking countries, thinking others wouldn't be able to speak English or something. I'm pretty sure you can get more weeb money out of France and Spain than the UK.
  10. Graf Spee - Heal?

    That certainly would be something, instead of having accuracy be the middle ground of creiser and BB too. Thematically though, I think the current concept kind of is more sound. Would be fun though having the Yuubari's pinpoint accuracy, pretty much guaranteeing citadel shots even at range.
  11. Kind of the same here. I know I should try get catapults, but eh... Yeah, it's a bit of a hassle to get running if you don't live in the listed countries, but imo, certainly worth it. Took me a while to find a workable emulator and get the apk installed, but now it's running smoothly. One does run a bit the risk of losing sight of time though, because everything repairs so fast (compared to KC).
  12. Vigilance enhances torp detection, not ship detection, so why would it enhance ship detection range of hydro? If it did, sure, I'd actually pick it, but spotting torps from like 1 more kilometre away with hydro up is so pointless. Even a Kurfürst should manage to dodge torpedoes he spots normally with his hydro.
  13. British CL Cruiser ... we did it all wrong

    Not really odd, given the FCS does nothing at all for your torpedoes and it's the only "range" upgrade there is, because stock and upgraded torps have both 10 km range. FCS moves the gun range from 8.6 km to 9.4 km I think. And what do I need that for? 9.4 km still is far too close to not be hit by return fire that gets you at 8.6 km, if you need to hit things you just go closer, if you run into other ships and use guns for self-defence, it's perfectly within range. Really, all that range upgrade does on all IJN DDs that aren't the Akizuki is to make it harder to drop out of visibility range after the opportunistic shot.
  14. Graf Spee - Heal?

    Well, technically, it is Elsaß-Lothringen.
  15. Graf Spee - Heal?

    Hey, if you pit it against the adversaries it was supposed to fight RL, it does quite well. Those liberty ships are no match in ops and you can wreck the escorting cruisers.