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  1. Don't think the pen is that terrible, just 35 cm is not great. Mutsu and Bayern are two differing ships, with Mutsu having not great pen already due to the crappy shell, while Bayern just can't hit much. When Bayern hits, it has pretty decent penetration. And the comparison to Fuso was mostly, because when you go up against a BB, you either can overmatch and just chip away while staying angled, you switch to HE to set fires or you try to outflank and delete it with a broadside (where Fuso's accuracy issues matter less). If you try to fight other BBs in PEF, I can foresee that those with overmatch will just laugh at you, while those who cannot typically have a 12 gun broadside, while PEF doesn't have the turret angles to not get devastated in return if it tries to unload a broadside into an enemy side.
  2. The only things I even have down there is Tachibana Lima, Albany, Mikasa, Varyag and Vampire. And apart from Mikasa, they are ships I got for free and didn't say no to. I think my most often played ships at these levels these days is Varyag, in Varyag divisions to end a funny division evening and Myogi, because I am still testing whether the new guns can pull their good performance consistently. Not that I can consider Varyag sealclubbing, given it's worse even than Oleg and much worse than Bogatyr.
  3. Top 5 Most Favourite Ships - What's your list?

    Ok. Also, (HSF) Graf Spee is indeed a fun ship. Always fun when someone ignores its presence and gets slapped for 10k+ in the side.
  4. Met @eliastion sealclubbing in their Kamikaze R. They helped win the game. Still... filthy sealclubber.
  5. Dunkerque is a different issue altogether. And Dunkerque actually came after 15" guns at T6. So, it never really enjoyed that great benefit.
  6. Giving Tirpitz Hydro

    No, Tirpitz is fine as she is. She's a sidegrade to the Bismarck and with hydro she'd basically be a Bismarck that traded a bit mid-range AA for torps. That's be straight up unbalanced and stupid.
  7. I don't think the guns are unreliable. They seem somewhat reliable for what they are. Just 35 cm is not a good caliber for T6. And with 26 seconds, you are not exactly far off from Fuso, which has 28 seconds, but 50% more guns. 26 seconds imo isn't even good enough to compete against the likes of Warspite, which has far better gunnery performance. What made PEF so brutal was the concealment. And frankly, that would be what I'd nerf first. If this impacts PEF's survivability too much, I'd change her bow and stern plating to let the belt extent further, to reduce the amount of vulnerable 25 mm area. This would increase general tankiness, while the ship stays worse armoured with lack of turtleback. And it would increase its ability to survive against BBs and decrease its ability to murder cruisers.
  8. Republique's 8 shells are already perfectly adequate of deleting broadside cruisers. The 4 extra shells I don't care as much about. Sure, the ship might at times feel like cancer to deal with, but compared to what we already have, I rather face this than a Republique that can citadel cruisers regardless of angle, except Moskva. Bourgogne compared to Republique likely is better at dealing with BBs, given neither overmatches there and BBs have the health pool and rudder shift to still be alive and presenting broadside for a second salvo. And one more BB in the selection does not mean one more BB in the match, as we already sit at 5 per match. I'm not sure where the PEF is going, but I don't feel like this is where it should be going. From what I saw so far, PEF is more a threat to cruisers than to battleships, especially as a T6 that frequently gets uptiered. These changes barely reduce the threat to cruisers stemming from great concealment and mostly just reduce its ability to compete against battleships, where it already has a not too great armour scheme with a lot of bow area and non-overmatching guns. Also, does anyone even care about German HE pen on BB main battery? It says a lot that I never saw anyone remark about PEF not having 1/4 HE pen. Not to mention, what exactly are you going to pen that you couldn't pen before even if you spam HE with PEF because lack of overmatch?
  9. I still rather face Bourgogne than face the Republique when playing a cruiser. One can be tanked by most T10 cruisers, the other overmatches practically all cruisers that aren't Moskva.
  10. ARP ships -- do they need to be gimped?

    At least HSF collab gave a free permacamo for TX Yamato with almost all the bonuses (most importantly -50% to maintainance). So, it's not like HSF was worse than AL. Imo, AL in pretty much all ways other than free Nelson over free Isoroku is a worse deal than HSF. From the extra stuff that comes in the bundle (HSF bundle had doubloons, dragon/wyvern/hydra signals and the Isoroku camo to inflate the price, AL came with Siren camos) to the crappy permacamos they sell for insane prices (basically the T7/8 equivalent of space camos, just that space camos look like someone actually put in effort). And a complete lack of ships.
  11. ARP ships -- do they need to be gimped?

    HSF gave you one for free too. Don't you appreciate captain Grumpycat Isoroku?
  12. Prinz Eugen/Hipper - How to make it work?

    I consider the HE dpm subpar, but also not the main weapon of the ship. Spamming HE at range is a decent use of one's time while waiting for opportunities, but this is no Chapayev or Charles Martel or Mogami. While spamming HE at range, typically, the ship handles well enough that if you know the shots are coming, dodging is no issue. Concealment helps however in the plethora of T10 games, where your tankiness is nonexistent and you are better off being able to drop of radar when things take a turn for the worse. And Hipper has no heal.
  13. Prinz Eugen/Hipper - How to make it work?

    I got Hipper and Eugen and thus set up one as AA build (Hipper), while the other gets hydro. The reason I use Prinz Eugen for hydro over Hipper is that with repair party, Eugen is more suited for close range action and thus gets more out of hydro, but theoretically, both can work for either. Basic gameplay to me is basically to play mid-range HE/AP spammer while watching out for developments. While German HE is crappy in damage (except Yorck) and fire chance, you at least get the added pen and if AP would bounce, nothing better to use. Use AP vs broadsides, it is precious damage. If you see a chance to only face a single battleship that is not armed with a caliber larger than 38 cm, you can try to brawl it. Wouldn't brawl anything with larger guns unless the game depended on it, because you'll just get shredded there. But for example a Bismarck or Tirpitz you can actually rush and torp. Eugen is better at this, because Hipper will likely lose some hp to secondaries/superstructure overpens/whatever else and cannot recover that. I only run one rudder shift and I think it turns fast enough. If there are turn issues at all, it is more related to turning radius and the lackluster speed of the Hipper. Concealment mod meanwhile keeps the ship at acceptable detection values.