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  1. Riselotte

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    T6 premiums are far less OP than T5 ones. The one straight up unbalanced is T-61, but it's nowhere near Kamikaze. Warspite likely is a good T6 BB, but there are solid reasons to pick silver ships over it (unlike Giulio, where the weaknesses basically are AA in autodrop ranked and lack of a spotter plane). CVs are no longer a complete joke and cruisers are far more useful than the T5 ones. Prior to T61, this likely was the tier with the most balanced premiums and it still kind of is.
  2. Riselotte

    Need help with Amagi

    9x1.2 tons is 10.8 tons, 10x1 ton is 10 tons.It would be cancelled out if Amagi had 20% more barrels.
  3. Riselotte

    Need help with Amagi

    In weight, USN T8s got better weight, as their shells weigh 20% more. But that doesn't translate into 20% more damage.
  4. Riselotte

    ST: CE change - interesting?

    Worchester gets radar range nerfed to be unable to, Chapayev is able to now and will be able to after CE nerf. Belfast never was truely a stealth radar and will get a bigger window (but not by much), while Minotaur will also still stealth radar.
  5. Riselotte

    ST: CE change - interesting?

    Chapayev still can, as it gets still 10.4 km concealment on 11.7 km radar.
  6. Don't forget the T4-grade hp pool. With 41k hp vs GC 45k, König/ID 47k, NY 49k and Kongo 54k, that's no minor difference.
  7. Riselotte

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    And finally done with the next grind. Also bought the summer outfit for tsun loli neko maid. Only summer skin I bought. Certainly not the wisest investment I ever made, but no regrets.
  8. Riselotte

    Need help with Amagi

    I got all T5 BBs except NY and Bretagne in port (but Texas basically is a better NY anyway). König isn't that bad, Iron Duke mostly feels bad on the turret traverse. Anyway, I consider Amagi's main strength the heaviest broadside at T8. Don't think there's a better main battery at that tier. Best gun caliber, highest alpha strike potential in AP and HE (important given you might need to blap DDs with it now, Monarch only slightly edges it out in HE dpm due to reload).
  9. Riselotte

    Need help with Amagi

    Bismarck is my most played BB. I didn't know it was 1 knot faster. It really makes no difference. I replaced Amagi with Kii, which is half a knot slower. Pretty much the same still. This isn't some T5, where 30 knots vs 21 knots really is significant. Not even T7, where you get 32 knots vs 27 knots on next best non-prem.
  10. Riselotte

    Wargamings BULLY tactics

    Makes one look special and fabulous...
  11. One person made a baseless statement and the circlejerk begins...
  12. Riselotte

    ST: CE change - interesting?

    As German BBs are kind of my most played line, I don't feel too affected. Secondary spec does not care. Rather, I got buffed, for the competition got nerfed.
  13. Riselotte

    friedrich der große - some suggestion needed

    Tirpitz and Bismarck have better maneuverability and better turret angles. And a higher chance of meeting ships where secondaries matter.
  14. Riselotte

    Need help with Amagi

    Why are we counting half the Germans, but not Kii and Vanguard? Frankly, for all practical purposes, 1 knot is unimportant and half a knot is too. At 30+ knots on a BB anyway. I'd not count the speed as special, but the way it was phrased originally implied the speed somehow was lacking, when it isn't. And if you end up top tier, having 30 knots is no joke. I found it decently accurate for a BB. It's not super accurate like some Warspite or Myogi (now that it got buffed), but accurate enough, especially given the 10 guns.
  15. Riselotte

    Duca d' Aosta

    Because it's crap? It's basically an Aosta with worse AP performance, only 2 guns more, same crap torps, a repair party but a citadel that makes it extremely easy to delete before you can use it. Same abysmal fire chance. Aosta can actually try compete with Dallas and Leander, Abruzzi is utterly outclassed by Helena and Fiji.