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  1. E-3 was pretty smooth sailing for me, not notably harder in LD. E-4 meanwhile...
  2. Have yet to use it. I don't see torpedoes as a threat grave enough to warrant 3 points.
  3. Is the Budyonny worth to if...

    When I started playing Shchors, I was not too amused. The ship is a true testament to Soviet naval engineering. Its main battery is superb (because the game does not care about the barrel wear these guns realistically would have had and which I guess noone considered because they just cared about showing Stalin cool-looking numbers), while the rest of the ship frankly is only good in the speed it has in a straight line. It has an underwhelming rudder shift, to obtain the speed it is long enough to need 900 metres turning radius, which in its MM spread is only beaten by carriers and the T9 BBs, it is quite large and hard to miss and it eats a lot of citadels. Its AA is practically a joke too and the only way this oversized piece of junk is acceptable as a T7 instead of being just straight up worse than the Cleveland (which has the same main gun configuration and is in all other regards a better ship), is that it has not got Cleveland ballistics. I mean, look at it. The closest matches in other nations are the Cleveland and the Fiji/Edinburgh/Neptune, which all have the same gun configuration on a ship that is less faulty and the closest IJN match would be the 155 mm Mogami, which has its own issues, but at least the Japanese managed to fit another gun turret on it. But well, the game balanced them around a bit, I just think one should take a moment to appreciate how the Soviet cruiser line with its mostly never build designs is filled with ships that only perform well because they don't have to deal with IRL issues. Not that it is necessarily bad, it's a game after all. USN torpedoes also don't fail to detonate and IJN ships don't randomly disintegrate or roll over when a typhoon hits the map. Now, for the Shchors in our game, as said, the hull is practically a giant disappointment, except for its speed and the guns are practically the one thing this ship has to salvage the trainwreck it is. And either you can make the guns work and you have an actually enjoyable experience, or you can't and have a ship that is the T7 equivalent of the Königsberg. This ship is not bad. I liked it, though I had to get used to it and get the steering gears mod for a rudder shift that is actually workable, but if you have IFHE and spam HE at max range (best from behind cover), this ship can be brutal. I found this ship to also not care much about matchmaking, because whether you sit in a T5-7 or in a T7-9 match, you practically play the same. DDs are easy kills across the MM spread, if they pick a fight with you, BBs all can one-shot you, be it a Giulio Cesare or an Iowa (Giulio has better concealment though), so you want to farm them from afar anyway, other cruisers you might fight, if angled, though best also dealt with if they are distracted and you delete them with accurate broadside of AP, carriers will be a pain regardless of tier, because your AA may as well not exist. So, T9 matches are practically just more exp. I do recommend premium spotter plane on this ship, because it is extremely valuable, extending your maximum range and giving you the raised camera for shooting over islands, both things that you should heavily rely on and nothing is as fun as sitting behind three islands and playing HE cancer vs an Izumo or Nelson that tries to bow-tank and reverse. It's also telling that WG deemed the stats of the ship good enough that Chapayev is practically a Shchors with a radar and maybe a bit better AA. But same guns, 890 m turning circle instead of 900 m, still no appreciable armour.
  4. Is the Budyonny worth to if...

    Isn't that most Russian cruisers? In fact, Budyonny is a short break inbetween the Kirov and the Shchors, where you for one tier have an actual semblance of armour (though it still is light, so don't get too daring), can actually turn and your AA is marginally better. If OP hated Kirov, Budyonny might still be worth it, but Shchors absolutely not, as it returns to garbage handling and eating citadels from any angle. I liked the Russian cruisers, but if you hated Kirov, I wouldn't go beyond Budyonny. If you like La Galissoniere though, Budyonny is just straight up better.

    Profile on the WoWS website takes base exp, I think? And as far as I know, WoWS Numbers also has PR.

    Was bored, read all of them. Shooting gives your position away, launching torpedoes does not (though people can guess where they came from). And ships like the IJN line has guns so bad, they will just use them in self-defence, most likely. Though, pretty much all DDs will avoid an extented firefight with a larger target that could end them. Why would they shoot instead of just launching torpedoes, if that is the more effective thing to do? And judging by your allcaps rage, it is rather effective indeed. Winrate and average exp are more telling, when judging people. Those hint at proper play, because if someone has 40k avg damage, 45% WR and 600 avg exp, they likely just hit 3 torps on a BB every game before dying. If someone has 40k avg damage, 60% WR and 1.1k avg exp, they are likely just more focused on caps or targets with small healthpools (aka DDs). And most times I get called a moron, it's because I did something dumb at that moment, not because someone looked up the glorious stats. I don't even... wut?
  7. It can bounce cruiser AP too, if angled, it obviously eats citadels when not. But it's got a lot of hp and repair party. So, sure, you are no BB, but I'd say no other T6 cruiser can boast to be able to take as much of a beating.
  8. Why? Graf Spee isn't about DPM, it's about sturdiness and one-shotting cruisers that present broadside. You might not have 10 guns, but you got heals and a good bit more hp. Pensacola might have a heavy broadside, but it frankly is not a very survivable ship.
  9. Can anyone help me on my BB tactics?

    Clicking W key and A and D keys to get closer? Don't present broadside, fire at opportune targets, keep an eye on others. You want to take some damage for allies, which means you want to push, but you also don't want to be on your own, because then you are just being farmed. I'd recommend USN or IJN BB lines.
  10. Why the gameplay dies on Tier V?

    Of course everyone shoots at the 15 hp DD. It's an almost guaranteed kill, it is one set of guns and torpedoes less. The only way to get focused down even more was if you were PA or IJN, where people hate you for being a torpedo boat. Yes, T5 is where the protected matchmaking ends, from where on you meet ships up to 2 tiers higher. The game assumes, you gathered enough experience in lower tiers, so now you can deal with this. In general, what ColonelPete said applies, you need to be a bit more experienced. If you are T5 in a T7 match (you cannot meet T8), then you just play defensively and try to be a supporting role. For DDs and CLs, this actually isn't that hard, because you already were fragile when in same tier, having no armour. So you will have to learn how to use cover to avoid getting shot at and how to just burn down people from range or (if you play IJN, KM or PA DDs), how to land your torpedoes from stealth. Also, learn the select few radar ships you could meet, which are only three anyway: Atlanta, Belfast and Indianapolis. Stay away from those in a DD and all is fine. Otherwise, there is hydroaccoustic search, which most cruisers have, with shorter range, but similar effect. But I wouldn't know why you would want to be within 4-5 km of an enemy cruiser in a DD. Overall, T5 can be hard, but it isn't impossible and in some ways, it can be a bit easier than T6 vs T8. T5 has a good few strong ships, which can take a bit uptiering.
  11. Fanart-wise, it was all the rage, together with Valentine's CG for Kuma. Also noticed the new voice lines for CLTs, when I use them during the event. Damn Oichi sounds aggressive enough that I thought she had event voice lines like Yamashiro or Fuso. But it was only Valentine's... I'm so looking forward to this...
  12. Guess Pensacola will join the Graf Spee as an alpha strike monster, just with the damage spread out over more shells.
  13. Honestly, unlike DDs and cruisers eating pens and citadels from stray BB AP rounds, this is the kind of randomness I would tolerate. Because apart from making single corridor maps or every game on ocean, you cannot force people to distribute equally along flanks. Even if they spawn that way, if the lemmings do the lemming thing, WG cannot patch them a better brain. And stuff like Two Brothers even has just two viable corridors (disregarding the middle meme), so it's the simplest you can get in tactical choices.If both teams deploy similar forces to both sides, then you basically have a balanced setup, but if not, then it isn't WGs fault and frankly, you just need to adapt your tactics. If you run into a vastly inferior force, push on. If Two Brothers is a standard battle, you threaten the enemy cap and rear. They will react or lose. If it is Domination, you can cap the enemy cap and just try play ring around the rosie, hoping to cap faster than the enemy can. But you need to push and be effective. If you run into a force that is straight up superior, turn the ship and kite. Then it is up to you to try fight a delaying action while the other flank hopefully kills the little to nonexistent enemy forces there for your envelopment. And typically, you can guess when it is time to turn and gtfo, given it's when that PT counter goes up and all those ships open fire on something. DD obviously will outspot opposition, cruisers often outspot too, BBs can tank a couple salvos. The one case where you truely are screwed is when you take some ship like a Schchors or so on a flank and have no DD or stealthy cruiser to spot for you, but such ships should not be frontline and you frankly are better off pointing out the lemming and running with your allies, than try fight on your own. That is the case for most cruisers, just that the Shchors is likely the one ship in that map that is the worst in this regard. Any DD class with workable torpedoes meanwhile will do fine, PA likely doing best, IJN and KM doing good too, because they just love clusters of BBs and cruisers pushing them.
  14. I don't think so. It makes it so speed actually matters, as do choices on positioning. It's one of those things why a Kongo or even Myogi feels a bit meh on Big Race, because your speed matters not too much, a 21 knot BB still can cover large tracts of the map. And there is no domination mode that would require moving between flanks much. If you however look at Two Brothers, the size of the map makes it so that picking a flank matters and it matters whether your ship is a 32 knot Gneisenau or a 21 knot Colorado. Or a 35 knot Aoba or some 30 knot Graf Spee.
  15. Can't recall ever meeting T9 ships there. I sadly can hardly even recall Bismarck games there, because I don't get this map often. It's 2 am, don't expect a fountain of wisdom, but I do wonder what would happen if you'd adjust Big Race in size and gave it T8-10 MM.