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  1. HaachamaShipping

    Prinz Heinrich - P-Class Cruiser

    FdG was a national hero. Meanwhile Prinz who was what? There's a difference between using a long dead figure that has a great legacy that is of importance for the rise of Prussia and thus paving a way for the unification of Germany under Prussia and a Hohenzollern prince that mostly is just a member of the Imperial family first and foremost. It's similar to how France despite being a secular republic considered names like Richelieu, Charlemagne and Henri IV for their long-past accomplishments, but wouldn't name ships after late royal pretenders. Frankly, the name AL chose isn't very realistic, but in AL, who cares, it's Ironblood, not NS Germany. In the Third Reich though, some other army/navy commander would be more likely as namesake.
  2. HaachamaShipping

    Prinz Heinrich - P-Class Cruiser

    In all fairness, while nobility was no dealbreaker for KM names, naming ships after members of the Imperial family wouldn't fly with the NS regime given that they would be very careful about anything encouraging monarchism.
  3. HaachamaShipping

    Help me pick a cruiser line, please

    I think Surrey actually has less cit than Myoko (you don't need as much power to get those 30 knots), but yeah. Tbf though, broadsiding in a Mogami or any of them is not something you should do and while Brits eat cits easier, they have some recovery. More like another flavour of HE farmer. German and French occupy this niche too and all have different approaches. Up to T7, IJN has for its tier highly tanky designs, IJN across the tiers is fast and Zao typically ends up as long-range farmer with great ballistics. RN CA get tankier than IJN at T8 (Albemarle has poor armour, but great heal, Drake and Goliath are well-armoured though) and they all typically are slow mid-range ships.
  4. HaachamaShipping

    Help me pick a cruiser line, please

    USN CA line is strong with some skill at positioning to stay alive, but can't say any ship after Omaha felt bad. And they got a good set of tools to get the job done. German is ok, jack of all trades designs that rely on their decent damage and survivability to matter. Apartfrom Hipper, pretty ok. USN for AP is imo way stronger, as is for HE half the time, but for just casual farming and burning, the Germans are pretty solid. Italians aren't bad, but depend on skill a lot. With enough skill, this line imo is the most consistent line I ever played, where tier and such doesn't matter, you do your damage and there is no fire rng. Just proper target selection. British heavies are good, don't just write them off. Range and speed might seem challenging, but the repair, concealment and having typically a decent set of guns can go a long way. Just, there's two kinds of Drake/Goliath players: those that need a superheal to hopefully survive the double/triple cit from bad positioning and then die a salvo later and those that just do not seem to ever die and end the match with an easy witherer and dreadnought.
  5. HaachamaShipping

    Prinz Heinrich - P-Class Cruiser

    We also got Suruga and Kii before, so non-existing ships outside collab aren't new. Wouldn't say no to Kraut bunny cruiser (unless WG gives utterly dumb pricing/performance), but wouldn't expect anything.
  6. HaachamaShipping

    Kure Dockyard: Build a Ship

    That low tier campaign was a reason to go down. T2 is just nice for not being in range of the Hoshos.
  7. HaachamaShipping

    Kure Dockyard: Build a Ship

    Tachibana isn't bad, it's not even poor. As a T2 it maybe isn't exciting if you aren't into sealclubbing, but at its tier it is a very potent ship, thanks to having effectively 4 guns on very short reload and respectable damage output.
  8. HaachamaShipping

    Is too late for Hizen?

    Anchorage is decent in practice too. As it's a heavy cruiser with no hydro, there's no reason to smoke up close to opponents unless you want to disengage, in which case firing guns isn't a concern. And Kutuzov has similar harsh penalties. The hp pool of the cruiser was actually surprising me, because by comparison to others, the thing actually has a pretty ok hp pool that isn't absolutely horrid (as is the case with Odin or Hizen). So, in terms of tanking, it isn't really outclassed by ships like Baltimore, Wichita or Hipper that have barely more hp. The concealment is mediocre, but not terrible either. The guns are okish, given that on the one hand, Baltimore has better AP and better dpm, but Anchorage has a better salvo weight, especially in HE, as they both use the same HE shell. Anchorage also gets torps. Baltimore is a very good cruiser, for any kind of ranked, certainly a solid pick, but for randoms, Anchorage basically gives you a very decent CA that has still pretty decent damage output with a playstyle of mid-range fire support inbetween playing in the open (it still has 27 mm everywhere, so sometimes you can just tank), using islands or using your smoke to rack up decent scores that is more casual, less risky and while some may prefer radar, running up to a cap in a T10 match with radar and nothing to protect your cruiser is going to get people killed fast. And if the ship ever finds itself in a close quarters engagement, hey, it still has the AP ricochet angles and a set of ok torps with underwhelming angles, but better than no torps. Against lower tier cruisers it also can do reasonably well. Personally, I would say, instead of considering it a Baltimore, just consider it some IJN CA style fire support ship that has worse concealment and less torps, but a smoke and better AP. So yeah, as much as I detest the Odin for basically being a ship that to me fails to live up to its role as a T8 BB, Anchorage for a T8 cruiser at least does its job, even if it isn't an insane hard carry ship. Can be fun though. And certainly needs no division, you got all your tools already. You aren't getting more out of a div made than other T8 cruisers really.
  9. HaachamaShipping

    F.D.R. the fun killer

    Overall, no, GK is imo still the more hard to kill ship. Kremlin can deal with fires better, until it runs out of damecon and has one less repair and while it is uncontested when angled, it can get punished with cits when outflanked. GK with tank build basically is just going to die fast to focus fire, but when angled, it won't die fast, when not angled, it still is only going to take the normal pens and laugh. Kremlin honestly manages to be better than GK mostly because it doesn't suck in so many other ways and isn't played by people who think they have to play secondary spec yolo runs with no care about where the enemy team is.
  10. HaachamaShipping

    Hosho torp nerf.... what about it

    No, it is very much a nerf. This is more akin to pre-buff Hosho. Hosho, Langley and Hermes all had the same issue in the past with 1 torp per drop, that, yes, they were unopposed by any AA, but the low plane speed, lack of ordnance per drop and all meant that it sucked for the few targets, but people hardly stayed at T4 as CVs had crap all dpm and couldn't do much in terms of actually deciding battles. Doubling the torp drop means that decent CV players did get two torps on target, poor players were more likely to get at least one and the dpm increased to a level where a well-played Hosho could get a lot done. Now we hopefully return to the state where these ships get frustrating enough to play that people stop playing Hosho all the time and go to higher tiers or drop the class. Also, the higher restoration time hopefully will address the issue that the long return time they once implemented didn't matter as the CV just put out enough planes in the meantime to fill the hangar. Maybe people will test this for the time being, but overall, I expect at least some decrease in T4 CV population, as Hosho no longer as insane as it currently is.
  11. HaachamaShipping

    Cpt Skill rework is a big fat cruiser nerf on top of everything else

    Clan Discord.
  12. HaachamaShipping

    Trento, is it just me? Please help.

    And I disagree with you here. Yes, PT tells you someone locked onto you, but this gives you a way earlier warning about potentially incoming trouble than IFA. As I already stated in earlier posts, a good cruiser player shouldn't always just react when shots are fired, one often has to consider what actions to take when the PT counter goes up. Similarly, you can observe guns being fired and even a ship that is hidden will typically become visible upon firing its guns. So, you can replace IFA with improved awareness. You cannot replace PT, because it gives more information otherwise not available. And for an open water cruiser, if you have to choose between IFA and PT, PT should always be the pick, because it is more useful in general and also more useful for survival when you often can prepare in time, not just get a notification upon being fired at.
  13. HaachamaShipping

    F.D.R. the fun killer

    Not like we really need more Thunderers either. It isn't a CV, but certainly not without its own issues.
  14. HaachamaShipping

    Cpt Skill rework is a big fat cruiser nerf on top of everything else

    Skill rework won't change the excitement though. Also, some people get enjoyment out of it seemingly.
  15. HaachamaShipping

    Trento, is it just me? Please help.

    Issue is, people who need help to not get deleted need it most of all by addressing all the time that leads up to getting deleted, not the few seconds of shell flight time from the shots go out. The best you can say about IFA is, anyone who hasn't tried it out can do so now to get rid of it at free respec and hopefully not need it anymore, because it just is not a great skill and people should just pay more attention when playing cruisers.