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  1. HaachamaShipping

    Georgia or Pommern?

    Stop calling brawling ships not brawling ships just because you have a different definition of what constitutes a brawl than most of the community.
  2. HaachamaShipping

    Georgia or Pommern?

    That's like, your opinion. But if people usually talk brawlers, most of these things aren't considered. For most people, brawl is any close-quarters combat inbetween ships. After all, if we took your definition, brawlers shouldn't exist, because the behaviour you list as "brawl" is utterly stupid behaviour that cannot be a winning strategy. Which is why most ships that are considered brawling ships are basically drive-by ambush ships or utter bullies to anything in sec/torp range.
  3. HaachamaShipping

    Who is the problem

    But the enemy CV seems to have been just as crap. Second game, what's the thing with MM? Look at it. Yes, you did a ton of work, but lost. Enemy Gearing did also a ton of work and won. If you consider that the win gives 50% bonus exp, their team did basically about as much as your team, one player on both teams did a good bit of lifting, just one was better and either way, losing 0-2 is pretty close in my books. Got outplayed.
  4. Look, I know how you feel. But the question is, are you going to buy a ship just for patriotic feelings? If you like playing some T5 that needs your skill to make up for having no speed and no hp, sure, feel free to buy it. It certainly can work. If you don't like the uphill battle, especially given that it's T5, where T4 matches are double CV and rest is vs T7, then VU would be a port queen. At that point, why not just buy a model kit.
  5. FTFY VU even for a T4 would have an incredibly poor hp pool.
  6. HaachamaShipping

    High Explosive shells....

    That's why you first join the normal meta of mid to long range, until you see your opportunity for a proper push that isn't easily countered by focused fire. You may consider it killing your fun, but if GK could just push in your face reliably with no considerations for what the enemy team is doing, that'd be broken af, as it'd imply that there's no counter to it and most ships cannot deal with a GK that close unless you got torps.
  7. HaachamaShipping

    Yoshino's guns

    That's like me pulling out the few screenshots of citadelling GKs. Is it possible? Yes. Is it likely? No. It's on a level where you indeed can reliably go broadside and not just die, especially as you usually at most take 1 cit or so, not 3 and you die. Obviously it isn't the greatest move to risk it, especially as your side can still get normal pens, but sometimes, one just has to.
  8. HaachamaShipping

    Yoshino's guns

    *laughs in Alaska/Puerto Rico*
  9. HaachamaShipping

    Yoshino's guns

    Yoshino AP is best considered like derpy, but devastating Henri or Moskva AP. If something is broadside enough for the Henri to load AP, it is broadside enough for the Yoshino too. Obviously, the HE is much more reliable most of the time, but this basically is what makes Yoshino like many cruisers and kinda differentiates it from other supercruisers: Yoshino among supercruisers is the one most capable of dealing consistent damage. It has the best HE among them with good accuracy and improved reload to reach pretty solid HE dpm levels. So if enemies don't broadside, ship still is fine. If they broadside... This was actually one of the occasional games where I do well and do more damage with AP than HE, because I get a few good opportunities for broadsides. For shots like above you really do need people who don't turn at all, otherwise it's likely a bounce. But if you get the side, Yoshino still is a supercruiser.
  10. Izumo, yes, Hizen, no. 32 mm everywhere is good old pre-buff Izumo.
  11. HaachamaShipping

    Roosevelt for Steel, Paolo Emlio for RB?

    Why get Salem when DM is free?
  12. HaachamaShipping

    Roosevelt for Steel, Paolo Emlio for RB?

    Shikishima compared to Yamato isn't really a big difference and the type of resource these days says rather little about the power level of a ship. Shikishima for example is decent, but Thunderer overall is a much more powerful ship. and that one is coal, a resource that also gets you ships like Salem, Pommern and Blysca. Reality is, Midway will arrive on target faster, will do its 2 drops faster and then return with a new squad by the time you maybe got your third or fourth attack. It will then complete its two attacks again faster and even if you get 5 strikes out of it, you don't outperform Midway. With weapons like torps, it even is an issue that short of torping BBs, most torps will go past a target, simply from the spread width. Additionally, you are confined to that single plane type, unless you want to fly all the way again. And the main AA issue for FDR planes likely won't be overlapping AA, but really just that a ship that has a fighter plane can say "No u" and waste your time to go for a new target and that pressing o does percentage based damage, so you do eat a healthy chunk already.
  13. HaachamaShipping

    Roosevelt for Steel, Paolo Emlio for RB?

    Main issue, imo, is not the AA, but the half a minute inbetween attacks from the long CD making it utterly pointless to have more attack waves.
  14. HaachamaShipping

    Roosevelt for Steel, Paolo Emlio for RB?

    That speed gets you outrun by speedboosting bombers.
  15. If you want to buff the Goliath armour, don't bother with 30 mm part, but the 25 mm inner cit. Increase it to like 35 mm or 40 mm and it should eat a few less cits. It isn't a really common issue anyway and if the side plating becomes too excessive as a result, just nerf the main belt by the same amount. Wouldn't call it underpowered. Plating changes I mostly would support based on consistency and reinforcing the role of the ship, not because Goliath really needs buffs.