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  1. Cagliostro_chan

    DDing with Hipper

    Even stock with no modifications Hipper has 15 s rudder shift, Bismarck top hull is 16 s. So, no, Bismarck is not more maneuverable than Hipper. If you actually set up your Hipper properly with top hull and rudder module like any person with a working brain, the Hipper gets 7.4 s.
  2. Cagliostro_chan

    DDing with Hipper

    Could you, ffs, stop arguing ships are more sluggish at T8 when basically 90% of that is because you are using goddamn stock ships with propulsion mod, comparing them to lower tier top hull ships with steering gears mod? Your comparison is pretty much worthless because the way you set your ships up for comparison just cannot be taken serious. Also, you have no idea what the role of DDs is, is what I get from your post.
  3. Cagliostro_chan

    WTF Yamato! Help me with this ship please!

    Most HE falls on the deck, not the side. By the time a ship can hit the sides, you usually can load AP. Arguing about Yamato being stationary, thus more vulnerable is like arguing Conqueror is the least affected by HE because nothing hits it when it spams HE from 24 km. The only reason GK encourages movement more is because its fundamental layout sucks for camping, as you either give too much stationary broadside or lose half your dpm. That however doesn't mean you have to sit in one position with Yamato. Exactly because you set yourself up to getting farmed. As long as you don't broadside someone, even the cheek issue is more manageable while moving compared to being absolutely stationary and an easy target.
  4. Cagliostro_chan

    WTF Yamato! Help me with this ship please!

    And that "No" is directed at what? I said "most HE resistant", not "impervous to HE". And in terms of withering HE shells, Yamato is arguably the best. I am a bit surprised you call Kurfürst better and then list Yamato's weakness as its size. Yamato is smaller, while still having the second best HP pool, has 57 mm plating on the entire centre part that doesn't get HE penned by any cruiser except IFHE supercruisers/Germans, whereas Kurfürst only gets 50 mm, Kurfürst gets the same 32 mm extremities except for bow plating that is however on the sides, not on the top where HE falls. Kurfürst also has a much larger superstructure.
  5. Cagliostro_chan

    WTF Yamato! Help me with this ship please!

    Yamato is the most HE resistant T10 BB though. At least till Kreml.
  6. Cagliostro_chan

    WTF Yamato! Help me with this ship please!

    Apart from 203 mm USN guns and the 305 mm guns of Alaska as mentioned by another person already, improved pen angles can be found on the RN CL line (except premiums and Black Swan), Duke of York and in a reduced fashion on the Stalingrad.
  7. Cagliostro_chan

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    The fun part to me is, they first tested it with improved secondary accuracy, then took that away, now they test it with improved secondary range. I guess next they replace that with actual RoF buff on the secondaries. I'm not sure whether WG may ever understand that basically the sole reason Massachusetts secondaries are worth a damn is the combination of the three factors, not single aspect buffs that still leave these guns lacking in other areas. Because why would I spec into Georgia secondaries just because they have better range? They are straight up worse than Izumo secondaries and Izumo already isn't really worth a secondary spec. Georgia is no more a brawler than Izumo either.
  8. Cagliostro_chan

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    You might want to read that more carefully. Relevant part highlighted by me.
  9. Cagliostro_chan

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Or get some actually useful skills, given 4 pts to buff terrible guns in a questionable aspect is just not worth it. It's first and foremost a torpedo boat. If you fight enemy DDs, BFT, EM, AR, SE all help way more win that fight, given the range would usually be sufficient. If you fight cruisers, don't, because they wreck you. If you have to, you aren't much harder to hit at 12 km than at 10 km. IFHE at least allows you to actually damage cruisers. If you fight BBs, use torps.
  10. Cagliostro_chan

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Nah, this and freeing up captain points with extra repair party on Hindenburg is to give IFHE Hindenburg a new role in the meta.
  11. Cagliostro_chan

    IJN Atago Capt and Module Build - Confused

    Just as a note, while the IJN cruisers get improved HE damage and fire chance but not AP, for general usage, any ship from Furutaka and up benefits a lot from knowing when to use which type of ammo. IJN AP isn't actually that special as a shell (compared to German improved damage, USN and RN improved pen angles, Soviet penetration), but it's mostly due to the characteristics of the rest of the ship, Furutaka overmatches same tier cruiser bows, so AP is often more used than HE. Aoba and Myoko should note that at their tiers, RN cruisers can still be overmatched by 203 mm guns. Myoko also has a 10 gun broadside, which is absolutely devastating. Only Pensacola matches that, but Pensacola lacks the IJN accuracy. Myoko can basically slap careless Fijis around that think their cruiser is the boss of T7 by just nuking it with 10 AP shells straight through the bow. Mogami, Atago and Ibuki have respectable concealment. At this point, these cruisers become AP threats because they combine their broadside power and accuracy with the ability to outspot many cruisers or to spot stealthier cruisers almost at the same time (e.g. Edinburgh enjoys little advantage over Atago, Neptune gets straight outspotted by Ibuki). Intercepting enemy cruisers that are unsuspecting can yield great results. Zao adds one thing ontop of the already strong package: shell speed. Catch a target offguard and they have little time to angle or duck into cover before the shells arrive. Obviously, most IJN cruisers play around their improved HE damage, but the proper use of AP when given the opportunity supplements the core concept of IJN cruiser gameplay, which is alpha damage over dpm. In terms of dpm, ships like Atago or Zao pretty much suck compared to same tier competition. But the ability to deliver devastating salvos at the right moment with pinpoint accuracy is what makes these ships still strong. A lot of those citadels up there were two AP salvos on a full hp Mino, which pretty much ended that person's match participation. Two HE salvos would've been maybe 10-12k damage and nothing more. Rest were salvos on a Salem that thought it could just spam me down with its HE dpm (which it could've, had I only used HE) but presented too much broadside, as well as some Henri (I still think Zao is likely one of the most useful ships to counter Henri use in CBs with).
  12. Cagliostro_chan

    Ibuki help ?

    Yes, it's on B hull. If you use reload mod, I'd recommend going range upgrade first though, as the 15 km range is not good and spotter plane helps less than just having 16.5 km all the time. With range mod, go hull first. Rudder shift, AA buff and spotter plane are just more useful at that point.
  13. Cagliostro_chan

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Yes, it is ok to dislike ships if they don't suit your playstyle and you don't feel the fun in playing them. Many people have such ships. Personally for example, I absolutely don't like the Stalingrad. It does not suit my usual playstyle, it is cumbersome and to me just the right combination of boring and unwieldy that I cannot find the fun in playing it (though I still get pressed into the role for CBs...). However, I wouldn't go and make a topic "Stalingrad sucks", because that'd be silly. It's not a bad ship. It's just not my kind of ship (to the point I just suck it up and look like a complete scrub in it with my random battle stats, rather than go and play another random match in this ship). Similarly, it's good when players recognise that a ship that does not suit them is not necessarily a bad ship and can make an objective evaluation of ships' strengths and weaknesses. This also is important because it helps one's development as a player, given that being able to not just blame the ship for everything leads to improving one's own play and recognising properly the strengths of ships one dislikes still helps in facing these ships. If I were to think that Stalingrad sucks, I'd likely get wrecked by one somewhere down the line, because I underestimate the ship in the hands of good players. Similarly, if you just yolo a Gneisenau, because "lol, those guns can't hit crap", you might be in for some harsh suprises.
  14. Cagliostro_chan

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met @Strefs and @Xevious_Red during CB. Nice battles, poi...
  15. Cagliostro_chan

    Weaknesses of premium ships

    Hello arman. I'm Cagliostro. Not all premiums are exceptionally bad vs Aircraft. Kii, Alabama, Massachusetts, Atlanta, Salem are all doing decently well against most aircraft. Some are struggling. And they always have struggled. But I can tell you, good CV players will kill your BB regardless of its AA. Welcome in the post-rework world. How can you see people behind islands? If allies spot them for you. Same applies here. And no, smoke is not just for escaping. Sorry arman. I was not able to replicate this issue. My BBs work just fine. Even can kill DDs at times without relying on weird consumables. I think this issue may be on your side. Could you maybe check your ships? Maybe sell and rebuy them? Does the issue still persist? Yes, it is. Ships have stats beyond consumables, like armour, or gun caliber and reload and such. Please try to consider these too. Sadly, I fail to see the problem, so no can do. If you change Basic Firing Training, Advanced Firing Training and Manual Control of Secondaries to Fire Prevention, Superindentent and Concealment Expert, the quality of your games might improve a bit. Alabama's secondaries are not good, relying on them gets you killed. No problem. I hope this was helpful to you.