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  1. Cagliostro_chan

    Hood's AA capabilities post-rework

    Best among BBs at its tier is what I said. With the caveat that such a title doesn't protect you if the enemy has a clue. You really want to dispute that? a. I didn't say Sims suffers exceptionally. I said CV rework hit her especially hard. A full AA spec Sims pre-rework could eat planes and defend itself easily. It certainly is in a worse position now when it gets rocketted into the ground. b. By all means, you agree with my statement then that Hood is a better AA platform cause it doesn't get killed as easily as Sims? I don't have any Gneisenau encounters of that kind, but let's say, Akizuki is certainly not going to pull this stunt against competent players. And we all know that. Similar things apply here. Most T8 cruisers do at most 1 knot more. The only thing that outruns you for real is Charles Martel with speed boost. And no, Hood uptiers well, due to speed and not getting overmatched everywhere. Do you by any chance struggle dealing with getting uptiered? What happened to the days when you were proudly faildivisioning your QE into T9, because it can still work? I didn't say it is worse off than before. I said it is likely better off compared to its same tier companions than before, BUT that this still leaves much to be desired against competent CV players. Overall, what I see is you telling me I'm wrong to then point out the things I mostly pointed out, proving me right, to then tell me you have trouble getting uptiered. are you just being disagreeable for the sake of it, or what is the point here?
  2. Cagliostro_chan

    Hood's AA capabilities post-rework

    Disagree with what? Sims being a worse AA ship than Hood? I mean, their AA power isn't too different. One ship doesn't get utterly deleted in a few rocket strike though. The issue is... That is "the average player" for you. Guess what, an average player that collects flak buffs from a Gneisenau is dropping planes fast too. But the actually decent player, who is the actual threat, doesn't give a damn, because you do like 400 continuous on an AA build while defAA is active. That's not a huge amount and generally will kill 1-2 planes before they drop cargo, but you'll not prevent some pretty solid damage. T6 CVs will likely avoid you, T8 CVs though can just kill you with the right dodging. Either through throwing torps at your wide-turning circle ship or by AP bombing the crap out of you. T8 can see up to T6. T7 Hood sees T8 not too rarely. And you don't need to be unicum to be able to drop ships like that. Even I as a CV player that still is not too well-acquainted with the whole CV gameplay manage to get drops on T10s with my Kaga and GZ without losing shittons of planes and if I can AP bomb some Seattle for double cit, you can guess how your Hood fares.
  3. Cagliostro_chan

    Full secondary bismarck build

    Bismarck/Tirpitz fire 380 mm HE shells (even if your 587 mm is to account for the 1/4 pen, you'd end up at 570 mm). They are crap. If you see a Bismarck "spamming HE", it's usually someone who has no idea what they are doing. The HE pen does not actually make it good, because if you look at the pen, it gets 94 mm of it. French 381 mm gets 63 mm. If you look at BBs, you either hit the belt, in which case you shatter anyway, or you hit any other part, in which case 63 mm is sufficient too, except for one piece of 80 mm plating on the FdG deck and one piece of lower bow of Gneisenau. So, penetration is typically not the issue for BBs. Meanwhile the damage on the shells is utter trash, so your HE does the least damage of any T8 BB (and your dpm is actually the least of any T8 surface combattant safe for the Edinburgh, at a measly 81k. Btw, this also gets beaten by Scharnhorst and other nations BBs down to T4 in HE dpm). If you look at CAs, pretty much all ships that have between 63 and 94 mm of plating are either protected by 25 mm plating (meaning AP would just overmatch and wreck them regardless of angle) or they have no citadel that borders the outer hull, so you don't get HE cits and even if you can pen the belt, any other T8 BB will just get more damage from all the shells that don't hit the belt. Meanwhile the AP shell isn't special, but it's at least on par with its competition and combined with the lower reload you actually beat out some other BBs. The reason people go for AP over HE and prioritise AP so much is because the only time you really use HE is when something can just tank your AP (German and USN T8+ cruisers, T8+ BBs, T10 cruisers), shows that they are aware of that and willing to do so and you really need that specific ship dead. Because otherwise, you are better served shooting at targets that you can damage with AP. But such is situational use of HE, not spamming HE. If you really want a ship to spam HE with, Monarch and Amagi do it better and even they benefit from using AP as first choice.
  4. Cagliostro_chan

    Full secondary bismarck build

    It actually is the absolutely atrocious damage that breaks them. Consider for example the IJN 41 cm guns, which have lower fire chance, yet are better for HE firing, because of the improved IJN HE damage. Nukes careless DDs every time. Only Monarch beats Amagi/Kii at T8 in HE dpm and gets beaten in alpha per salvo. Meanwhile, noone cares if fire chance is 30%, 32%, 34% or 35% (which is Monarch). The difference between 30% and 35% is 1 more fire for every 20 shells statistically, likely around 40 shells if you count high tier base fire resistance. At least noone who has an idea about how to properly interpret these stats.
  5. Cagliostro_chan

    Strongest AA for its tier

    I actually run also signal and both AA mods, because I wanted to see how far it can go. Let's just say, it's a lot of pew pew.
  6. Cagliostro_chan

    Full secondary bismarck build

    Depends what you are up against. T6 DD 4 km from your ship? BFT. T10 ship at any range? Likely DE. With IFHE, replace T6 DD with any tier DD and T7- cruisers, while you cry about your utterly garbage build choices when MM throws you into T10 matches against DDs you'll maybe see 10+ km away, that eat maybe 3 105 mm shells for a joke amount of damage, before they get out again or die to allies.
  7. Cagliostro_chan

    IJN Azuma for last time

    1v1 in a training room setting even on the shortest 10 min setting an Umikaze should be able to spam enough torps from stealth, unless the player is utterly incompetent. And yes, torp hits do damage. But they aren't especially lethal. At 6.8k alpha, you need at least 15 torpedoes worth of damage before factoring in any damage mitigation from belt or extremities saturation to kill a Yamato. Flooding reduces that, repair party usage would increase it. Likely, you'll at least get Liquidator out of the whole affair.
  8. Cagliostro_chan

    [POI--] Yuudachi's Poi Show recruiting! We Want You!

    Even more Hammann...
  9. Cagliostro_chan

    IJN Azuma for last time

    You can't get an Azuma bot, I think, as it's no regular tech tree ship. Go take your Azuma and play it vs T5. Any T5. Even GC. If you have any idea what you are doing, Azuma wipes the floor with them.
  10. Cagliostro_chan

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    I mean, either way, it seems silly. The current cruiser meta is balanced around IFHE. Flat nerf to IFHE nerfs a good amount of ships that weren't overperforming. armour changes don't offset that, the armour change offsets itself by letting CAs overmatch CLs. Not to mention, this is a massive BB buff, like pretty much every change. Just wait till we see Conkek get this CL pen nerf ontop of the buffs currently in the testing. Hindenburg, provided it retains 1/4 pen, would combine a similarly lowish dpm with actual fire chance. It might actually recover a place in the meta. Still as an HE slinging crap can opener, but still...
  11. Cagliostro_chan

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    I would consider this bit highly relevant, because let's be honest, if IFHE gets reworked, not even WG would be dumb enough to stay at 1/6, where it's a flat out nerf, At 1/5, you can actually start talking about "options".
  12. Cagliostro_chan

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    203/5x1.25=50.75 Just purely from competitive T10 meta, this change is kinda very interesting, as it eliminiates one of the Henri's main strengths, while making Hindenburg (provided it keeps the German HE pen) meaningful as the sole anti-50 mm ship with meaningful fire chance. Worcester and Mino usually are a rare sight anyway. As for general randoms, this seems like... utterly retarded. Sure as hell, Chapayev or Donskoi weren't in a position OP enough to warrant getting hit by a plating nerf and penetration or fire chance nerf (pick your poison). Not even USN cruisers were. Like, imagine being a Chapayev, encountering a Baltimore, getting absolutely obliterated, because wtf are you going to do? Turn around? You don't survive that. Go bow-in? Get overmatched. Bait on belt? USN ricochet angles send their regards. And sure, you no longer get lolpenned by BBs if they hit your upper belt or deck, but your damage output against them got nerfed too. Meanwhile CAs got major buffs, where you wonder how they deserved those. German CAs, if they keep their HE pen become pretty solid, rest just got an HE pen buff and obviously are now much better vs light cruisers. Also, what will Mogami count as? On a positive note though: Azuma might finally get some actual armour plating.
  13. Cagliostro_chan

    Full secondary bismarck build

    PT, AR, BoS, AFT, ManSec, SI, EM (alternatively JoAT). PT: This skill I use on almost every ship. CV is the sole ship where I don't find this useful. PM on Bismarck has only one single purpose, which is keeping turrets alive, as the rudder and machinery only can get knocked out by eating torps or AP bombs. At which point, use damecon. If you can get persistently bombed, you are in a bad situation already. If you really need PM, replace EM with PM and extra fighter. AR: Turret traverse is great. AR is best 2 point skill. BoS: Best survivability skill for aggressive play. SI kicks in the moment you use up 4 repair parties. BoS kicks in the moment you let the first DoT run its course. AFT & ManSec: The two most important secondary skills. SI: Doubling up on the survivability, this time giving late-game sustain. EM: basically just extra turret traverse. If turret traverse is already fine enough for you, JoAT reduces CD on consumables or go PM + extra fighter, for reasons mentioned above. Why not BFT: Most dpm on paper is on the 105s that don't even pen same tier DD hulls. 10% more dpm even on the 15 cm guns alone is not worth 3 points over another repair party or god forbid, sacrificing BoS. Also, no, BFT is not going to save your ship when the bombers are coming for you. Either the enemy CV is incompetent enough to lose most aircraft to flak and not get a good drop or you eat damage regardless. Why not DE: Yes, it gives pretty ok fire setting chances on the secondaries. But not worth sacrificing your survivability for either. As someone said it helps your main guns, if you are firing HE in a Bismarck, always ask yourself: Is there really no better target that I could fire AP at? And if yes, would there be if I had positioned myself better? Also, if its a DD, fire chance is pretty pointless. Why not IFHE: 150s already pen BBs. 105s (unlike on FdG one tier higher) only start penning lower tier cruisers and high tier DDs. DDs that are at the edge of your range take too few shots to matter, 4 points to maybe kill a rushing DD is not worth it. Learn to steer your ship so you don't get rushed and use your main guns. Why not FP or CE: If you really feel like you have to, sacrifice SI and EM and put 1 point into PM or extra fighter. I so far never found the concealment a huge issue and with CVs around, I really don't feel like they are helping any CE meta. Lastly, no, secondary spec does not count as a strong AA spec. If you wanted AA, you'd need +2 explosion module and Manual AA. And even then Bismarck will be the priority target for most CVs, because its torp belt is bad, the short range of 10.5 cm AA makes it easier to get strikes in and anything with AP bombs usually knows that German BBs are basically a reliable target for these smewhat situational bombs. I'd really not bother with AA spec though. If you want a meaningful AA, take catapult fighter. Most consistent way of pissing CV players off.
  14. Cagliostro_chan

    Worild of Warships or "Dungeons and Dragons with ships"?

    The Type 93 torpedo had settings for 20 to 40 km. While it's a good thing that Mutsukis don't get the option to spam 40 km 35 knot torps (with actually good concealment), ingame torp ranges aren't the RL ranges.
  15. Cagliostro_chan

    IJN Azuma for last time

    I'd take an Alaska shipgirl any day if the design is well-made. Azuma, the captain is free, but will go on Ibuki, because I am not investing into a ship with even less armour. Am saving up coal for Yoshino though. But yeah, making a ship with a citadel that was designed to work with 30 mm and then taking away the 30 mm plating, I still think it was kinda silly. Even without needing it to be Alaska levels of tanky, having one of the worst armour schemes after Neptune/Mino is pretty terrible. At T5, if top tier, Azuma would bounce BB ammo and overmatch every cruiser and BB, like a BB. It'd match Kongou in hp and beat her in speed. 9 guns with short reload and much better accuracy. For T9, Azuma isn't getting me excited, but T5 is a tad bit low.