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  1. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    For most cruisers, I only spot them as I enter their AA anyway at high tier. Depending on how I go about it, I might lose planes or not, though I likely will given you can't keep most of these permaspotted forever anyway. The only ships that get affected in a very meaningful way beyond supercruisers are BBs and CVs. And while spotting BBs is useful, BBs already can handle that. So, you are basically buffing BBs, because noone else gets affected by your spotting changes really. Your proposal is like trying to combat a lack of cheap community housing by building a few luxury apartments. Those who required the help won't get any and those who get affected didn't need the help. It's a misguided approach. Aircraft de facto are limited, because match time exists. And noone keeps aircraft in the air for 10 minutes, unless they are utterly inept.
  2. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    Your proposal addresses none of the core issues you identified and the effects needlessly buff BBs when compared to other classes. It's almost like the CV rework itself that addressed few of the issues it set out to solve, but hey, on most tiers BBs now have some of the best AA, apart from also being the least affected by the CV drops and spotting. Frankly, I'd suggest getting a better understanding of CVs first before trying to come up with solutions. Yeah, it is kinda silly.
  3. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    And both core statements hold up even with your changes.
  4. Cagliostro_chan

    Shokaku cursed ship ?

    Not exactly some rare ingredient. You can alternaively dispose of the DD's most vital support though.
  5. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    Yeah ok, they and IJN ships without DP guns. Sad fact though is, those could have 1.1 km aerial spotting and they'd still get murdered, because what kills them isn't the free spotting, but that they are free kills for CVs with decent anti-DD capabilities. There's little as easy to rocket or bomb into the ground than a Kagero.
  6. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    6.2 I think. Are you serious? 0.8.0 hit months ago and basically made it your main role to damage farm, not to spot. Spotting is a byproduct. I can spot part of the team, depending on where I am as a CV. I can't spot entire teams at once. And your proposal mostly prevents CVs from spotting BBs and other CVs. Spotting changes for the classes that are least bothered by getting spotted. Classes that play heavily around concealment and rely on it to survive are unaffected by your proposal. I think something's wrong with that.
  7. Cagliostro_chan

    Implacable - Worth upgrading the deck?

    Clemson gun upgrade increases the artillery rating from 10 to 11. Looks terrible. Detailed stats show that all your single gun mounts become twin gun mounts. You get exactly twice as many guns now. Obviously, that is way more impressive than +1 gun rating. Lesson to be learned: don't compare the ratings, compare detailed stats.
  8. Cagliostro_chan

    Shokaku cursed ship ?

    Nah, you just need to learn how to torp DD.
  9. Cagliostro_chan

    Implacable - Worth upgrading the deck?

    Never look at those silly scores, look at what it actually gives you in the proper detailed stats. Otherwise "Is it worth upgrading Clemson guns? +1 gun rating seems not worth the money."
  10. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    Stealth IJN can actually spot Mino, Worcester, Seattle and Nep for free already now and would still be able to then. In this case, exactly nothing changed, except that Moskva and Stalingrad would be added to the list, as they are currently spotted way before AA engages, but would under your proposed change be spotted from 6.6, which is enough for keeping them spotted. Overall, your proposal will not change much as: DDs already have way lower spotting distance than AA range. They still die, highlighting why this change is not going to solve much. CLs are spotted usually from AA range. Nothing changes there apparantly. CAs would join the CLs. Matters not too much. BBs and CVs get massive aerial detection buffs. Because clearly, they deserve buffs.
  11. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    Mino aerial spotting range currently is around max AA range. If you half the aerial spotting range, a Mino can just turn its AA off and bait you in. And barring that you just outright kill CV play by making any AA cruiser an absolute death trap, look at how DDs are flourishing again with their new insanely low aerial detection. Oh wait... they still die.
  12. Cagliostro_chan

    Strongest AA for its tier

    Tier for tier: Hermelin. If you want to actually encounter planes though: Atlanta, imo.
  13. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    Genius. I'd friggin love to find myself like 3.5 km away from a Mino that turns its AA on. Right inside that 4 km area of insta death by 14 explosions and way over 1k dps. There's a reason they nerfed the aerial spotting of some ships, after they reduced it for everyone.
  14. Cagliostro_chan

    Tons of questions

    Alaska is not some island hugging cruiser, you don't really need propulsion mod. And its base rudder shift already beats JB (as one would expect). I still use rudder mod though, because fires may last longer but are usually manageable, given the shorter damage control CD and a playstyle that usually doesn't see you tanking HE all the time. It's a decent margin that allows you to outspot ships like Hindenburg and be on par with ships like NC, instead of getting outspotted by them. I don't think JB has 88% accuracy.
  15. Cagliostro_chan


    I run spotter plane. But I agree with @El2aZeR that fighter is one of the more effective AA tools, though it doesn't always save you and by itself can be a bit underwhelming, depending on opponent (having one of those high tier fighter squads take apart a Saipan wing hurts far more than some mid-tier squad taking 4 planes out of a 12 plane Kaga squad or Enterprise rocket squad). Usually, unless the enemy has almost no planes, they will discourage a drop, not prevent it. *laughs in Graf Zeppelin*