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  1. Cagliostro_chan

    ST, new ships

    And Anshan doesn't get Silkworm missiles.
  2. Cagliostro_chan

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    You do know you already can get this by just playing current Conqueror with 457 mm guns? This is absolutely nothing new and is mostly regarded as inferior compared to lower fire chance but more barrels on 419 Conqueror.
  3. Cagliostro_chan

    USS Boise......

    And tried to divert from it by adding a pointless question. Though, to actually answer your question: Just for ops, Helena is at best as effective as Fiji. Issue is: Bots are dumb, good players are not. Usually, few bots will just go bow-in and good players won't just keep shooting bow-in folks for no damage. In terms of damage output, Fiji has improved AP and as long as it can make the AP count, it has better output than Helena with HE. Helena has better AP dpm, but not the means to continue spamming AP. Two of Helenas consumables (defAA+fighter plane) are absolutely worthless for ops. As long as you get your positioning game right, the major challenge for most cruisers is sustain in the onslaught, where Fiji just hands-down wins. Narai and UF are most of all slugging through multiple waves of enemies and Fiji just has the better tools for that. Even if you mess up, Fiji can make some limited comeback, Helena cannot. Fiji has 3 torps per side, which are incredibly useful when you need to deal with heavy targets. As someone who once had to solo-kill Missouri in Narai, I really would've appreciated getting goddamn torps and a repair party. Within a div, Helena can shine, when others draw the fire and Helena can most of all just bring its dpm, if I don't cue up into ops as a div though, Fiji all the way. For randoms, personally I prefer Helena.
  4. Cagliostro_chan

    How do i deal with aircraft?

    Whatever is stupid enough to fly into Sims' 4 puffs will fly into 3 Akatsuki buffs. And whatever flyes into these buffs consistently will just die anyway. defAA just means you need to collect a few less of them, but it's CV skill that matters, making the difference between the Enterprise that just rockets your Cleveland right through defAA and all at the start of the match with minimal loses or the Enterprise that loses 24 planes to your non-defAA cruiser and doesn't even land a proper shot.
  5. Cagliostro_chan

    USS Boise......

    And that might be the case, but you made the claim Helena had more hp, which is a misrepresentation of facts. I also can't go and claim that the Republique has more hp than Conqueror, despite Conqueror having an absolute meme repair party. Sure, Republique might still be a better ship, but it's because of other factors, not the one fact I just misrepresented.
  6. Cagliostro_chan

    How do i deal with aircraft?

    Sims can meme on stupid CVs, but so can an Akatsuki. Cue good CV and you're just as dead as in most other DDs.
  7. Cagliostro_chan

    Azur Lane: Which Commander Are You?

    Money. They don't need to use their own product, they need to sell it.
  8. Cagliostro_chan

    USS Boise......

    Is a different argument. Regardless of which one is better, a fair comparison can never claim that Helena has more effective hp and has to mention Fiji repair party. Not to mention a few other differences that weren't mentioned.
  9. Cagliostro_chan

    defense against AP bombers

    Kaga has no AP bombers.
  10. Cagliostro_chan

    defense against AP bombers

    If you cannot accept getting AP bombed to crap in Izmail, then why would you want to get to later ships? So you can enjoy seeing your hp vanish from AP bomb cits in Sinop, Vladivostok, Sovietsky Soyuz and Kreml? This characteristic will persist to T10. Accept it or play something else.
  11. Cagliostro_chan

    USS Boise......

    Fiji has a repair party, Helena doesn't. Effectively, Fiji has a much larger hp pool than Helena.
  12. Cagliostro_chan

    defense against AP bombers

    Just dodge. Nah, jokes aside, best bet is fighter plane, but realistically, pray to RNG that none hit the cit. Alternatively, play something that has barely any citadel reachable for AP bombers.
  13. Cagliostro_chan

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Another lucky day in the Yukikaze... Got complimented 4 times for this. No regrets buying this ship. Also rebought Colorado, because it was a fun time when I grinded through the ship and KC Colorado came out. Not as amazing, but I still take it.
  14. Cagliostro_chan

    Azur Lane: Which Commander Are You?

    Prinz Eugen
  15. Cagliostro_chan


    piece of garbage. T4 grade hp (you'll see that trait throughout the line, but others at least get something for it) crap for armour, nowhere near enough to make up for lack of hp, can be HE penned reliably (same as above) 21 knots of speed! (Only NY and Texas are as slow, but tankier and with better guns) has the second smallest guns at T5 with 30s reload. Only Kongo and Pyotr Veliky have worse dpm and both are massively better ships in every way. Accuracy on the Bretagne's guns is markedly worse than NY and Texas too. AA got hyped up pre-rework and wasn't that great back then. It certainly isn't now. secondaries are numerous, but reload so slow as to be garbage. This ship does exactly nothing that you cannot get done in New York, except New York has a massive amount more hp and meaner guns. Iron Duke and König just laugh at Bretagne, Kongo and Pyotr Veliky are in a different league and we don't even have to go into detail on how Giulio decimates Bretagne. I didn't like NM much but I take it over this dumpster fire any day. Colorado was great, but Colorado actually gets good guns for its tier and an improved repair party. The USN line basically is how to play at 21 knots and get something to compensate for it. Bretagne gets nothing, it's just the worst T5 BB by some margin.