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  1. Cagliostro_chan

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    So, is the post-IFHE meta supposed to be cruisers treat each other like current high-tier USN BB? Pen extremities, mid-section is immune? Also, if overmatch gets reworked, that midsection tanks Yamato. If not, CAs citadel these ships through the bow... I wonder which one it'll be.
  2. Cagliostro_chan

    Neustrashimy price (+46% steel)

    If it was, that'd be an issue in and of itself, given no ship should be 46% better than a same tier ship.
  3. Cagliostro_chan

    So, so tempted........

    Worcester basically has very little armour. It isn't Mino that gets overmatched by some cruisers, but its only decent armour is the 30 mm deck plating. On the other hand, the citadel is not too large. And yes, there is little point in free exping to either of the ships. If you don't learn how to play their predecessors, you're basically just going to be a liability in your top tier ship. Not to mention, you might find that the overall playstyle of the ships is not to your liking.
  4. Cagliostro_chan

    So, so tempted........

    USS Worcester was a real ship.
  5. Cagliostro_chan

    Hood's AA capabilities post-rework

    There's two ways you can look at it - Yes, Hood's AA can be practically worthless in this day and age, just like @El2aZeR said. No, it is not terrible AA, by the current standards of ships of its type and tier. Nor is it really bad compared to old Hood. Old Hood was lulz when your AA was alive and the enemy too dumb to just drop you from outside the pitiful range. Otherwise, the old AA was just garbage for T7. Current Hood has all its AA centered around the long range, with mid-range being quite short-ranged, so you get a decent window. The Hood long range AA produces comparably many buffs and defAA gives it an actually comparably powerful continuous dps too at long range. What makes Hood look bad at best is the general state of affairs of surface ships vs planes. If the CV knows how to drop efficiently, they'll wreck Hood. But Gneisenau, KGV, Lyon, Colorado, etc are all no better off. Nagato certainly is worse. Ashitaka can't even be considered. Compared to them, Hood is an actual AA fortress now. Just, it only works against CVs that aren't incredibly skilled, who fly through your AA for longer than they need to just drop torps or bombs and who might even catch a flak burst that obviously will oneshot planes, not just leave them damaged. So, personally, I'm not sure what people are expecting. Compared to old Hood and its same tier competition, this is basically good AA. I so far considered the post-rework Hood a straight up buff, because my AA went from being basically just there to annoy dive bombers to being an asset against not so skilled CV players, aka the majority of CV players. And tbh, Hood still is a better AA platform than something like Sims, which would've actually been strong pre-rework and did lose in value due to the rework.
  6. Cagliostro_chan

    Update 0.8.3: the “Victory” Competition

    Kobayashi camos have better credit modifiers, due to -50% cost.
  7. Cagliostro_chan

    Cheap or expensive camo ? Consumables ?

    If I have to, 22.5k camo. Using all premium consumables, as I can afford it, though I'd guess the very minimum for most people should be premium damecon and premium repair party.
  8. Cagliostro_chan

    Nations & first Ships for a Newbie

    To get anywhere, you need BFT, Manual AA, defAA and good base dps. Like, if I play Sims, I can get some kills with my 17 pt AA spec captain that can just throw like 400+ dps at the the enemy, but needless to say, that hurts T6s, it annoys T8s, but neither will be discouraged from killing me if they really want me dead and dodge flak. defAA there only helps because any flak burst is an insta kill. But if you don't fly into the flak bursts... I did get pretty nice drops on Gearings in my Kaga, so, lol. And there are people with 13k battles and 45% WR or so. Number of battles says little about skill.
  9. Cagliostro_chan

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Please Sheffield. I know Ark Royal is but a premium RN cruiser that isn't container bait Belfast or at one of the worst tiers of the game is still kinda needed.
  10. Cagliostro_chan

    Nations & first Ships for a Newbie

    I'd say, I'm average and haven't experienced much of an issue with killing USN DDs in my T8 CVs. You basically would have to invest fully into AA to actually make a difference and even then, your hp might take a good few hits that can hardly be recovered.
  11. Cagliostro_chan

    Nations & first Ships for a Newbie

    Against terrible CVs.
  12. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    Not all classes have same damage averages. Such hasn't been the case pre-rework nor is it post-rework. Nor are CVs incredibly much above the rest. The reason this still works out is due to how different classes get different modifiers for how their damage is rewarded. You see that with old CVs which had notoriously bad modifiers to account for being able to get great damage if you were skilled. Which didn't help new people pick up the class, because generally even if you managed to raise your CV skills to the level you'd do as much damage as an average BB, you'd get worse rewards, so why bother instead of just enjoying life in easy modo with BB?
  13. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    For most cruisers, I only spot them as I enter their AA anyway at high tier. Depending on how I go about it, I might lose planes or not, though I likely will given you can't keep most of these permaspotted forever anyway. The only ships that get affected in a very meaningful way beyond supercruisers are BBs and CVs. And while spotting BBs is useful, BBs already can handle that. So, you are basically buffing BBs, because noone else gets affected by your spotting changes really. Your proposal is like trying to combat a lack of cheap community housing by building a few luxury apartments. Those who required the help won't get any and those who get affected didn't need the help. It's a misguided approach. Aircraft de facto are limited, because match time exists. And noone keeps aircraft in the air for 10 minutes, unless they are utterly inept.
  14. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    Your proposal addresses none of the core issues you identified and the effects needlessly buff BBs when compared to other classes. It's almost like the CV rework itself that addressed few of the issues it set out to solve, but hey, on most tiers BBs now have some of the best AA, apart from also being the least affected by the CV drops and spotting. Frankly, I'd suggest getting a better understanding of CVs first before trying to come up with solutions. Yeah, it is kinda silly.
  15. Cagliostro_chan

    Possible cv spotting idea

    And both core statements hold up even with your changes.