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  1. Cagliostro_chan

    [POI--] Yuudachi's Poi Show recruiting! We Want You!

    Come join us today. Here's a casual Hammann as bonus.
  2. Cagliostro_chan

    ST, Victory competition, new unique commander

    I find it funny that the commander has the one condition most easily triggerable of them all. Then again, it's also the least incredible buff.
  3. I can already see the threads about how this'll overturn the entire T1 competitive meta. First Black Swan, now this...
  4. Cagliostro_chan

    ST, 12th ranked season.

    Maybe will play a match in Mino, but honestly, this'll be a season I pass on. Yoshino is coal, Stalingrad I have, CV CBs were enough of a derp fiesta and there I knew my team mates.
  5. Cagliostro_chan

    premium ship

    It is slow, but devastating. 8 high tier guns on T6 is no joke and hits will leave a mark.
  6. Cagliostro_chan

    Random gameplay lost its way

    Given it's usually pointless to argue with you, I'm not going to try and write some extensive reply to this, but point to my earlier post where you felt like ignoring large tracts (which is part of why it is pointless to argue with you). In randoms you always find a potato giving broadside. In CB, the higher you get, the more people have an idea what they are doing and the less they get randomly blapped by Stalingrad. And when the ship can't farm citadels, it's basically a Moskva with crap dpm and worse fire duration.
  7. Stop spreading the disease that is 2.5 km detection long range torps. Everyone with a brain knows they are trash and those who use them will manage to shove it up some team mates stern half the time. It's terrible enough this persists on shima, but do we need it on Yuudachi and Yoshino too now?
  8. Cagliostro_chan

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    Damn, I feel so out of meta... Secondary spec, because, you know, German...
  9. Cagliostro_chan

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    Inb4 Zeppette or something.
  10. Cagliostro_chan

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Yes, it says so in the text you quoted. Also, why does Kreml get 60 mm plating while Slava gets nerfed to 32 mm due to "excessive protection"? I'm kinda hard-pressed to see the point of Slava. Originally, I thought it might be that it was an attempt at giving the RU BB line a T10 that could be used in competitive meta, but if the ship has 32 mm plating, RU citadel, 406 mm guns with standard dispersion and 2.0 sigma, the ship looks basically like a 2 knot faster Yamato with worse armour and, worse accuracy and no overmatch. Or a terrible Republique. What am I missing or is the T10 of RU basically just close/mid-range derp and absolute mediocrity?
  11. Cagliostro_chan

    USS Washington (BB-56) - a good idea for Tier 7 premium BB?

    Ah yeah, because I guess Nagato, Colorado, Nelson, Lyon, KGV, they all are underpowered with their 25 mm plating. Every T7 has to deal with the issue of potentially getting overmatched, your Washington is nothing special. Even its citadel does not compare to Nelson that frequently gets citpenned through the bow. Sorry, but that's how it goes, T7, 25 mm armour. Want your 32 mm, go to T8. West Virginia at T6 pretty much gave up a ton of hp (both in terms of the hp pool and repair party), a good bit of mobility, basically all AA, improved accuracy, torpedo protection, range, just so it could retain the punchy guns of Colorado at T6. And look there, it's one of the highest-performing T6 BBs.
  12. Cagliostro_chan

    RN Light Cruisers - Tactics advice? (Emerald and onwards)

    You do realise you are comparing a T5 with two T7s? From Leander on, RN Cls kind of get decent tools for their job. Emerald is basically like Omaha. Core concept-wise, the same as subsequent ships, but kinda T5 garbage. Dallas, helena and Cleveland all are so much better tier for tier.
  13. Cagliostro_chan

    USS Washington (BB-56) - a good idea for Tier 7 premium BB?

    Absolutely no reason to not go 25 mm. Nine 406 mm guns and a 28 knot speed are already a strong enough combination. It'd basically be a Nelson that changes superheal for guns that can pen stuff, which imo would already make the ship one of the most insane T7s in the game. Even at that state I'd find it incredibly OP and wouldn't want it in the game.
  14. Cagliostro_chan

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya and Russian BB

    What historical inaccuracy? One is the old Gangut, one is the refitted OR. Both are two states of a ship that once existed. Both are quite accurate in that respect. Meanwhile Republique is an utter paper project that never received a name, it isn't just an existing ship that underwent a refit. Also Benson/Loyang.
  15. Cagliostro_chan

    USS Washington (BB-56) - a good idea for Tier 7 premium BB?

    Ah yes, I can totally see how a 1.8 sigma (so, average accuracy) with 9 T8 guns, T8 armour plating and a 28 knot speed is totally balanced at T7... How about bloody hell no? And no, Sinop is not an excuse for this.