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  1. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Feedback: Reduce smoke duration (cruiser)

    Give SAP?
  2. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Feedback: Reduce smoke duration (cruiser)

    And the two that can be obtained are kind of low dpm. Like, if you can call a Perth "spammy", I feel that's overreacting... Huanghe is even less.
  3. Pre-rework, Shchors was a set of superb CL guns on a poor hull. Now it's just... why? Myoko brings like 3/4 of the HE dpm with shells that pen 32 mm, don't sacrifice fire chance and let's not even talk about the difference in tanking capability. Also comes with more useful AP and long range torps.
  4. Sinop vs Shchors. One has hp, a decently armoured bow, good enough guns for high tier, the other has like what? Garbage for armour that gets citpenned by RN BB HE, a 900 m turning circle radius, ok dpm, if it weren't for the fact that uptiered it can only pen BB superstructure and has poor fire chance thanks to IFHE rework? Yorck and New Orleans at least got decent enough plating and aren't reliant on a nerfed 4 point skill to deal with higher tier BBs.
  5. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Rework for CB/Clan Brawls to make them interesting

    As long as it wasn't Two Brothers Epicenter. That felt just absolutely stupid, with the center being around that corner in the middle. 4x4 T6 with CVs? Or T4? Not sure about this one. If we look past the current CV CB, usually you don't see monoteams aside from maybe memes like RU wall. And most nations only have few choices, so if we take traditional format (7x7, max 1 BB), you'd see Kremlin, Moskva/Stalin, double Venezia, double DM, Shima or Smaland. That isn't exactly "novel", is it. Cuts down on Somers and Ohio usage, I guess. But most nations only have 1-2 ships that are "meta" anyway. Even with second BB, you'd likely just see a DM replaced by a second non-Kremlin BB (Thunderer? Ohio? Yamato? Bourgogne? All possiblle with the rule).
  6. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    When the map name and the ships fit just right.....

    Are you making light of Conqueror and Thunderer fire setting potential? I mean, your Friesland is cute, but how do you like getting shot by 63% fire chance HE from 24 km away? Can your Friesland do that?
  7. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Let's talk about the Odin

    This is before IFHE rework.
  8. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Let's talk about the Odin

    As someone who respecced their Roma captain for cruisers and since has no Roma captain anymore... It's mostly wasted skill points. Is it situationally useful? Sure. Is it better than running FP? Certainly not. And IFHE either is unnecessary (Germans) or kills the ability to damage BBs effectively. The other day I battled some IFHE Massachusetts, it managed to get a single fire and kill a few bow-mounted AA guns on my Richelieu. It didn't do real damage, given it lacks the pen, but with almost no fire chance, it's really just poor. And this for 4 skill points that don't go into actually more useful skills.
  9. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Let's talk about the Odin

    That's not build advice though, that's you just not having dedicated commanders with high enough level. I consider AFT in general a worse skill than FP on pretty much any BB. Rather work with 9-10 km secondaries than without FP.
  10. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Let's talk about the Odin

    Scharnhorst deal. Issue is, mid tier 25/26 mm plating and high tier everything but DDs and T8 CVs is going to just angle and bounce your shells while more accurate BB with more devastating guns exist. Short fuse was a mistake on Flamu's part. Just the pen is crap. You can do full sec and die faster. A ship with no hp and reliant on broadsides to shine needs to be able to go undetected. Staying within 11.3 km most of the match just is not recommended. Secondaries don't kill things fast enough, Tirp wins brawls with torps, not secs. Also, one of the T8s was the Irian, which is a light cruiser and barely better armoured to a Tirpitz than a T7 Shchors, one of the crappiest T7 cruisers when it comes to tanking BB shells. Obviously, Odin has issues, because it cannot just overmatch the Irian. Yes, it does and is the main reason the rest of the ship can't shine. And what else are you going to run on NC or Roma? Secondary build?
  11. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    From what I see, smackbang middle of the pack of tech tree T7s in WR when you look at the stats for the past few months. Damage is low, as you'd expect from 6 barrels, but it still wins, because of its other qualities. But hey, maybe @ColonelPete can provide better stats, given he knows how to navigate maplesyrup better than I do.
  12. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    Now, can you make a balance argument though? I don't see one.
  13. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    It's the best T7 range and vastly superior to anything on lower tiers, only outperformed by higher tiers. Feel free to point out though where Gneisenau is suffering balance-wise and how that justifies a longer secondary range.
  14. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Why do I enjoy Bismarck more than Yamato?

    Thing is, with an overmatchable plating and overmatchable cit deck, it can be being unlucky. Because however you angle at range, a shell that falls stupid enough bypasses any plating without even checking for pen or angle.