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  1. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    More and more old premiums available for coal

    Nah. Sure, if you want to avoifd getting them in special containers, then by all means, go get them, but personally, I don't see the point. The only free special container that awarded a ship for sure that I got last year reliably was the T6 ship container for anniversary. Got me the Molotov. For this one container I'd not bother buying T6 coal ships, much less others. If I were to Christmas gamble meanwhile, the only reason to get Anshan and Marblehead is to increase chances of getting something rare, in which case, just whale and buy them in shop, use coal to buy ships that either are not available in shop or way more expensive. Personally though, I'd not bother for either, though I have Anshan (Since Christmas 2018), it's a very decent ship, for those actually interested in a T6 premium DD.
  2. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Is it time to nerf radar?

    DDs also are seen further out than 6 km IRL and didn't reload torps more than once at high seas, most didn't reload at all.
  3. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    175,000 coal commanders. Are they worth it?

    Kuznetsov is worth it whatever line you go for as long as it is Russian/Soviet. The perks he gives are just as valuable on a Grozovoi or a a Stalingrad/Moskva. Maybe RU CVs and subs will get less out of it.
  4. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    HE/ AP

    Depends on target though. If you are up against something like Trento or Kirov, those things have pretty poor citadel armour belt, so maybe, if the shell arcs aren't too bad. Something like Zara meanwhile has 150 mm belt, so you'd need to be at 5 km to even have a chance on a perfectly broadside Zara. Correct use of AP in general requires a good bit of knowledge on game mechanics and ship stats, as you should have an idea of: What angles you ricochet, what angles not. What penetration you can expect at what range from your guns. What shell arcs you can expect at what range from your guns. If shells need 15s to travel 15 km and then fall down from the sky at a poor angle, you aren't exactly going to get much out of AP, unless you get a freak cit through the deck. At closer ranges you might get more out of it though. What armour profile your target has. Where is the citadel and how well-protected is it? Is it worth going for citadel shots? Or are there soft areas you can just penetrate for at least more damage than HE would do? Shooting a broadside KGV in a Nürnberg for example, the citadel belt will never let you through and be 0 damage, everything else on the ship might be fair game though. Is there a significant overmatch. This is tricky, as overmatch occurs when shells are 14.3 times the armour they hit and they automatically pass through. It's best to just take your gun caliber and know what can be overmatched and what not. 150-180 mm only overmatches 10 mm bow on Omaha for example. 203s overmatch the 13 mm of low tier cruiser bows up to T5 and the RN CLs up to T7. 240s up to 305s overmatch up to 16 mm, which is most T6-7 cruisers and high tier RN CLs.
  5. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Is it time to nerf radar?

    If radar is still your main issue, please just don't play DDs in the tiers where it exists.Given what high tier DD play currently is, radar really is one of the least problematic things.
  6. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    ST - Z-35, German aircraft carriers.

    REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, no Stukas on the CVs. Honestly, that's one of the issues, but frankly the least of the issues I have with the line. While AP rockets can absolutely make life miserable for cruisers, the ships otherwise are crap. Graf Zeppelin is already pretty poor, but Graf Zeppelin has some versatility in armament. It can wreck DDs, it can wreck cruisers, it can wreck BBs, it has decent torpedos, the tech line has 25 knots on horrendous arming distance. 25 knots! 30 knots with TA. And looking at what planes they get, GZ should by comparison be OP, given it gets the planes of the T10 CV, just with one less DB per attack run and actually decent torps. But i guess secondary ranges are decent. Too bad that it's a CV. Can we please leave memes for a premium and not make the ships utter garbage just to compensate? I mean, at this rate, the best plan to kill DDs is basically spot with plane and hunt them down with your hull.
  7. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    British BBs Good?

    Monarch still has solid stats in its server performance. Monarch still has a concealment edge, still has a dpm advantage, access to high HE alpha and an improved repair party. 1v1 ranked is not how you evaluate a ship that usually should be balanced for randoms. It's not representative and trying to based on 1v1 ranked is either dishonest or just stupid. You decide what you want to be. Just because people don't play it much doesn't mean its bad, just like a ship being played a lot doesn't make it bad. Amagi is not even played half as much as the Bismarck and every T8 tech tree ship except Bismarck gets put to shame by the amount of Tirpitz there are. Yet few would argue that Amagi and NC are absolute trash because they get played less than the German sisters, despite being way older. Or I guess the Henri IV is an absolute piece of trash, because it has less battles played in it than the Worcester and even compares not that well with the Salem that might overtake it. Nevermind that it once dominated CB. As to your own experience in it, tell me, how does it compare to your performance in other T8 tech tree BBs?
  8. Bunny_Lover_Kallen


    I just put my Hindenburg captain on the ship, which is 19 pt. PT, AR, DE, CE, EL, SI, EM, JoAT, PM
  9. Bunny_Lover_Kallen


    Having 38 mm pen base, 1 mm more than most CLs get with IFHE, is part of what makes Mainz decent. If it wasn't for that, yeah, she'd be pretty poor, but the guns have good dpm, good pen and, due to not needing IFHE, Mainz has the best practical fire chance of T8 cruisers. Mainz gameplay pretty much is setting fires everywhere and then farming damage on the broad palette of ships you can farm, but most of all, it's burning stuff to the ground. Mainz gameplay illustrated...
  10. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Ode to the humble torpedo

    You still need to aim your torpedo, which requires more skill than aiming guns properly. What says I don't know that you can't hit anything aside from BB and CV? I'm very much aware of that, it's to me one added factor why Asashio is a pretty dumb ship. You get torps that are excellent against the easiest targets, but will never hit what otherwise would be hard targets. And being unable to hit DDs, you never need to predict anything on them. Just because you cannot carry as well doesn't mean you are a less stupid ship. Maybe because you sound pretty whiney about a weapon system that requires more skill than gunnery, as demonstrated in your own performance in the ships that carry torpedoes, except for a single ship. Which you equate to Yoshino, a ship that has a vastly different set of 20 km torps and needs either massive skill for you to land these things on something or no skill on the enemy's part to get hit by something that has over 15s reaction time upon being spotted. So, apart from needing over a minute to travel 20 km, they then give you as much time to dodge as a BB does when it fires 20 km away with slow shells, just that torpedoes upon spotting have predictable lines, while a BB shell falls erratically and you can maybe tell whether it's going far, short or hits your ship only once it is halfway towards your ship. This kind of ignorance is what earns you my condescending response. Go, play a torpedo boat that doesn't accommodate for your lack of skill and get decent stats and we can talk about torpedoes being "no skill".
  11. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    USS BBs ,which one?

    Alabama is very similar to NC, less accurate, takes less damage, worse repair. Massachusetts is similar to Alabama, but even less accurate, has a fast repair and good secondaries. Massachusetts basically has just less overlap with NC and brings something more novel, while it overall performs well, because being able to pop a heal every 40s is pretty silly.
  12. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Ode to the humble torpedo

    >Complains that Torps are zero skill >Complains about Asashio >Asashio is most-played DD and only DD that has a significant number of battles with "acceptable" stats Do you really want to generalise from the Asashio, with the most braindead torps in the game about how torpedoes in general are no skill? Because if so, I wonder what that means for your other DDs.
  13. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Viribus Unitis: Not garbage at all

    I posted two comnparisons of the ship, one with New York and one with König, to support the point. Feel free to hate on my use of an anime gif, it doesn't make the point less valid. The guns have some of the worst pen at T5, on par with the 305 mm König and far behind the New York. If you simply compare with New York, NY is as fast as the Bretagne, has way harder hitting guns, is slightly more accurate, has more hp and a better repair party. New York's armour scheme may not be great, its citadel protection is decent though and you can at least get around the rest with your improved repair. Bretagne just has to go and content with a normal repair on the second worst T5 BB hp pool (after the joke that is VU). Compared to ships like König meanwhile, Bretagne offers pretty much nothing. König has same pen, same dpm, slightly better accuracy, slightly better shell velocity, more hp, way better armour, better secondaries, better speed... Bretagne gets the advantage of more range to go with its underwhelming accuracy at range (one of the worst at T5), until you figure out that König has a spotter plane, Bretagne has not and apart from equalising range when needed, spotter plane is just so much more useful. And if you want to shoot from 18 km away, New York has range AND a spotter AND actual penetration at range (being able to citadel anything with a reachable citadel you can encounter even at range), or Kongou, which trades two guns for the best long range dispersion. Bretagne is the only French midtier BB that didn't get an artificial speed boost to speed way beyond what any design would justify and it shows, the ship basically is just straight up worse than all its competition. Normandie at least goes almost 30 knots, Lyon goes 27 knots. These ships can do at least something that others cannot do, but the Bretagne is just a worse New York in every way you look at it and I posted the gif because the notion that the guns hit especially hard is laughable, because as shown, they are among the least hard hitting of any T5 BB. Contrast to NY that can obliterate BBs at pretty much any range when it hits (which it tends to do more often than Bretagne).
  14. Bunny_Lover_Kallen


    Most hp of any light cruiser. Cleveland has 36k and no heal. Only Edinburgh has a heal and no armour. It's straight up better armoured than Prinz Eugen if you count any shell caliber that is not 38 cm. Which is the vast majority of incoming fire. And again, best armour profile of any light cruiser and it also does not share the pathetic HE dpm of the other Germans. No it's not. I do and it's absolutely playable. It has the turtleback. Angling is of some value, depending on what caliber shell hits. In any case, you rather it hit the 80 mm belt than the rest of the ship though and bounces off.
  15. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Viribus Unitis: Not garbage at all

    https://proships.ru/stat/ru/ships/3171,3117/ https://proships.ru/stat/ru/ships/3171,3308/ Sorry, but the Bretagne basically has guns and is a BB, which on T5 is enough when some cruisers get overmatched by their own guns. It's guns hit about as hard as a König, nowhere near the New York. But you can get used to it, because you'll use 12 and 16 of the same gun at T6 and T7. If you want French that actually hit hard, wait till Richelieu or get a Dunkerque.