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  1. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    From what I see, smackbang middle of the pack of tech tree T7s in WR when you look at the stats for the past few months. Damage is low, as you'd expect from 6 barrels, but it still wins, because of its other qualities. But hey, maybe @ColonelPete can provide better stats, given he knows how to navigate maplesyrup better than I do.
  2. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    Now, can you make a balance argument though? I don't see one.
  3. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    It's the best T7 range and vastly superior to anything on lower tiers, only outperformed by higher tiers. Feel free to point out though where Gneisenau is suffering balance-wise and how that justifies a longer secondary range.
  4. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Why do I enjoy Bismarck more than Yamato?

    Thing is, with an overmatchable plating and overmatchable cit deck, it can be being unlucky. Because however you angle at range, a shell that falls stupid enough bypasses any plating without even checking for pen or angle.
  5. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Why do I enjoy Bismarck more than Yamato?

    Conqueror has literally the same long range accuracy as GK, only surpassing the Bourgogne and Kremlin. Every other BB at T10 has better long range accuracy. Also, can be citadelled from 24 km away by Yami if you get unlucky.
  6. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    Issue is, just because you think it is too large a gap doesn't mean we should get a buff. It's not a performance issue, nor is Gneisenau in need of buffs. And indeed, 8 km is fine at T7.
  7. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    Gneisenau has 8 km max range and that is fine. California, even with secondary focus would be trash, because it's slow and cannot dictate the pace of the or distance of the engagement the way a 32 knot Gneisenau can at T7.
  8. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Best strategy for ranked: cap AB/BC or AC?

    The best plan is to try preserve your ship. If this means lemming train, then lemming train, if not, then not. But it certainly means to not put your fate at the mercy of 6 random folks who may or may not support your efforts. If this was CB, making more detailed plans works, but as you have to content with random lineups of ships played at times by people with questionable approaches to gameplay... gotta be flexible.
  9. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    Not every build needs to work on every ship. Otherwise, please rework DD guns. I feel like I should get more value out of gunboat Shimakaze. AFT feels overpriced. And no, I don't care how much Russian and French DDs get out of it. Also, IFHE needs another rework. As is, it's just not worth it on my Hindenburg.
  10. Or they go look for their clanmate, so they can make sure to annoy the ever living hell out of them and ping them on Discord with the screencap of the kill to rub it in.
  11. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    tier 7 and tier 8 premiums for credit farming.

    This. Also because Alaska is a good bit more consistent in producing results than Kii, Roma and Ashitaka.
  12. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    If enemies line up to let themselves get killed by Shima, sure. Otherwise, even something like Fubuki can kill 3 things in one salvo. Just needs people stupid enough to die to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9duWcK6xeNk As to this not being reliable... sorry, but in my over 7000 battles, I have yet to experience the short range salvo where it just misses completely by no fault of my own aim in a ship that has at least 1.8 sigma. Angled Bayern at 20 km range, angled Massachusetts, one Budyonny that was finished off by the Amalfi. I guess BBs not oneshotting each other at any range is now a lack of stopping power? But don't worry, I ended the match with 70k damage (admittedly well below my average) and top of the team. Not really any complaints from my side. No, it's not a viable competitive alternative. No, I would not change anything. Secondaries in general are in a decent enough spot for an automated armament that acts in addition to the main armament. If there is any need for change, it's to make tank build less viable, but people would complain too much about that. Additionally, Manual Secondaries is the only secondary skill at tier 7+ that is worth the points put into it, with every other skill being basically a trap option that people go for that think that 11 km range is somehow necessary or that 11% increased secondary dpm is worth 3 points. And funnily enough, for the one tech tree line with secondaries that are supposed to be good, you can totally run manual secondaries along with FP and CE and basically have your cake and eat it too for the most part, because Germans can get away with that, needing no turret traverse improvements as two point skill, so you really just sacrifice BoS, which isn't too much.
  13. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    Built-in manual secondaries for BBs

    The buff to AA is 20% bigger damage to flak buffs. It's likely one of the most pointless AA skills. But yes, T6 and below can go AFT and skip manual secondaries, the manual secondary skill doesn't do much and the secondaries still operate within ranges where their accuracy is pretty reasonable, as secondaries are actually very accurate up close, but have immense drop off over distance. For high tiers, on something like Germans, getting the range matters less than getting accuracy, unless you just want to watch the rainbow at 11 km of largely ineffective fire. I don't even take AFT anymore, just Manual Secondary + the secondary mod 1, so my Bismarck can still run cE and FP.
  14. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    WG "adjusting" ships

    No, defAA is now in 5th slot, so, a seperate slot next to Damage Control, Repair Party, Smoke and Engine Boost.
  15. Bunny_Lover_Kallen

    tier 7 and tier 8 premiums for credit farming.

    T7: Ashitaka with Kobayashi camo T8: Roma or Kii with Kobayashi camo As an aside, if you haven't already, getting a premium account is a better investment.