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  1. _DemonGuard_

    Will Benham be available to the playerbase?

    Thanks for sharing your great experience in your Z-46. Oh wait, you haven't played a single game in it. In fact, you have barely played any random solo DD games except in your Umikaze. Lul.
  2. _DemonGuard_

    Will Benham be available to the playerbase?

    So you think launching 10 torps every 81s is "broken" (btw: they added this "error" to the Gearing a while ago -> WG probably doesn't consider it an error), but launching 16 torps every 65s is "fine". That doesn't make any sense.
  3. _DemonGuard_

    Will Benham be available to the playerbase?

    And how is it worse for the Benham to push into the 5 km Hydro range of a Z-46 with smoke ready or already smoked up compared to other DDs? Also, Z-46 has terrible smoke and the Benham can saturate it with so many torps that he has to leave it even with Hydro active.
  4. _DemonGuard_

    Wöchentliche Kampfaufträge: Midway

    Aber warum gebt ihr ihnen dann nicht wenigstens einen 19 Punkte Leihkapitän dazu, so wie bei den Halloween-Schiffen? Die Leute, die die Träger nur für einen Tag ausprobieren, sind doch eh schon im Nachteil gegenüber anderen, da braucht es nicht noch einen minderwertigen 6 Punkte Kapitän als Handicap.
  5. _DemonGuard_

    Will Benham be available to the playerbase?

    The only way to bring Benham back is to hit it with the nerf bat and hit it hard. I also don't get it why some people coming up with bad guns. It's HE-DPM is on par with ships like Z-46 or Tashkent and these don't have that insane Torpedo-DPM. The Problem with nerfing it: Will it become a second GC disaster?
  6. _DemonGuard_

    Wöchentliche Kampfaufträge: Midway

    Puh, ein Glück. Ich dachte schon, ich müßte jetzt damit rechnen, dass Leute, die noch nie Träger gespielt haben, bei mir im Team mit einem T8 Leihträger und 6 Punkte Kapitän auftauchen und mir das Spielerlebnis ruinieren können. Hat schon jemand den "opt-out" Button gefunden? Bin nämlich noch am Suchen dieser Option.
  7. _DemonGuard_

    Will Benham be available to the playerbase?

    So you suggest, WG should make some quick money selling an overpowered ship and then it can join the same fate as Kamikaze? Not sure if selling broken ships is, what this game needs...
  8. _DemonGuard_

    High School Fleet back in the Shop

    Harekaze is using the stock Kagero torps with the stock hull, so you have the HP pool of a T6 DD. I recommend to use the smoke, so you have at least a bit more time before the CV will shred you.
  9. _DemonGuard_

    Wöchentliche Kampfaufträge: Midway

    Na, ihr habt's doch noch gut, ich bekomme für die 47.642 Basis-XP gerade mal den 6-Punkte Kapitän, den ich dann auch noch kostenpflichtig umschulen muss, weil ich beide Träger schon habe. Wirklich sehr beeindruckende Belohnung. Aber mal davon abgesehen: Die Chance, Spieler vom vermurksten CV-Rework zu überzeugen, indem man ihnen einen T8 Träger mit 6 Punkte Kapitän für einen Tag ausleiht, erscheinen mir eher zweifelhaft.
  10. _DemonGuard_

    Twilight battles

    I guess you missed the part where i mentioned "fun", because coop sure isn't. And it's not like if you won't get anything if not everyone from your team can escape through the portal. Actually, my feedback from the test server was, that i don't like including the PvP aspect in the cooperative tradition of the halloween modes. But WG decided otherwise, so don't blame me, if i play it like WG intended it to be.
  11. _DemonGuard_

    Twilight battles

    And i thought it is to have some fun shooting up stuff. The permaflage is extremely ugly and the rest you can get isn't very interesting either.
  12. Because radar Yueyang was the first choice for competitive teams back then. So they nerfed gun and torp reload time into the ground and increased the radar duration by 5s later on. And to make sure it won't come back in competitive, they gave the Zao the 12km torps and the HIV the reload booster at the same time.
  13. _DemonGuard_

    Suggestion: Increase secondary range of cruisers...

    I used to play my Moskva with a secondary build. Was it very useful? Not so much. It was just for fun and giggles, because you could get hilarious situations from time to time (played this build only in randoms). The sad part: Not only did the CV rework kill all the AA builds, it also killed any secondary builds. Before the rework, you took AFT for the additional AA range and got the secondary range as a bonus, so you wasted "only" 4 skill points on manual secondaries and an upgrade slot. Now, with AFT being useless as an AA skill, you have to waste 8 skill points for something that was very situational at best in the first place.
  14. _DemonGuard_

    (Permanently) Disabled Turrets

    If the hitpoints of a turret are reduced to zero, it gets destroyed permanently.
  15. _DemonGuard_

    T 10 Schiffe und ihre Extra Module

    Weiß eigentlich jemand, warum das Modul für die Des Moines auch die maximale Rückwärtsfahrgeschwindigkeit um 28,5% erhöht? Läßt sich aus der Beschreibung für mich nämlich irgendwie nicht herauslesen.