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  1. _DemonGuard_

    Detonation spaghetti code not working as advertised

    Without bugs, BBs are immune to HE detonations. You do realise that this is exactly how it works, right? So, GulvkluderGuld wasn't even "that" unlucky. He could have detonated with the first HE bomb or the second HE bomb could have missed, but still detonated him (in both cases the detailed report would have looked the same: 1 bomb hit, 13724 damage, so you wouldn't even be able to know what exactly happened).
  2. You did get the best bonuses you had before the rework. It just doesn't stack, because before the rework, you could also only use one camo at a time.
  3. That's because WG treated every camo acquired before the camo rework as it was purchased. Stated reason for this was something like: "we don't have any means to see how the camos were acquired".
  4. No, there were quite a few camos with special bonuses: Kii, Ashitaka and Warspite, just to name some of them. At least the camos gained from events don't count as "bought", so you still have the discount available.
  5. _DemonGuard_

    Hector heal bugged?

    At least the weak Alexander Nevsky got it's citadel restoration buffed from 10% to 33%, so everything is fine guys.
  6. _DemonGuard_

    Public Test 12.0 - Bug reports

    My guess is, that too many players abused the unmoderated chat on the PTS to spread toxicity and insults. Maybe WG reactivates chat, if they have an automated system in place, that will punish the offenders on the live server for their behaviour on PTS.
  7. _DemonGuard_

    Why play Ohio over Thunderer?

    Keep in mind that Ohio has BB dispersion und not BC dispersion like Georgia or Thunderer. Ohio also has the terrible T5 ASW range like Thunderer, while Georgia has the regular T9 one.
  8. _DemonGuard_

    T IX Keilerei

    Auf dem 2. Screenshot kann man doch erkennen, dass Du 1 Sekunde vor Ende des Spiels gestorben bist, also war es nicht gleichzeitig.
  9. _DemonGuard_

    Public Test 12.0 - Bug reports

    ARP Ashigara ARP Haguro ARP Myoko ARP Nachi S. Dragon (E. Dragon?) and Tokachi still missing the 2nd airstrike from the unification mentioned in https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/364. @YabbaCoeDo you remember your answer: "It is a bug and it should be fixed in next update."? https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/165905-update-01110-bug-reports/?do=findComment&comment=4295685 Ofc it wasn't fixed "in the next update", which is the one we currently have. And even worse: on the PTS for the patch january 2023 it's still not fixed. The change was announced in August and it's still not even done for the january-february patch...how hard can it be to change a few numbers? This is getting ridiculous.
  10. _DemonGuard_

    Holiday Lottery 2022 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Merry christmas to everyone!
  11. _DemonGuard_

    AA builds

    The major problem with an AA build, even for ships with fantastic AA, is: one HE salvo from a BB or a couple from DD/CA/CL (or strike from CV) and you don't have any meaningful AA left, so all your inputs in captain skills and upgrades are still wasted.
  12. _DemonGuard_

    Auction results

    Also, don't forget ships like Blyskawica, Großer Kurfürst, Kirov, Anshan, Marblehead, Khabarovsk, Gallant, Moskva, Duke of York and Campbeltown. There are probably more, that i can't remember anymore, that got their currency changed. So indeed a very "rare" thing to happen.
  13. _DemonGuard_

    Naval History in Photos: Battle of Guadalcanal

    I was already wondering why there is a Gearing/Allen M. Sumner turret on the picture...
  14. It's a bug and you have to wait for the next patch, because WG isn't going to do a hotfix for it.