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  1. _DemonGuard_

    PT 0.9.5 - Other changes

    Des Moines without UU (13.2 kts): Des Moines with UU (18 kts):
  2. _DemonGuard_

    PT 0.9.5 - Other changes

    Des Moines UU "Enhanced Propulsion" increases the maximum reverse speed by nearly 40%. Why isn't this mentioned in the description or is it just a bug?
  3. _DemonGuard_

    Still nothing make up for moskva's permacamo?

    Are you talking about yourself and the other guys supporting WGs decision? Because it looks like you don't realise how absurd it is, that you're trying to prevent others from getting proper compensation for their invested money, while you are going to profit the most from it. Would be absolutely hilarious, if it wasn't so sad.
  4. _DemonGuard_

    Kontinuierlicher Nerf der Flugzeugsichtweite

    Zu RTS Zeiten konnten die Flieger nur 12km weit sehen und ich kann mich nicht daran erinnern, dass die Leute sich über zu schlechtes Spotting bei den CVs beschwert haben. Das Einzige was ich hier sehe, ist ein Paradebeispiel dafür, dass hier jemand am Balancing ist, der keine Ahnung davon hat, was der Wert, an dem er rumschraubt, spielerisch für einen Einfluss hat. Also fummelt er so lange dran rum, bis er im Spreadsheet in der beobachteten Kolumne eine Änderung feststellt, die er nicht mehr mit der normalen Streuung erklären kann.
  5. _DemonGuard_

    Sowjetische Kreuzer: Vorabzugang

    Ich kann Dich beruhigen, es geht noch schlechter. Ich habe mittlerweile 28 Container geöffnet und dabei 195 Tokens erhalten (also im Durchschnitt weniger als 7 Tokens pro Container). Wahrscheinlich hat mich WG auf die schwarze Liste gesetzt, weil ich hier im Forum zu viel Kritik äußere...lol
  6. _DemonGuard_

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    I don't mind if someone else gets something for free. The point is: I bought a permanent camouflage for a techtree T10 ship. WG decided to replace that ship without moving my camouflage to the new ship. Instead they'll just remove it.
  7. _DemonGuard_

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Even that is a problem, because i would have to pay doubloons to demount the legendary upgrade before selling the ship. Not even talking about another 1000 doubloons to retrain my 2 moskva captains for the new ships, because they "will preserve his specialization". Very generous...not.
  8. _DemonGuard_

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    In the past, everytime a ship was replaced, you got to keep the camouflage for the new ship on that tier. Now it will just vanish into thin air. It's a slap in the face for every paying customer.
  9. _DemonGuard_

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season

    That doesn't make any sense, because the effort (number of stars needed) is the same and earlier seasons on T7 or even lower were rewarded with 5.5k steel. Costs of steel ships go up, but rewards for ranked are going down.
  10. _DemonGuard_

    Sowjetische Kreuzer: Vorabzugang

    Da haste doch noch richtig fette Beute gemacht. Ich habe bisher mit 13 Containern sagenhafte 85 Tokens bekommen. Ich hoffe mal bei WG glaubt keiner ernsthaft, ich würde hier Geld für ausgeben, um an die Tarnungen zu kommen, besonders nach dem Beschiss mit der russichen T10 Kreuzertarnung!
  11. _DemonGuard_

    Premium-Laden: Farben des Sieges

    Hat schon jemand probiert, ob die Angebote attraktiver werden, wenn man den "Japanischen Lack" säuft, anstatt ihn auf's Schiff zu pinseln?
  12. _DemonGuard_

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    My guess is: they aren't compensating players the T10 tech tree CA permaflage they bought, because you can get the permaflage for the new T10 tech tree CA (Petropavlovsk) with the upcoming tokens. And i'm pretty sure you'll be able to spend doubloons to get those tokens (see "Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.4"). tldr: more doubloons for WG But that might backfire this time...
  13. _DemonGuard_

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    With the permaflage on my tech tree Moskva, i'm saving 90k credits per game. After the split, i'll save only 45k credits per game. How is that "the exact same bonuses"?
  14. _DemonGuard_

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    That is just a malicious insinuation. The problem isn't giving others something for free. That is just plain wrong. I bought a permaflage for a tech tree ship because of the economy in T10. Where is my tech tree permaflage after the split? It's gone.
  15. _DemonGuard_

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    It's very easy to "apply the principles of previous splits", because i bought a permaflage for the tech tree T10 heavy cruiser with 220mm guns, to improve the economy for a silver ship. WG is adding a new tech tree T10 heavy cruiser with 220mm guns. It's not my fault that they decided to change the Moskva to a special ship, i didn't ask for it. Would have been fine for me if they had just moved it to the heavy cruiser line. So i can see only two options here: WG refunds the 5k doubloons or i get the permaflage for the new tech tree heavy cruiser with 220mm guns (because that thing basically replaces the Moskva). I still have to pay 2x 500 doubloons to retrain my two Moskva captains to the new ship. And another 50 doubloons to remove the LU and special radar upgrade if i want to sell the Moskva to benefit from the credits gain by not having Moskva in port.