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  1. invicta2012

    More heavy cruisers needed?

    +1 to the above, but make it apply specifically to Wooster, Harugumo, Khabarovsk,... you catch my drift. +1 but make it a switchable ammo type that you have to unlock and choose in-game (unlocked through the use of captain skills, not £££) and only reduce the fire chance on calibres above 139mm - DDs and Atlanta/Krasny Krym style CLs with low calibre guns don't need a fire nerf.
  2. invicta2012

    Russian Battleship Line

    16 knots and guns that won't turn? Comrades, take my money. ..
  3. invicta2012

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    There's nothing much wrong with part lines of ships, to be honest: WoWp has plenty. There are enough actual ships (and enough variations in their designs) to populate three BC part lines, plus premiums, from Tiers III - VIi, and that's just fine. Progress on that line would unlock the Tier VIII BB, which is also fine : both the RN and KM conventional BB lines have Tier VII ships with BC style game play, so there's no major leap to make.
  4. invicta2012

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    I would like the RN CAs to have "defensive" smoke, rather like the RN DDs - several charges of short duration smoke to enable them to disengage, change direction and get the hell out of dodge if they need to. Otherwise they will be a line of more lightly gunned Pensacolas.... not too much fun. If anyone wants a more traditional cruiser build then WG can make them one of the Aussie Counties for the Commonwealth line....
  5. invicta2012

    Newport scenario after changes

    Why? They're just what you need to kill that Izumo. When it's in the inner harbour it can't dodge... You can easily stick 6-8 torps into it and have time to reload. Losses, even with potato me stinking the place up, are definitely the exception.
  6. invicta2012

    WG can you please lower the xp reward for last 4 players

    No, that doesn't seem fair.
  7. invicta2012

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    I think they should stop at Tier VIII, to be honest. The whole BC concept was outdated by 1940 and any RN designs which do exist were just bluff. But there's plenty of fun to be had within those Tiers, especially if they managed to be sensible and add Tiger and Renown as VI and VII premiums...
  8. invicta2012

    British Heavy Cruiser Line ***UPDATED***

    I don't think anyone knows, tbh. I'm sure someone at the Admiralty was almost looking at ammunition stocks and wondering if he could use up all those 9.2 inch shells that had been sitting around since WW1. Quite what the guns would have been... who knows? There are definite versions of a Mk X 8" gun for a heavy cruiser, and that should probably be the base for the line (which goes Hawkins / Kent (Exeter) / London / Surrey / ? / ?) Aren't the Hawke and Churchill "alt universe" ships, though? Lovely designs but completely made up?
  9. invicta2012


    Well... the lines don't come labelled like that, and it does come as a shock to find that almost all Tier V cruisers are largely made of citadels. I know that was something I gave no consideration at all, with the inevitable results. Some advice for the OP: when you hit Tier V and you play cruisers you end up with very fragile ships that can't lead the line and will be the priority target for Battleships the second you get spotted. You are their lunch. Don't charge forwards, don't fire first if you're not spotted, don't try and get all your guns on target if they're looking at you, and most importantly don't fire and then and turn away showing your broadside - you know those shotgun Battleships they have at Tier III and IV? They're not around anymore - assume that BBs can aim and and are capable of taking half your health, or more, in one salvo. Best play a few co-op games to practice manoeuvring around fire; the bots are pretty accurate and you learn quick that zooming around at Full speed is not the way to go (it's speed, not direction, that throws off their aim). Best of luck and stick with it, it does get easier!
  10. invicta2012

    Newport scenario after changes

    Well, that rules me out. Although we did just win (again) this time in a team with 3 destroyers. Bring yer gunboats, though - those Russian and Pan Asian ones with the punchy AP are good, with the Nurnbergs and Aobas on the enemy team. Lots of citadels available.
  11. invicta2012

    Newport scenario after changes

    I just tried Newport in an Anshan. 110k damage, 3 kills, including the Izumo (with 6 torp hits from 4k). I wouldn't bring a Monaghan in her 2/10 mode but I can't see any reason why any other DD wouldn't be useful.
  12. invicta2012

    Newport scenario after changes

    If it's anything like Killer Whale, the best thing to do with torpedoes is to assume the bots will automatically try and evade them, so fire them in such a way that it will make them show their broadsides (they're not smart enough to know what they're doing). Also, slow down. Cruisers are much more accurate when they're not dodging.
  13. I'm not ranting. For my money Haida has enough torps to be useful, cruiser-style and not so many as to be competing with Jervis, Lightning or other RN DDs. And apologies for the error with the torp types - blame the wiki!
  14. Buffing the torpedoes is slightly problematic as it has better Torps for its Tier than it should do. They are the same ones as Minotaur, a Tier X cruiser. It's a Tribal class destroyer, FFS. It was meant to be a gunboat.
  15. I think it would help. Seems a bit daft that Jervis and Gadjah Mada have the same gun qualities when they're much superior in terms of torpedoes.