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  1. invicta2012

    Possible way to improve CV dynamic

    This is all perfectly decent stuff - but you have to remember that WG wanted to simplify carrier play so much that they don't let the players have manual control of the ship's helm, so they won't do it to the current CVs. I am hoping (against hope) that WG uses the airstrike mechanic to have another go at strategic, rather than all-action, CV play, and that they include this sort of mechanic when they do it.
  2. invicta2012

    Lack of T7 Premium CAs and DDs

    The monthly Narai XP free-for-all. Bring out your Tier VII CA/CL, load up the flags, shoot the transports, get 10+ kills, count the XP. The only question is how many more of these ships you need for this purpose, you can just do it with Fiji or Shchors....
  3. invicta2012

    Lack of T7 Premium CAs and DDs

    10 minute fire duration and a tendency to detonate around Norwegians, though. Could be a tough sell. Bolzano and Northampton are my CA picks for Tier VII - one has high speed and fuel smoke, the other torpedoes and smoke (like Anchorage's little brother).
  4. invicta2012

    Dutch cruisers

    I've been playing it a lot too, and it's not *terrible*. But it does lack punch compared to other Tier VI CLs - if you take it into Aegis you'll see you can't citadel those broadsiding cruisers above 10k, and that's quite close range for a squishy CL. Most of your damage comes from HE spam and Airstrike fires, so you're very dependent on RNG and it can let you down. WG have probably over tuned this one, along with the VII and DZP - the guns have worse performance than the Tier V, presumably to make up for the Airstrike potential. But Airstrikes can only be used once a minute, and in between you'll be getting angry with the main battery. There's nothing wrong with a ship which whittles enemies down with DoTs but she's got no heal, no smoke, no tools for disengagement or survivability, it's tough to make it enjoyable.
  5. invicta2012

    Jingles on the state of Operations in WoWs

    That involves playing Ranked, though. And Ranked is the most stressful game mode of the lot, so not really comparable.
  6. invicta2012

    Dockyard - De Zeven Provincien - Will you take part?

    I have to say I am worried about DZP. I've been playing the Kijkduin and finding the guns lack punch. So I checked out WoWs FT and found they are, well, a bit lacking. Here are some graphs comparing the Kijkduin and DZP's pen vs a random French cruiser (the DZP's guns are no better than the Tier VI - not uncommon, of course). The Dutch ships are shown in blue. Have a guess which one the Frenchie is?
  7. invicta2012

    Dutch cruisers

    My bad, memory isn't what it was. Whatever it was. I'm still playing the Kijkduin and while I am landing the airstrike on the right spot, it isn't doing much - it's no more than a single HE salvo might do. The ship just needs a sprinkling of something extra from equipment, modules or captain skills - it doesn't feel as if you can specialise it either as a gun cruiser or a hybrid and as it is, it's falling between two stooljs.
  8. invicta2012

    Dutch cruisers

    I've unlocked the Kijkduin, now, and it's poor. The airstrike is very difficult to use - the drop zone is so vague that it's almost impossible to hit anything other than a slow BB and the range (10k) is quite painful. It might seem better than torpedoes, but you're going to get 1/3-1/4 of the damage from an airstrike that you'd get from a good torp salvo, on the occasion that you hit - and you won't do that often. The guns are OK, but they're on a Soviet style hull - you can't take risks with this thing, it will take citadels - and compared to other Tier VI "gun only" cruisers like Dallas it feels way underpowered. You've got no mid-range secondaries or mid-aura AA, too - the short range AA aura is powerful against but most player-operated CVs can disregard it. The line feels like click bait, as if they've invented ships which very occasionally do a spectacular drop which makes a great video, but more often it just fail to land a decent blow. It might have been an interesting line pre-captain skills rework, when you could have taken AFT to improve the main battery range, or perhaps used CV skills to buff Airstrike, but as it stands this is not much fun.
  9. invicta2012

    Dutch cruisers

    Does it set fires? In a light cruiser I'm looking for permafires - if the Dutch airstrike works anything like an RN bomber run then I'm happy, that's very random and rarely does devastating damage but usually sets a fire or two.
  10. invicta2012

    Dutch cruisers

    I can see Killer Whale related uses for it. That Konig isn't going anywhere....
  11. invicta2012

    Just unlocked Dutch CL C"Celebes." What a PoG

    Compared to other Tier V and VI CAs / CLs Celebes' firepower isn't that bad, and the hull is not as squishy as many Tier V CLs. I quite like it- the ship is very handy, the guns are accurate and set fires well (and those DoTs are really important!). Of course you do have to remember to upgrade the ship and not play it stock...
  12. invicta2012

    WG lied to me and I got punised

    More often it's the support agent who gets it wrong. Definitely worth talking to the community team first. But I have to say I wasn't aware of any refund policy at all, and I would always work on the idea that purchases are final unless there's some in-game event (like the Captain rework) which forms an exception.
  13. Ha ha. The Chernobyl reference came to mind when I saw the poll.
  14. invicta2012

    Dutch cruisers

    They'll be balanced in time, I can see buffs to main guns happening if the post-release stats show it's necessary. WG is definitely moving towards releasing things and then fixing them rather than extensive testing.
  15. I ran it through Google Translate and this is what it said: I say, old chaps! I think there's something up with my Thunderer!