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  1. invicta2012

    HMS Daring Gun error...

    I did. They said they remember you and it that was cute you still believed it. But seriously, they're trying to render Imperial measurements in metric. It's not an exact science.
  2. invicta2012

    HMS Daring Gun error...

  3. invicta2012

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Done with it for the moment. Getting from X to V was easy, V onwards is torture. Time to do something fun, won't be playing in Ranked again.
  4. I had it ages ago, when I was the edge sniping potato everyone hated. I've seen it played well, but I've also walloped it too.. it's a bit too long and cumbersome for Ranked which can be a knifefight. I prefer the smaller, secondary-festooned Warspite type.
  5. I don't play either of them. Kongo is too fragile and encourages sniping, Okt. Revska is too slow and sluggish. It should be a good tanking BB, but people tend to miss the need for that.
  6. WoWs stats are frequently nonsense, because they are usually badly normalised. If you normalised them around skill level, premium ship and Divisional play you would see the massive differences in skill (and therefore the resulting game experience)
  7. The worst ship would be Kongo, followed by Okt. Revska. One sits on the edges and snipes, the other drifts about, decides their team is going to lose and hides behind an island, perhaps emerging to blap a DD and save a star.
  8. AA, AP, dispersion, turret layout, secondaries. For me, any way.
  9. invicta2012

    Why WoWs "feels wrong", CV rework is not helping

    If you don't like it, don't play it. WarThunder is working on a naval combat game which has an authentic mode. WoWs is more arcade-y, that's their path, they're not changing.
  10. invicta2012

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Actually.... It's probably quite a good thing in that people are learning not to be terrified of premium ships, and to play more positively in normal battleships. It seems to be Fujin which is the really premium pest - presumably that's because of the players who have one. Half the time the Kami R's just float around on the edges, hoping to pick someone off, which doesn't really happen. And Cesare isn't that much better, especially at the ranges some of these games are being played at.
  11. invicta2012

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    You're right about that, though. Tier V Ranked is not a nice place for Cruisers.
  12. Neither's Emerald, to be honest. It's a bit rubbish, though, this game mode.
  13. invicta2012

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Playing ranked. Four bilge water games - a clump of BBs shouting at everyone else to sort stuff out - and two good ones. Changed my mind and started levelling through the RN Destroyer tree. Medea's a great little boat and Tier II remains more fun than Fortnite.
  14. You don't worry about concealment in a Krispy Kreme. If you can shoot it, it can see you. You are more visible than Cesare and Scharnhorst, ffs. Keep moving, keep firing and always have an exit ready. Oh, and her torps are spicy.... 13k damage per hit on a 5k range is better than many Tier V DDs.
  15. invicta2012

    Don't you just love it when a plan comes together

    A multiple Kami game would be funny, though, with an eerily empty mini map and the silence only broken by torpedo warnings.