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  1. invicta2012

    Premium BB ideas.

    Pan America has some splendid Dreadnought era BBs, some interesting Cruisers and a top quality line of gunboat DDs. There's ships lurking in that Pan Am DD line which would make Friesland and Halland cry. This sort of thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almirante-class_destroyer - guns with a reload time of 1.2 - 1.5 seconds - or this one - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARC_7_de_Agosto_(D-06) - which is an Halland with 33% more guns. Lots of discussion here: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/143783-latinamerican-tree-destroyers - and overall another very capable line of DDs with serious AA.
  2. invicta2012

    mid tier italian cruisers

    It's fragile and everyone knows it is, so in PvP everyone shoots at it. Be prepared for that, especially as her armour (like a lot of cruisers) makes her vulnerable to heavy hits while kiting away - her deck gets overmatched by anything above 14 inch and plunging fire from abaft will probably result in citadels. You may want to save your smoke for that moment when something big is targeting you from 10-15k away. The guns on the Italian CAs do take a lot of getting used to but they're actually good practice for a technical approach to gunnery. I got a lot from them. I may be a Co-op/Ops main these days but I like a challenge and you do have to think about where to aim with these things - but it's rewarding when you get it right (see the post above from Haachama). Ops are a good place to practice this - you can make a big impression if you pick the right angle of attack to get the best from your guns.
  3. invicta2012

    mid tier italian cruisers

    I have just dumped Amalfi and will be proceeding no further up the line. I'm sure these ships seemed fun at the time, but, like the Euro DDs, they have no purpose in the modes I play. However... I do still have the Trento, Zara and Gorizia, and I like them rather a lot. Trento is as fragile as heck, but she has her uses - SAP, properly used, is powerful and she has punchy AP. With regard to straddling targets, I do this all the time on twin gun turret ships - you just need to adjust a little bit up or down.
  4. Anti-submarine armaments for battleships and heavy cruisers In the new test iteration, battleships and heavy cruisers will be able to call anti-submarine defense planes. When choosing this type of weapon, the camera rises, and the aiming reticle will allow the player to select a point within a radius of about 10 km, into which, after a while, an aircraft will drop a depth charge. Charges of anti-submarine armaments will be gradually restored, like the charges of depth charges. Battleships and heavy cruisers will be able to locate where approximately a submarine is with the help of hydrophone at a 3-5 km distance. This is quite an interesting idea - however I think it should be a consumable for BBs and CAs which currently have aircraft handling equipment and can slot a fighter or Spotter plane. Might be an interesting re-balancing factor, esp. at high tiers. Also: good way of introducing Helicopters. Tiger class cruiser as ASW Specialist?
  5. It was just as bad last week, and yes, it is largely down to people trying to grind through the Wheezer as quickly as they can.
  6. Just been playing the EL in Newport and she works nicely there. The rocket planes feast on all those isolated cruisers - although prudent to shorten to 2 flights in a squadron, and the HE bombers can be nasty. Torpedoes - being slow - do a good job of knocking ships off their course (a Newport essential) but flood chance on the late game BBs is iffy - really only use the torp planes when other types are regenerating.
  7. invicta2012

    dear diary, it's happening.... thank u!

    *snort* I suppose that's one way of intimidating the enemy.
  8. invicta2012

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    That and bombardment, which they were (for obvious reasons) very good at. But you only have to look at the performance of Royal Sovereign at the Battle of Calabria - couldn't keep up with Warspite or Malaya (the latter only being capable of around 18 knots) and failing to enter the engagement at all - to see the Admiralty's point. If the Revenge class ever makes it into the game at all I would say it is as Tier V with a 33-35 second reload. And I can't see that being a whole bunch of fun to play, especially not when there are more dynamic ships from the Battlecruiser line such as Tiger, Princess Royal, etc.
  9. invicta2012

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    Split them up between Battlecruiser/Fast Battleships with a faster reload and HE focus and slower, more traditional BBs with large calibre guns and more powerful AP. And there's no reason why the "traditional" ships have to be dull - the archives are full of completely bonkers designs, all of which could be made to work as fantasy ships.
  10. invicta2012

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    It's not really a British thing, largely because WG has a major downer on those 5.25 inch DP guns. The only one refitted properly was Royal Oak. But even so, after the sinking of Hood, the Admiralty looked at the battleships in their fleet and their vulnerabilities in similar engagements and decided the Revenge class weren't capable of being upgraded to survive action with any modern battleship. Consequently they did everything they could to keep them out of the way. Their existence was useful, but as combat capital ships their viability was very low.
  11. invicta2012

    Z-23 & Z-39 Dual purpose AA? (or lack there of)

    It's a bit unclear, but I think they consider RN DD guns to be AA only if they elevate about 50 degrees (Lightning's guns count, Cossack's don't). The handling of IJN AA is, er, inconsistent. Fubuki, Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu all have the same guns and mounts, it only counts as AA on Akatsuki.
  12. invicta2012

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    Funnily enough, on rummaging through my book about British BBs I came across a whole pile of designs from the early 1930s for small battleships/super cruisers. This was when the RN were trying to persuade all the other nations to accept a BB as something with guns no bigger than 12 inches and a displacement of around 28-30K tons. Apparently they produced sketches for a small BB with 12 inch guns in ten twin turrets, arranged like a Myoko, and some for a very Odin like BB with twin 12 inch guns and a sizeable torpedo broadside (six tubes per side). Wouldn't mind seeing that being in the game at Tier VII. The 406mm Monarch is the original Lion design, really, and with a normal 30s reload and that class's mobility it might be quite fun to play.
  13. invicta2012

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    RN Premiums need to offer something different, in the way that Warspite, Hood and Nelson do. I do think that the RN would have adopted a 16in gun calibre for WW2 BBs and that this isn't really reflected in the game (A Hull Lion, isn't it?) - they could definitely do something with that at Tier VII to give the RN similar punch to the Soviets and US BBs. A 3 x 2 16 inch BC with a similar hull form to Hood at Tier VII, or perhaps a slow reload Lion at VIII? I would also suggest a further development of the "large cruiser" lineage of Courageous et al - but then we have Georgia, and isn't that pretty much all you can do with those?
  14. invicta2012

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    Your average Tier X DD - one without reload booster and 10 torpedoes on a 2 minute reload- can fire around 80 torpedoes in a game. Benham is about 160. Kitakami is 300+ . It's just torp soup.
  15. invicta2012

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    Stupid ship. Yes, but it was a real ship that only had 40 torpedoes. The darn thing couldn't reload. The torpedo cruiser concept was about being able fire huge torpedo broadsides once, not once every 2 minutes. They can either halve the torpedo load or double the reload time, then we'd have a balanced ship. The ability to division these things, combined with super narrow spreads, is just dumb.