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  1. invicta2012

    Is it just me, or is the Cherbourg complete trash?

    Yes but don't play them like that... the guns don't have the same hitting power as JB or Bourg and the hulls are even softer. Tough to find new ideas. Tier VIII is a tricky spot... lots of existing good ships in a hard MM, and WG is in a terrible hurry to get these ships out of the door. Harbin looks like an Ochakov with DWTs (owchakov) and Albemarle should have been a Death-or-Glory premium / event ship to be played for LOLs or by the skilled, not something everyone had to grind. Things like Toulon wouldn't have seen the light of day previously, they'd have figured the problems out at the concept stage (Toulon should have had 2 x 4 203mms, a sort of Dunkerque/Algerie hybrid, and Albemarle should have been much more like Drake...)
  2. invicta2012

    Is it just me, or is the Cherbourg complete trash?

    The bow armour is no worse than Strasbourg or Carnot... Brest has the same 25mm bow / 27mm casemate armour set up at Tier VIII. Overmatch is about gun calibre, not tier, and Warspite has 15 inch guns.. what do expect to happen? It's not a BB and you can't really bowtank in the same way you can with a Richelieu, more side is needed... As for the guns... I'm not a huge fan of these intermediate calibres, esp. not with wonky French dispersion, and like Carnot, this ship has a tendency to either not pen at all or over pen when it really can't afford not to make maximum use of its opportunities. Given that these are supposed to be 1920s/30s designs I'm confused by the overall gun calibre as it would have fallen foul of treaty restrictions... I'd rather have the 240mms found on Saint- Louis / Henri IV, perhaps in triples rather than quads?
  3. invicta2012

    Automatic ASW for CVs (Closed Testing)

    Odd, though. Apparently I can play a Tone or a Kearsarge and think about where my ship is at the same time as piloting planes in the air. But not a CV. It's about 10-15 seconds in a BB, longer in a class where I have to get my ship in a particular location in order to use proximity ASW.
  4. invicta2012

    Automatic ASW for CVs (Closed Testing)

    But if I use the ASW airstrike on my BB I have to stop directing my main battery to aim the ASW. If I use Depth Charges on my DD I can't do other things. A CV shouldn't have automatic weapons, ASW should require a change of focus on behalf of the player.
  5. invicta2012

    Automatic ASW for CVs (Closed Testing)

    Because otherwise a CV has an automated anti submarine defence system superior and less distracting than every other class of ship in the game. Why should it have that?
  6. invicta2012

    Automatic ASW for CVs (Closed Testing)

    It should lock out new offensive CV actions for 30 seconds or so. Which is the only way in which this could be a reasonable function. There is no reason why the CV should have *automatic* ASW - which would be quite effective, based on bot use of Dutch Airstrikes - which would mean it can counteract Submarines while concentrating its attention elsewhere.
  7. invicta2012

    Automatic ASW for CVs (Closed Testing)

    Fine providing the CV can't launch any other planes while the ASW is active. Presumably they have to load those ASW charges onto something and it can't be in two places at once?
  8. invicta2012

    Aegis Cruiser Bots now launch Fighter Aircraft?

    Good. I'm getting bored of people going left to sink the Kongo/Itchy and abandoning the rest of the map .... especially DDs like Aigle which are versatile and can deal with those low tier cruisers.
  9. invicta2012

    New UK BB's. What to expect?

    Royal Navy HE also breaks modules. It's the most annoying BB ammo type in the game because at high tiers it is guaranteed to break a module or set a fire every salvo it lands on a BB, and even more on a Cruiser or DD. That's a lot of pressure on the R key.
  10. invicta2012

    Aegis Cruiser Bots now launch Fighter Aircraft?

    I noticed this yesterday. It was a problem for Bearn because her attack groups take a long time to prepare and have a long attack time. I was constantly having to disengage after the first attack run in order not to lose squads, and of course her second attack type (dive bombers) is more of an anti-BB weapon. Tried it again with more traditional CVs - Ark Royal, Ryujio - and it made no difference, 150K+ games in both. I'm not sure it is a catastrophe in Newport (and I'm pretty sure I've played it with the new AI) - in Bearn I'd go after the DDs, in other ships I'd follow @Tetra213's advice- just bait the fighters with (almost useless) rocket planes and then come back with something damage-dealing.
  11. invicta2012


    Maybe you've just reached a sweet spot where your competence is above average and you've got into a comfortable, familiar place with high tier Random gameplay? +1 for that. Enjoy it while you can.
  12. invicta2012

    Eendracht vs subs

    OK. I do think that perhaps you're making the modern mistake of overthinking things, particularly in relation to why other people are saying the things they do. Sites like this are often a vent for frustration and misunderstanding, rather than ideology or "agendas". I don't like Wows Submarines because of their gameplay - I found them boring to play and frustrating to play against, and this is increasing because the constant developer tweaks have got us into a situation where Submarine mechanics are confusing. ASW does not make intuitive sense, and that's important because this a game where people learn through play. If the UI does not provide them with a clear hint as to what they are doing or what they could be doing, then at best they are stuck with a limited value trial-and-error process, which doesn't make for a great experience and causes frustration. The same applies to defence against homing torpedoes: all that sub ping ping ping clamours for people's attention but the developers haven't given any reasonable response (not even a mute button) - contrast the constant ping spam with the number of messages a player will get about approaching torpedoes or fires. Add to that the general feeling of "what patch are we on and how does Sub play/defence work now" and you've got something which already feels like a real drag when it's a million miles from being ready to enter the game.
  13. invicta2012

    Favourite Premium

    Most played is Krasny Krym. I always liked the Krimster. She didn't come off well in the Captain Skills Rework, though, as some of the buffs that Cruisers-with-DD-Calibre guns used to have got taken away, sadly. I also got Mikasa back from limbo recently, and she's fun. After that my faves are Tone, Kidd, Massa, Odin, Pommern, Nelson, Lo Yang, Atlantico. Most fave though at the moment is Wujing. Jean Bart with one more turret. She has got me through so many event missions it's not true.
  14. No worries, it's possible it could be a pre-Tech Tree line ship (a bit like Paolo Emilio) but it does look like it needs a bit more work. RN torps might be more appropriate than these lightweight Euro ones, for a start.
  15. invicta2012

    Eendracht vs subs

    Well... I'm sorry if you don't like the downvote but I can't find much to defend about the current iteration of homing torpedoes. Your Island Defence idea is sound, but do we really need more defensive camping in the game? What about the impact on DDs and other ones which are supposed to be the brave open water cap contesters and sub fighters? In my experience it's not always possible to remain in cover, and homing torps, in those situations are too strong, with defence based almost entirely on an overtaxed Repair Party mechanic. It's the same problem as CVS in the end-game; the idea of "the bomber will always get through" is an annoyance at the start of the game but a guaranteed win for the CV (or the sub) when they are facing heavily damaged opponents having to make aggressive moves in the end-game. It would be quite easy to make homing torps an early game weapon for use against the dull and unwary at range; why they have to be viable at ultra-short ranges is quite beyond me, because in those circumstances they are OP.