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  1. invicta2012

    For the love of god...no more Directives!

    You have to embrace it. Somewhere in this pile up of Christmas missions is a historical camo for the Leander (based on HMS Ajax). The first phase involves hitting things 1939 times with your secondary battery. This is completely absurd, of course: but it is also an excuse to fire up the Jean Bart and create as many silly secondary firing opportunities as you can (playing ring-a-ring-a-rosy with a Yamato is funny). You can't take it seriously.
  2. invicta2012

    Gorizia. Why?

    It is. So I must mean FDG, mustn't I? The point remains, though. This is a ship given the tools for close in fighting of small ships but without either torpedoes or DPM to challenge anything big and scary which comes its way. And while that sounds like an interesting idea playstyle, it's not so great in practice.
  3. invicta2012

    Gorizia. Why?

    It's an interesting possibility, but at the moment the caps I'm looking at are full of (newly buffed) Tier X German battleships, not DD's .... you don't want to be hydro range of those. I have Sansonetti in it.... not much better than Zara on that score.
  4. invicta2012

    Gorizia. Why?

    So. As well as getting a low return from the Santa Crates (as expected) I also bought the Gorizia. I'm not cross - it's a recoupable expense from the NY events (and yes, I have done the maths) - but I really don't understand the why part of this ship. It's Zara. Without torpedoes, which makes it even worse against battleships than her sister. The guns aren't much better, it has slightly better AA and secondaries. And that's it. It's an identi-ship. Why is this a Premium ship, or an event prize? Why did they even bother to make it? Genova was entertainingly rubbish. This isn't. There are perfectly decent (albeit unpopular) Italian Tier VII/VIIIs already. If I'd needed to buy Abruzzi or Roma to do this grind, or they had been the consolation prize, then that would have been OK. Do WG think everyone would have been put off, any more than they are going to be by this ship? Is there some close range uber-brawl Tier VII situation where I'm going to think "wow, I'm glad I had hydro", because so far all I'm getting are Tier IX maps, where I think "wow, I wish I'd brought something else".
  5. invicta2012


    Now you can enjoy the immense teamkilling potential of Yudachi. I mean, WG... why?
  6. invicta2012

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    I was supposed to be going to a party this evening but I didn't go (rain, waking up the day after a general election with a hangover) so I went out and spent my budget on crates. To paraphrase Admiral Hanson at the battle of Wolf 359, it did not go well. Sixteen containers, 160 flags, some sundry Camos and a Tier VIII ship. The f'in Kaga. Which counts as 6 million credits, I suppose. Still, enough doubloons for a permacamo, I suppose (and not the naff New Year ones, either).
  7. invicta2012


    Certainly did...
  8. invicta2012

    All New Year Stuff 2019

    Sensible chap, I think. I can understand why WG are feeling a bit defensive, tbh. But they're fools if they think people got over excited about Puerto Rico. What prize did they expect people to focus on? Gorizia is not a exciting ship, is it? Zara with some different consumables. Did they not notice the lukewarm reaction to the Italian cruisers, that people aren't clamoring for more of them, and that we've already been through this whole directive stuff (including the bonus premium ship) in the last 90 days? Snowflakes and loot boxes would have been fine. The rest is just over doing it, and they're paying the price.
  9. invicta2012

    Santa's rng loot boxes worth it?

    Better to set an achievable goal - a coal ship, doubloon ship (new coupons incoming, btw) or a straight cash purchase than to rely on RNG drops for super rarities. The name of the game here is getting to to spend more than you might do otherwise. Lots more. Be aware.
  10. invicta2012

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    Oh, Viribus Unitis. Nice. Why do I have the feeling these boxes are going to drop assorted Tier Vs until you've got all of them, and only then go up the Tiers? I don't really want that. I think I might just spend the £££ outright on things I want, and say "blow it" to grinds and loot boxes.
  11. invicta2012

    Gorizia - The 'Moderate' Grind

    Well, this is the thing. She does look a bit niche. My only interest is that - if I've read it right - she has specific missions, outside of the Puerto Rico grind which open up perma camos for Tier VIII ships (and I have need of these, at 3k doubloons a go). So it looks possible to buy the ship, get the camos (which are pretty much the same cash value) and still have a premium cruiser afterwards for the investment of a few £ (less than buying a Yahagi or Exeter). Yes, but it's a Tier VII ship. I think the Cossack mission was the last time we'll get anything above Tier V or VI without having a major grind or splashing the cash.
  12. invicta2012

    Gorizia - The 'Moderate' Grind

    I think you're supposed to buy it, aren't you? That's the impression I've had from all the other recent events. It helps you complete the main grind, you can earn compensation back along the way.
  13. invicta2012

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    HP (34500 / 29700), Torpedo Damage Reduction, (10% / 7%), Main Battery Range (16.1km / 14.0km ), Smoke Duration, (25s / 0s), AP Damage (4700 / 3200), AA, Secondary Guns (6x2 / 3x2). Duca D'Aosta has a very slim citadel for a Tier VI Cruiser. Trento's is quite normal for the Tier - certainly no worse than a French or Japanese Cruiser - and almost certainly harder to hit than the one on Abruzzi, which is just enormous.
  14. invicta2012

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Well... that's what the existing Italian cruisers are like. I guess that having played 200 odd Random matches in a Duca D'Aosta I'm pretty used to it! Low fire chance, slow torps, weak armour, big citadel..... This is true, but you'll still find people gaily making a mess of Aegis and Raptor and Newport, so there is some challenge. The thing about Ops and new ship line, though, is that it's a good place to take them out and try out the shell mechanics, the armour layout, etc, in a fairly comfortable setting. It's worth doing. There's quite a lot that is different about these ships. The SAP shells need a different approach, the smoke doesn't work like other smoke. It's annoying at first. But I am quite warming to Trento - although BBs seem to think she's a snack - and the only one from Tiers I - VII I don't like is Raimondo (needs a buff on the reload, I think).
  15. invicta2012

    Tighten Dunkerque's Dispersion Please

    Which Dunkerque are you playing? Her dispersion is not great, but it's better than Normandie and she's to fine to play . Do you have the Aiming Systems 1 Mod on the ship? You should.... The main problem she has is the combination of slightly iffy sigma and shells which have very good penetration - rather too good, as they tend to overpen - which can make her frustrating to play against cruisers. But you can hit things from anywhere, if you get used to it. The Fuso kill below was secured from 22km away (with the spotter plane up, of course).