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  1. Wavecave

    Changes to 0.5.12 Public Test

    Why would you revert Shimakaze's reload and all changes to hull plating on battleships? Everyone looked forward to it and now you took it away? That's not logical dude. Edit: DO you as a developer, really think it's fun to watch two high tier battleship players shoot HE (or AP at each other's superstructure for 2k-4k damage every ½ minute) when they're bow on while reversing? It's the most infuriating thing to see and serves no real purpose, you can't be serious.
  2. B-but average statistics shows that average damage per battle has been the same since it was first released last year B-but chance for over pen has remained the same since last year B-but chance for over pen has been the same since OBT ^ these are the things you will hear from deluded people on this forum. on a serious note, condolences to anyone who purchased Tirpitz with r€$l m$n£y.
  3. Wavecave

    Trap map and the lemming train

    i have no idea why they changed it, they might as well remove A or add vessels to shoot at for extra points or revert it
  4. Wavecave


    a lot changed since they reworked armor mechanics and stuff in november but over pens occur more often today compared to 4-5 months ago he's a bad troll and you fell for his weak bait, shameful.
  5. Wavecave

    [] RIP Team Battles?

    reminder WG wants to push for "ESPORTS" with region locks
  6. Wavecave

    Stealth firing nerf

    this isn't the first time WG stealth nerfed something.
  7. Wavecave

    Cheating and Illegal Modifications

    we really need a list of the mods we are allowed to use and not when it comes to aslain's mod pack
  8. Wavecave

    Cheating and Illegal Modifications

    so what mods are we allowed to use in Aslain's mod pack? i think Takru got something to say about it I personally find it very hard to believe that autistic people aren't intelligent because cough Einstein and Newton had Asperger syndrome cough
  9. Wavecave

    New UI addons in 5.6 are awesome!

    how does last position work? does it disappear after a certain time or does it remain until they're detected else where?
  10. Wavecave

    STOP Carrier Discrimination!

    proof? the target must angle and fluctuate between full and half speed at 25km+
  11. Wavecave

    recommend win10 upgrade if you not already did

    how much did Microsoft pay you for this advertisement
  12. Wavecave

    Does the T7 Myoko loose engine or steering often?

    I don't remember Myoko's losing her engine or rudder often. Proof?
  13. Wavecave

    Prevalence of bots in random games

    There's never been bots in a WG game before, can you prove it?
  14. Wavecave

    God mode confirmed? (bug)

    Please show proof because pictures don't mean anything.
  15. Wavecave

    japanese cruisers

    Mogami does not have a smaller profile or smaller citadel than Myoko but you're the real expert right? [edited]