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  1. PPKinguin

    Why do people dislike T10 and choose lower tiers?

    dont know who you looked up but try again I know its very hard with half a brain but you can do it!
  2. PPKinguin

    Why do people dislike T10 and choose lower tiers?

    Highest skill tier in the game Potatoes hate it geez I wonder why
  3. PPKinguin

    Asashio cursed?

    Alright guys... dont jump to conclusions so easily my lazy brained friends, you just dont get spotting ribbons when there are planes before you can get line of sight same as above plus the first BB I torped died immediately to my team cause I left her on like 3k HP which should have given us the advantage. the next ones lost a big chunk and I finished one off myself (through gun usage, yes I actually did) all of these advantages did nothing to save my potato team mates ergo Asashio curse?
  4. PPKinguin

    Asashio cursed?

    Yes, yes very smart a** of some of you guys, but in this match there were no caps and the map was Estuary with 2 DDs per team going to both sides. I was always the closest to enemy team. But I'm not saying that this one match is the standard for all Asashio curse matches, just a prime example.
  5. PPKinguin

    Asashio cursed?

    So I have finally decided to by the Asashio, now that the guns are buffed through general IJN buff. My friends and I have always joked about the Asashio curse, that whichever team has one will lose, no matter the Asashios performance (often bad ofc because critically missplayed). I load up my first battle, catch a couple of BBs by surprise and break 100k dmg in 4 mins. holymother.jpg Now by that time half my team is dead. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? After 12 min the match ends with me getting 191k dmg, highest of the day, and fastest loss too. So can anybody confirm the Asashio curse? I'm curious...
  6. PPKinguin

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    wait is today the last day? I was waiting for the Giulio Cesare :(
  7. PPKinguin

    visualizing destroyed AA

    Yes allow me to zoom into my ship model and start counting tiny AA models while also evading incoming planes and keep shooting at the enemy. You might be a superhuman but I am not. Have you actually ever done that crap? Jesus Also the AA details under H are not readible at a glance and I would like to spend nothing more to know my AA status.
  8. PPKinguin

    visualizing destroyed AA

    No idea if this was brought up before, but how about showing a meter or sorts that depicts the state of your AA capabilities. Beginning of the game, meter is full, all AA functional. Eat a lot of HE and you can see the meter go down because of destroyed AA mounts so you can easily check with one glance if those incoming bombers are gonna suffer or not. I am aware you can press H and check in detail what AA is left on your ship but 'nobody aint got time for dat'
  9. PPKinguin

    german DDs

    quick question: is any of the german DDs good? Im up to Gaede and its crapI think
  10. PPKinguin

    super containers

    there are no super continers anymore, right? any info what changed since the implementation? had 2 right at the beginning and none since november.
  11. PPKinguin

    New DD acquisition

    So i played through the old DD line up to Kagero. Now it got downgraded to VIII and I got a free Yugumo, fine. I could also buy the VII Akatsuki, no problem. Then why do I have to play through the Hatsuharu AGAIN to get to Shiratsuyo. I dont wanna! Why cant I have my full XP on Hatsu like I once had and start new line from VII? Any info on this?
  12. PPKinguin

    Server down?

  13. PPKinguin

    Server crashes 03/11/16

    I cant log in right now. "Technical issues" it says.
  14. AAAND it's over. Good job everyone. Does anybody know for how long the diamonds can be used? I wanna get 3d premium next sunday.
  15. PPKinguin

    Share your drunkest MM

    My bad, still not game ruining I think