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  1. Hammirabi

    New CVs

    I agree, this is an pretty exact reflection of my experience in 0.8.0, and an extremely good analysis of the flaws. Now if only WG would acknowledge the issues and at least confirm that they are working on something to fix it.
  2. Hammirabi

    Bug Reports

    As nobody posted this so far: In about every second battle I participate in, after I have been sunk, left and right mouse button don't work to switch between ships. It's random when it happens, so I'm afraid I can't give any details...
  3. Could it be that some crosshairs are mixed up since a few versions? E.g., "Delfin 5 [Typ 2]" from Mebius_LW does not show the spider-web-alike crosshair (as shown in the preview in the mod collection), but a single straight bar in different colors