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    This is not a MM post this is a *edit*-post

    I appreciate that, but I never grind ranked past a certain level it takes too long. Even with 60-70% winrate I can't play that much. In sprints my goal would be rank 5 mabye but with the few games I have played it's just not fun to me. To me ranked should be were the slightly more competitive and skillfull players came to have a better time than in random games, but it just isn't. I just wanna have fun playing with team-oriented players that aren't totally clueless. Without taking the step into clanwars. I'm too old and too busy for that stuff.
  2. KapteinSabeltann

    This is not a MM post this is a *edit*-post

    First of all, as I said in the title it's not entirely seriously suggested. But I think you are missing a few of my points. I mean average winrate, not ranked winrate. And your math is not entirely sound in a 1v1 situation sure but out of a pool of players it wont play out like that. Secondly, sure, you COULD keep upping the required winrate but thats ignoring my point: Most players that consistently potato and do crazy stuff are sub 50% winrate. I'm not saying it's an exact number but from playing in the wild when I see a player who does something nuts and I think "hmmm" I wonder, and check their winrate more often than not their behaviour matches their winrate and that is usually a WR in the 40's or lower. My thought - to be seirous for a moment is - if the requirement was to be say 50% that might incentivise players that want to be a lil competitive to improve their skill before they go and play ranked. I'm a somewhat competitive player, but I am also someone who can't play 20-30-40 games per day. I more like play 5-10 games the days I play and then there are days, weeks and even months where I don't play. Still I'm good enough to average mid-fifties and when I played more active I was around 60% in the classes I play well with. It's not hard, it just requires to learn the game. So why allow players who havent gotten the basics of the game down yet to "ruin" ranked. Idk as much as my suggestion wasn't serious. I'm not sure it would be an awful idea. EDIT: I agree with butterdoll, 7v7 is easier to carry in. And I often do much better in ranked than in regular games. But nothing - except of an unicum player with an op premium can fix 5 of 7 ppl dead in 4 minutes. It's just not doable.
  3. KapteinSabeltann

    This is not a MM post this is a *edit*-post

    Nope cant carry that hard. Besides if you are late at the table, then you get these even in the high ranks. Even in sprints. You should with 12k battles know this. But sure - defend a system you know are broken.
  4. KapteinSabeltann

    This is not a MM post this is a *edit*-post

    Please, pretty please with anything on. No players with a winrate less of 50% in ranked, just please. I know it's "competitive light" and that tryharding goes to clanwars or teams or whatever it's called this year. It's atrocious - game after game of ppl suiciding - losing all but 1-2 ships in 4 mins. I defies belief. And I'm not an elitist I'm just an avg (or what should be avg) player that can't handle these 29% winrate soulsucking players. Anyway. Move on, nothing to see here.
  5. KapteinSabeltann

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    What I read from this post is: "We know MM is bad, we don't care." We don't want the forum to overflood about this as it scares off new players looking in the forum so you are hereby relegated to this one long superthread that is impossible to organize and navigate and thus make any useful progress with... Now; WOWS is a F2P game, and as we all know F2P games are usually the most expensive games to play as their are mostly "free to try" but when you get invested in the game the price exceeds most AAA commercial games. Thats one of the reasons I don't like F2P games, one of the other reasons is their tendency to always staying in "beta" and to have significant balancing issues and power creep due to new content to further payment from experienced players as well as new ones. Looking at WOWS as a case a few things come to mind in RGD to the MM. 1: The tier difference exists solely to push players up the tier "ladder" and expense-ladder and into the realm of "invested" so they run premium and buy stuff. If tiers weren't such an issue balancing the game would be much easier. T5 and T6 used to be my favouite tiers back at release. 2: This is a larger issue. And with CV rework it's even more of a convoluted issue. But radar cruisers should be balanced against eachother - everyone knows that, the argument that it's not statistically significant is void. It just is. It's a longer discussion to prove it but it is. 3: Same goes with AA cruisers - but again after CV rework it's just messy. But in the past they should have been balanced. 4: DD balance, it was even sorted. WG accepted the fact that DDs should be somewhat matched by roles as to not give one team a huge capping advantage, or gunboat advantage for stealthy dds. Then they REMOVED it... I don't get it. 5: The winrate issue. Prolly worse in WOT but omg the winrate issue. When my entire team have ~40% winrate... Come on. 6: I wish some changes were done in the pregame screen where for instance loadouts could be changed during a short waiting period when you see the enemy team composition. But as this is a F2P game and switching out allready owned modules on a ship costs money I guess that would never happen. On the other hand I guess it still could cost money.... how about that WG - sounds like a perma income for you guys. Forcing me to switch to AA loadout everytime I see CV's in the game... ahem... Anyways, wall of text I know, my point is - I do understand that the F2P nature of WOWs causes some of the issues of the MM but surely some of these things could be improved. And I realize that too many balancing "weights" would lead to longer MM time and queue "starvation" issues but time of day and pop could be part of the calculation. Thats why you have guys who are educated in discrete mathematics and algorithms right? Right? You do have ppl with that education don't you? It's usually part of ANY CS BsC education and this is basically scheduling with some other stuff thrown in... Personally, I would be perfectly willing to wait a little longer in queue in order to get into a good game with balanced ships and players, rather than instantly get into 10 awful games in a row that I exit chat-muted from cause I had an anurism during the 7. game and told those 33.4% winrateplayers to "#R"#¤RTEWQ¤R%¤#%. Yes, I know, bad boy but I can't take that stuff for too long at a time. Personally, aside of MM, what have ruined the game for me is the shift away from teamwork into balancing around solo play, and the messy CV rework. OFC New OP premium triple-unicum divs doesn't help either. Mostly the OP Premiums the divs I am fine with. Submarines? We shall see...