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  1. KapteinSabeltann

    ISE in da shop

    You don't get it do you? YOUR individual alpha damage is irrelevant. I just finished a game where one side had 1 cv the other side 1cv and two ISE AND it was a hurricane. One team had permanent spotting the other none. Our dds were devestated. cruisers can't deal with three cv striking them at once. AND getting hit by an ise is not at all fun. Double floods, plenty of damage but again its the air spotting and multiple air ganging up on ships that is the issue. It's insanely powerful and completely broken.
  2. KapteinSabeltann

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    I think they are bad still. The argument is that they are only THAT powerfull against slow or parked targets. And if we were to be super positive about this - it's an effort from wg to remove static gameplay. The problem is that there are classes of ships (light cruisers) that sort of depend on positioning at times. Especially american cruisers where the same can be said about us heavy cruisers as well. They are allready in a tough spot with cv rework almost nullifying their AA. It's hard to play a light us cruiser or say buffalo and DM (baltimore has a lil easier time as it sees more 380 bbs and has an easier to work with citadel) these days as if a cv is in play as taking a position is extremely dangerous. I got struck yesterday in my Cleveland but I was moving, but only at half speed when the strike came and even though I immidiately increased speed and manouvered i still got hit for 6k and two fires. First of all I think it is a total gimmick that makes no sense. But setting that aside, unless they become visible far earlier and AA crews start reacting faster there is very little counterplay for these cruisers. I'd, in general, like to se AA ranges restored to old ranges as the quadruple nerf to AA is way too much. (range, time to fire, Def AA scatter effect and actual damage).
  3. KapteinSabeltann

    The hunt for Bismarck, Really?

    Well that is wonderfully not even passive aggressive. The question was why give ME stuff from an allready double completed event. Thats the question. IIRC we didn't use to get stuff for allready completed collections. At least chirno's answer had some purpose besides being toxic. GG. Seems it's past your bedtime.
  4. KapteinSabeltann

    The hunt for Bismarck, Really?

    So twice today I've gotten stuff for the "hunt for bismarck" collection. I completed that collection years ago, during it's first iteration. Not like I can choose "stop collecting" and I really don't see much use for duplicates from that collection. I'd far prefer stuff for collections I actually have active. Anyone know if this is a bug or just WG trolling more?
  5. KapteinSabeltann

    I finally reached my goal!

    14% winrate! Teams have been amazing today. On average it takes less than 5 mins before 50% are dead or at the end of the map. CV in every game. Unicum other side potato my side. My stats are horrid too ofc. When you get overrun that fast no cruiser or dd can fix it. Permaspotted by dds and cv. Constantly fired at while retreating. I would go afk every game just to prove a point but would get pink from early quit... TELL me more about how MM isn't stacked. Can't wait till my WR goes down to 48% or so and I get into normal roatation again.
  6. KapteinSabeltann

    Not naming and shaming but...

    It wasn't early, I don't think 6k games in is early: I peaked at t9 by using the Fletcher. WR for that ship alone was IIRC close to 68% It just stopped but I believe we've had this discussion before. As I said my wins just ended. I still believe there is a weighted MM. Nothing changed. No changes to the fletcher, no invisifire change, no radar change, no cv change no powercreep I just could not win anymore. I actually stumbled over a screenshot I made back then cause I was upset but didnt see the point of a sht-post but I can two pics to this post just to show you. None of the screenshots are cherry picked they are a string of games. NOT all of them losses. And I was trying - I was trying hard but it didn't matter at all. If it's interesting to anyone look at that compared to my current experience. It's not like I've had a stroke or something although I might get one soon playing. This is a derail of the thread but I just wanted to hightlight that I'm not making stuff up...
  7. KapteinSabeltann

    Not naming and shaming but...

    I honestly don't know cause he didn't have a lot of regular ships. Guess he sold them off? I used the ingame view to see his ships and most of them were premiums. The shiplist was not much longer than what I listed out here.
  8. KapteinSabeltann

    Abusive Chat ban

    Well as a WG staff you probably remember that RTS style CV pop declined when rewards for CV play was nerfed through the ground. Before that there was a decent pop. As far as AA goes there are so many problems now. Everything from AA bubble being nerfed, AA stacking working poorly, AA reacting slow guaranteeing full power first strike if you dodge. Defensive AA not doing the drop spread it used to, and thus being a joke it's bad. I had a FDR hover in my DM bubble so long he lost all but one bomber. Still dropped me for two fires and close to 20k health with ONE bomber WHILE I was running def AA and my CV had fighters over my head. Honestly trying to make ONE class better while making EVERY other class hate it isn't a success. I think I know why you did it but it's horrible. Especially for DDs. In my opinion reverting to RTS style, improving the interface (it was bad) and getting AA cruisers in MM vs CV's would be much better. For extra salt: HOW can a t10 cv HOVER in the combined AA bubble of a wooster AND a smolensk BOTH running def AA without getting swatted even be a thing. And we were BOT AA build for testing.
  9. KapteinSabeltann

    Abusive Chat ban

    As someone who have been banned frequently for calling dumb ¤%&#¤%#/& dumb ¤%#¤&%&%&, cause we shall have none of that, friendly torps are not toxic, saying "#¤%"#¤% is... I can say this: that filter is a joke: If I have a good game and I say that was a "f.... good game", I can bid welcome a 24h or what it is chat ban from that. I guess chat is PG rated and all swear words regardless of context is considered bad. And I realize I'm on a short list now, we have tested it. If me and a friend type the same in chat ONE of us is getting a penalty and it's not him. Seems if you have been naughty repeatedly you get a shorter leash in chat. Anyways seems all swearing is bad swearing even if it is congratulatory.
  10. KapteinSabeltann

    Not naming and shaming but...

    ... I just don't understand some of the new players. I had just had another awful game, nothing new. At least I did ok-ish. But I was looking at my team after trying to figure out how it is possible to play this bad and most of the team was sub 50% players, but that is almost the norm now. I will end up there myself soon enough I can't carry this meta, I don't understand the new players and I've about dropped 2% of my WR since my peak - which is a LOT with 8k plus games. At least now all my graphs are pointing down, previously everything was going up but winrate. But to the point: Looking at the players I saw this one guy in a Musashi, and he has 77 total games played, with a WR of 41.56. And I was thinking how, WHY, does he have a Musashi? So I looked at his ships and he has: Muashi Kaga Thunderer Jean Bart Saipan Indomitable Benham Friesland Massachusetts Erich Loewenhardt Graf Zeppelin Kronstadt. I just, why? With 77 games played? Most of them only played 1 game or so. I understand this is a WG dream customer and I'm totally not. But why when you don't even play the ships. How is it fun to throw so much money at a game you hardly ever play (acct from 2020), and are consistently (if 77 games is enough to deduct anything from) bad at. Why not learn it then buy high tier premiums. I mean I can afford buying any and all premiums WG has released but I would't dream of it. To find a point to this post: Why spend so much money on a game you hardly play only to end up losing most of your games and I would presume have a bad time. I just, I don't know, clearly my mind does not work in the same way as some of these players. Clearly what he does with his money is his business, I'd wish he would get a little bit better at it before playing T9/10 so not to ruin the experience for others but clearly that's not my decision. His ship list just blew my mind is all. I've not done the math but that must be close to €1000 worth of ships? At least 500.
  11. KapteinSabeltann

    Buff Zao and GK turret angles.

    You forgot: reinstate zao health. It had it's health dropped 10k when it could invisifire (like that counters invisifire), when they removed invisi-fire they kept the health at T8 (40k) Literally no reason for it. None. Hindi is better long range HE anyways.
  12. KapteinSabeltann

    So, how did you build Smolensk?

    IFHE... Why? I must have a special edition of the smolensk. Mine don't start fires and the only way I did damage was with AP. I went back and forth several times between fire and ifhe build but on average I start about than one fire per 100 hits it seems. I mean when you have landed close to 200 shots on a bismarck pushing you THAT ISNT BURNING! and you can't get a fire on it for the duration of your smoke. Fk it. At least with IFHE I can do damage to angled cruisers... After captain rework: IFHE Stealth Super Intendent (or what they call it now) DPM And recently changed from acceleration module to ruddershift. Just had one game with crazy good fire RNG though. Happens every 150 games or so. So I deal damage with IFHE, AP and the odd torpedo. Rarely with fires.
  13. KapteinSabeltann

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Thread is two years old. MM is as bad as it ever was. Maybe close it and just ban MM posts altogether?
  14. KapteinSabeltann

    So about that can't fire bug.

    I've seen a few vids by the CC that is no longer a CC about a bug that won't let you fire your guns. Honestly I had no idea what he was on about. I believed him but I'd never experienced it in a few thousand games so.. weird. Well, few weeks ago I had it for the first time, and I have had it in 5-6 games since. It's a bug I just don't understand what triggers it. First time I thought maybe my turrets were still turning a lil too fast to fire even if they were green - it can happen but figured out pretty fast that was not the issue when they stopped moving and I still could not fire. Reason I am posting now is cause I'm mad as **************** as it just happened. The worst time it would go away. I literally could not fire for almost a minute, it was in a DD and I tried everything changing from guns to torps. I stopped beind an island and keept trying but nothing worked, eventually I could fire again but it passed about a minute, but this was an extreme case. Most of the times it seems to last for 5-15 seconds. Thing is: when you ambush a DD in YOUR DD at SIX km range and your guns wont fire. It's pretty bad. I even managed to teamdamage cause I kept trying to get it to work after a failed engagement and lost my attention so when it finally worked while I was trying the torps - yeah friendly target was ahead. Just now I had a game in a Des Moines. Broadside target. Guns wont fire. And it always breaks my concentration so I dont go "ah the bug" better angle away, instead I keep trying to fire - which isn't the best idea and I ended up taking a little too much damage cause I delayed angling away. It's extremely frustrating. Esp in short range engagements. I'm in a DM in open water cause I had to, so a ship with the citadel in it's mast, short range, slow turning turrets, no AA left in reality and the only assets left is DPM and radar and I can't F**** SHOOT!! "#¤"#¤%&%/%&/&/(%/&('*******§ Does anyone know anything about this bug? My connection is fine but my ping is a lil higher on this location but we are still talking 60 or so in ping so it's not awful, not great for fps but for this game no really an issue. Are others experiencing this more often now? I had never had it until a few weeks ago and I haven't changed anything on my end... Oh yeah btw. There was a F.D.BS********* CV on the enemy team who decided to strike me while this was going on. Didn't do much damage; 3-4 k with his bomber squadron so that's nice. He decided to come around for a second run and literally just hovered in my AA aura while turning, so eventually I shot down most of the squadron and he only had one bomber left so I figured no big deal but I popped a heal anyway so I got a lil over half health. Yeah, he struck me for over 15k and two fires with one bomber. after lingering in the DM AA aura the entire time after his first strike. When he came back (I had about 3500k health left) I ran my Def AA, my cv had fighers over me that engaged him, didn't make any difference. He didn't even dodge flak he just flew straight through and killed me. The joke is, my DM is actually AA rigged as a test to see how it works. :D All it can do is shoot down planes that ignore my AA while attacking OTHERS. That works. Nothing new I know but between my guns not firing and my AA being worthless and my BBs camping at the back of the map I'm just a lil annoyed. I can't say it's good times playing this game anymore. Unless you play full divisions with whaling ships that overperform it's quite hard in pub games. Good games: Win OR Lose seems to come around every 15-20 games.
  15. KapteinSabeltann

    The WG Bank card for us to pay even more

    Not it they come pre-perforated "for better performance"...