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  1. KapteinSabeltann

    Has the North Carolina guns changed?

    So I'm not supposed to get cits on broadside bbs - and heavy cruisers. Sorry but you are either trolling or just completely ignorant to the game mechanics...
  2. KapteinSabeltann

    Has the North Carolina guns changed?

    True, and I AM out of practice aiming the North Cal - mostly when it comes to lead at long distances. But thats not my issue. As I stated in OP - my issue is failing to do damage to targets at short range that have messed up and completely show broadside. And this being the rule not the exception. North Cal used to be a beast at that but now its like I throw a handfull of pebbles at the target being lucky getting a couple of overpens at waterline citadel on broadsiding targets. At any rate, only time and stats will tell for sure I recon. She just feels like a Bismarck now.
  3. KapteinSabeltann

    Has the North Carolina guns changed?

    Yes but now you are really far back in time. They WERE unreliable, and Colorado outperformed her. Then her gun accuracy was significantly buffed and she bacame an AP monster whereas the Colorado was getting left behind by powercreep.
  4. KapteinSabeltann

    Superstitions and Ships / Loadouts?

    I sometimes find myself restarting the game client after being on potato-teams 4-5-6-7 times in a row. Assuming or hoping :D that there is MM seeding at the start of the game client dictating wether I'll get good or bad teams. Crap-streaks and win-streaks seems to come in groups and my own performance too often seems irrelevant. Sure it's BS but short of just quitting for the day I will sometimes restart the client in hope of improved "team-RNG".
  5. KapteinSabeltann

    Has the North Carolina guns changed?

    So I'm just going to ask. Lately, and subjectively to me, the North Cals guns seems unreliable and inconsistent. I feel almost more confident in my Bismarck guns then I do in the North Cal's. I am talking entire games with bad performance, and at easy targets - like broadside cruisers and BB's at sub 15-KM ranges. I havent read anything of any changes to her announced by WG, and my personal experience with her isn't very high. I had a friend test her and he was getting really frustrated in games coming back supporting my experience. I'm partially reminded about the issue with the Missouri where ppl started complaining about her, and WG dismissing it but the complaints kept piling on until WG started looking at her in order to see if something was indeed off. I don't know what the conlusions rgd that was but it sprung to mind when I was losing patience with NC guns. Anyone experienced US BB players that can weight in and enlighten me?
  6. KapteinSabeltann

    Why NA server players are more welcome than us?!

    How so? Please explain?
  7. KapteinSabeltann

    -Worst Ranked season ever-

    Why?!? Ranked is awful and T10 ranked double so. What on earth would have you stick in it for 350 battles for one rank - you have 489 battles this season. That can't be healty physically nor psycologiaclly. As soon as I round 30 battles of ranked I'm pretty much done - regardless of winrate. If you are competitive clan battles are much better. You are only going to lose faith in humanity... Wish they would just give some good rewards for the tiers of clanbattles. Something for competitive players like yourself to enjoy.
  8. KapteinSabeltann

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    I love this ranked season. 100% winrate, peace of mind, not hating everyone in the world, snuggly sitting on rank 15. WG deciding to try and milk money from 15 ranks of T10 finally had me quit ranked. I only played for the flags anyways and I can buy what I need with coal now. Usually I play to rank 10 because I like the rewards and 10 is a nice round number but I'm not dumb enough to take wg's bait. GG ranked you will not be missed by me.
  9. KapteinSabeltann

    Stealth Buff: New Year 2017 Camo

    Just noticed that the other day. First I thought I had mistakenly judged the camo as sh.. Pleasently surprised.
  10. KapteinSabeltann

    Business as usual - s€$t-post "my team"

    Useless post. But I am getting tired of the meta now. We are stuck in such a rot with aful teams/players that a mediocre player like me looks mlg. Trying to play light cruiser at t8 when the entire team refuses to play - again and again. Being on top of teamboard in t10 matches in a t8 light cruiser. Getting 35% winrate while consistently playing on unicum level is getting old. Just blowing off steam. And I just LOVE having to solocap at t10 in a light cruiser because dds shun the caps like they have a kraken in them... Bonus. Fletcher no joy...
  11. KapteinSabeltann

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Just remember - according to WG "radars are not statistically significant". So if nothing else - no point balancing radar cruisers between the teams. Because it's irrelelvant.
  12. KapteinSabeltann

    Disciplinary penalty lifted???

    Possibly? However I don't understand why you can't be put back into the game. I don't see the benefit of that. Surely it would be better for gameplay if I was allowed to re-enter the match and continue as long as my ship was till afloat.
  13. KapteinSabeltann

    Disciplinary penalty lifted???

    Well a similar thing happened to me today. I was playing a T8 game when suddenly I stopped moving, turned out my Internet connection just crashed. Tried to reconnect, got an DNS-error and ended up having to reset all network equipment - Fiber-modem etc... So it took a few minutes but this was at the start of the game and there was no way the game had ended when I got my Internet back up. I entered the game and expected to find myself either still in the water as you used to do after a crash in the past or dead. But my Kiev was fairly safe beind and island and it looked like it had a chance of surviving. Instead I found myself back in the harbour - WITH the ship (not this ship is still in battle), a pop up flashed by with the same message as OP: "Disciplinary penalty lifted. For observance of the rules of the game, your disciplinary penalty was lifted" Now I know didn't hit any friendlies, and I had no torps anywhere close to any friendlies. I know there were some penalties introduced for being "inactive" or similar in a few patches ago but I'm not really sure what happened. I'm sure the game was still going on, I'm sure I didn't hit any friendlies and IF a diciplinary penalty was given to me why was it instantly lifted? Anyways - don't like not being put back in the game after a crash. Pretty sure my ship was still fine and I coulda continued fighting... But regardless - my question is - did I experience a bug OR is this the new way crahses are handled. If so why is the penalty given and instantly removed again?
  14. KapteinSabeltann

    Other changes

    Yeah as I typed in my initial post I figured that would fix it but I just refuse to do it :D. One of those moments when I get too triggered by stupid design. I will just keep shutting the game down with taskmanager for now, I don't need to change my settings anyways... :P
  15. KapteinSabeltann


    I had an AMAZING experience today. I finished "the hunt for Bismarck"!!! Weee I'm so happy. Actually this is the third time I finish the hunt for Bismarck. Why is it that every other patch the game reset and recomplete the collections?