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  1. KapteinSabeltann

    People need to start taking account for their actions

    You know, you are right. I haven't played much lately and far less after CV reworks. Figured I'd "relax" with a few games today and it's been beyond horrid. Now the insane loss ratios is nothing new, I have seen that before, but the play. the level of play. It's insane. If this continues this game is basically over. You can NOT have a game that allows for this bad play. And we are amidst covid-19 and there are far more serious things to be worried about I know that. So me being fuming now feels kinda silly. But I can't help it. NOTHING works as a solo player right now. Short of 3-man premium divs with ppl who know what they are doing I have no idea... Entire evening have been a waste of time.
  2. KapteinSabeltann

    So about those IFHE changes.

    This is not statistically relevant but I don't care cause I am salty: A IFHE cleveland just set 4 - 4!!! fires to my bow in baltimore in three salvos. And ofc since he was IFHE rigged - me being bow in didn't really help. I have NEVER - not even in a firerigged Cleveland with no IFHE had that good fire RNG. It's a joke. I wish my smolensk could set fires like that... Seriously 2 fires, I damage con, and two salvos later 2 new fires... and 10,5k damage to me with pure IFHE damage in a total of 40 hits... Makes me miss detonating.
  3. KapteinSabeltann

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Why are you people still posting here? This entire thread is a hoax... PPL was so sick of the horrible MM and balance so they were flooding the forum so everything MM was relegated to this pitfall of a thread. They don't care about what the CC's say so WHY do you THINK they will care at all about any of us that arent. The beta days are over, the days of non-OP premiums are over, the days of non-OP russian ships are over. The game is mid to late life and WG will do what they will do to make money. Good changes to MM we had a while ago were REVERTED (dd mirroring by type) because not statistically relevant... Don't feed the trolls that tell you this thread is worth anything. Check when this thread was openend, then jump in play a few games for a couple of days and see how many of them were rofl-stomps where one side was steamrolled and nobody really had a good game and then THINK... Do you really conclude they care about good MM and Balance?
  4. I love the amazing gameplay and brilliant CV MM. Three games in a row, standard battle with 4 CV's in the game. With epicenter to finish it all off. Thank you so much for the CV rework, for removing AA from the game and for making sure that teamplay actions like overlapping AA bubbles are ineffective. You are amazing at creating good gameplay and amazing game mechanics. I sure will rush and buy some black containers now so I can reward you for taking such good care of the meta and ship balance. 2019 Best meta ever for WOWS.
  5. KapteinSabeltann

    Bismarck secondary range nerf.

    No I hadn't run out of the flags, and I KNEW I hadn't so I was sloppy checking. I had mounted one too many economy flags and the secondary flag had gotten auto de-equipped. Shouldn't make posts that late. Good news is I still have over 500 of those flags :P
  6. KapteinSabeltann

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I think you should omit them all together. I think they are a gimmick, a way of keeping players, and whales, spending money at the cost of gameplay. You didn't manage to balance carriers, I have no faith you will be able to integrate submarine play any better and I think we have more than enough issues with the meta as it not to introduce any more balancing challenges. But, nobody cares, cv rework went through and so will this.
  7. High tier play was destroyed long before that. And with all the 40%-winrate trolls that have played enough or converted enough credits we were at that point by now anyways. Not saying it's making things better but T10 GP have been awful for years by now.
  8. KapteinSabeltann

    What is the best AA premium ship available to buy?

    No she doesn't. Actually a t10 cv kept engaging over me in a Smolensk and a friend in a Worcester sitting next to eachother. Both technically AA cruisers. Both using sectors active and def AA active. Might as well have not bothered. It's insane how bad and sometimes weird AA is these days. Same friend managed to down 40 T10 planes in a harugumo today... Go figure.
  9. KapteinSabeltann

    Bismarck secondary range nerf.

    Hi, topic. When did this happen? I played her today and my secondary range was 10.8. It used to be 11.2 or 11.4. Whats this all about?
  10. KapteinSabeltann

    Buff the ZAO

    The Khaba triple nerf was... I actually prefer playing the Tashkent now. No turning, no range, and a torp nerf? If you got torped by a khaba you deserved it... The ruddershift is a joke. I feel she was overnerfed in THAT meta and in the current meta even more so.
  11. KapteinSabeltann

    Buff the ZAO

    I'm not saying that the healthpool is all she needs, all I am arguing is that giving her T10 Cruiser healthpool should be a no-brainer that requires little to almost no effort on WG's side. If it is enough is another matter that you are highlighting here. All I'm saying is her healtpool makes no sense and it would not hurt her to get back her old health pool.
  12. KapteinSabeltann

    Does the Smolensk need a nerf.

    I don't think so. She can't do anything if the team folds as she needs time to do damage. At least mine does. I have NEVER had a ship that averages 1 fire per 100 hits. I have no idea what is going on with her firechance but in T10 battles I will get 8-15 fires with a tashkent with 150-200 hits. While the Smolensk lingers at 6 fires at 600 hits. Without IFHE the damage output is whatever. Good deterrent. I see bbs flee from me cause they get scared from the sheer volume of shatters on them but at the end it's 400 hits 10k damage. And firestarting is just firestarting. Target a nonburning part of a ship. Shell it with HE and hope for fires. When you sit at 200 hits and no fires then damage is not there. Outside of that the extreme fire meta is BS but thats another topic. WG likes it so we suffer.
  13. KapteinSabeltann

    Buff the ZAO

    yes to the mlg heroes that avoid the point. The reason the ZAO was nerfed is gone. That simple. And it doesn't have the firepower to warrant it. Examplifying with the hindeburg may or may not be a good thing but the basics are the same. It was nerfed for a reason, that reason is gone, it's not OP in any way and there is simply no reson for it to sit at a T8 healthpool. None of you have provided arguments saying it should. And AFAIK long range HE-spam is what we DON'T want to incentivice? As far as Trolly armour goes. Thats your argument? That sometimes the ZAO can bounce shots?
  14. KapteinSabeltann

    Coal Ships In The Armory

    Don't care - the topic was on top of my list. Price of not being able to close topics.
  15. KapteinSabeltann

    Coal Ships In The Armory

    From what I heard the Salem have horrible economy. You may not care but supposedly a DM with premium camo would do better in the silver department. At least that was the info I got when I tried to check it's economy when I looked for coal ships. The Smolensk have good economy but I wouldn't get it. I can't stand the thing. You did't list the Smolensk so I guess it's either not for sale anymore or you just don't consider it. Still, thats my cents on the Salem at least.