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  1. Hurry up to enlist in our naval Navy, there are only 10 vacancies of 40 Hello comrades approaching the next level VIII of the clan. Thanks to the effort and the passion for this great naval simulator. We will reserve the oil obtained for this event of the new level, in which all can give the vote to an enlargement of the port. We will take the absolute majority A cordial greeting from the commander and Subcommanders: a cordial greeting from the commander and sub-commands: Hiddensea, manstein_21, Henkki, REPUBLIC_WAR_ES, Schanhorts, S3R3N17Y, Yolkon_Jonnes, ARK_Nemesis, Lord_7Seas We have no flag, no nation, no king, no monarchy. It is only asked to be present at the port for clan warfare. Welcome to this naval Republic. Honor and Glory In the dark Seas the shadows lurk in the darkness http://foros.aceroyfuego.com/topic/866-hidde-hiddensea-in-the-dark-seas-the-shadows-lurk-in-the-darkness/#comment-15812 https://wows-numbers.com/es/clan/500169039,HIDDE-HIDDENSEA-En-los-mares-ocultos-sombras-negras-acechan-en-la-oscuridad/ http://vzhabin.ru/US_WoWsStatInfo/clans.php?realm_search=eu&clan=500169039 https://discord ( Request Access) hiddensea¬clan-free¬all-countries¬
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    Comrades this is a new clan where the only rule is to have activity regularly, not to be more than 14 days absent for newer and up to 45 days of rest for veterans with more than 2000 of oil. The commander and sub-commanders attend all your requests in the port chat. It is not prohibited or obligatory any communication system and will respect the right of free disposition of the players and their total anonymity, a free clan and with the benefit of all. It is permissible to enter all countries of the world with the only condition that the language of communication by text is English. The commander and sub-commanders will assist all Members who wish to participate in division, missions or any other challenge. A cordial greeting from the commander and sub-commanders; Hiddensea,REPUBLIC_WAR_ES,Schanhorts,S3R3N17Y,Yolkon_Jonnes,ARK_Nemesis,Lord_7Seas
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    Thx camarada..nos veremos en wows
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