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  1. MrSaberra

    Announcing SKIPPER

    I would take it over current system any day
  2. MrSaberra

    Suggestions thread

    Hi guys, would swapping q/a and e/d keys while looking backwards be an option? Maybe it's only because I'm noob, but I'm sick of turning wrong way while looking backwards (I want to turn left so I press q but because I'm looking from my back guns perspective, turning right is actually the correct way). I hope it makes sense and that I'm not the only one suffering that. One key for enabling and disabliing swapping keys should be a nice change in gameplay.
  3. MrSaberra

    Backend camera

    Hi, could you add an option to swap A, D keys while looking backs? It may seem strange or unnecessary, but it would really help (at least me, maybe I'm the only one retarded) maneuvering looking backwards.