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  1. iEarlGrey

    How Much does wows make for WG?

    And that's before they REALLY opened the taps... You can imagine how upset the General Manager will be with this interuption to his rehearsals for his 2021 Buisness awards acceptance speech.
  2. iEarlGrey

    How Much does wows make for WG?

    https://www.rbc.ru/awards_spb_2019 These figures were before Black Friday sales records were broken and Puerto Rico and subsequent dockyards etc etc.... outdated, but at least a foundation for some estimates.
  3. Here's why that won't happen:
  4. iEarlGrey

    Potential FPS Fix

    Mainly in-game, but some have reported improved Port performance.
  5. iEarlGrey

    Potential FPS Fix

    Thanks for the feedback!
  6. iEarlGrey

    Potential FPS Fix

    Unfortunately, you'll need to do this manually. Sadly, we've found this doesn't fix things for everyone, it's deeper rooted than just texture streaming, so there's more investigation and testing to do in order to deploy a complete solution to this issue.
  7. iEarlGrey

    Potential FPS Fix

    Was it disabled? In \res\engineconfig.xml editing <enableTextureStreaming>true</enableTextureStreaming> to <enableTextureStreaming>false</enableTextureStreaming> can improve things for some people. I'd be surprised if doing the reverse helped. Please let me know.
  8. iEarlGrey

    Potential FPS Fix

    That would be great! Feel free to DM it over to me. Thanks alot. Will add that even those who experience no benefit, please send over either you DXdiag or simply a description of your system specs for forwarding to Devs.
  9. iEarlGrey

    Potential FPS Fix

    Have amended heinous formatting crimes. Please accept sincerest apologies
  10. iEarlGrey

    Potential FPS Fix

    Hello Captains, We have a potential fix for those of you that have been having FPS issues. To apply the fix, users should: Download the archive relevant to your region, (so for EU players, download fps_fix_eu.zip attached below). Unpack the archive Copy the "fps_fix" folder to the game directory, next to worldofwarships.exe Go to the directory fps_fix Launch apply-patch_<Realm>.bat Select the "1. Apply Changes" option. Press any button To undo changes: Run the apply-patch_<Realm>.bat Select the "2. Cancel changes" Press any button Important! In order for the fix to work correctly, the game must be without installed modifications or running in safe mode. Please let us know if this improves things for you, and let us know your PC config details. fps_fix_asia.zip fps_fix_eu.zip fps_fix_na.zip fps_fix_ru.zip
  11. By far the most promising suggestion. Have passed on for review and consideration.
  12. RN Bias confirmed ;-)
  13. There is a very detailed breakdown of the content even down to the questions asked in the video description if you click through to YouTube (bottom right of the video pane, click on the logo). As for posting more than just a link, tbh, I didn't feel there was much to add with the clarity of the title. If you wanted my opinion, it's a good interview and another promising demonstration from WG via Sub_Octavian of engaging the playerbase through contributors which is very much appreciated.
  14. iEarlGrey

    Merry Shipmas Captains!

    A pleasure good sir! And same to you!