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  1. By far the most promising suggestion. Have passed on for review and consideration.
  2. iEarlGrey

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    RN Bias confirmed ;-)
  3. There is a very detailed breakdown of the content even down to the questions asked in the video description if you click through to YouTube (bottom right of the video pane, click on the logo). As for posting more than just a link, tbh, I didn't feel there was much to add with the clarity of the title. If you wanted my opinion, it's a good interview and another promising demonstration from WG via Sub_Octavian of engaging the playerbase through contributors which is very much appreciated.
  4. iEarlGrey

    Merry Shipmas Captains!

    A pleasure good sir! And same to you!
  5. iEarlGrey

    Leningrad Premium DD Giveaway

    Hey Chaps! For those of you with your eye on the latest offering from WG, but not in a position to purchase one, have faith! I'm giving one away! Visit http://bit.ly/leningradgiveaway for details and ways to enter, good luck sirs o7.
  6. Live on twitch.tv/iEarlGrey at 14:00BST we’ll be giving away a Premium Ship, Doubloons and Premium time. Entry will be via chat whilst live, only requirement being a follow on twitch, good luck and hope to see you there!
  7. iEarlGrey

    Test the best!

    If a mod would be kind enough to move the thread ;-)
  8. iEarlGrey

    Test the best!

    Live from 16:00BST/17:00 CEST 15/08/16 snipe into a match to fight with or alongside papedipupi http://multitwitch.tv/iearlgrey/papedipupi Bring your best ship and game chaps!
  9. iEarlGrey

    Odem Mortis Community Cup (OMC Cup)

    I'll see if we can't raise a rabble of MisFits. Would be happy to cover this as I did the DeepSea Tournament on twitch. Get in there chaps and well done to the organisers.
  10. iEarlGrey

    USS Arizona Training Room Stress Test

    Thanks to all who dropped in and helped out in the name of 'Science' ;-) For those who are interested you can catch up here https://www.twitch.tv/iearlgrey/v/75775318 In summary: Don't bother trying to buff the AA, use cruisers/AA heavy BB's when CV's are a concern. Artillery Plotting room is the way to it seems. She's durable and fully capable of holding her own against Tier 8 BB's AND bite back with citadels and heavy hits in the squishy bits. Kutuzovs beware ;-)
  11. Just a quick open invitation. Going to be pitting the Arizona against +/- 2 Tier Ships, tech tree and premium in the training room today on stream. Any class welcome though BB's might be the most relevant i.e how does she fair against a Tirpitz for instance? But bring your Saipans, Atlantas, Tirpitz and Warspites, even your shiney new Sims if you wish :-) We'll try and mirror the fleets as best we can for some funsies. In the name of 'science' of course. Live til 15:00 BST today - http://twitch.tv/iEarlGrey
  12. iEarlGrey

    Competitive Leagues and Tournaments for EU - WoWseLeagues.com

    An interesting point, doesn't hold up with WoT which has done well, but no, not to the same extent as the games mentioned. I don't think it a barrier. Most of the following will be from players, so exercises like the above may in fact serve to help both the game population and therefore the following.
  13. iEarlGrey

    Deep Sea Tournament Final

  14. I recently contacted worldchallengecoins.co.uk with a view to getting some coins commissioned for the stream, and I noticed they sold a HMS Campbeltown Challenge Coin. So, I put it to them that it'd be awesome if they could maybe do a HMS Warspite coin, possibly even one for all the premiums. They've said it's certainly possible, but I don't think it could have any affiliation with Wargaming i.e WG on the coin box or packaging being that WG already have a partner for coins in the US. But even better, they've said they give a discount of 50% on the HMS Campbeltown coin for those who use EARLGREY50 at checkout! Which ships would you guys like to see as maybe a box set or similar?