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  1. capt_sinkme


    Firstly my apologies to all for the half [edited] question i should have encompassed all ammo types in the question and not just the torps and it should have been all ships .. the question should have been a bit more thought out ;To incorporate the limited ammo/torps etc for an added extra historical aspect to the game thats what i was getting at without changing the other aspects of a game that i do enjoy like you guys, But the deep water torps.. ive seen the vids needs a rethink though....did not mean to get any hackles up once again my apologies cheers guys.
  2. capt_sinkme


    im well aware its a game and and i enjoy it for what it is .. i would love to see more historical values in may a certain types of game play maybe in the operations battles it would maybe give the game another dynamic side .
  3. capt_sinkme


    just a little question and comment .So comment well done for bringing out more ships they say about the spice of life and all which to me is a cool thing... also deep water torps ? not done the yanks ships yet but the type 93 standard torp used by Japan at the time... depth in the water between 10 and 59 inch ques torpedos in game still far to many with the torp boost goes completely beyond the realm of fantasy next your be telling us that photon torps will be in the the next patch ;).i did a bit of digging and found that ie japanese dds and cruisers a like only carried a max number i.e Hatsuhara /Asashio( Test ship) only carried 16 torpedoes . Shimakaze 15 ,Fubuki 18 cruisers - Furataka 16 ,Tenru 16, Aoba 16 , and Kuma /Natori carried 32 at type 6 where all others type 93 were used ....so why is it that the dds and cruisers alike can fire stupid amounts of torps. to add to tactical flavour more why not historically limmit the torps to say 18 and once used tuff ? which would stop a lot of camping by the bbs ,theyed probably want to push a bit more ps Graff Zeplin you got in the german line it may have been laid down in germany but was finished by the Italians .had italian planes etc was sank in the Baltic Sea ..why not put it where it should be in the Italian line , you know it would make sense after all you have got the Murmansk(Omaha) in the Russian tech tree when that was built by the Yanks ..
  4. capt_sinkme

    high explosives shells

    I asked a couple of family members from ww2 RN that are just bearly with us :) and when i asked about HE in a navy engagment ship to ship there reaction was a kodac moment and i was told no dont be daft HEs only for ship to shore,subs and transports you know juicy targets with no armor. Checking a few details on HE, and found that since the advent of iron clads HE was no longer used when they found that the HE was usless. So some french man invented AP ,Since then the last incident that i could find in a navel engagment that HE was used was quadal canal when the japanese were set up with HE to pound the yanks on shore,there for the japanese suffered for the mistake of not changing to AP when the yank navy turned up. So my question is why are you using HE in the game when its a navel game that has no soft targets to hit?
  5. capt_sinkme

    EU Server down? - Now confirmed back online 10:10pm

    Me toooooo elastic band has snapped again
  6. capt_sinkme

    High tier repair costs too high?

    ive also had to play a lot of games to get to t8 cruisers and its a challenge to break through to the next level without going back to a t5 to make some cash why dont WG just use the REDUNDANT XP from other ships and have an exchange rate for credits like they have for free xp and dabloons ( i.e 2,000xp = 20,000 credits and say or 2,000 redundant xp = 500 free xp) also tweak the repair system at t8 by something like 15 % reduction in repair costs combine the camo as one you know -7 accuracey and -5 visability etc at say 10,000 credits plus still have the choice of both variations in the camo design this would allow you to level up slightly sooner and would enable people to play in higher tier games more often.........ie stopping all that pent up frustration cause you cant ply the t8+ games. hope this helps....
  7. capt_sinkme

    High tier repair costs too high?

    Its not just the repair costs for the teir 8 + ships its also the costs of camo 8000 and 12000 (eg. New Oleans repair plus the bill for ammo and cammo 100,000 + you end up owing on the credit.....) plus the xp the cost of coverting xp from other ships= dabloons at £3.06 for a 1000 =25000 xp( green xp) plus the cost of the premium ships starting at £7.00+ up to £40+ then on top of this the price of the premium account at £7.16 per 30 days come on WTF you lot playing at sort your fuckin heads out i now that shits bad a the mo but this is taking the piss.The game is very good and will be a cool game when fully completed, and i now what your gonner say if you dont like it piss off then but seriously the Games not even a finished or polished yet..........so how can you justify the prices that you've set .....Well? ps.....selling Flags really i thought you had to earn them.....plus the cost of mouting and unmouting and the captians experiance if you wish to change his experiance and level 2 consumables you know AA and smoke etc
  8. capt_sinkme

    Posible ban or punishment?

    Just read the post and watched the vid had somthing like this in a game resantly and bb recked the [edited], (Well done that bb) before he could do anymoor damage,I seriuosly agree that these Fuckmonkeys (pardon the language) need banning forthwith there can be enough frayed tempers as is without adding to it. Pandinus1987 keep your chin up dude... option.... All ships sold all xp,flags and credits etc distributed to all players on both teams with bonuses to killed members of team and after match permanantly banned for being a complete C.U.NEXT. TUESDAY.
  9. capt_sinkme

    Option to turn map off when selecting torpedoes

    Far too many Torps in the game and turning of maps and crap is not going to help in any way dd with how many torps come on takes the piss japanese dd firing salvos of torps WTF is going on does any body realise how long and what it takes to change up fit the torps to those torp banks please someone is having a giggle.
  10. capt_sinkme

    Ranked Battles

    Just one Question why can't all the teirs be involed in the ranked matches seems a bit dippy not to have the others, also there is NO, I repeat no MM in War so could some one be gracous enough to enlighten me on why only those two teirs thks.......
  11. capt_sinkme

    Delay when entering the game.

    sorry guys ME TOO But also been disconnected due to server issues as well during a battle.The worst incident though a couple of days back half the battle gone and i came in as a spectator cause i was WITHOUT THE PROVERBIAL PADDLE .My first though was i'd been disqualified for something first after the game no ligit sinking....cool ah .........CHEERS GUY see you out there getting sunk the same same way as a noob duz..
  12. capt_sinkme

    Newbie in WoWs

    Hi all Cool vids very helpful Cheers One and All By the way got 2 flags shame you can't have just for show afterwards..T.T.F.N.(Ta Ta For Now)
  13. capt_sinkme

    HELP Installation stuck at 47%

    noob here hi all i did notice since i got this game a few days ago while in the tech side i have no warspite to buy i have american japan russia but no uk .is this something i have to climb the tech tree first or is it an update can someone please let me know.
  14. capt_sinkme

    Newbie in WoWs

    I have been playing for 3 days on WOW and also this is the first multiplayer i have ever played, and i must say wow to WOW should have dun this a long time ago.Now as a newbie the senior players forget that they were multi player virgins as well so please bear with us and chill but apart from that i have had a real blast and lots of times i can testify and just like to say a BIG BIG THANK YOU TO ALL for making this one of the best gaming experiance i've had so to all DAMN THE TORPEDOES AND FULL STEAM AHEAD Chear's all. Oh the start of the game there are battle groups trying to organize you know 1 and 2 in shield's on the right ---How do do this? and how do you identify your team members to be functional with in the team.