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  1. Anime2015

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  2. Anime2015

    Ships & Shapes..it realy counts

    I love the looks of any ship really. It just goes to show how each nation design and build their ships.
  3. Anime2015

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Thank you for being very generous! I'd like to join the raffle. #1. Alabama #2. Warspite #3 - 7. Doubloons #8. Marblehead Happy Holidays! :)
  4. Anime2015

    Preview - Guess who?

    No doubts, it's Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto! Dasha also gave it away ;)
  5. Nothing to do...


  6. Anime2015

    Update 0.6.4 Feedback - New Port

    Love the new port. The design is just amazing!. I love how you guys included a Fletcher being built next to the DD port and 2 Colorado's (with 3 turrets missing) sitting outside. One problem though is that some ships seem to be floating in their ports. Baltimore and Lexington for example.
  7. Anime2015

    Ship classes you want in the game

    USS Constellation (Lexington-class Battlecruiser) Brooklyn-class Light Cruiser (Basically a Cleveland with an extra turret and less AA) IJN Ise in her BB form with Wyoming turret layout
  8. Anime2015

    Chinese New Year Event

    OMG! What a beast looking Myoko! Not that I can get anyways..... Thanks WG.
  9. Anime2015

    Santa's Convoy - The Mission!

    Nice convoy mission but how do I get the last pin for the first mission in Hunt for GS to unlock the last task?
  10. Anime2015

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    Now I really wish I played on the NA Server. The ARP Missions are all xp grinding there. Why can't EU have those missions instead?
  11. Anime2015

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    Steven Seagal as a cook in the movie Under Seige.
  12. Anime2015

    BB Players in server

    So many BB players! Must be German BB's at most.
  13. Anime2015

    Recommended / exceptional ships per tier?

    T2: Chikuma T3: Wakatake, St. Louis, Wickes T4: Kuma, Wyoming T5: Furutaka, Kongo(and ARP) T6: Fuso, New Mexico T7: Nagato, Colorado T8: Atago, Amagi, North Carolina, Tirpitz Blue are ships that I have on a different account. Tier's 5-7 are great money makers so you should always keep them.
  14. Anime2015

    RN premium ships

    Big Seven's stay at Tier 7
  15. Anime2015

    RN premium ships

    Looking forward to a Tier VIII Saratoga Battlecruiser.