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  1. Wobly_1

    Explain to me how Sinop is considered OP?

    Its guns accuracy,you can delete every ship up to tier 9 with single salvo in a range of 10km if broadside,you cant do it in any German or British bb,also its so tanky facing forward or angled that it is a joke. That ship is so balanced in russian way, paper ships in their dreams wtf.
  2. Wobly_1

    I have a cat on my ship!

    Got nothing,finished Sam quest got 1000 coal,50 gold and 1000 free exp,no camo ,checked twice in inventory
  3. Wobly_1

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    All worked exept second from top,ty
  4. Wobly_1

    Current Sprint Season

    I like the gamemode but some changes by development would be great. 1.Somehow we need to get rid of afk ships 2.Removing team damage
  5. Wobly_1

    If you wanna grind Benham...

    lost intrest to it already ,gamemode sucks,they can put that banham where sun does not shine
  6. Wobly_1

    Public Test Round 2


    Grozovoi torps underwhelming ,9 hits 60000 damage,full health ships.
  7. how to play a game on 6fps