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  1. Wobly_1

    Alaska Credit Earning

    I played 1 game in Alaska,dmg 53k,spotting 50k,no planes,no zones,win,245k without premium.If good player makes 100k damage with premium it will be 1 mil per battle. forgot,no credit flags and 10k dmg to dds.
  2. Wobly_1

    First impressions - patch 0.8

    DD gameplay is totally ruined,you just cant cap anymore if cv player isnt afk,smoke does not help anymore as cv can now make several runs with torps into your smoke.Flanking also not possible anymore ,same reason. Now Shima 20km torps may work as they cant be spotted by planes.Thank god there are no cvs in ranked.
  3. Wobly_1

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    You should look in a mirror lol,but seriosly are you a bot or very bad reroll bot
  4. Wobly_1

    Last Prinz directive

    Its harder than the stupid DOY campaign last year,at least it was tier 7 .Most what I cant understand ,Eitel is tier 6 ship so are all ships what you can get in MP campaign, starting players need them not seasoned veterans and those starting players are not able to finish that campaign in time.I would say worst campaign disain I have seen in wows
  5. Wobly_1

    Worst Experiences this Ranked Sprint so far.

    I got for 1 killing my teammates who wanted to throw game.Easy
  6. Wobly_1

    Arms Race feedback

    I personally like this gamemode but wont play it again,too frustrating with current playerbase,I mean average players cant find capture point in randoms, how they manage to understand more complicated things
  7. Wobly_1

    Rework your SC content WG

    I am shure you would like SC much more if they give some good rewards(drop rate lower,anything else you can get from other containers
  8. Wobly_1

    Rework your SC content WG

    Grammar does not mean anything as far you understand what i said*edited* Problem is that SC getting worse than usual containers ,nothing to do with me i do not like arsenal too im not clan member too
  9. Wobly_1

    Rework your SC content WG

    LOOOL played that game from start ,stuff inside sc is pitiful
  10. Wobly_1

    Rework your SC content WG

    Flags should not given in SC
  11. Wobly_1

    Rework your SC content WG

    SC is what must make player happy,no matter how often they drop,its nothing about me and referring to my subjective opinion,you should read forum more carefully.
  12. Wobly_1

    Rework your SC content WG

    But SC are useless now already,I speak about making them worth something.You can almost top every SC now if you pick more resorces.
  13. Wobly_1

    Rework your SC content WG

    Please ellaborate
  14. Wobly_1

    Rework your SC content WG

    You do not understand what I posted,If you cant understand, do not post ,or try to translate it in google.