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  1. Yeah, I guess it's most likely bad luck now. Thanks for the advice on playing dd. Which line would you advise to a newb though, US or Japan? Thanks Userext, you're right too, it never even crossed my mind that new german BB players might perform a little worse than their best since they're still learning the ships. In any case, bad luck won't stop me from still playing the game.
  2. Hello, After a looong break I started WoWs once again and decided to keep playing my highest tier cruisers, namely the Cleveland and the Furutaka. After 10 battles in each, I have noticed that mostly either my team steamrolled the other or it was the opposite. My memory might be playing tricks on me, but I don't remember experiencing anything similar one year ago, when I was grinding up the the IJN BB line. Most of my Kawachi-Myogi-Kongo games were tough or close. People who have played for longer than me, and people who just like me are still sort of new, do you think that the uber victories/uber losses (that I though only WoT was known for) are more common today? Or has nothing changed and I just had bad luck? I respect any player and still consider myself lower than the average skill-wise, but just lately I've got that feeling that people are sinking in an Omaha (and sometimes in a Myoko) just as fast as I saw people sink in tier I-III battles! Thank you for your opinion, and have a nice day.
  3. Hello, new player here. If I sell a ship and keep the commander who's at 10k/25k xp, and then assign him onto the next tier's ship, will the doubloons retraining option allow me to keep the 10k ? Or will it be more practical to grind the remaining 15 on the older ship, and retrain, like, a 36/37000 xp commander ? Thanks a lot!