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  1. antibioxide

    Bug Reports

    1. Seattle's range is reduced using B hull. 2. 3. 4. 5. please refer to the picture
  2. thanks a lot. i just activated it.
  3. i love the old fort, maybe increase fire accuracy is ok, but now it's just too op. i just had a game where i'm on B (2 and 3) point on north and enemy fort at C (4) can hit me every 5 seconds and take away 3k health each time. i'm roon. this is just not right. besides HE does 3-4k on hit and ap can bounce?
  4. antibioxide

    Clan System Feedback

    one more question. is there going to be a "clan war" mode or something like that? Or we just play normal with clan tags?
  5. antibioxide

    Clan System Feedback

    how do you invite someone ????
  6. antibioxide

    What ships do between disconnect and reconnect

    i guess the ship tries to run back to base before server decleared it to be disconnected and stop them spirit
  7. antibioxide

    [IJN DDs] Why are higher tier DDs so weak?

    the good old shimakaze. even then the hit rate of torps rarely exceed 10% after nerf still got people using slow 20km torp and still people are eating them. well i guess the torps were never OP, just no way to counter them. it is still mostly true now, you know CV can spot torps, but where are they?
  8. antibioxide

    A short information message to battleship captains.........

    removed repair cost will fix this they said, match people with randomness instead of skill is good they said.
  9. antibioxide

    Statistically unbelievable

    you know WG should introduce new modes. Convoy, night battle so on. just random battle, which is really random, isn't enough. besides the players are matched based on ship Tier, not skill. So the better you are, the more likely u'd get teammates and enemies worse than you.
  10. antibioxide

    thanks for the dragon flag

    i heard you guys have to give it manuelly. well i don't know why you can't just do it from server side, but that must have been a lot of work. Just want to say thanks and good work.
  11. antibioxide

    [0.5.7] Thank You WG!

    the answer is simple. Buff CV back to playable. Esp. make dive bomber a real threat for DDs, not a lottery.
  12. antibioxide

    wtf wargaming patch 0.5.3 = cv is ded

    just here to bump this thread
  13. antibioxide

    Public Test General Feedback

    just one thing. if this really goes live, please refund my XP and credits spent in CV line.