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  1. Chaos_Umbra

    Fuse time on Vanguard [is it bugged?]

    I've been getting good salvos on Kurfursts 16k+ but that is when they are broadside and 12km away, seems to have trouble with BBs further out but you have HE to help with that, haven't had any citadels so far though, mind you only have had 5 games in her so far.
  2. Chaos_Umbra

    Cruiser gameplay on the Ocean map

    You try doing it in a Neptune in a CV game where every BB blind fires into your smoke... that's fun... all your there for is AA support...
  3. Chaos_Umbra

    Vanguard: lacking something to be good

    Only have 3 games in it so far, but it is partially what I wanted the RN BB line to be like i.e. not a HE spamming RNG fest that we have now, I seriously hate the fact that I had to default to HE on the line from tier 7 unless at point blank due to the woeful accuracy, getting 1-2 hits on a stationary target at 12km just forces you to use the HE as it is guaranteed to do damage. This thing on the other hand is a joy, sure you need to switch ammo for angled targets but you should have to anyway, just the shell grouping is amazing and rewards good aiming and shell selection rather than the silver line which is just load HE, aim in the general direction, pray to RNGesus that more than 1 shell hits, pray to RNGesus again that you set a fire, and rinse and repeat. Sure your punished from being broadside, but so was every BB before the Germans were added and the following buffs, only issue is the MM in that you are most likely gonna be the only tier 8 in a tier 10 only game, and the fact that you can't angle against Yamato and Musashi which essentially hard counter you. All in all a fun ship that plays much different than the Gimmick ridden silver line but has the downside of being bottom tier most of the time due to Tier 8 MM.
  4. Chaos_Umbra

    Do German BBs need IFHE for secondary builds?

    I have your first build on my GK and when the stars align allowing you to brawl for an extended period (i.e. no enemy Conqueror as that basically hard-counters the build), I have managed 120k damage from the secondaries alone (including the fires) with 475 shell hits. But tbh I would probably do better overall with a boring tank build with FP etc... If you do go the full secondary build you have to make sure you find or force an opportunity to use it otherwise it's a complete waste.
  5. Chaos_Umbra

    RN CV's in testing

    I wouldn't say that the Hermes was completely rubbish, sure it was well outdated by WW2, but if you look at it in a design concept view you can see a lot of the basic layout of the Hermes has been used in every Carrier after, there is a reason that the Bridge is no longer under the Flight Deck, and also having the Flight Deck armored, are both things that other nations took on as the war progressed. So while it had a rather poor Wartime career, it was a test-bed of innovation in Naval Aviation. Shame if they are the Blackburn Firebrand, cause I heard it was one of the worst Aircraft ever built by Britain...
  6. Chaos_Umbra

    RN CV's in testing

    There were more than 1 HMS Hermes that were CVs, the one in game was the First Purpose built one Laid down, I think the Hosho was actually launched earlier, or was it the other way round. Either way it's not the Hermes your thinking of. Had a look at the 3D models and they have got to be some of the best looking CVs so far, I'm guessing one of the bonuses of RN CVs will be that they are less prone to HE as they seem to have armored decks even at tier 4.
  7. Chaos_Umbra

    Errr.....Wtf just happened to wows part #2

    Seems to be some of the top espionage operatives from the GRU!
  8. Chaos_Umbra

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    You can add 1 more for me, just got the Jervis mission, though it took like 60 containers...
  9. Chaos_Umbra

    Roadsigns - How does this help gameplay?

    The issue wasn't BBs pushing down flanks, it was the fact that on that map before it was reworked, there were 2 massive islands blocking any fire from said flank. If those BBs were delayed by 1 DD they were basically out of the battle for 10 mins, in other words being useless as they could give no crossfire support as there were islands blocking them...
  10. The Huang He is OP, I top tier 8 games in it
  11. Chaos_Umbra

    Roadsigns - How does this help gameplay?

    It's not
  12. Chaos_Umbra

    What's the most Karma you've had?

    Most I had was 117... then I had some good games so I was reported for being too good by the enemy... Some people so childish
  13. Chaos_Umbra

    Best Destroyer

    Premium: T-61 and Kamikaze. Standard: Fletcher, any tier 7+ PA DD, Z-46 & Z-52.
  14. Chaos_Umbra

    Which is your most hated camo by looks?

    Would have voted the Roma Beer Can camo as it turns a good looking ship into an ugly one!
  15. Chaos_Umbra

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Where did I say it needed to have a 100% drop rate... so stop putting words to my name that I didn't even say, or your just blind... What I meant was in how polar the distribution seems to be, some get all 4 missions in the first 4 containers, while others get absolutely nothing. It doesn't help that some of the mission require a tier 7 RN DD... Notser Kinda pointed this out, I think he was on some absurd 3 digit number of containers opened and still hadn't got the lot, and mentioned that there should be a confirmed limit of containers opened that guarantee the missions appearing.