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  1. So would the I-400 class submarines counter that as they have their own aircraft
  2. Dreadnought - about time too!

    Well from the few games in the DoY the game-play for the KGV should be more similar to Cruisers tbh as almost every BB over-matches you you need to use the ships concealment to get in close and punish broadsides of any ships then stealth up retreat and find cover to repair the damage from the engagement (while in cover you can spam HE over said island) then reengage when sufficiently repaired. QE is about the only silver RN BB where the AP is generally more effective than the HE if your a good shot as even if it's rather inferior to the Warspite it still over-matches all tier 7 and under BBs so still hits hard.
  3. Dreadnought - about time too!

    Well I'm playing the Queen ATM but rarely as the Whole HE thing put me right off the line, and as you can probably tell I'm of the opinion that the KGV and DoY should have been tier 8 ships similar to the Scharnhorst at tier 7 in terms of 'fast' firing 'low' caliber guns which would have made more unique game play as they won't have to deal with every BB over matching the hull plating. But WG didn't listen that HE BBs was gonna be bad for the game, luckily they really got it right with the French BBs, just a shame that my home nation ships are so cancerous
  4. Though Queen Elizabeth and Hood have the same guns on paper they have far lower accuracy and penetration as the shells on the Warspite have better AP pen, while the Hoods have a shorter fuse instead of the HE Alpha/pen/fire chance that the QE has. I agree that we don't need any more stupid HE BBs... not that that would stop the idiots still only slinging HE as the RN BBs have made this strategy and epidemic that has influenced the other BB lines as well...
  5. Dreadnought - about time too!

    For those people there is truly no hope...
  6. Dreadnought - about time too!

    They could always give it Warspite accuracy as they are essentially the same guns, while toning down the HE, would make for a slightly more demanding play style than the rest of the brain-dead proof RN BBs...
  7. Blyska still worth?

    I got it with the discount and with a 10 point captain am finding it strong at contesting caps When supported! and top tier, however it doesn't fare well in tier 8 or 9 MM due to the abundance of radar and the fact that there is a massive gap in the level of concealment between your ship and those of the 2 tiers above you. Unfortunately most of the games I've had have been with me bottom tier, but the 1 game where I was top I killed 3 DDs, got 2 devastating strikes, 1 double strike and a total of 4 kills. So in the correct matchmaking and supported in the cap by another stealthier DD it still performs well, just don't expect to be able to do much in tier 8 or 9 games.
  8. Final best-of-the-best-looking-ship poll

    But equally they don't want to upset their biggest spenders which are the brain-dead BB players that sail around broadside all day expecting not to be punished, if they raise the citadels only the people that understand angling would benefit. I think we can all agree that most of the Dirpitz players are in this big spender category and are equally in the broadsiding fools category.
  9. What is it with the Fuso ?

    It's because everyone's been shown how to kill them in those 'How it Works?' Videos So they are easier to kill now. #NoBullyFuso
  10. First poll - best looking ship

    Would have voted Roma, so picked Giulio Cesare cause all Italian ships are beautiful.
  11. the "carry harder!" thread

    There is a limit to how much you need to do to carry a weekend team...
  12. the "carry harder!" thread

    Was so close to being top score in this lost game... Basically was lost due to the enemy having a Radar BB... completely balanced WG...
  13. Updated Operation Dynamo

    From what I've seen the 10 point commander has been removed from the final reward for quite some time now. Also it is good to see that Commonwealth ships are now included in the Operation, seeing as they make more sense than Russians and Americans...
  14. Fleet Air Arm Typhoons with unguided rockets... at least the plane existed with that armament maybe not a navel version of the fighter though...
  15. Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I was a bit excited for a minute there... now comes the disappointment that it was someone pushed the wrong button...