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  1. Chaos_Umbra

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    And what do you do when all BBs are dead or they lemming'd to the opposite flank? Gun Boat in a T4 Kuma with less guns?
  2. A friend of mine has had an issue he set up his account through Steam and has never set up his own Wargaming Account but when he tried to start the game from Steam it wanted him to select a region and basically set up a new account. His original account clearly exists, but as he has only got to it though Steam and now it wants to set up a new account by default, how can he get his account back? If anyone has had the same issue or can give some advice it will be helpful. He has contacted support but they just think he set it up a normal account though the Game Centre and tried to open it though Steam, not that he had a Steam account and can no longer access it...
  3. Chaos_Umbra

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    GK hardly ever takes bow on citadels from Yamato cause it has a Icebreaker bow so it does work, most of the damage the GK takes while bow in is from superstructure pens. Also all mid tier BBs have 26mm bows it isn't anything specific to USN BBs which was due to the IFHE rework, meanhile ships from other classes that used to have HE immunity to certain Guns now get penned all over... Does WG realise there was a 21mm threshold in the game?
  4. You seem to forget that the Dunkirque was in the game long before any of the ships you just mentioned... Of course it's been power crept, but it still is not an issue with the ship but with how WG operates with everything needing to be better than what came before. I wouldn't want to sail a Izmail on the flank with that mobility and turret layout...
  5. Also worse WR than Odin and with less games...
  6. The bottom line is though you shouldn't be camping from Spawn in any BB and you will only get them to stop sniping if the accuracy gets better the closer you are cause they might by accident get closer than they wanted to and find out that they were more effective... who would have thought... I wonder how the WR for the Champagne is doing considering it has 0 carry potential...
  7. Nothing wrong with Dunkirque and Why would I want to spend all game stationary in spawn taking pot shots from 20km? Where's the Fun in that??? What I meant is more that Dunkique is more of a standard BB with light guns and good speed which can be placed well on a flank to get cross shots rather than just parking bow in, took mine out a few days ago and raked up over 100k so there is nothing wrong with the ship only with players that don't have a brain. If you want a better comparison then I think the ships should play more like an Alsace or Iowa fast and good at getting into good crossfire positions, you now actually moving rather than the Bad for the game Spawn camping!!! We need ships that rely on mobility not static gun emplacements in Spawn... Unless that is what your definition of fun is...
  8. Chaos_Umbra

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Also interesting to see how strong the initial DevBlog stats are for the Russian ship you posted and the rest TBH when compared to DevBlog stats for other nations ships... If they don't want us to call Russian Bias they need to do at least a better job of hiding it...
  9. I would rather they changed the Champagne, Florida & Slava to be more like Dunkirque TBH. BBs should not be sniping from max range any sort of gimmick where your accuracy gets worse the closer you get is just bad for the game, we don't need to give any backing to those BB players that when criticised in chat about being too far away reply with 'I'm using all my range because that is what a BB should do'... When I saw the Florida and the stats I thought it would be an interesting ship, then I saw it was going to be like Champagne and Slava, which put me right off instantly... Has the stats for a good flanking BB but then WG decide it is going to be a spawn camper instead... BORING!!!
  10. Chaos_Umbra

    Odin is complete Trash.

    Aren't the guns the same as Agir cause I've had no problems with them, be it citadeling cruisers or BBs. Heck Last night I managed to citadel a Missouri from 18km with the Agir... Unless the shells are different and the accuracy is much worse then I don't really see the issue, only thing I could see as a problem is the low HP pool, but as I haven't got Odin yet I can't really say if it is too little.
  11. Chaos_Umbra

    You become CEO of WG for a day - what do you do?

    1. Sack the entire Balance (Gimmick) Department 2. Remove the lines ruined by Gimmicks that are bad for the game to have them reworked from scratch; RN BBs, Italian Cruisers 3. Remove ships that are bad for the game as in teach bad habits or are just pure cancerous; Asashio, Smolensk, Champagne 4. Rework the Research Bureau so that it simply means that you get points on ships at lower tiers for playing them with milestones that unlock extra camos and side grades for said ship 5. Have MM balance teams based on Radars, stealthy DDs / DD leaders, and at least even out the average WR for players on both teams, so you don't see 3 unicum Divs all on the same team while you are stuck with a load of window lickers and loose in under 6 mins. 6. Set development on new game modes and scenarios Think that would be a good start, but a lot to fit into 1 day... Too much that need fixing...
  12. Chaos_Umbra

    ST - 0.9.6 Changes to test ships.

    Also how do you see what your yoloing if you were the only one spotting and use the smoke to close the gap? Hope they don't move and proxy spot them?
  13. Chaos_Umbra

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    I was talking about the lead between initiating the attack and being able to attack, ATM it is about 3km for me, I'm not much of a CV player so maybe you can be closer, but the distance the rockets travel from the planes is only like 0.1-0.2km so you won't get into a situation where the DD is spotted closer than you can rocket unless attacking over an island. So as it is currently you can't just attack a Kagero until you do 1 pass to spot him then he goes dark but you already know his last position and he can't go far so you initiate the attack before you spot him and thus by the time you do spot him your rockets are ready to fire, so the change will make little difference, except nerf DDs with good AA.
  14. Chaos_Umbra

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    ATM Kageros are already inside that striking range, you spot it do a pass turn around start the attack before he is spotted because you already know where he is so the effect of the change will be minimal, might take a tad longer to find it but won't change the result and won't stop CVs going for DDs cause DDs win games...
  15. Well at least thanks for letting me rank out And I'm now only 35k xp off the Midway too