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  1. Chaos_Umbra

    Recommend me a Battleship line

    Exactly why I thought it was a waste of time arguing all I get is light abuse in return with no actual content to back anything up just endless 'git gud' and what do I see when I check how 'gud' you are... 7% worse WR than me... yeah I think I shall ignore any of your advice as I am clearly doing better without it
  2. But you can with a pre-prepared Spaghetti Carbonara, well not 2 minutes but 4 minutes
  3. Chaos_Umbra

    Changes to test ships

    Seems to me that there was a mix of opinions on the ship with most EU CCs saying the ship was bad while some of the NA CCs saying they liked it... some of this is probably due to how they were playing them like that clip of Flambass taking a 60k hit at the start of the match was due to his own mistake of sailing broadside to BBs in a cruiser, despite the decent armour it is not a BB and even if it was a BB in that situation it still would have taken a big hit, where as Notser was playing it more in a cruiser role for most of the game he showed and still managed to get a lot of nice accurate salvos sure you will always get bad ones at times but most ships get that at some point. What I will say is that it did not needed a nerf, if the torp angles were like the Duca D'Aosta's then yes they would need a range nerf and the repair nerf it is quite a large target and most of the damage it will take will be full pens which won't heal much anyway so I dunno why they think that aspect was too strong, shame cause it looked more interesting than the Azuma or Yoshino...
  4. Chaos_Umbra

    Recommend me a Battleship line

    I almost feel like not replying cause you always just ignore others arguments and just repeat the same points, sure other ships sling HE like Worcester but they don't have 6K alpha and over 50mm of armour penetration nor a 60 odd % fire chance. Counter a BB that sets fires every salvo and does 6-15k damage per HE salvo regardless of angling while if you used HE to counter in any other BB you would get 4k damage at most and a fire every few salvos, and that is not accounting that it can print 40% of a whole ship in 15 seconds. The thing only has 3 real counters Torpedoes cause it has poor torpedo protection, 460mm Guns cause they over-match it everywhere and focused fire from 4 or more ships (But every ship would be countered by that...). Also about the Accuracy the Conqueror isn't that bad after having played the Lion I was actually able to use the AP cause the shells go roughly where you aim them, and about your bow on being a smaller target at longer ranges I'm sure that the RN BBs have better Horizontal dispersion than Vertical which mean being bow on can actually mean you eat more shells, not an issue when it is AP shells at they will either bounce or over-pen the superstructure but when it is HE that is a nice juicy 12k hit. People not using premium consumables is their own Mistake if they want to on purpose put themselves at a disadvantage. Anyway this is quite off topic anyway as you can say I'm completely wrong about the RN BBs not being detrimental to the game, but you can't deny that they are very quirky compared to all the other nations BB lines with the Super HE and all thus not the best line to start learning to play BBs cause it will only increase the number of long-range HE slinging German BBs. Much better to start with a more standard line then he can try out the more obscure ones after learning how to play the class normally.
  5. But the SNP wants to get rid of all the Nukes... maybe they will sell them to Putin to help pay for the welfare system
  6. Chaos_Umbra

    Recommend me a Battleship line

    Your really recommending the RN BB line as a first BB line to play Sure they are supper NOOB friendly just aim in the rough direction and fire HE while not caring about angling or target selection, but it would be a completely useless experience for when he wants to play a second BB line cause like all those SPESHULL people we have had come into the game since the RN BB line was added the number of non RN BBs slinging HE ONLY has massively multiplied! It is best to start of with the most traditional BB line then try a second, and that is why the USN BBs are probably the best for a first BB grind, they are all solid ships with no stupid gimmicks and are still very competitive, as in Clan Battles it is one of the most popular picks along with Republique for that mode. There is a reason that the Conqueror is not used...
  7. Chaos_Umbra

    Pizza Navy!!!

    Tue I have both Duca D'Aosta and Abruzzi and while it is low alpha and has a poor fire chance with IFHE is will at least pen up to 32mm of armour when it hit where as the SAP can ricochet which means the effectiveness of it on bow in targets is much reduced. TBH I would then miss the AP which is very good from 11km and under which is part of the role of an ambush ship get in hit hard then retreat and for that AP is the best ammo.
  8. Chaos_Umbra

    Pizza Navy!!!

    That's why I said that they would be better on Italian BBs than on cruisers cause BBs can already deal with High Armoured Targets and thus need something for low armoured ones where as the Cruisers with the SAP have loads of tools against lightly armoured targets but basically none against heavier targets...
  9. Chaos_Umbra

    Pizza Navy!!!

    I think we all need to take into consideration that the ships are just about to enter their first cycle of testing so anything can change (hopefully it will), I mean remember the RN CL release? Those ships got as far as into the CCs hands before they realised a whole like of HE spamming cruisers with a Smoke screen was a bad idea and then completely reworked the ammunition. Here's hoping that while in testing they will realise that not having Hydro or Def AA is a bad idea an removes the cruisers main role... being a utility ship, if it doesn't have the tools then it will have no utility. And also hoping that they will give them the HE back cause unless the AP is like RN or USN AP with better ricochet angles and either Short fuses or Heavy shells otherwise they will be useless against angled armoured targets strong against DDs and Cruisers but incapable of damaging BBs apart from with torpedoes and no defence from aircraft... Save the SAP for the BBs cause that is something I would really like on the Roma... it will mean that I will be able to get something other than Over-pens on Broadside cruisers at under 12km...
  10. Chaos_Umbra

    Changes to test ships

    But didn't they previously Nerf the torpedoes cause it was too torpedo focused?
  11. Chaos_Umbra

    Pizza Navy!!!

    The Cruisers not having HE has just made my Duca D'Aosta/ Abruzzi captain completely obsolete...
  12. Chaos_Umbra

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Ran into @Leo_Apollo11 in Savage Battle tonight was a close match.
  13. Chaos_Umbra

    4th chat ban...no idea why

    You were playing CVs weren't you that was how I got my first and only chat ban cause I was playing a CV...
  14. Chaos_Umbra

    Why run at the end?

    True unless it is kiting while shooting trying to get as much damage as they can before the end of the match same with CVs, the other time it might be good is when you have tanked enough damage to get the dreadnought achievement. But otherwise yeah it is a waste of time...