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  1. Chaos_Umbra

    New Ships — Closed Testing 0.11.10 (DB 373)

    @YabbaCoe Just a few questions on the ships announced here: Are the Dive Bombers on the Hybrids like the standard US CV ones (Going up then diving) or do they drop like the Tactical Squadron on the Hornet? On the Hector does it have Standard AP shells or are they improved like the Tech Tree RN CLs? Also on the Hector, does it have normal acceleration or the RN CL improved acceleration? Thanks.
  2. I meant more in terms of the general function of the things, like for example the total non existence of homing torps... Taking it in a literal sense that I wanted steampunk subs in the main game is stupid, all I said was that the general gameplay of them was probably the iteration that was most fun to play.
  3. Ironically I think the most fun version of Submarines to play was in that initial Halloween Operation and since they tried to adapt them to work in Random they are dull to play and frustrating to fight against. If they had just kept them as thier own game mode or Operation Subs would probably be fully released by now...
  4. Chaos_Umbra

    British U-boats announced!

    All ready apply this on the PTS when I am forced by missions to play Subs, I stick what used to be the Back to School Camo on all of them... The only way you can save some dignity when playing them... So all My Subs are Yellow Submarines
  5. Chaos_Umbra

    New ships - 0.11.9 Closed Testing (DB 368)

    "Renown as of 1944 is less suited to the progression of the British battleship branch than her researchable counterpart. The Renown '44, if placed at Tier VI in the branch, would surpass even the Tier VII Rooke in terms of AA and secondary guns." Considering Rooke is a paper ship and that it's current Secondary Layout makes no sense, you could have just given it a better AA loadout in the first place, in fact the entire line has trash AA and sticking Defensive AA consumable on it only makes trash AA slightly less trash as to get the most benefit out of the consumable you need good AA in the first place... Here a more logical Secondary Composition for Rooke:
  6. Chaos_Umbra

    Public Test 0.11.8 - Reworked Operations

    Personally I'm not a fan of changing up the tier allowances in Operations as it will basically remove any incentive to play T6 ships or even buy T6 Premium ships. From the previous weekend I only had 1 game while playing T6 ships where I was not the only T6 ship, in half of them I was the only non T8 ship. While I was always able to get in the top 2 on the team (Mostly because PTs players are generally sub standard) which means the improved xp for fighting much higer tier ships works, but because some T6 ships really struggle in the range department it makes it almost impossible to compete in some scenarios when everything gets sunk well before your in gun range. I had to play Spotter Plane Leander in Cherry Blossom for crying out loud. With a 1 tier difference it wouldn't be so bad. Another downside is that some ships work well in some scenarios and not in others and with the completely random Map rotation you can end up being obsolete if you don't pick something that will do okay in all scenarios (less of a problem if you take any T8 ship as they have the range and firepower to make up for it). Some Examples of teams... I also encountered 2 issues one with the AI and it's excessive targeting of the bottom tier ship when it is right at the back of the team: The other was a Bug with playing Spotter Plane Leander in that the ships concealment got stuck far beyond the max gun range even with spotter plane up and wouldn't reduce at all: As you can see the gun bloom should have reduced between the 2 images.
  7. Chaos_Umbra

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.8

    Not a fan of the tier inflation on operations RIP T6 & 7 Premiums, you from now on shall forever rust in port because why use them in an operation when you can just steamroll it with a T8...
  8. Well if they are meant to sink cruisers it would be nice if the shells went where you aim them as I have had so many cruisers give full broadside to these BCs at 6km and only get 1 overpen as the shells go haywire all over the place! also if you want them in game to hunt cruisers, first you need more than 1 or 2 cruisers in the match as it is so BB + DD heavy due to subs and CVs...
  9. This is never a test bed for the line look at the new RN BCs, they are nothing like Repulse and Incomparable, both of these ships have standard AP shell fuse times and are very accurate (and received positive reception from the playerbase). The tech tree ships have short fuse AP with terrible accuracy and are given torps for brawling which the armour doesn't support at all and IMO have no role at all as your better off playing Schlieffen or Conqueror.
  10. Yeah if it looked nice it would have been tempting like the Italian Cruisers camos, but the Dazzel Steampunk camo is ugly.
  11. Chaos_Umbra

    New UK BB's. What to expect?

    It's still 3/5ths of your long range AA DPS missing which is basically your only defence considering the 40mm Vickers AA guns only have a range of 2.5km... Fixed it Also felt that Rooke's Secondary suite didn't make sense so fixed that too...
  12. Chaos_Umbra

    New UK BB's. What to expect?

    Hood has improved pen angles and normal fuse, Rooke has Short fuse and as far as I know normal Pen angles... Basically you can get reliable hits on BBs but don't ever expect to citadel them unless really close and they don't have layered armour. Hood also has better sigma but a larger max dispersion ellipse, so the outlier shells will be more extreme, but the shell groupings on the hole will be better with Hood. I find the guns on this line ruin it as so many times I have had almost guaranteed kill shots only for the dispersion to play up, like when shooting a broadside Nurnburg at 6km and getting 1 overpen...
  13. Chaos_Umbra

    New UK BB's. What to expect?

    Repulse has 2.0 sigma, Renown has 1.8 (though it doesn't feel like it, felt like 1.5), also Repulse gets standard AP shells so that you can actually citadel BBs, so far I have only got 1 on a BB with Rooke on a KGV at 4km through the stern. Repulse also has higher AP alpha and better armour, only thing it looses is the improved acceleration I think, but also has much better range and a spotter plane and the AA isn't much worse either a Renown is missing 3/5ths of it's long range AA mounts and for some reason all Vickers 40mm guns seems to only have 2.5km range meaning you essentially don't have midrange AA only short range. WG had no Idea what they wanted when gimmicking them, we all thought that the Repulse and Incomparable were tests for the design concept and both received very positive reviews from the player base, however WG decided to throw this in the bin and start again, must have a second BC line that is a 'Brawler' with torps and we can't have an RN BB line which can shoot straight...
  14. Totally not worth it, in previous Early access events it was worth getting the T8 perma camo with community tokens for free as it came with the bonus, without it is just a useless cosmetic, and if you don't like the look of it you can't even skip it and just get the bonus without spending cash and later you can't even get the standard perma camo at a reduced price as it would be your second camo...