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  1. Chaos_Umbra

    ST 0.10.7, Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

    Ah k sorry that I over interpreted your comment, just you see so much uneducated bias towards things added to the game for a select part of the player base and they rage about it being added even though you can just hide it all. Don't know this particular franchise itself, but I am not against other colabs as long as it isn't as trash as the Kong one, which was a pure money grab.
  2. Chaos_Umbra

    Public Test 0.10.7 - General Feedback

    Was hoping each sprint would only last a day so I could at least finish the 500 Community points mission but unfortunately it seems to be the same sprint for the whole weekend, so I am being penalised for completing the play 3 T10 sub games in ranked last weekend as it meant I was already in gold league for the second weekend of testing, and unfortunately me yolo charging in with a Zao wasn't enough for the enemy team to win, so I prioritised getting the 3 sub games in as it was worth more points, still means I miss out on the 500. Really badly thought out missions.
  3. Chaos_Umbra

    ST 0.10.7, Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

    It doesn't force you to use the stuff you get out if why are you complaining when you have the option in game to hide all the visuals and if you have the things in your inventory you can just sell them and dismiss them if you really want to go that far due to hatred of media from other cultural backgrounds.
  4. Chaos_Umbra

    new event only for RU server

    The New Russian CVs should be a RU Server only event
  5. Chaos_Umbra

    Dockyard - De Zeven Provincien - Will you take part?

    I will get the cheaper starter pack as it for once was a real ship, 2 it is cheap for a T8 Cruiser, and lastly despite it having squishy armour it is a bloody pain to hit with that speed boost.
  6. Chaos_Umbra

    404 brains.exe

    Yeah you should just get 1 Ramming Flag as a reward then it would be not excessive
  7. Chaos_Umbra

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    New ship releases are always on Fridays though.
  8. Chaos_Umbra

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    Napoli is probably going to arrive a week on Friday as from then it appears as a mission requirement on the Dutch Cruiser Missions. As for why it would not be this Friday, that is because the Borodino has also lost Test Ship status and with Russia Navy Day being this coming this weekend it is likely to be this Friday's release, making the Napoli likely to be the following Friday.
  9. Chaos_Umbra

    ST - 0.10.7 - New ships

    True but WG don't really consider anything below T5 existing as all missions etc have a T5 and up requirement, also you can add Ishizuchi to that list.
  10. Chaos_Umbra

    ST - 0.10.7 - New ships

    Actually the first BC in the game was the Hood and it is in as a BB with very good HP for the tier and fairly good armour as well and only really suffers in turning circle and max number of guns which isn't even the lowest of it's tier, Mind you the Hood was heavily up armoured during construction thanks to Jutland so it is maybe verging towards being a Fast BB... Wait I just remembered we already had Kongo and Amagi much earlier than that an both of those were originally BCs though, could probably be classed as less armoured Fast BBs in their current state. With regards to the new German BCs, I think they should have ditched the whole secondary gimmick as brawling with a Low Armoured, Low HP BC is not a very smart thing to do in the first place and it should have focused more on fast flanking attacks, where you push a wide flank to create a cross fire, though with how CVs hard counter this somewhat is an issue but that is more a CV balance issue than anything else, currently the Hood, Agir, Kronstdat and Siegfried play in this manner (well At least I play them this way and it works for me) so I think that should always be the general BC playstyle, with national traits making each line unique. So with German BCs they sacrifice some of the fire power for extra armour, where as the RN BCs would focus more on maintaining large calibre guns at the expense of armour while both being somewhat similar in terms of speed and concealment being a bit better than the equivalent BB of the same tier. As with the initial concept that WG has given us... The thinner plating is somewhat concerning, but this is part down to them trying to push a secondary build idea though on the ships, though they could keep the minimum plating that BBs have whilst sacrificing HP and armour thickness elsewhere instead (these values are already likely lower in the first place), so the thinner bow and stern plating is probably dropping the survivability too far especially for the German BCs (thinner plating might be appropriate for RN BCs though). Secondly is the accuracy, this is a bit to know without seeing the ships played but they seem to have Georgia accuracy but with worse sigma values which means the maximum worst grouping will be better than most BBs, but the poor sigma will mean the salvos will be fairly erratic, this can be compensated for with good reload so you counter with volume of fire but you are still rather under gunned in general so I do think the sigma needs improving or they switch to the tighter Large Cruiser dispersion with the same sigma. Speed at the low tiers seemed fine but in the high-mid tiers/low-high tiers they seem to be basically in the pack with the BBs this is partially due to this being where most of the Fast BB designs start appearing so I think they could do with a little extra just to make sure they are ahead of the pack even if it turns out that the general trend for new BCs in the game is that they have a Speed Boost (though this is kinda copying the French BB gimmick ). AA does seem to be especially sub par, but then again only a few ships and ship lines can somewhat defend themselves against CVs so it is just more of the same CV Balancing issues. Only other critique I have is the ugly super structure on the T8 what is that abomination!!!
  11. Chaos_Umbra

    Republic of China navy flag in captains logbook?

    Liking and Sharing this video will really trigger them
  12. Chaos_Umbra

    Submarines test results and further steps (DB 169)

    At what point did I say anything about being Anti CV? All I pointed out was that the Submarine was the biggest threat to a CV IRL and the Submarine in game seems that it would take the longest for it to kill a CV because it counters the main gimmick it has to deal damage! Stop putting your own 'poor CVs now have to lead targets with rockets' whining, all that I am just pointing out that CVs have the best defence against Subs of any ship without the player having to do anything!
  13. Chaos_Umbra

    Submarines test results and further steps (DB 169)

    CVs have these things called planes that can spot and attack Subs, plus the Submarine's torpedoes are only really scary with a double ping allowing them to citadel with homing, and seeing as CVs auto damage con the pings and are then immune to them for a minute, and it will take multiple attacks to kill a stationary CV, let alone a CV than knows he can move the ship with Auto Pilot...
  14. Chaos_Umbra

    Kitakami is coming

    They removed it to save Tuccy from hitting Friendlies with torps in Ranked... I was on the receiving end... Luckily after Team damage was removed
  15. Chaos_Umbra

    Update 0.10.6, balance changes

    Probably because SAP is a failed concept from the start with the alpha being higher than the AP, just making it so potato proof that the reload and accuracy have to suffer to keep it in line...