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  1. Chaos_Umbra

    Is the Daring as bad as the Jutland?

    I prefer the Jutland to the Daring, I find the larger size and worse detection mean you can't defend in the ship, all it takes is for another DD to out-spot you and then you receive 13k of damage in seconds which will knock out your engine/rudder/torpedos/main battery or all at the same time. Sure it is great having the extra firepower, but if you have to always hide behind an island to use it as being in the open just is death your gonna lose as you aren't contesting a cap...
  2. Fair enough, I took it as improving the AI at first...
  3. Coop needs improvements? The bots are already better players than 70% of the player-base
  4. Chaos_Umbra

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Well had this as my last game in the Neptune to unlock the Minotaur... Some players just don't want to win... Well at least the Minotaur will be a big improvement over the Neptune so next time I might be able to win with 9 kills...
  5. Chaos_Umbra

    Stalingrad OP

    The only issue with Stalingrad is when it is in a CB environment as it essentially adds another BB to one team and not the other not to mention how tanky it is when angled, only punishable when broadside... which rarely happens. I think that WG should disallow premiums in tier 10 Clan Battles, I know it will include the Salem which isn't OP but it will stop any future BC's into the mode (until they are counted as tier own class) as it really puts and advantage to the Clan that can Field them... most I've seen in one Clan Battle was 3... it was not fun...
  6. In the last container of the daily rewards I got the Atago Black which will join the Atago and Takao... Still the last 2 from the mission chain to get...
  7. Chaos_Umbra

    Haida, eh?

    I seem to get on well with it averaging over 50k, it is meant to bully DDs in caps and putting the smoke screen upgrade improves it a lot, you have excellent stealth and the torps are handy for forcing damage con and stopping BBs pushing your smoke and having a very good health pool and Hydro makes it one of the best cap contesters of tier 7, sure the Jervis has stolen some of it's advantage with the 360deg guns and having a lot more torps, but the extra HP and stealth do swing most engagements in your favor.
  8. Chaos_Umbra

    West Virginia in the shop

    I would say that Mutsu does at least differentiate itself a but more than the WV as it has torpedoes which the Nagato does not.
  9. Chaos_Umbra

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    I think just including a fictional tier 11 and 12 into the MM would help as it will give tier 10 only and tier 9 and 10 only games which will put the load off tier 8.
  10. Chaos_Umbra

    British Battleship Commanders.

    I took Expert Loader as my last 1 point and god damn is it useful on the Vanguard, I'm always switching ammo from HE to AP and back, especially with the DD AP interaction change it is an even more useful skill on BBs. For the RN BBs it is useful for those situations where a cruiser or BB comes out broadside from behind an island at close range, my Lion wrecked a Yamato that did that...
  11. Chaos_Umbra

    West Virginia in the shop

    Would have been interested with the special captain and camo... but that on it's own is not worth an extra £22, as I don't need all the other **** it comes with... So no buy, gonna go for Massachusetts B if I don't get it in a free container.
  12. Chaos_Umbra

    Lion British Battleship or Cruiser?

    No KGV would go back to tier 8, Monarch would no longer be a thing Lion would stay at tier 9 and tier 10 will stay the same except it won't be balanced around [edited] playing it i.e. you will not just spam HE you won't have Zombie heal and you will be vulnerable to citadels. As Nelson was shafted to be a Premium Rodney would take it's place at tier 7.
  13. Chaos_Umbra

    Lion British Battleship or Cruiser?

    What I meant by needing a rework for the whole line is that the Stupid HE trait needs to be removed then in compensation the accuracy can be improved as there won't be the risk of 4 fires with every salvo, the survive-ability drop at tier 7 is due to the designs moving to an all or nothing Armor scheme like the High tier US BBs (means lots of 25-32mm armor all over that is weak to HE and can be over-matched), also WG doesn't consider the effectiveness of Cemented composite armor that was part of the main belt, and as such the side armor is weaker then it's IRL counterpart. Basically I would remove the stupid HE trait and portable dry dock and replace those with reasonable accuracy, decent maneuverability and tankyness when angled but can be citadel-ed.
  14. Chaos_Umbra

    Lion British Battleship or Cruiser?

    I was so disgusted by the existence of the Monarch that I Free XP'd to the Lion (did not even consider buying it), The Lions okay but still the same accuracy and RNG reliance as the rest of the line... The line totally needs a rework, almost as much as the CVs did whether that succeeds or not.
  15. Chaos_Umbra

    Lion British Battleship or Cruiser?

    I completely agree, I find the Vanguard to be exactly what the line should have been and I was also devastated when the KGV was moved down to tier 7, cause it made one of the tanky-est BBs built into something that is over-matched by everything from every angle all for it to be able to fight tier 5 cruisers so it can over-match them. I have tried many times to use AP in the line but ended on giving up unless under 8km from the target as the dispersion is so bad you only end up with Shatters/Over-pens/Bounces, which means your back to slinging HE praying to RNGesus you hit the target then praying again that you cause multiple fires... Get rid of the OP HE fix the wonky guns and maybe give them a improved rudder (though not as good as Vanguard, 7.8 secs might be pushing it) presto you have an interesting line that rewards good aim and using the rudder to mitigate damage, no need for a super heal or Napalm HE shells. Then it will bring the tech-tree inline with the premiums other than Nelson and DoY.