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  1. I don't think it will still be a thing seeing as they are considering giving the Akizuki and above 1/4 HE PEN.
  2. WG you lied

    I guess this must be something to do with the viewing range on the DDs, as even though the BB should be detected when the detection blooms, the DD has a much smaller Visual range so is unable to see the BB so I assume that the game is counting the BB as undetected as nothing can see it directly.
  3. Here come the gimmicks...
  4. Early prototype Tirpitz spotted at tier 3

    Your better off taking the I-400 class of IJN Subs instead.
  5. HMCS Haida is in testing as a Commonwealth DD ATM, and it was rumored that the next line after the US Light Cruisers will be RN DDs followed by Italian Cruisers, but nothing is 100% confirmed and no more info has been leaked since.
  6. The rendering delay is only annoying in PvP, it really pisses me off as it's like 6 seconds where as 2 patches ago I had almost none 1-2 secs at most, really great job by WG.
  7. Graf zepplin

    The only thing OP about the GZ is that stupid circle drop pattern on the Dive bombers it means maneuvering does nothing to avoid be in hit, had 1 take out half the HP of my GK today, its the one CV I really fear when playing a German, Italian or IJN BB, thought the US AP dive bombers are just as deadly but actually require micro to land all the bombs...
  8. Any news on Clan Base upgrades??

    Well there will be an Italian research center added when the Italian cruisers are added to the game.
  9. Thoughts and speculations on Italian cruisers

    Well I've been thinking about the Italian niche since the Duca D'Aosta was released, and as with other people I was initially thinking Speed Boost until the French arrived, now I have thought again and had a different idea. Now don't just jump and rage at me for this, but I got my inspiration from the prominent smoke launchers on the sterns of all the Italian ships so far and while I know smoke cruisers is a bit of a taboo but hear me out, what I was think was to have it compliment the play-style that the ships promote; and that is using concealment to get close and support the DDs against enemy DDs in the caps with the fast accurate HE shells and sneaking into close range to AP broadside ships then kite away and disappear with the odd torpedo attack thrown in, now the problem with this is (other than there being too many BBs for you to survive most of the time) getting out of those engagements alive. This is where the smoke comes in, it deploys from the stern of the ship meaning you can't use it to sit still and hide unless you are already going backwards and it only has a short duration, for example 18 secs deployment time and lasts only 5 secs with a quick reload on the consumable like 80 secs and more charges than normal like a PA DD. The way this works is to cover your retreat until the 20 sec gun bloom time has ended allowing you to go back to stealth thus increasing ship survive-ability thru making it easier to disengage. The ship characteristics will stay the same fast ships with an agile rudder, slim profile with fast deadly AP at close ranges and fast but low alpha and fire chance HE. I will say your idea on SAP ammo is also very interesting. I have 2/3 problems with the Abruzzi after playing her, first is that the rudder is 2 secs slower than the D'Aosta and it really impacts the ships ability to dodge compared to the tier 6 counterpart, the second point is that the AP is just worse on the Abruzzi compared to the D'Aosta, at close range in the D'Aosta I can guarantee at least 2 citadels per salvo against a broadside CL at 7km (normally more), where as in the Abruzzi I only had 3 citadels after about 4 salvos on a broadside Atlanta at under 7km, I don't know what the reason fully is other than blame the slightly slower shell velocity, but with 2 extra guns over the tier 6 I would have expected a much greater return than I got. The last thing I am uncertain on is the main belt armor layout the D'Aosta has the thick armor first then thin armor on the citadel this meant the you could easily main belt bait BBs when coupled with the fast rudder, the Abruzzi has these 2 armor layers round the other way which means BBs will over match the main belt and instead bounce off the citadel, dunno if this affects the ability of the ship to negate damage or it is just the fact that the rudder is much slower making it take longer to angle or a bit of both. Other than when MM throws you into a tier 9 game with a Taiho I am able to do decently in the ship but that is mainly because you can restore some of the damage you take with the heal as you can't avoid it as easily as in the tier 6.
  10. Conqs heal and Republics armour

    No what the Monarch needs is removal from the game it is an abomination!
  11. Izumo, Good, Bad, Buff, Nerf

    I know it's meant to be accurate, but when I was playing it I must of had constant bad RNG with the dispersion then, though not as bad as the FDG which I found the secondaries much more reliable as a damage source than the actual guns, I kept thinking if only I had the Bismarck's 380mm I would have done some damage at least... Back to the Izumo, the main change it needs is for the No. 3 turret to face the other way (like the original design concepts as it was based on the Nelson class of BBs), when that is done then it can be looked at if the armor needs improving on the deck and casemate.
  12. Conqs heal and Republics armour

    While I only tried the Republique in space battles as the Paris, I found that it's selling points were very accurate fast firing main guns with the ability to quickly get on the flank or dis-engage using speed boost, has good AA and a good secondary load-out (as in better secondary fire starter than Kurfurst with the same range and better angles). Supper heal not necessary, and you shouldn't take the RN BBs as the standard as they are just a broken mess anyway, why on earth did WG decide to make both RN lines gimmicky as *edited* it makes me dread the release of RN DDs...
  13. PSA: Duca degli Abruzzi in shop

    It doesn't handle BB heavy tier 9 games with CVs well, I am working on getting IFHE, but I'm doing good when I can using the concealment to get close launch torps get in some AP volleys then disengage, would have liked a small rudder shift time decrease as your main tankyness is from dodging, but in more balanced MM I can see it performing well.
  14. Replacing Cleveland in Ops.

    But the La Galissoniere has 152mm guns not 203mm, I do agree that the guns are good.
  15. My GK has the IFHE secondary build remember getting 70k from the secondary shells alone in one ranked match, once in range everything melts, except another GK.