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  1. Maverati

    Public Test of Update 0.8.0 - Discussion Thread

    Hopefully the consumables will be infinite (or cool-down based) just because the number of attacking planes is infinite.
  2. Year of the carrier... nerf.
  3. Maverati

    Public Test of Update 0.8.0 - Discussion Thread

    Speaking of compensation, i do hope that the carrier commanders get a free point respec.
  4. Maverati

    Compensation for carriers

    When and where do i apply for compensation to have all of my carriers removed from my account, and have the commanders skill points respecced?
  5. Maverati

    0.7.11 - General Feedback

    Year of the carrier indeed, more like the year WG killed the carrier... When can people apply to get compensation for wasting their time and money on the carrier lines?
  6. Isn't it a little bit late for and April fools article? Oh you are being quite serious, oh dear.
  7. The carrier rework stinks of the WoT arty nerf to me...
  8. I expect, much like the WoT artillery the CVs need to be nerfed into the ground in order to "balance" the game.
  9. I can't wait to get a full xp and credit refund on the carriers I have, thank you for killing the line off for me with the proposed changes.
  10. Maverati

    more campaign missions PvE enabled please

    Can we please stay on topic? There should be more campaign missions that can be fulfilled by doing co-op or scenario mode, currently there are only one that can be partially completed and the other one only rewards single stars for co-op or scenario mode.
  11. Maverati

    more campaign missions PvE enabled please

    Co-op and scenario mode are my preferences but unfortunately most of the campaign mode rewards are only available to me if I participate in PvP modes.
  12. Can you please enable more of the campaign missions to be obtainable by playing PvE, I do not enjoy playing PvP and thus getting certain rewards is a lot more difficult for me. I have managed to make my way through to the final task in mission 9 of the science of victory campaign and I see no point in going further as there are no more missions that I can complete in either co-op battle or scenario mode. The same goes for most of the other campaigns apart from "Hit hard hit fast." They are only able to be passed if you play against other players, and that is a game mode I just do not enjoy. Yes I have played a few hundred matches of random battles and have developed a fond dislike of the toxic nature of some of the players who participate in the battles. I refuse to be forced into playing modes that I do not enjoy in order to get rewards that cannot be obtained by any means other than PvP battles.
  13. Maverati

    Balance Changes

    Is there any way of making the Carrier alternate plane load outs PvE only so that players can use them in Co-op or Operations battles only?
  14. Maverati

    Suggestions thread

    Can you please implement some code for the AI (in co-op battles) in order to avoid launching full torpedo salvos at point blank range into friendly ships just because there is an enemy ship on the opposite side of the soon to be sunk friendly unit. I have had many near misses as well, it's almost as bad as playing in PvP.
  15. Maverati

    UI Improvements

    Could you please allow for the UI to be resized to a decent size when using resolutions above 1080p, I tried to play the game in 4k resolution but the UI is microscopic.