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  1. German CV Erich Loewenhardt with Captain 10 pts. Thanks Wows.
  2. qkarl

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    Thanks it's a beautiful gift
  3. qkarl

    PSA: Santa Containers

    I spent 1,900 doubloons on eight Santa's Gift containers and found the Kutuzov Thanks Wows
  4. qkarl

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you! All of us together, developers and players, will sink COVID -19
  5. qkarl

    Armada: Indomitable

    The biggest economic deal of my wows life was when I sold the whole CV line US and JPN Tier X, Tier IX and down to Tier IV (including Saipan for doubloons)
  6. qkarl

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    The difficulty for exit Wows was for me: hard disk with the game installed and Win10 in Disk1 and not Disk0 (I have two ssd). I exchanged hardware connections. Everything is fine: wows exit regularly.
  7. qkarl

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    I also have problems with Wows exit: I only go out with task manager.
  8. qkarl

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    The server is always down - I normally have 75 fps. If the server is connected I have 10 fps: unplayable.
  9. They do not interest me: doubloons, repayments, compensation. I close the game and it all ends. And I'm not a free player but I consistently contribute to Wargaming. It was not a problem to buy the permanent camo of Hakuryu, Taiho, Midway and Premium Saipan. It will not be a problem not to play. I have a considerable number of ships: how much did I spend? I do not know. And I do not want to talk about the premium account. You will continue on your way, I will be on my way. There are thousands of games. Steam teaches. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/profile/529637465-qkarl/?tab=field_core_pfield_12
  10. qkarl

    Incrociatori russi

    Main Battery Moskva 220 mm/65 SM-63 х 3 pcs Main Battery Dmitri Donskoi 180 mm/57 MK-3-180M4 х 3 pcs
  11. qkarl

    Incrociatori russi

    Dmitri Donskoi http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100010000001100010000119?sid=4180587984 Moskva http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100010000001100000100119?sid=4179539408
  12. qkarl

    Fix your Servers

    While I was setting the captain of the Battleship Roma, I went out. What was a Fritz Bomb?
  13. qkarl

    Roma - Tier VIII Premium Italian BB suggestion

    Excluded that I buy a ship completely embarrassing (I refer to the camouflage). Wows misses a sale opportunity? Yes, I think the results will be negative. Mine is a personal opinion. Perhaps many love a can of beer on a battleship
  14. qkarl

    Snowy camouflage

    I have followed operations as recommended. It's all OK. Thanks @wilkatis_LV and @Tuccy for the assistance.
  15. qkarl

    Snowy camouflage

    I finished the "New Year Raid" campaign and got the "Snowy camouflages" for La Galissonnière, Fushun, Gaede and Queen Elizabeth. But they are invisible, no optical difference when they are mounted. Do others have this problem or do these camouflages have to be transparent?