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  1. Rant about CVs vs DDs

    Sometimes RNG screws you over. I had Gearing games where I downed 2 planes just as a squad entered range (literally 2 plane kills popped up, never saw the counter on 1). Also had games where I got circled by planes and took forever to down even 1 plane, then killed 3 on the way out after they finally dropped me. You probably got f*cked over, because losing more than a squad does not seem reasonable (also see last paragraph). You must've circled like 180 degrees around him to lose an entire squad before dropping. And even if circling 180 he got lucky. Now if you circled 180 then aborted the strike and had to start over, it starts to be more reasonable losses (then it's a CV misplay and you spent very long in his aa - similar to permaspotting). When you play CV from tier 6 onwards (and especially lower tiers with low hangar capacity), you should always aim to approach in a way that lets you spend the least amount of time in any ships aa bubble. Using TB, usually 90 degree towards their broadside, if BBs preferably from slightly behind them anticipating they will slow and turn in as you drop (other better CV players correct me if I'm wrong). Torping DDs is different; you generally want to box them with 2 TB squads, plenty of YT videos show how. It is reasonable that a CV shouldn't kill DDs for free or be able to permaspot it without losing planes. When it comes to DD aa, the values dont change much from tier 6 onwards, but CV planes health does. Shokaku have squishy TB, but from tier 9 it gets much better and the CV can mount a pretty massive + plane HP module too.
  2. Rant about CVs vs DDs

    Good advice. Using TB on a smoked up DD can be quite wasteful. I've both done with CV and faced it with DDs and it only really works if 1. you have the TB in striking distance (5-6 km) as DD smokes up 2. DD is a lazy arse and dont reposition in the smoke (which i admit many dont) 3. the DD in question is Russian or Z52, since all 3 almost maneuvers worse than Yamato. USN dds can dodge 100/100 drops they know is coming and you will never flush them from smoke, so dont bother with those. About AA dds: My Gearing with DFAA up (no AFT, aa range module) has about the same AA rating as AFT NC. It will easily wreck a Shokaku strike killing at least 12/16 planes (the trick is baiting the CV to commit). Midway on the other hand loses just 4-5 planes on a strike. If not using DFAA on the shokaku strike it would guess about 4-5 plane kills is about right. But here's the thing: its a tier X dd, so it should be way better than tier 8 planes (strange fact about the game - Benson C has about 90% aa of KIDD and 100% aa of gearing. I can only put it down to vodka!) The Z52 you attempted to drop has about the same AA as gearing without DFAA, meaning I would expect it to wipe 1-2 planes before you drop the torps and maybe 2-3 during and on the way out. Did you chase or fly around it before dropping? Numbers go up! Did you abort the strike? Numbers go up. Are you sure no other AA ships were nearby or in the smoke? (6 km range for most). Numbers go up.
  3. Neptune small advices

    Decided to get myself a Neptune too and here's what I did: 1. Not short on credits, but I sold mine. You said it yourself: Fiji is basically a better Edinburg with protected MM, so why keep it? Neptune on the other hand has a 5s (4,5s) reload and 2x5 torps. 2. Reload for retarded sub 4s reload when you drop to half hp (using AR). If you dont like slow turrets, grab EM, there is plenty of points to spare on the captain. Personally I didnt find it to be an issue. AA if you div with a CV often. 3. I still have smokescreen expert (SSE) from before the buff to smoke bloom time. Might get JoaT instead; yet undecided, since I might want RPF. Curently I have an outdated SSE basic build + AR (12/15 pt captain). Next up AFT, then probably vigilance or ditch Smoke screen expert and run RPF + PM. RN cruisers is 90% boredom camping behind cover and 10% excitement of laying ambushes and ripping the face off some poor unsuspecting DD/CA (or even torping BBs into oblivion). The only time I get citadelled to death is when I forget my Neptune gets detected in smoke from 6,6 ? 7? bloody km which is a damned lot more than Edinburg did.
  4. Recommend best tier 10 DD to contest caps

    You have to consider two situations: 1) 1v1 - has been described in detail above. Hydro + smoke is broken. 2) 1 + backup vs 1 + backup. In this case provided you bring the right backup to spot the Z52 (radar), or you spot him after smoke ends, damage is mostly done by the backup. Dont have a Z52 myself, but from what I hear it is not the most maneuverable ship. Gearing on the other hand is. So if both has to dodge shells, by money is on the Gearing unless it is mostly BBs shooting Ap at it.
  5. Jianwei

    8s reload on the Jianwei and you are calling it a gunboat? Granted its guns are usable, but it only outguns IJN dds. The boat feels like a struggle until you get CE. Use smoke liberally, make sure not to eat any torps and daka-daka seems like the way to go.
  6. North Carolina or Edinburgh?

    I'd have to say as someone else: Wait for PT and test them yourself. You state you want to learn BBs. In that case my recommendation would be to keep the Fiji and get the NC. NC is good ship for learning how to BB. It is a BB with very clear strengths and weaknesses. Learn to play NC and you have learned to play almost any BB with a citadel (read: non German). It is also a very good BB although the guns take some getting used to after the Colorado (slower shells). Edinbourgh on the other hand doesn't contribute anything new; in fact it feels like a step down from the Fiji due to harder MM combined with much worse handling. Not much fun there (didnt try her with radar, but I cant imagine it work in any consistent way).
  7. Your favorite T7 ship?

    Fiji is my favorite recommended silver CA/CL. I love every bit of that old girl and kept mine in port after moving on. It has it all: smoke, dps, good concealment to contest caps /wreck dds, hydro to stay safe, a zombieheal if it does take a hit and torps for the BBs rushing its smoke. And it is very maneuverable. Playstyle is very different from Cleveland tho - might take some time getting used to. For DDs the Maas is alot of fun, and Shiratsuyo with torp reload. The new PA tier 7 also looks fun. If you go premium, the Leningrad is a great gunboat, sort of a mini-Khabarovsk. BBs - I love my Nelson, but the Nagato is my favorite silver ship. KGV has decent stats but it is very little fun playing. Nagato just has those insane accurate guns with long range and the best penetration of the tier. A good ship, even uptiered. CVs, Kaga if you like cave-man style one-shot deleting stuff or Saipan if sniping and playing elegant is your thing. Flint if you ever grind 3 ranked seasons to Rank 1...Best salt mine ship in the game!
  8. This is what pay 2 win looks like.

    Yes, when you meet a better player, they will likely win. That is as it should be. Flint captains are usually very good players since only good players and robots playing 24/7 will ever get their hands on one. Whomever was in the Flints you encountered would probably have beaten your team just as hard in a Fiji or most other T7 you care to name because they are good players (and sometimes you just get the camping team that nobody can carry, not even the likes of Flamu). So keep telling yourself it is all about money or improve. You can learn to snipe Flint and other smoke-ships with BB spotter planes, torp the smoke, or just go to another cap where there is no Flint. I only mentioned Radar because it is the obvious lazy counter.
  9. This is what pay 2 win looks like.

    Quite a cancer-ship to encounter and frustrating as a new player to meet. Fortunately it is rare and easily countered (just stay out of its short range, torp the smoke or radar it; Belfasts wipe the floor with Flint) Other points: 1) Would hardly call Flint (or Black) something "given" when it is earned by playing some 600+ games of ranked. 2) The Kutuzov until recently available for all in the premium shop can be even more devastating in good hands (take it from a Flint owner).
  10. The Ultimate Frontier

    Sounds like a job for my Flint (not tries it yet)
  11. DD limitation from T8 up to T10

    It is better than the static battering matches of 5 BB each side. Getting deleted by AP salvos left and right no matter how you angle is about as "fun" as dodging torps all day. You can dodge the torps even if they are well-aimed, not so much the AP. Also DDs die quick, BB not so much. If you feel helpless in a BB, I suggest you play DD hunter cruisers like USN og RN and equip hydro. Also this:
  12. Rare random games that I enjoy

    Have seen, approved or done this multiple times when the 12 man lemming trains get rolling and nobody is willing to fight the enemy. At least get a victory and move on since the current crop of fruits are obviously not interested in fighting any battle.
  13. Not ignoring tier difference here, I'm saying it has negligible impact on gameplay. Kidd has much worse rudder shift than Benson, significantly worse turning circle and is compensated with a bit more aa and hp, the aa being unlikely even with DF to shoot more planes down ( 20 dps - plane hp is measured around what, 500?) Aa powercreep on DDs is unfortunately needed, untill a rework (or removal) of CVs. Anything else cannot be striked without punitive losses. That said a general boost to DD aa to prevent permaspotting instead of the buffing DF would make more sense.
  14. KIDD is a fletcher class with normal fletcher aa. Sure having 5 more longrange dps compared to benson is an advantage - on paper. That was not the point - point is, KIDDS aa is not anything special.
  15. KIDD has exactly the same long range base AA dps as Fletcher. Dont see what the hype is about, Fletcher can do exactly the same to planes if specced the same way, but you know, torps? The actual trade is torps for repair. Period. Looks like the answer may be DW TB if hints in the lastest Q&A in "news from..." is to be believed.