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  1. Agree that one is probably the worst. My worst was spawning alone in KGV near A cap on North (northern side at least) with only an Amagi spawning close near B, the other 10 ships spawn over at C and D. A case of double lemming trains ensue with 12 bad guys chasing me like madmen. I think I did all of 20k dmg in the 3-4 mins that game lasted. Makes me wonder if RNG hated me or the spawn distribution algorithm had been programmed by a monkey
  2. But I dont! Apparently you didnt read my first post - in the bottom. I just want to play competitive games - easily! That is called Soloque. Dont talk down to me about things falling into my lap when the option has been in the game for the last 1½ years. First it is beside the point (see above). Second, you are wrong. I wouldn't last a week in such a clan, and not because I'm a bad player. Did you even consider why, or do I need to parcel it out for you? Because yes a clan could be found or created - But I dont play that much WoWs myself atm, and being part of such an active clan would require me to play much more than I have time for. Otherwise the clan would simply not have enough active members each night - just like my clan! Have you grasped it yet? WG decided to limit clans to just 30 members (or 50 after months of grinding oil). THAT is the reason it is almost impossible to play it. Having a limit is fine - but why 30 not 300? WG is really catering to a very small part of their player base with this limit. 30 or 50 does not matter - and so the choice is easy. I'm opting out because spending those doubloons would not change anything.
  3. Most people in random battles are not in clans Alot of clans will not have 7 members online at one time. Changing clans can help while voice chat will change exactly nothing. I would love to see stats on how many players tried CW. With the current system and time, my bet is maybe as high as 10%. Compare that to the thousands of players trying ranked. This is WGs fault for designing something similar to the Ranked "Super league" and calling it CW, players just want to play - but the cant.
  4. So WG is suspending Ranked battles for the whole year so we can play CW? At the same time, WG rents out ships to everyone to let them participate.... But how are we supposed to do that, when you can only play with 7 clanmates and one a commander? As I am in a casual clan (used to not be in a clan), gathering 7 players and getting them to online at the same time appears to be impossible. Tried joining a pickup group tonight with a recruiter from another clan trying to start the battle. Nope! So no CW for me. Nor ranked. [edited]you WG and your stupid game too. /Rant. Has anyone found a work-around yet? WG said during developent of CW that it would be possible to join CW divs as a solo player. Seriously WG, bring back Ranked so the rest of us at least has something interesting to do.
  5. Excellent said sir, that is the core issue! It's the result of sledgehammer balancing at it's finest.
  6. Seeing this discussion around 1½ year after radar was introduced is interesting. Floatplanes and radar were originally introduced as a means to for CA and BB to at least spot and fight back against the stealth torpedoboats dominating the game back then. It also work against smoke-spam, but that was really a side benefit. WG is in the process of nerfing DDs into the ground as they did CVs. Soon we will be left with WGs fantasy game: World of BBs and targets. We can agree having more than 2-3 radar ships on each team is just stupid and should be capped, that was really my only point. The example with 2 DM was theoretical, a missouri and baltimore could do the same. Point is, if there are 5 radar ships, there probably is NO caps you can contest in a dd. Recent game (good luck capping): Missiouri and DM pushing A cap Minotaur smoked in B with missouri hovering in the back. Moskva next to C And they had a Z46 aswell somewhere unknown.
  7. OP is right. It isn't Radar the consumable breaking the game, it is every goddamn ship having it. Remember Tier 7 ranged (5 belfast + junk vs 5 belfast + junk). The only worse thing than smoke meta is smoke+ radar meta. And now WG went ad gave Missouri radar too, so we can have 5 radars on each team in Randoms (2 missouri and 2-3 radar CAs on each team is NOT uncommon these days). DDs these days have 2 options: Cap from behind a rock (usually an enemy dd will sit on the other side) or wait for 10-12 mins for ships to die and flee, leaving open caps behind. Please not: Radar isn't hard to play around for me, but it takes forever. But having Random battles turn into the Tier 7 ranked meta would make me leave the game. I'm already on break. Yeah having 2 potentially 1 minute radars on each cap or PERMANENT radar on one cap is no problem at all. You realize it takes less than 3 mins for the radar to come back up, meaning there physically isn't enough time to cap in the window between 2 chained DM or missouri radars? See above. see above 1a) Usually MM has as many radar ships as caps, so the only reason your statement would be true is if the red team lemmingtrains to one cap. 1b) Smart radar CAs position to cover 2 caps at once since radar has enough range to reach both. 2) Missouri is no CA 3) radar cruisers are gonna camp behind islands, good luck dislodging them when BBs are camping 15 km from caps.
  8. Dont worry, WG plans to nerf Conq by introducing french BBs with speedboost and spaced armor, zipping around at 40 knts broadside on and bouncing a full tier X bb broadside thanks to said spaced armor. My USN BBs beg to differ with that statement. Citadelled straightlining FDG and Bismarcks at least 5 times in 2k games
  9. You obviously have a lot of time available to play. Dont forget 7 people have to agree on a time to play. Not everyone consider WoWs important enough or are able to plan to play with 6 other people on a regular basis. CB basically forces you to do that or go home, because you cannot compete with any organized team on teamspeak without it. So CB basically forces a us players to turn hardcore - which makes WGs decision to "rent out" tier X even more hilarious! If WG dont bring Ranked back or create a soloque alternative to CB, I will likely quit the game soon, iit was one of the last game modes I enjoyed. The last year has shown WG balance department have no clue and the problems are piling up, meanwhile "all tier X are perfectly balanced"
  10. Funny thing about KGV. It is very consistent due to the HE dmg which makes it good sailing with groups. 1v1 is a different game though. The belt is strong but everywhere else is super weak. it would lose to a wellplayed nagato I imagine. Nelson has OP heal and 16' guns so I would imagine Nelson beats it too, since it doesnt care about fires and its AP is straight up better. Taking 10-12 k superstructure AP hits does that (only a dumb bb shoots the broadside, its the defensive only strength) All in all a very consistent BB, but certainly not the best T7 bb. Only 3rd best.
  11. More worried WG will decide to entirely discontinue Ranked soloque style, which would be a giant mistake. Including solo players in pick-up teams (even elo based) would be entirely unacceptable - the higher the elo, the less "open slots" there will be, because nobody will play without a full 7 ppl team. So effectively WG will forcefeed every decent player their stupid CW mode while potatoes get to play yolo-clanwars with rented ships. I love playing my dds solo without teamspeak and all the [edited] and restrictive planning that comes with "proper" clanwars. Temporarily pausing ranked while implementing CW is fine by me as many people have been looking forward to CWs. But if the plans mentioned above comes true (which was mentioned in a recent Q&A in the "news from around the world" thread), then I will slowly quit the game. This will cause me great sadness because I really love the ships and game, but I clearly do not agree with the dev team about their balance decisions the last year (read: sledgehammer, p2w and powercreep), and ranked is the last mode I enjoy. I've been with WoWs since release, but take ranked away and I will have to search for another game to play. Random battles have way to many potatoes, while CW is way to serious. Ranked allows to compete for the top spot without requiring the same level of dedication, thus providing a middle ground. Wouldnt mind elo based soloque, so long as it doesnt throw players into premade teams of 6, because then it isnt soloque any longer.
  12. Superintendant first, DE, BFT or vigilance second. BFT is arguable as aa is good enough with AFT. DE is my pick because - fires win fights Vigilance because you will be radaring dds quite a lot and they will be torping you a lot.
  13. I remember IChase made a commentary on this using 20 km torps and Adrenaline rush. He testet just spamming torps in the general direction of the enemy team. Think he did 100k dmg or so....
  14. I remember IChase made a commentary on this using 20 km torps and Adrenaline rush. He testet just spamming torps in the general direction of the enemy team. Think he did 100k dmg or so....
  15. I oneshot a New Orleans class CA last week (detonation) with myKGV 14' shell. AP on CAs is just as deadly as on all other BBs. I've oneshot deleted leanders, aobas and Nurnbergs. General stats are fine. Fighting three CAs at a time IS a bit more than any T7 bb is made for, but it can be done. Nothing is wrong with its tankiness. I've taken her into even fights of 2-3 BB and 1-2 CA and done well. One game I tanked 2 bismarcks, a nagato, a pensacola and a schors, and was continually on fire for three repair consumables time. What happened: deleted the pensa alone, did 2 cits to schors and team took him down, sunk the bismarck rushing me with a lot of team help, same with the nagato (i did around 20k to both), then finished off the last bismarck at 1/3 hp. End result: tanked 3 mio dmg, dreadnought achievement and 100k plus dmg. The nagato with its incredible guns was the most dangeous opponent (he rushed my flank sub 10 km) and can easily do 10-15k dmg, but proper angling and shooting my belt, he did 3-5k volleys. It was quite pathetic. Shooting the superstructure would yield better results, but hardly 15k. Sounds like you do smth wrong (too much broadside or T9 opponents too close). KGV wants to stand off and spam he from 12+ km or close to 10 km vs CAs and delete them with AP