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  1. GulvkluderGuld

    [EXCERPT] WGFest 2018 - RUBBs and RNCVs

    could well be right. it says you have to predict a ships movement path to be effective...so probably there is some sort of a delay, although how it exactly it will be different from what is in the game now remains to be seen. Since camper movement options are very limited, it should work well on those kind of targets.
  2. GulvkluderGuld

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    TY, though only the 2nd code worked, other ones not valid / right format
  3. GulvkluderGuld

    Is there any point to the Bismarck?

    Pretty much this - play it at the start with longer range, then close to 8-11 km with secondaries firing and start to pick 1v1 or 1v2 fights. Also dont brainlessly charge, stay angled and if necessary kite away slowly with secondaries firing. 73k avg damage no problem kda > 1
  4. GulvkluderGuld

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    I could argue that we can all find a potato broadside parade so shells go where aimed - but what sticks is actually the damage numbers, which is surprisingly high, that is all i will say. Wouldn't expect over 2-3k even if he (as probably here) has an unsaturated super structure. Hipper might still do more, but not twice the amount from 10 km. Citpens at 10 km though? I'd expect the Hipper to do it, but Cleveland in cheery blossom didnt seem to hit citadels untill 8ish km (against the aobas). Might just be my aim
  5. GulvkluderGuld

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    How would I do that? I dont have the ship in port, so it cannot have modules mounted. Unless there is a bug in the client that is, which wouldn't be the first time. Now the arguments are more sound. And yes, I noticed the best Cleveland players are top in WR. I agree it is the best ship for the majority of players although this discussion has opened my eyes to how much other players can get out of it. Depends on which players you have available on the A team. If you have both available, by all means, you are correct. It does, since I argued that most people would probably disagree with me I thank you for the respect, but I never intended this to become such a serious discussion, what with walls of text.
  6. GulvkluderGuld

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    It still bounces german and french BB shells so not useless, as those are fairly common ships to face. Very slight effective Dpm advantage on average server stats, still, granted. Its 7,2 s base rudder / 660m turning circle for Cleveland and 7,4s base rudder / 740m turning circle for Hipper (according to the client). Get your numbers straight, its negligible. Says who? Non-radar ships can have plenty influence on cap fights, its about positioning and player skill. Doing damage does not rely on enemies giving broadside, but also on range, shell type and enemy armor. A stationary Cleveland is so squishy it sometimes cannot even expose itself to shoot at whatever it radars, on pain of getting deleted. Meanwhile the Hipper further back has no such problems. Hipper isn't designed for TX matches. Neither is the Cleveland. If they were, they would be Tier X ships. Our play styles are obviously different, yet both successful. Also, Cleveland AP valid? if you are on a suicide mission, yes it is valid, so is ramming. Most of the time? Not so much. My stats suggest I do better in the Hipper than in the Cleveland, and 40 games is a lot more significant than 15 games. Server stats does seem to disagree slightly and that is fine. Whether that means the Hipper or Cleveland is better, I frankly am not trying to argue about. Which ship is better depends on the player and his play style as much or more than on the ship. I'd be dead weight in the Cleveland, while you would be dead weight in the Hipper according to stats. I argued that Cleveland is unplayable for me and I'd prefer the Hipper, but I expected many would disagree. My stats support that argument as does server stats. Once again before this becomes too emotionally charged, thank you for an interesting discussion where I learned somethings about the Hipper (i'll read your reply but probably not post another)
  7. GulvkluderGuld

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    We already established, Cleveland has poorer armor and is less tanky then the Hipper. Yes we disgree on the amount, but it's undeniably there. Cleveland only has radar and DD killing going for it, plus situational arcs. The differences in maneuverability are neglectible. Concealment is significant, but Hipper is a long-distance fighter, so it doesnt impact playstyle much. I dont deny Cleveland AP can work, but damage is piss-poor outside special circumstances at suicide ranges (and it sucks just as much against angled targets as Hipper ap). As to brawling, I'd much rather be in a Hipper, which is basically designed for it. We were discussing what T8 cruisers we'd like in present day T8 MM. I'd pick Chapayev, Edin then maybe Hipper, possibly CM. They all four are perform reliably and consistent no matter the team or the map. Hipper is slow to make an impact, but it has diversity going for it, and I never had bad games in the Hipper. It's the kind of ship that always had me staring surprised at the (very good looking) result screen after a mediocre game. In that respect, it is very similar to a Furutaka with low dpm, but much higher impact than the theoretical dpm would suggest.
  8. GulvkluderGuld

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Server averages does seem to put Cleveland above Hipper. I wanted to sort the data based before/after the Hipper ROF buff, but unfortunately I can't find a website that lets me do it. Since i played Hipper post-buff it made me wonder if my numbers got compared to data from before the buff, falsely inflating their significance. Alsot we dont agree on the uptime. Hipper in my experience has no problems keeping the guns active in the open while you seem to have the opposite opinion. In my experience, it is maneuverable enough and fights at long enough range that it simply has time to dodge BB volleys (plays like Shchors/Chapayev except way more maneuverable). Cleveland is similarly maneuverable, but armor is worse and I'd hate to try hit a maneuvering target from 15 km. Meanwhile, Cleveland behind islands has to wait for a BB stupid enough to sail into range (sadly there are quite a few stupid DDs) and is dependent on the team to spot. Cleveland AP....sure it can do some damage, it doesn't do more than HE, so all you do is lose out on fire chance. If <6 km maybe It will start to hurt/citadel stuff, but for comparison Hipper can do 8-10k volleys at somewhat longer ranges, and at that range will get multiple citadels. Thanks for the discussion
  9. GulvkluderGuld

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Well, then explain why i have 65k average dmg in the Hipper to only 50k in Cleveland and 47k in Yorck. (and yes, Hipper winrate is also better) Here's my attempt I thought we already agreed it was more tanky than other T8 cruisers. Here's an interesting fact: No cruiser in the game has the better bow armor than the Hipper (Exempting BCs masquerading as CAs) The Moskva, Krohnstadt and Balancegrad has better bow armor. Hindenburg and Roon have two much smaller slabs of 40 mm plating. No other cruiser does. None. As to Cleveland HE dpm, it has to hit the target to make it count. First Hipper gets to shoot in peace, both because it doesnt carry radar and because it can stay at max range and still reliably hit the target. Second playstyle (island hugging). I'll postulate the Cleveland has a lot lower uptime on the guns compared to the Hipper, which can move freely and gunboat in open water. Third, accuracy. For example, I compared our hit-rates. Both of us have about 10 %-points better hitrate with Hipper compared to Cleveland (mine 36% vs 26%, yours 34% vs 24%) Hipper HE volley 18400 = theoretical 96K/min * 0,36 =34k/min Cleveland HE volley 26500 = 244K/min * 0,26 = 64K/min Fourth, Hipper HE has 1/4 pen, which means the Hipper can pen lots of (deck) armor where Cleveland shells will shatter, even using IFHE (german and USN BBs, plus some places on IJN BBs) (to balance that, Cleveland has more shells = better fire chance) Fifth, Hipper has two types of ammunition, and the AP damage while situational is monstrous. Meanwhile the Cleveland AP is a bad joke. I don't have a better explanation, you go ahead and try!
  10. GulvkluderGuld

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Interesting. I find the Cleveland to be highly map and team dependent and often requires the enemy to misplay. Something the Hipper does not. I'd far rather find myself on Ocean in the Hipper than in the Cleveland. Chapayev gets the best of both worlds, but the hipper has no difficulties hitting evading targets at range contratry to Cleveland. It's maneuverable and after the buffs, it has quite good damage output. Finally it is tough bow in, if you get into the right 1v1 (after managing to survive to late game). Only HE and yamato AP can really deal with it. And the torpedo angles are similar to Hindenburg. It probably relates to our playstyle. Stats agree with both of us - I have purple stats in Hipper and only blue in Cleveland, while you do better in cleveland than in Hipper (although your Eugen damage is actually better than Cleveland damage)
  11. GulvkluderGuld

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    WI'll be honest and admit i hate the island playstyle. I'm more of a mobile DD player. As to Seattle...it sure didnt feel like a downgrade and it was amazingly fun to play - even in the open - due to the great damage it can push out. Plus thanks to the short range, it is hilarious to sit in the middle of Tears of the cruisers or Hotspot and burn BBs down, with their fleet unable to spot you across open water. Then again i even disliked the tier 6 cleveland and considered it a downgrade from the Omaha (because torps and better arcs), so maybe I'm just prejudiced.
  12. GulvkluderGuld

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Whether its the ship or MM, that thing is unplayable in TX games. It is so far the only cruiser i ended up grinding in Operations (cherry blossom) and i consider it the worst T8 cruiser I have played so far, so I think we can safely agree that we disagree. Lets see, good tier 8 cruisers in TX: Chapayev, Hipper Dont have T8 French or IJN, but French play like chapayev and Mogami was always solid and with buffed dispersion I expect it will be very strong Balti has USN AP going for it and was awesome on tier 9 before the rework, not sure now. In short, which tier 8 cruiser is NOT better than Cleveland? I'd be interested in your experience. Nah, the planet has moved before the shells reach their target
  13. GulvkluderGuld

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Cleveland is awful these days (tx mm) And while Seattle is much better tier for tier than Cleveland, it is still very mediocre. Imagine playing T9 wtih 14 km range, thats what it has.
  14. GulvkluderGuld

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Exactly this. I cant really remember the Emerald and Leander. Wasnt as bad as the turds of other line (Kirov, T22, Nurnberg, Monarch - looking at you guys!)
  15. GulvkluderGuld

    Restrict CV's to one per team.

    Back in the old days you could be 1 CV vs none That was alot of fun Ofc the reverse was also true - you could be 1 v 2 and even against higher tier CVs. And yeah, I dodge the que too if I see CVs, but only in Ranked (thankfully i dont play much mid/low tier any longer)