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  1. GulvkluderGuld

    Unique Upgrades - which are you still using?

    Dont think I would use a single one if it didn't cost money to unmount them. Maybe DesMo and Yama and Grozo since I almost never use torps on the latter. Gearing should still be viable too. As i understand it, you trade armor for speed, so the planes will be faster and less tanky. Useful for a low AA environment. Didnt test it yet though, and doubt I will prior to TX CB (provided Haku is still a good pick)
  2. Reset something like 8 x Harugumo for a total of 11 RP, got Ohio and Colbert. Quite annoying i just spent 60k on Colbert and then they put Slava into ST and launch it I've got 2,1 mio FXP earmaked for Kitakami if it will be an FXP ship, now considering to burn it on the RB during next x2 bonus to get Slava before it is removed. That should net me 50k RP, so only 10 more needed.
  3. GulvkluderGuld

    Ban premium ships in ranked.

    Banning a certain premium CV would make sense from a standpoint of balance. Certain other naughty premiums on other tiers might deserve the same treatment. Unfortunately vodka rules over balance in this game, so it will never happen even if WG would not want to lose sales from their latest ranked milking package. Playing premium ships earns more credits and xp, which makes them a really good choice for ranked. For instance my harekaze earned 50 million credits over around 130 games this ranked season.
  4. GulvkluderGuld

    Alaska a must have for upcoming sprint?

    Benham is waiting in port next to Kitakaze and Black. Musashi was afaik crowned the most OP tier 9 according to stats about a year ago. Then there is JB too. Cruisers I never play in Ranked. Too damn squishy and easily spotted, even the supercruisers like Krohnstadt.
  5. It's sad to say, but none of the events in WoWs 2020 are worth bothering with anymore (with exception of the PanEU campaign)
  6. GulvkluderGuld

    Ranked Season 17

    If I can chime in, i agree with his sentiment. 1. CVs can respon to map events much faster and have unlimited range, thus their impact is larger than any surface ships. 2. It seems CV XP gain have been buffed, meaning saving stars in CV is very easy unless its a dd faceplant game that is over in 4 minutes. At least that has been my observation from the DD side. If I didnt insist on ranking out in harekaze this season I would've taken my Saipan or Shokaku out and likely ranked out already instead of being R2 and stuck with decent CVs that arnt quite good enough.
  7. Interesting thread. Found a few surprises and and ancient fossil i hated with a burning passion. I had no idea how bad I really was in my first tier 7! And for 139 battles!!! Also Fuso is just shitty like Amagi. Nagato and Yamato are the gems of that line
  8. GulvkluderGuld

    Ranked: Stuck in an endless loop between Rank 5 and 6

    You claim figther consumables are ineffective at the same time claiming they are still useful for disrupting strikes. Feeling safe has nothing to do with it. Maybe I can dump a screenshot from a ranked game if reading is too hard. I take my own advice since it secures a points lead in most games (which can be game-winning). You dont need fighters to strike low detectability DDs using tier 8 CVs. Plane speed is slow enough you have time to aim and fire from the moment you detect the DD provided you are going the approximate right course and have boost available. Speedy Tier X planes require you to commit blind, but IJN and RN dont have much aiming penalty so really only Midway may need his fighters. We are discussing Ranked season, not PSA (but I tend to agree) What are airkills really worth in a Ranked game, unless you exclusively play to save a star? The 3D printer in enemy CV will just spit out new ones in no-time. If that is your mentality, you picked the wrong class since CVs have horrible xp earning coefficients and have a tough time coming first on the team. I prefer playing to win, which means attempting to get a lead and forcing the enemy team to come to me and fight on my terms - things like a points lead.
  9. GulvkluderGuld

    Ranked: Stuck in an endless loop between Rank 5 and 6

    Congratulations on contradicting yourself. Of course fighters offer protection in the form of a delay before CV can strike a covered target. Sometimes 10s is all that is needed to reach the objective. Nothing can stop a determined CV attack, but we arn't really discussing that since it would be pointless and has been discussed to death in hundreds of threads. Fighters should be dropped over targets the enemy CV will want to attack as you see him coming in. However, If i know the enemy CV want to scout and strike DDs entering cap X, the easiest way to disrupt any attack is dropping a pre-emptive fighter as i overfly it on the way to scout it myself. I see many unicum CVs in ranked do this, including several PARAZ players which I presume are practicing with El2azer. Some try and fail to despawn the fighter in time. None have so far succeded.
  10. GulvkluderGuld

    Ranked: Stuck in an endless loop between Rank 5 and 6

    Partially this - strike both sides as required. You can have 3 fighters active at the same time, one for each plane type. Good CV play often means timing strikes and fighter drops around DD smoke cooldowns. Cover friendly DDs when their smoke ends so they can retreat. Spot enemy DDs when their smoke is down. I'm a better CV player than most of the CVs i meet in the top bracket, but 1) i hate playing them 2) i dont have Enterprise so i played DD so far. Now considering a late switch.
  11. GulvkluderGuld

    Ranked: Stuck in an endless loop between Rank 5 and 6

    Agree people are genuinely interested in winning. Reached 5 in about 45 battles, went to R4 in 72 and now back at R5 after 76. The issue at R5+ atm is is CVs difference makes dd play a throw of the dice. It doesn't take much to be a "bad" CV and a huge detriment for the team. If you get one you need to tell he must drop a fighter for DDs to enter caps then he probably do not cover both flanks simultaneusly either as needed....it is lost. This is true also for CAs and BBs to lesser degree, but DDs are so vulnerable to CVs, and most DDs in the top bracket are very good players so they dont [edited]up themselves.
  12. GulvkluderGuld

    One or no DDs = bad match

    New radar cruiser lines tend to cause a (temporary) drop in DD numbers. When combined with early access to a new CV line (nobody wanted), an even bigger drop in DD numbers is to be expected. Nah, not very many R1 players yet. On Wows-numbers I only count 10 although it seems to incomplete. For some reason it doesnt show me as R4 despite showing someone i played with earlier as R1 (meaning it must have updated after i reached R4)
  13. 1. Reporting someone has no consequences apart from a small number on their profile having 1 subtracted from it, unless already 0 in which case nothing happens. 2. You got your answer, case closed. 3. see 1.
  14. After getting spanked for 20 games, I killed a Saipan with my harekaze today in a Rank5+ game. He had to enter the cap to stop our points gain. WG pls let CVs cap using fighter planes, that way DD may finally become completely obsolete