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  1. GulvkluderGuld

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Good points. Personally I prefer higher tier ships and will argue T7 is a better as bottom tier than 6, but the smaller than I initially thought. At T7, Cruisers start to get more specialized and get extra tools they need for their job. Fiji is a monster regardless of tier (Leander has 50% fewer guns) , Shchors with spotter plane does just fine in T9 matches (16,8 km range (19,8 with spotter plane) to Chapayevs 17,3). Myoko is a solid T7 although it suffers from range problems if permaspotted. York is quirky but gets the job done with enormous range. About the only cruisers i dont know are the USN ones, since I it was the first tree i finished way before the reworks. The only real downside to uptiering as T7 is all the stupid overpowered perfectly balanced premium T9 ships (T6 still sees the original akizuki). Anyhow i'll grant you there are decent ships on tier 6, it's possible my opinion is more due to personal preference and the fact operations often forces me to play T6 which I dont like.
  2. GulvkluderGuld

    Charles Martell

    Free XP'ed the rest of the way to the upgraded hull. Got to say it boost the survivability by a few 1000%. 13s rudder shift was ridiculous. Some BBs turn faster. Now it is an acceptable 7,4s and you can actually reactively dodge incoming fire. The damage side of things still isnt impressive, but now it doesnt feel like a complete turd. Just a turd due to TX mm. Thanks for the video
  3. GulvkluderGuld

    Charles Martell

    Those of you who like it, how do you deal with lemmingtrains and DDs dying in 2 mins? I have 2 kind of games in CM 1. I spawn at the head of the lemmingtrain. Pushing in is no-go due to flimsy armor, so I have to rely on the team. Mostly, nobody pushes and everybody heads to the corner and camps hard. Lose in 5-10 mins. 2. I spawn at the tail end of the lemmingtrain. Nobody to spot for me, so hard to kite when nobody shoots. If i wait for somene to spot me, I get permaspotted by DD and HE spammed to death by invisible cruisers and long-range AP shot by BBs. What do you do at the stat of random battles? Also where do you shoot BBs? (musashi and tier 9+10 especially). Even if i HE spam a BB all game, it doesnt go down or take appreciable damage (32+ mm decks i assume). IFHE chapayev and Hipper had no such problems. Hell, an akizuki does more damage these days than CM! I only do the grind because i'm a completionist. The ships feel awful with no exception (i generally dont regard them as much of a threat in BBs either, except if they get crazy good fire rng). Apart from IFHE Henri IV burning Stalingrads, those cruisers are outclassed by germans and russians at what they do best imo.
  4. GulvkluderGuld

    Charles Martell

    I've gotten to the final 4 lines to grind in this game. Rest is unlocked. I love french BBs, IJN torp DDs are still very playable, and IJN cruisers with DD dispersion are decent (their slow reload annoys me to no end though). French cruisers on the other hand feels like unmitigated torture to play. At best they feel like a budget version of soviet cruisers (which i love). French tier 6 was bad, Algerie was worse, and now I've got a (stock) Charles martell. Honestly I would prefer a Hipper....that one has 50% more hp, better torp angles and better HE pen plus far better armor and rudder shift. I enjoyed the shchors and chapayev played from 15+ km with spotter plane. With both I could influence the match and burn to potatoes down. Both earned me blue to purple solo stats. Same deal for the Hipper. CM is nothing at all like that. It has no impact on the match at all. DPM is crap, HE pen is crap, volley alpha is crap due to having only 9 barrels and the firing angles are awful while armor is non-existent. The worst is the lazy arcs. The shells seem slower than all but USN shells and hitting a DD at anything over 8 km feels impossible. Most games sees me trying to support my teammates from 14-15 km or more (get any closer and the ship just explodes). I try to zig-zag to make use of the back turret. I tried to support dds early game and it tends to cost 30-50% hp because the rudder shift is 13 s and getting out often gets me killed. The alternative is hanging back in the lemming train. The best I've managed so far is around 80k damage in an entire game (the weekend conditions doesn't do it any favours), something i easily and regularly would hit with a Hipper. How do you guys deal with the CM? The only way I see to make it work is staying in the back behind the main lemmingtrain and try to steal some low impact damage on random BBs. Anything more aggressive equals exploding.
  5. GulvkluderGuld

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    That's really sad, getting a better ship in a free crate. Warspite is a decent boat even now (if you like T6). It was my first premium and i still like it (burns like a christmastree, but the guns are great)
  6. GulvkluderGuld

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    Well it was a mission, but all i had to do was earn 5k base XP
  7. GulvkluderGuld

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    I never got a ship in a supercontainer either. This mission (from a standard free air supply container) is the closest
  8. GulvkluderGuld

    Your favourite BB: tier for tier

    Not really too fond of BBs so i still lack the final french ships but.... 3 Nassau 4 Orion 5 Konig 6 Warspite 7 KGV or Nelson 8 Pick of the litter: NC, Bismarck, Richeleu. 9 FdG, Missouri (Musashi is frigging OP, but I dont like the playstyle much) 10 GK (or Yamato, same as above)
  9. GulvkluderGuld

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    Pretty decent for operations, and ranked, true. Still it doesnt uptier so well. These days I dont play much below tier 7-8ish as i have grinded all lines, so I might be biased by preferring ships with better damage and dispersion. Leander is okay and maybe you can make an argument for Dallas and Budyony (I never could make it work, despite loving the shchors). Pensa, aoba, Nurnburg and the french tier 6 are all horrible compared to tier 6 BBs and DDs. Tier 6 is where BBs start to get strong and DDs remain a force, while cruisers in my opinion falls flat.
  10. GulvkluderGuld

    Your favorite cruiser: Tier for tier

    1. can't remember 2. Dresden 3. St. louis 4. Svietlana 5. Furry taco 6. Old Cleveland All are horrible 7. Belfast / Fiji /Shchors 8. Chapayev 9. Kitakaze 10. Minotaur
  11. GulvkluderGuld

    AI difficulty

    Issue is between the chair and the keyboard. Bots can overwhelm one ship with focus fire if one doesnt have an exit strategy. Otherwise, they are incredibly predictable and easy to deal with. Proof? Did Exeter 20 torp mission today in my Lightning, 4 games (one i dont remember): 1st game: I literally circle strafed a Krohnstadt and a Hood. Stayed at 1-3 km distance for 2 mins while my torps reloaded, without them giving me more than 1 volley + secondaries (used 2 smokes to extend my survival). 2nd game: Yolo-rushed a Leander in open water (killed it with 2 torps) followed by a NC (used island to get inside 3 km) and killed that too 3rd game: started out by I yolo rushing a P.E. Friedrich in open water followed by an Edinburg (used islands to close to 3 km).
  12. GulvkluderGuld

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    2: V25 because it is tiny 3+4: -- 5: kamikaze - good old torp spammer 6: As i dont have premiums, Fushun is love, fushun is life. 7: kinda eh? Blyska and Lenin used to be a thing. Nowadays, Jervis i guess? 8: Lightning is kinda broken. Many other good picks, Lo Yang, Hsienyang, the original Benson, Kiev, Akizuki. 9: Kitakaze, currently the most broken ship in the game. Honorable mention: Jutland & Chung mu 10: YY before the sledge-nerf. Now painting rainbows with Daring and using YY for the occasional nostalgic game.
  13. Pretty much this. And I wont buy any premium ships ever again either. In other words
  14. GulvkluderGuld

    Bow Camping, autobounce, and HE/AP value

    First, you respond to a haft decent jibe at the radar buffs and proliferation. Nobody wants the smoke meta back, but right now WG makes the same mistake with radar that they already made once with smoke. And no, dds have not the buffed much compared to all the indirect and direct nerfs i listed (and that doesn't even count the increased armor thickness of new lines and adding more and more islands on the maps). Unless you count the release of overpowered new lines, which really isn't specific for DDs, all dd buffs amounts to are Gearing got Fletcher torps, shima got a stealth buff and the russian line got some much needed love. Recent games sees 4-5 radars on each team (since every cruiser these days get Radar) plus often CVs too. No surprise the supercruisers are popular - flanks are basically impossible if a team plays with half a brain and 5 radars. We exchanged smoke meta for bow-tank behind your waifu rock meta. Yay (not)