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  1. Met a BBaby disguised as a Gaede today in my Fiji. Standard battle on Fault line, spawned near A with Gaede and Yorck. Gaede proceeds at 1/2 for the entire route to A instead of spotting, letting me overtake. I think screw it - full speed ahead. North of A behind the island poke out, spot 2 dd and pop smoke + hydro, sink a nearby spotted leander and reverse backs before the obligatory torps eat me alive. Much surprised i hear the torps connect with something, look behind me and Io and behold: - Behind me the Yorck was camping broadside on and just got rekt by said torps. - Behind the wreck of the Yorck, the Gaede was camping, also broadside on and reversing back. Would've been torped if not for Yorck. - did i mention my hydro was up? Gaede then leaves the smoke to flee, and soon after torps my smoke with me inside, probably thinking he might hit the 2 dds proximity spotting me as they charge to torp me.
  2. Threw my 15 point IFHE+DE+CE Cleveland captain into my Flint for a couple sorties. The ship feels even more stupidly OP than I expected. Almost 90k avg dmg over 5 games (even higher than my Kutuzov). I found CE to be too good to pass up. Not having AFT didnt feel like costing much. Shells have to slingshot around the moon to reach max AFT range anyway. Fires are not rare in my Flint. Did the RN mission to start 10 bb fires in two games. With DE firechance goes from 2% to 4%, which seems pretty significant to me, but I didnt try without it yet. Also confirmed Torps are the Flints worst problem. Propulsion mod 2 really helps, but it makes the rudder shift feel pretty sluggish. Since CVs seems to have gone missing, maybe Hydro is a not a bad choice. Also I'm running the Flint without Superintendant and JoaT = only 3 smokes/game and so far I didnt miss having more.
  3. WR > 51% is most important. Everything else is very ship/class dependent or depends on gameplay philosophy. Dd/cl generally have lower dmg than bb/cv, and usn ships are space domination ships with low dmg and kda because noone dare come close to radar/127 mm spam. Survival rate dont say much since it isnt rewarded economically, in fact the opposite is true. For instance, my survival rate is low because i always go all in during the dying minutes of the game since dmg = credits. If a player has OP ships like kutuzov and Belfast but still manage to suck that can give a pretty good impression.
  4. Why do people want PM on Flint when it sits in smoke 80% of the time? Don't understand....Its not an Atlanta. Don't want to give up DE because fire chance will be almost zero. I ran DE on my USN dds and the difference was noticeable. I imagine running IFHE and no DE will be just as noticable (although you have a LOT of shells). AFT / CE - imagine i will test both. RN CL vs Flint - I think Flint will have an easier time with Propulsion mod 2 than RN CLs, but I have yet to try her (currently away from my WoWs pc).
  5. Bad excuse that only flies for a minority of games and strange times of the day. MM will quite often happily create 12 v 12 with 3 radar cruisers vs 3 equal tier non-radar cruisers (3 belfast vs 3 fiji/myoko/pensacola etc.) Granted this is also a minority of games, but they are also the most blatant fails of MM and changing it will have zero impact on queue times as classes and tiers are matched.
  6. Also new Flint owner. Went looking for a way to squeeze Vigilance into my build because of ranked experience with smoke torping. I plan to run DF as consumable choice, so torp protection can only be increased through Vigilance. Using above build you can trade AFT and AR for BFT and Vigilance and with propulsion mod be semi-safe from torps. BFT compensates nicely for the loss of AR. The question in my mind is if losing AFT will hurt too much when BBQing BBs and losing the range in general. (I plan to use the AA range module for at least 6 km aa). Another question is if CE is worth it on Flint? Any opinions?
  7. You should have gotten it by reaching R2 last season
  8. have both Khaba and Gearing as well as Udaloi. Nothing wrong with those, although Khaba hardly qualifies as a DD. I never liked the IJN torpedoboats and only made the Hatsuharu (almost freeXPed that sh*t) so cant speak to those or the german things. I do grind RN CAs and love them. Gunboats are easy - you kill other dds so incredibly fast and then the map is your playground (unless that sky-disease is around). Its fun and impactful most of the time, although the camping BBabies meta can make dds a bit lonely. The start of the game is rough - usually its about hitting "S" as fast as possible when spotted (except Khaba) and smoking up. Since everyone and their mother will turn their guns around and light up a spotted dd, you tend to see any radar ships before they are in range. After that, just keep track of their position and either stay out of range or bait radar from max range and permaspot them after. Hydro? Who cares about hydro (unless its that german dd) Anything that get to hydro range means you mispositioned and usually have to all-in counter-rush and torp. Anything outside hydro range, you just spot for the big guns (except in Khaba). DD play these days isnt so much about damage, although Gearing torping smoked up blobs of ships 10-15 km away sometimes makes me feel dirty. Its zoning off areas, spotting, smoking and capping.
  9. Agree. You can find the info in the game client though. Same page where it shows your rank.
  10. Those battleships in question in fact included several Colorados which - you might note - have the best shell trajectories out of all USN BBs. It also has the same sigma as the T8-T10 untill WG decided to buff NC. As I pointed out, BBs have since gotten better at aiming. Second, NC citadel was NOT buffed (it already sat quite low) which doesnt mean it can turn around without getting deleted. I havnt been playing my Iowa much lately (dont like BBs) so I cannot speak with authority on this, but I doubt it is harder to citadel than NC.
  11. Its a tricky balance. Back in the early days of the game, I kited BBs to death 1v1 from max range with my Cleveland. BBs got better at aiming, but I would say BB need the ability to recloack and withdraw. Otherwise BB will refuse to push in, since it will be a death sentence when all the CAs run like cowards, leaving BB to die. Which means they need decent concealment of 13-15 kms imo. Unless BB outspot CAs, I dont see how CAs get forced into high alpha territory. As long as CAs outspot BB by about 1 km, they should have a chance to evade before getting detected. Some CAs concealments may have to be tweaked slightly to achieve this. I do think Iowa and NC needs superior concealment (for BB) due to how easily they get rekt for showing sides. The same can not be said for GK and possibly Yamato with its lol-pen guns.
  12. Pretty much this - Perth is interesting.. But I just bought Kutuzov and Harekaze during summer sales, so I dont want to spend more money on this game atm. Also WG said they are not fond of CAs IFHE smokespamming. Nah, I have to pass. Only ever buying if they sold Nikolai again
  13. Hmm ok. Was a while back and I could be somewhat wrong about the range - it was long range undetected HE spam and from behind islands. That kind of thing.
  14. I guess this would be fine. Thx for providing stats above. Looking forward to my Missouri, only 100k xp to go! Does seem a bit odd for CAs to have a spotting disadvantage, but then I see Flamu in his Hindenburg burning BBs down from 19 km without any chance to fight back. That feels a bit stupid too tbh. BBs need an option to disengage from that BS, but that is wandering a bit too far off-topic.
  15. You know what is OP at tier 7? Fiji is. And it is silver. I do 20-30k more avg damage in my Fiji compared to Belfast. BUFF UP-FAST PLOX! Need moar tools, like torps and heal to feel competitive. It isnt proper P2W if silver ships get heal when premiums dont On a serious note: Love the Fiji so much more than I ever did Belfast. Used it a bit last ranked season, but only when I lost stars...