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  1. St. Louis Citadelled! IT IS POSSIBLE AFTER ALL!1!

    St. Louis was as bad then as it is now. Jingles is fun but often speaks wrong or outdated information and has a childish delight for anything with lots and lots of guns. But just guns do not make Kolberg og St. Louis good ships. Horribly slow and easy to kite & it can only bring a fraction of the guns to bear. It's only selling point is it used to be tough, but has been powercreeped. The newer BB lines can actually hit whatever they aim at (Nassau, Orion, probably French too). SC and Kawachi are lucky to land one shell beyond 3 km range. The newer dds (V25 in particular) can just rush and oneshot it, others get DW torps with OP concealment. Also the high point of the US cruiser line has been powercreeped (Omaha used to be a GOD on tier 5) Cleveland is decent, but other than DesMo on T-X i see no reason to play the line except farming xp and credits with the coming split. Better play russians or germans or even french CAs.
  2. WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    Fair enough - Thanks for explaining. Would suggest you try using it; we really disagree on the impact It has. 1. Although I do not use mods, so what other mods you refer to is beyond me. Whatever has caused this improvement in aiming has made a very noticable difference to my game experience. I can reproduce what is being done to me using the mod. Trying it, just 10 games and I have gotten kills and resets on DDs that I would never have gotten before, and shots on unspotted ships >8 km away in Cyclone. 2. Have only followed page one, the opening argument seems reasonable enough, but I that is online communities.
  3. WG: Please Ban The Mod That Place 'X' on the Map

    X marks the spot clearly gives an aim advantage, and a fairly large one. Had been wondering how people were suddenly much more able to land shells in my smoke for the last naybe 6 months (as DD, not shooting) Then I heard of the mod and tried it. Landing shells on smoked up dds, cas BBs, something that is hard to do without spotted plane, is suddenly SUPER easy and consistent. It even shows when shells will impact the landscape instead of going over islands. Last of all it is possible to hit smoked targets EVEN WHEN THEY DO NOT SHOOT. As a player with 8k games and decent aim/winrate it improved my aiming by several orders of magnitude. I will happily keep using it until WG bans it, but way over the line compared to Vanilla client. Nechrom why do you keep arguing? Did you not try it or are you affraid to lose your tool? That mod is stupidly OP unless you are already a Unicum or a newbie so new you cant take advantage. - New players (and veterans) with this mod can consistently do things they cannot do without - Ships without spotted planes are suddenly able to do the most of the things spotter planes do (it is quite easy to compensate for horisontal movement using X-mark, so even tagets moving in smoke can be hit) - it lets you lob shells over islands using the X showing if the shells hit the islands or not.
  4. Destroyer imbalance.

    High level DD play is centred around concealment, and IJN dds have the best concealment in the game. What makes them hard to play is they rely on competent backup, which is a rare thing in random battles (outside divisions). You are playing IJN boats wrong if you try to pick a fight with the enemy dds. You fight gunboats by spotting them for the ships behind you - it is death by 1000 cuts! If you want to improve and understand IJN dd play, see how youtubers use them in ranked and CW games or try it yourself a) Play ranked, reach rank 1, see what DDs are played in the top bracket and HOW they are played. I'll help you out (as you can see, IJN dds are very viable in a gamemode centred around capping) Season 8: Lo Yang, Akizuki, kagerou, Benson Season 7: Shinonome, Anshan, Farragut (I saw hatsus and Mutsus work, but they are the turds of the line) Season 6: Shiratsuyu, Blyscawica, Leningrad, Sims (I saw Mahans, but it suck balls) b) Your argument would be sound if playing the Asashino. Since we are not talking about DW torps that can only hit BBs, you just contradicted your own argument. If your torpedoes can hit all classes and you only go for BBs, then you do not get the full potential our of the ship. Also you suffer from the misconception that torpedoes are all the weapons an IJN destroyer carry while missing the most deadly weapon of them all (hint, see above A) You have much to learn, young Padawan!
  5. Destroyer imbalance.

    Yup agree on that. It was probably the best chance of getting a cap in that game. Still, I like IJN dds around B for spotting on this map, assuming the team is decent and able to take advantage.
  6. Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    That depends on the level of ambition. Flamu does not advocate creating new flags for all achievements, only make the rewards visible in-game. - Make the game show spotting damage and potential damage, possibly make rewards for a threshold. If ambitous: - make a medal 3rd class, 2nd. class, 1st class, Master and award from 1-10 flags for this. The calculation is already in-game Other ideas:. - rewards for contesting/blocking caps (to both teams ship) same as above for 1 min up to X min - Rewards for radaring or hydro spotting ships grants 2-3x spotting damage done to them and a medal like above, awarded ingame with a notification what the next breakpoint is. - rework Dreadnaught and Fireproof; make them graded rewards as above, make dreadnought depend on potential damage and bouncing damage/dodging torpedoes. To the crying HE BBQ players that cry over not having radar: perhaps they dont, but they do on average more damage than radar ships. At the moment, radar ships does a lot of unrewarded work, so in other words, the rewards must suit the ship's playstyle
  7. Destroyer imbalance.

    As has been said, many counters have been introduced to DDs since release, making DD play at tier 8+ hard. Reasons include: - Balanced BB AP (TM) + - BBabies have discovered they can actually HIT dds at 10+ km (they didnt even try to shoot dds a year or two ago). - Lots things that spot DDs have been introduced and there is plenty in each game: CVs, Radar, Z52 hydro, Lo Yang hydro and RN cruisers to mention a few. They all have fairly long range too. - DDs have low hp pools and teams focus them REALLY hard compared to a year or two ago. - if you miss even one of the threats on enemy team, you die. To succeed as a dd, you must plan any approach to a place where enemy DDs might be so that you know - No radar ships unaccounted for, none in range (or there is a fat island covering you) or radar already used (and not yet ready again). - No CV or red CV planes busy on the other side of the map; also no CAs with fighter planes nearby - No Z52, Lo Yang, german dds or BBs with hydro in spotting range or able to close to spotting range. - How many DDs are unaccounted for? Can they outspot my DD and by how much, and can I fight them 1v1? - How much backup is available for either team? Which backup is closest (backup from the spawn does no good)? It is usually the backup that decides DD fights and this judgement comes down to experience. - If there is a DD I can fight, can it be approached from a position where all or most red backup guns are blocked by an island? - Is smoke /speed boost /torps ready if it becomes necessary to disengage prematurely? If all above checks out, it is possible to approach the cap with a good chance of not dying, but it may still cost 95% of hp. Is it any wonder dd noobs and newbies get slaughtered and you probably see them in a big phat BB kemping border in the next match? What I see is the Red team BBs and CAs are completely out of position. Typical camper team where you can tell by minute 2 the game is lost beyond all recovery, even a Unicum DD player couldnt carry this crop of weekend clowns (pardon me being harsh). Compare the two teams: Green dds have support, red dds did not. Reason: red team is failing to support any capping activities, preferring to go hunting for Space Vikings in the corner and not get their pretty paint scratched. The red dds position were fine if their team actually wanted to play WoWs. As a pretty decent DD player I would consider this team beyond carrying and just farm whatever damage and caps I could.
  8. It is way to grindy to be worth it. Will never play french BB anyway and it is only a camo reward at the end, so not worth the effort. I have the T6 BB from containers and Galasoniere from the new year event and both kinda suck playing. Did stage 1, but stage 2 will take literally forever, even farming 300 hits/game in the Neptune/Khaba.
  9. Flamu's Discussion - WoWS: The Focus On Damage

    It is not. Topping the scoreboard and earning visible rewards in the game for doing the right things are different. You can adjust the xp scoring of dds downward as you propose without giving out out any visible rewards. It is also possible to hand out loads of visible medals for small tasks that only give a litte xp, and thus it is necessary to farm a lot of them to top the scoreboard.
  10. BBs that outspot cruisers

    And it is still an awful boat and a step down from KGV, concealment or no. Just goes to show how bad those guns (angle, dispersion, penetration) really are.

    +1 Elastion.
  12. Change Smoke Screen Physics

    Certain cruisers (RN) are built around the smoke mechanics. The idea you suggest would break them. Not to mention gunboat DDs. Smoke meta is no longer a problem in ranked or clan wars, there is no issue. Played 714 BB games 426 DD games. Someone bring out the BB Bingo card (on a serious note, try to play some of the other lines and gain a more complete understanding the game)
  13. you realize good cv players use Dots by attacking In 2 waves, first forcing repair and once dcp is down, 2nd wave hits? for instance with some TB, then use DB for second unrepairable fires? Giving Midway back the 2nd TB squad was a bit over the top alphawise.
  14. French BB Unlock Mission after 0.7.2 - Possible Bug

    Got a Normandie mission after finishing the Bretagne mission like you did, but I had not played the Bretagne. Got at fully researched Normandie from the Normandie mission, transferred the captain and sold the Bretagne.
  15. Buff needed to middle tier dds?

    You dont need CE to stealth torp on Anshan (but it makes life easier). Who said anything about brawling with USN dds and sub 6 km? Read my post again. You are correct USN dds are better all-in knifefighters compared to Soviets, but in a repeated 1v1 poke-disengage game at 6-8 km they will lose. Gnevnys can grind the USN dd away over time and win the cap. I will give you Gnevny is a less than optimal dd due to lacking torpedopower, but if you have problems with traverse, get EM. The Gnevny is a DD like Ognevoi, Udaloi and Grozevoi, able to get concealment down to USN levels. I can understand picking AFT first as a matter of playstyle, also foregoing CE is fine if you plan to go down the destroyer leader tree to Khaba. But with a 14 point captain CE is a fine pick on the Gnevny. Othwerwise, you are not using the boat's full potential.