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  1. Dont you play new lines? If you need credits --> tier IX are your friend. They earn much more credits than tier Xs. If you like BBs, get JB, see below. Yoshino: it is a megaZao spamming high caliber HE from long range. That is virtually the only playstyle it is suited for since it lacks the aneuverability of the Zao. Smolensk: Best way to farm reports short of playing CVs. Fun to spam HE from 16-19 km without using smoke and watch AP splash all around, but gets boring quickly and cannot play aggressive, only farm targets stationary or moving towards it. I recently got JB over Thunderer despite collecting mainly tier X ships ( I already own smolensk). Didnt regret it. It is fun to play and very good, because it has multiple builds and playstyles. Having access to french speedbost, it is really fast and can play as a battlecruiser spamming HE from the back, hit speedboost and dash in to deliver some AP and be back out very quickly. Or it can bowtank as needed and reverse really quick with speedboost out of danger. Or you can build it for secondaries and use it in operations. Plus MBRB on a BB is just filthy. Well said too. The french tech tree ships are not really comparable to the JB/Bourgogne since those have both MBRB and much better dispersion, only the speed is really the same.
  2. GulvkluderGuld

    Got dropped, now teamkill penalty??

    Not completely true. Most enemy teams will suffer an acute case of "victory disease" when they have an overwhelming numbers advantage and rush in for kills to (sometimes) throw the game. Example: Once I even earned Solo Warrior by killing all 4 remaining ships rushing in to kill my DM. Thus having overaggressive bad players is often better than having passive bad players. And at least the games are over faster, so less time wasted. As for getting riled up, it not the problem. I'm almost not touching the game since this patch due to boredom. Too many 3000 IQ teams proceed to reverse to their own border, then cluster in one corner and wait for the reds to take all caps and overextend. Sometimes they win, other times, not. Boring. Yep, there are plenty of better games out there. And with a lot less bugs too.
  3. GulvkluderGuld

    Got dropped, now teamkill penalty??

    One of the times the server crashed, I still got pink for "leaving the game" that was currently loading in. I imagine another 23 players got the same penalty, but no way to confirm it. Have you been playing Random battles lately and still ask that question?
  4. Hard not to agree with the sentiment. Got quite a few High calibers and Dreadnaughts in Daring during latest Ranked, but that was a special case. Spotting damage is an obvious case. And Targets spotted (CV not elegible, because it would be dumb) Also Permaspotting targets if such can be measured by the game. Potential damage would need to be restricted to specific DDs, since Khaba and Kleber exists. Problem is it does not cater to the BorderBoys playstyle, so WG won't do it
  5. GulvkluderGuld

    Albemarle - worst ship in the game? advice needed.

    It can do okay if top tier and allowed to fight 1v1. Sadly those games are rare with the quality of random team lemmings I've been blessed with. I got Drake and honestly I dont feel any difference going from Surrey to Drake except it's relatively even worse for its tier, if that is possible. Compare Drake to something like a Brindisi, and it's obvious how bad it is. Thank you for the vid. It looks like some of my better game where everything goes right and I'm top tier. I didnt consider bow-tanking and instead tried to kite, which is possibly my mistake. The firing angles on the front turrets are awful. Doesnt change the fact that if you have to spot for yourself, it's a losing proposition. And if more than one opponent can shoot you, its comletely lost. Which describes most of the games I had which were fast stomps due to friendly team imploding. Killing that Alabama cost both heals and any higher tier BB would have won the fight. Also the vid showed Albermarle will take citadels anyway despite being angled (like 4.30, again higher tier BBs will get more citas due to better disperson and frankly better players who can aim better).
  6. GulvkluderGuld

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    Goodbye Blixies!
  7. Stopped reading here. You arent from around here, are you? Expecting generousity from WG is like...nah forget it
  8. GulvkluderGuld

    Thank you WG

    Fortunately I'm not participating. My frieds are bored with WOWs too. Will be playing some Borderlands 3 and then see. This exactly. I cant get my head around it either, and worse, I see no reason to play since I dont enjoy these games. The only classes that are still somewhat enjoyable and able to influence those games are DDs and CVs. Ufortunately it eventually gets boring to sit in smoke and spam (Smolensk, Kitakaze sisters) or spam torps (Benham).
  9. GulvkluderGuld

    Rewards for tanking

    My Kleber like this.
  10. GulvkluderGuld

    Thank you WG

    For making me realize how little I enjoy your game anymore and losing interest in it. Last patch / couple weeks, I've barely touched it since I just get fed up with Random battle teammate quality and lack of interesting content. Random battles feel like a chore unless i play OP things like tier 9 or 10 special/premium ships that can actually carry. There are no way to earn a reasonable amount of flags or camos as there used to be. No intermediate or achievable goals. Of course there is a big reward, but for the vast majority of players, it is not interesting since it is completely unachievable without a Smaaland (or insane doubloon investment). Every month since Christmas we've had this., and it feels like random battle quality have detiorated further still. Now I often see 300 IQ teams camping the spawn map border untill the reds wants to "win harder" and make an uncoordinated push. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. Its incredibly stale and frustrating to witness. WG could add Arms Race as permanent game mode Or add Scenario battles. Or add CB/Ranked. Or add special "new" game modes. I'll be on break untill next CB season and probably give CB with CVs one chance. If the game mode is ruined (as expected) by CVs and WG dont fix it again, the last enjoyable game mode will be gone. I pray this will not happen, because I enjoyed the game since release. Anybody else losing interest overall and in monthly missions in particular (they're not worth the effort anymore)?
  11. GulvkluderGuld

    Rank Changes

    This isnt league of legends or starcraft or any other game with a sensible MMR based ranked system.
  12. GulvkluderGuld

    Some info new player here

    Since I have Moskva and already sold Donskoi, having to regrind the donskoi (which is NOT being replaced or moved) from stock would be a rather extreme punishment for not having the researched ship in port. Maybe @Crysantos can shed some light on this, since I cant imagine WG punishing players for sellling elited ships and forcing a regrind from stock condition. Having to buy the thing again, maybe. Not regrinding B hulls and such.
  13. GulvkluderGuld

    Some info new player here

    Keep in mind the russian cruiser split will also see the tier 5 Kirov turn premium. Credits are always short from tier 8 onwards. Foue options: 1) if you want moskva, simply sell the tier 9 to buy the tier 10 once you have enough XP. You should have the extra credits from playing it. 2) Do as I did and get a premium ship of a class and style you like. I've since stopped playing Blyscawica since WG removed the very mechanic that made her good. 3) get a premium camo for tier 8 or 9. Sometimes they are available for 50%. Earns about half of what premiums earn, but you will know the ship in advance. 4) wait untill you have enough coal/fxp to buy a free premium in the armory, possibly combined with option 1. The tier 9s have the best credit earning potential.
  14. GulvkluderGuld

    How is your Ranked Season 15 coming along?

    no thanks to more safety points. The game will drown in conquerors spamming he from the map border, as happened last time WG tried it. DDs can carry easily, if you dodge whenever CV is in the queue. Ranked out with 67% WR in Daring, with over 75% WR in the top bracket since there were less HE spamming geniuses.
  15. GulvkluderGuld

    KotS Camo Code