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  1. GulvkluderGuld

    Is it just me, or is the Cherbourg complete trash?

    As long as no BBs have flanking shots, why not? Two days ago I held the weak side flank on Iceberg map (cant remember the name. Bowtanking and island to cover my flank JB style, from 6 km i trashed a Hipper and amalfi one after the other while Richeleu was shooting HE at me from long range, then rushed a Z46 and østergotland who came around an island and took down my friendly Lo Yang about 6 km from me. Since Cherbough can literally sail as fast or faster than some DDs with speedboost on, they could run away from me and I killed both. Tier 8 CV was bombing me at the same time, but I survived long enough to put a volley into the CV before going down. Sadly it was a close game loss. Sure you dont go yolo with it, but I dont see how it can be played with any success from long range.
  2. GulvkluderGuld

    Is it just me, or is the Cherbourg complete trash?

    Grinding both Cherbourg and Cuniberti at the same time and having a tough time deciding which has the least battle influence. For Cherbourg, the reload kills the enjoyment, but It is understandable. Ship is insanely tanky, has access to a heal and the gun performance is very very good for its tier so reload has to be glacial to balance the other stats. Compared to other cruisers, it doesnt care much whether it fights tier 8 or tier 10 opponents. Reload gates it hard either way.
  3. GulvkluderGuld

    Hakuryu and Midway unique upgrades

    How does that help? It says "maximum speed" which is the boost speed, not cruise speed. I played lots of Haku but never actually tested the LM - didnt seem worth it. Max boost speed ceased to matter after WG finally patched the infinite boost exploit.
  4. GulvkluderGuld

    Missouri credit mission expiring today???

    Thanks all for the info - and thanks for testing @Khaba_Gandalf. It's good to see WG didn't mess up and make credit boosters mutually exclusive with the perma bonus!
  5. Been away on summer holidays so maybe I missed something since the forums are not ablaze yet. On return from holidays, my Missouri credit mission seems to be expiring, despite WG promises to the contrary. Anybody knows what is going on?
  6. Burned half my eco flags and camos (as many as i could) to earn 100 mio credits in ranked last month in anticipation of getting robbed, even though I've seen no evidence of wg actually robbing us of credits. Will have to check the converter page. FreeXP robbery is a given but I already have 3,5 mio so idgaf.
  7. GulvkluderGuld

    What keeps you playing WoWS (as of June 2022)?

    still having fun in ranked. Yes really. what I will do once subs and superships are forced into ranked I will probably keep playing and make up mind depending on how popular and common they become
  8. It's several years back, probably by the time before the CV rework but I'm not going through that many videos for a link. Basically the reds played on the A line and greens killed themselves winning harder, but reds couldnt make it back to green spawn in time to kill the fuso.
  9. Liquidator is probably the hardest one to get after WG nerfed reworked flooding mechanics. Solo warrior is coolest, but extremely random and usually requires a team to throw really hard. On one hand I've been alone vs 4 a couple time and killed 3 (CV was 4th one), at the other extreme Jingles has a video of an AFK fuso earning af Solo warrior....
  10. GulvkluderGuld

    To Black or not to Black, that is the question!

    It's a good point about the heal, which makes the nerf to radar duration hurt even more. The best strategy vs heal dds is to catch them and burst them in one engagement, negating the multiple heals. Shorter radar duration makes that harder. Of the DDs you mention only half has a heal and only Jutland have better concealment. Frieland in particular is free food since it gets spotted from the moon. I've played a lot of Black vs Kita/Daring/Jutland from both sides and Black generally outtrades them even if they blindfire while radar is up, but the margins are narrow and if requires the Black to play cautiously while consumables aren't up. I found the main frustration with Black is the lack of tools to deal with BBs and cruisers. Last time I met a decent Black with my kita, I blindfired for 70-80% of the dmg he did to me while using radar. That was before the kita concealment nerf. It's a close fight for sure.
  11. GulvkluderGuld

    To Black or not to Black, that is the question!

    It is and plays very different from Kidd in every other way than the Benson hull. 1v1 it can beat any gunboat dd you care to name apart from Småland and Ragnar, while the consumables are up. Kidd on the other hand is fairly mediocre. That said, dont rush out and buy it, wait untill after the event. It's nowhere near as fun as for instance a kitakaze, nor is it as versatile. The torpedoes are a joke, slower than 50 knots and more like sea mines. Black is good at nothing but fighting other DDs. Mine has sat in port for years.
  12. GulvkluderGuld

    ranked , teams

    Yep that was me, after you complained about the spotting Thanks. And nicely played yourself!
  13. GulvkluderGuld

    How to disable unwanted popups by the game client?

    Thanks, just disabled it. Hope it helps.
  14. GulvkluderGuld

    ranked , teams

    Both those boats are terrible at what they do. If you want to win, why dont you pick a competetitive boat instead of grinding stock ships? Unless you're a masochist and really like to play those things.