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  1. Wizard27_1979

    Bonus Codes

    Der o.g. Code CAP0FTHER1NGS100000 wurde repariert und funktioniert nun.
  2. Wizard27_1979

    0.9.2 - Clan Brawl

    Fully agree and I did the CV, too.
  3. Wizard27_1979

    Bonus Codes

    Dann schau Dir mal die Postings darunter an - der ist leider kaputt aktuell...
  4. Wizard27_1979


    And I found: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/129566-wargaming-store/?do=findComment&comment=3329994
  5. Wizard27_1979


    It's gone for now - they're checking for new ways of distributing some merch but as of now there is no Warships-Things available.
  6. Wizard27_1979

    WoWs TST Requirements

    If there is another test, check the portal, apply for an account and wait to be selected/granted. Last test was around christmas, no test since then for closed public.
  7. Wizard27_1979

    Wargaming, communication and this board.

    It seems to me as you don't know about this section of forums: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/754-development-blog/ That's where they give all information about Test-Ships, Development, Changes etc.
  8. Wizard27_1979

    Wargaming, communication and this board.

    Did you ever hit this button and check the latest staff-postings on right hand side? Please explain which information is "restricted" to SuperTesters (like me) - I'm curious, really.
  9. Wizard27_1979


    Ist es doch - die Zeiten im Artikel sind UTC - wir mit MESZ sind +2
  10. Wizard27_1979

    Public Test

    Public-Test-Session ended, it's not open to public until test of 9.4 in a few weeks.
  11. Wizard27_1979

    A Co-op only clan

    Yes, there are even some clans which do PVE only (operations).
  12. Wizard27_1979

    No EU Captain For Sale?

    You did not miss anything, as e.g. the Dasha Perova were done before PAN-EU was invented at all. As mentioned one will be reward with next patch and there should be another one somehow available (the one with the odd name as mentioned on Dev-Blog) - so you can just train the captains to a decent level while grinding and/or spending Elite-Commander-XP (but please don't do FXP).
  13. Wizard27_1979


    Seems as if you got something wrong. You don't have to do all missions (despite wanting the achievement) - as in each campaign you can repeat missions by simply assigning them again to your task-list.
  14. Wizard27_1979

    Mainz and Odin....No thanks

    Oh when I saw my matches today Mainz is being sold quite frequently and she's not that bad as you think she is - I do like her. And I sawa lot of videos by CC about her and Odin that both are not that bad, too.
  15. Wizard27_1979

    0.9.2 - Clan Brawl

    April's fool (today) is T10, 5vs5 with one CV, one BB, two Cruisers and one DD. On Saturday regular brawl on T8 1-1-1-1 should take place.