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  1. Gerade eine Zita kassiert ? Das kann passieren, aber wir muntern Dich wieder auf ! Freizeitskipper - viele Angebote, aber keine Verpflichtungen !
  2. Skipper_42

    Santa-Container mit OP-Schiffen...

    Und wenn Du besonders artig warst (Karma>250), dann gibt es sogar eine Kitakami...
  3. Der Test der U-Boote ist zwar vorbei, aber DDs spielen wir trotzdem noch gerne. Du auch ? Dann komm zu uns ! Freizeitskipper - Viele Angebote, aber keine Verpflichtungen !
  4. Skipper_42

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Merry Christmas to everyone !
  5. Skipper_42

    kein clan

    Ich liebe Donnerstage... (Auch wenn es schon Freitag ist...)
  6. Skipper_42

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Just a very short feedback after my first match with the Bogue: - The plane control has improved, but I would strongly recommend to separate the mouse and keyboard function: Keyboard = control your planes, Mouse = control your view - Rockets are fine for me (targeting, damage, fire chance). They are nice to harass weak ships or trigger DCP due to started fires - HE bombs: I need to practice more, as I wasn't able to reliable hit even BBs... - The ships AA was reduced (but maybe this was a result of my T4 match), which was ok for me - CAP fighter for your CV: Good idea to prevent CV sniping, but it would help, if you could control your CV in your map view (M key), while your squadron is circling around at the last position. - Experienced first signs of motion sickness at the end of the game, but I know I'm susceptible to it. That's the reason I play WoWs and not a first person shooter... ;-)
  7. Skipper_42

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    My first feedback so far, after a few matches: - The plane control is still not right. There is a deadtime after pressing A/D and a fast acceleration in turning. If you want to develop an action game, you need an action game control. I would suggest to remove the deadtime (=immediate turning of the planes) and a linear control with only a small turning acceleration. This would allow a better and more exact control of your planes, especially if you approach your target - The AA effect is no longer predictable. I've lost a complete squardon while attacking a lonely Montana at my first attack run. - Avoiding the black flak clouds might be a nice idea in theory, but I don't think it's currently working. A slight random component in the game is ok, but I've got the feeling, that the AA is currently completely random - The flags to indicate fighters are nice (incl. timers), but I miss a circle on the minimap, which indicates the "prohibited" area - The DB camera view has improved, but it's still hard to aim correctly, as often the target is out of view (but maybe I'm just too dumb for it...) - I've got no issues with TB and rocket fighters - I would prefer to shift+click on a approaching squadron to focus fire of my ships AA, as this is the standard method to focus a target in WoWs. Why do you invent something new ? Fortunately the game client was stable so far (no crashes here), but I had of course the sound bug (hearing consumables, which I haven't activated).
  8. STEELKNOCKOUT ARMORPIERCINGUPPERCUT für Runde 3 (=10x Papa Papa für 5x Feuer) HIGHEXPLOSIVEJAB für Runde 4 (=10x Zulu für 50 Secondary Treffer) CITADELSLAM für die Finalrunde (=10x Equal Speed Charly London für 5 Zitadellen)
  9. Skipper_42

    Server Überladen

    Ansonsten gibt es Ärger mit der Hamstergewerkschaft... Und das wäre übel, wenn alle Hamster gleichzeitig in den Warnstreik treten... Das willst Du noch nicht, oder ?
  10. Skipper_42

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    33 battles with my beloved Fujin (most of the time...). Tried Murmansk and Texas, too, but sticked to my Kamikaze clone at the end.
  11. Skipper_42

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    My initial feedback: Good: - Visual appearance (animated plane models, AA + explosions) - Overall idea of controlling a squadron directly instead of RTS style - The way torpedo attacks are implemented is fine and works well Need improvement: - The plane control is jerky. It should be a more direct/immediate control of the planes possible. During an attack run you are fighting more with the controls than with your opponents... - I'm too stupid for successful bomb runs... This is mainly due to the lack of vision (you are often loosing track of your target during an attack) and due to the strange keyboard/mouse controls. It should be possible to steer your planes with the keyboard to perform last second adjustments during your attack run - I would like to see the result of my torpedo drops. Currently I have to use my right mouse button, which is too complicated for beginners (they are not able to improve their aim) - Rockets are a bit... nah.. Initially I thought they were great to counter DDs, but currently it's very hard to hit a moving DD at all. Maybe this is once again due to the unresponsive plane controls - It must be possible to give commands to your CV at any time (move, repair, call fighters for protection), otherwise CV sniping is a real threat - It should be possible to increase AA def for one side with a Ctrl+click on the enemy plane squadron, because this is the way for focusing an enemy throughout the whole game (additional to the 'O' button) - I would recommend to decrease the AA strengthening time to 10s, as 15s is too long to react Additional remarks: - After playing CV I started too feel first signs of motion sickness. I know, I am susceptible to it (that's one of the reasons I play WoWs and not a first person shooter... ;-) ) - Did I enjoy the new gameplay ? Yes, it's something new and different, but fits quite well to WoWs. But I can't tell you yet, if I would really play CVs later in the real game - Thanks WG for letting us participating in this test and provide our feedback ! I am looking forward to the next test iterations