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    Wall of Shame

  2. CaptainSmeerlap

    best BB game ever

    Have you ever seen anything like this? It was A LOT of fun!
  3. CaptainSmeerlap

    turn off chat?

    Disabling the messages from person usually does it. Unless it's a flamewar, than it's two persons of course. But still wiser than disabling chat. Will mention that in the original post.
  4. CaptainSmeerlap

    turn off chat?

    Found it. Same menu where you report bots / bad players.
  5. CaptainSmeerlap

    turn off chat?

    If the chat becomes toxic, I want to turn chat off. I don't care about the outcome of the game anymore. If that might make me look like an idiot to someone: thank you and goodbye. Moving on to the next game.
  6. CaptainSmeerlap

    turn off chat?

    Good to know thanks! Somehow I missed it in the pack.
  7. CaptainSmeerlap

    turn off chat?

    Haha, I love it! I love it when we can have a laugh despite a bad game, makes the game so much better IMO.
  8. CaptainSmeerlap

    turn off chat?

    ahoy Captains! Is there a way to turn off chat? Perhaps a mod? I am getting really fed up with all the rants, whine, and especially the insults. No losing game goes by without it. Edit: you can disable the messages from one person. It's in the same menu as report bot / bad player.
  9. CaptainSmeerlap

    Mogami Dual or Tripple

    Near the end of my use of the Mogami, I switched to dual, simply to get accustomed to 203mm again. You will have to make the switch anyway, so you might as well have fun with the 155mm as long as you can. And yes, it will feel like a downgrade but not as much as I hear people complain here and there
  10. CaptainSmeerlap

    IJN cruisers nerfed pen power?

    Noticed the same thing with my Zao. Doing noticeably less damage, less fires, less citadels. Also, got the impression that my armor is penetrated more easily. Usually I angle away to reduce the risk, but on a couple of occasions, I still got penned.
  11. CaptainSmeerlap

    sell all ships to get the next tier ship?

    Thanks for the info guys. Sold my last ship, then bought the new ship. Bought some extra doubloons to get 200k extra silver and to retrain my commander. Land ho!
  12. CaptainSmeerlap

    sell all ships to get the next tier ship?

    hello fellow seafarers, I have just aquired enough Ship XP to research the next tier ship, which I did. As you may well know, I need credits as well so I can purchase the new ship. If I sell my one and only ship, will I still be able to buy the next tier ship? I think I know the answer but I don't want to be wrong
  13. CaptainSmeerlap

    downright negative atmosphere in WOWS

    Good points. I do need to grow a thicker skin. That's how I vowed to ignore it or make jokes about it. Still it just shocks me how negative the sentiment is, compared to any other game I have played before. Does cycling make a man out of me? The sun is shining, my bike is begging for a 50km ride. I hope it'll help
  14. CaptainSmeerlap

    downright negative atmosphere in WOWS

    No worries, reading it again, I realize that my statement could be read as me seeing idiots and [edited] in every game. Not how I want it to be interpreted, ouch! Awkward.
  15. CaptainSmeerlap

    downright negative atmosphere in WOWS

    I have to get this off my chest. I have played many online games in my life. Most were 1st person, from Quake up to Far Cry 4. All of these games were a lot of fun to play, in important part by the community. WOWs is the first WG game I am playing. The atmosphere in WoWS is downright negative. Almost every game, I see insults, rants, ragetyping. Almost every game I see someone typing: "idiots" or "[edited]"... and then it starts. If someone asks to stop insulting, the usual reply is "it's not an insult, it's a fact", and so it goes on. Sure I understand it can be frustrating because the other team is better, someone on your team made a mistake (I too make mistakes), or could have made a better contribution to the game. What I will learn from now on, is to ignore them or make jokes about it. Jokes make all troubles go away