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  1. Kissyfur

    I'm so tired of bad teams 10 rounds and great 1 win

    Your wins is not only depending on the player solo stats. If that would be the case, you should be able to go rambo-mode. Which you cannot, unless you want to be killed fast. Great stats from a player would be looking at the amount of dmg a player does. Not counting how many wins. So teamplay is in essence vital if you want to win a battle. For me it is not about winning battles, primary: I want to have a great battle. And I can have a great one, even if I lose. It would be nice if cooperation is more promoted. A lot of ppl are not even reading/responding to requests in chat. Would be great if there is a way to earn XP by cooperating: and publish how to get that XP. The ppl reading on the forums, are in most cases who want to get better. There is still a substantial part of the player base who NEVER visit the forums. And do not have a particular interest in getting better. Again, supportive behavior should be encouraged. By getting bonus XP and/or Credits. This could be done by the reporting system or other in-game behaviour, like spotting or capping. Hiding how gaining XP work could be a problem here.
  2. Kissyfur

    Was BB AP ninja-nerfed?

    Think it is just not your evening. I also have amazing battles 1-shotting ships. But also, I have games where I cannot even hit a skyscraper if it would be in front of me.
  3. Kissyfur

    Best defeat ever

    Show the vid pls. For fun and learning If you just had +1 teammate knowing how to play (just a little) your post would not ended up here Epic to kill the enemy fleet single-handed!
  4. Kissyfur

    Countering teamkilling and friendly fire

    They should add the blue colour to WoW, it would not hurt. And maybe it helps to ban misbehavior.
  5. Kissyfur

    Countering teamkilling and friendly fire

    Pink I understand, but what does it mean when someone turns blue?
  6. Kissyfur

    Best defeat ever

    Hahaha! That is enjoyable indeed! I got into a similar situation in my BB (myogi or kongo, cannot recall). I was up against 3 ships: DD, BB and a CA. DD and BB heading my way, out of range. Both (almost) full health. I killed the CA and with 1/4 health headed to the BB and rammed the poor bastard Left my team only the DD to kill. Ramming can be a very useful tactic to help your team! Often forgotten. To all other losing screenshots: epic!! That is a way how I can handle my losses
  7. Kissyfur

    Why is everbody so scared going forward?

    The "why people do this" is not important. Focus on "How to solve this". Best is to find 2 friends and make a division. You can communicate who to fire on and at least have some fun with your buds. The other best thing is just to hope for the best Sometimes it can help to offer another play to join him (instead of asking other ppl to follow you). Reversed psychology: it is nice to be supported. Instead of asking for favors. WG should offer rewards for supportive behaviour..
  8. Kissyfur

    Countering teamkilling and friendly fire

    Does the "report" function does anything? You can just report the player for being 'bad'.
  9. Kissyfur

    How to play Myogi?

    What triggered the myogi for me, compared to the Wyoming, was speed. I liked the Myogi. Though I have to admit, it was not love on first sight. Because of the Myogi I paired with the US BB's. Until I really got fond of the BB's. I met the Wyoming and then I had to retry the Myogi. She is speed. True guns are not a lot. With the Myogi you have to show her a$$ to your foes, because of the 2 guns on the back. So when in firing range, try to turn. And avoid a visible broadside all the time. Angle her towards other ships, to give them a small target. Always load AP and aim for the citadel. And keep in mind, that you have to turn your ship favourable of the gun turning. Also use the reload time for this. You are not a fast turning cruiser with a high fire rate. If you punch, make your hit count! And do not ever try to go solo. But that goes for all ships basically. This ships holds a promise; when you start loving her, you will receive the Kongo soon enough
  10. Kissyfur

    We want lower repair costs too!

    Not sure what to think of the repair bill. It is good to have players play the lower tiers as well. Otherwise people get cropped up their max tier. Not fun for people who want to lvl a tree. Also, reducing or removing the cost could be an option. Bear in mind that teamplay must be rewarded. It is no use if the method encourage people to avoid damage. Which will only result in more frustrating games. This is another delicate balancing process.
  11. Kissyfur

    Ship Experience - how does it work?

    Sure it matters to the ship, but XP wise I do not see why there is a difference. DD's are the most favourable targets this way, then CA's. Then I find taking dmg off a BB is more like an achievement.
  12. Kissyfur

    Ship Experience - how does it work?

    This sound flawed. I think it should not matter wheter I take 10k of a DD or a BB. Thanks for clearing this up.
  13. It really does not make any sense to me how to gain XP on your ship. I know there are multipliers for your first win. Doing dmg, I thought this was the massive multiplyer. But no. It seems to work differently. I compared my biggest score with my Kongo: 1109 experience 63.058 dmg caused 2 warships destroyed 3 aircraft destroyed with my friend's Kongo biggest score: 1541 experience 34.316 dmg caused 2 warships destroyed 4 aircraft destroyed Data is collected on the "players" menu on the wargaming site. What else is taking into account to come to this difference in XP? What are the known ways to gain XP? The outcome of above comparison seems strange.
  14. Kissyfur


    Kongo is not OP neither is NY. It depends on the player to make good use of them. I found that scoring citadels against BB's is a challenge with AP. While I did sunk full health CA's with 1 salvo. Which feels great!! But all depends on practice and to know where to shoot.
  15. Kissyfur

    USS New York - The Brawler from Brooklyn

    Nice review! NY has a bit more AA, but Kongo has way more 2nd guns. HP on Kongo is higher, but the NY has stronger armor. Range is in favor of the Kongo, just as HE shell power and speed. But the NY has 1 more main turrent. Though the difference between the Kongo and NY is not that big. And they will play differently, it is just what you prefer. I would not dare to say which is better, depends on how you play. It is like comparing the Wyoming and the Myogi. Do not like how to play the Wyoming. I prefer the Myogi. Just have to compliment you on the review, you (almost) sold the NY to me While I have a lot of Wyoming grinding to do to get my hands on her!