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  1. Not envy.... fairness, justice... its like two kids in a family, one is treated better than the other. Like I said, I'm happy with the 14 days I got, but it seems unfair... at least, TILL i was told the truth about the poor Steam users. Its still unfair.... how the hell did this steam thing happen, it should have been canned the minute these problems came to light.
  2. Thanks for the answer, so now, as in my last post, why the hell did WoWs use STEAM when its ....faulty... or so many hidden dangers. Anyhow... this is exactly why I refuse to have anything to do with steam. A direct connection to the WoWs game is the best way to stay in control.
  3. THANK YOU!!!! As my wife says about anything she doesn't like... (for me, in this case), I have nothing with steam! It *looked* unfair... and all i wanted was an explanation. YOU gave it... Thanks. Now its all clearly explained... BUT.... clearly other questions arise for me now of a more technical nature, and NO, I'm not sure, which is why I am asking.... To me it seems like Steam is like an alien being that has latched onto the host (any steam user) you cannot play WoWs unless you are signed into Steam... so ... what happens if Steam decides to change all players that uses WoWs via its platform $1000 a year... (this is hypothetical) ... it would be hard for wows to serve the link to Steam without hurting the players using it... I mean, the clue here for me is that one person TRIED to log in without steam and couldn't.... that is a nightmare waiting to happen? What if Steam is hacked? What is the steam server goes down for a week? I'm glad I never wanted anything to do with steam... NOT with a game like WoWs anyhow.
  4. I said WoWs did a good thing and complimented them... But here they are, back to their old tricks again... [edited] [edited] I'll reserve judgment till they answer... IF they answer.... and I hope its not Sub_Octavian issuing the explanation....
  5. Kiwi1960

    Nerf Smolensk

    "FORCED"???? harsh words. The Smoli has been in the game for so long now, this thread was started in November, I think... and yet, here we are, the smolli hasn't killed the game... I was against the CV rework, I said it would kill the game... I mean, flying warships? Anyhow... it didn't kill the game... and nor will the Smolensk. If it were not THAT ship, which ship would you demand that be nerfed? Where would it stop? Where would it end? That is why I hope WoWs never nerfs a premium ship... it would be the start of a slippery slope that WILL kill the game. Real life, I never heard the Americans cry foul at the Battle of Midway for having less CV's than the Japanese, no, they manned up and got on with the job. One day, a CC might post a video showing an easy way that he found to delete the Smolensk... till then, either adapt and employ tactics you can use to defeat that ship... or buy one yourself and join the club.
  6. Kiwi1960

    Nerf Smolensk

    Standing and fighting isn't always the best option, especially if you're being bullied by a Smolli. That may be the time to work as a team, run and hide, or someone drop smoke, but everyone on your team within range should target the Smollie and delete them fast. That is why its called a team game and what they mean by team work... and its better than nothing, a team of loners won't last long. I've seen clan battles where the clan works like a team, as they should, and if only the basics of a team is there, then asking the team to target a ship of strategic importance (mouse on target and press F3 I think) will alert the team to the threat, and if the smolli is as big a threat as people here say, they they will work to eliminate that threAT.
  7. Kiwi1960

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Sarcasm is a gift you obviously were never given... Good try though.
  8. Kiwi1960

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Obviously he thought it was Doubloons they were giving away... errr.... hint hint WoWs....
  9. Kiwi1960

    Nerf Smolensk

    Very dramatic.... players being chased from a game because of a cyber ship... deal with it. Thanks to MM, chances are high that your team has a Smolli too... its not always as one sided as you're making out.
  10. Kiwi1960

    Nerf Smolensk

    look at it this way... the hail of fire rains down on you... you get sunk time after time... till you learn... You might still get sunk by the Smolli, but the times you do not... are the ones where you learn... If you find yourself in a game without a Smolli... then you will be the better player. (it will teach you to fight, run or hide... no other ship will be as bad ever again...) They should NEVER nerf a premium ship! Nerfing doesn't happen in real life... as Rumsfeld said (for all the wrong reasons) "You must fight a war with the army you have, not the army you want!" If you are in ANY ship facing a Smolli.... deal with it... work with others to combat it... focus fire, maybe... but don;t cry about it. As I said, face fear and eventually you will be a better player for it.
  11. I so agree. I took a whole year off WoWs. But sometimes, if you WANT to play the game, but its not working out... take a break, but some who get real frustrated do NOT want to quit... I can understand that. The "no quit" was my opinion, and if you read the OP post, you get the feeling he doesn't want to quit either but is, for the wrong reasons. The words "take a break".... "quit"..... and "mental health" are never mentioned in the same story by anyone playing WoWs. it always seems to be a.... rage quit. "Can't win so I'm not playing anymore".... THAT is the wrong reason for quitting no matter what it is, this game, life, marriage...etc.
  12. This is what I should have said.... Its been bugging me all night. How do you convince a person to not give up? New players might win 25% of their game, average players 50% and experts 75% ... but not many can EVER get over 75% ... there is no such thing as a perfect player. By that token, expert players still lose! They only get to be experts by playing AND losing. If what they did the last game that got them sunk then the next game, they play it different. They learn to stay calm under pressure. Back in 2015 when I first started playing, and I don't like admitting this... my first battles were a disaster, first time my ship got hit, I'm went into a panic, worse, I'd start shooting wildly, if it moved, I'd shoot at it... including allies... as soon as you panic you make mistakes, then, if you worry about the last game, you will put yourself under impossible pressure to do better... Relax.... play to have fun... its not REALLY life or death, your ship sinks often, you do not, so don't panic, LEARN... don't worry about losing... because... For every winner.... there is a loser, that is a fact of life AND an important part of this game. Play the best you can and don't let it get to you. Once you understand that losing is OK... then you are half way there... no one will EVER get a 100% perfect score... NO ONE!!!!!! So, play to have fun.... what happens ....will happen.... when you play it as the game it is, you will relax and start playing a lot better. Most modern Generals and Admirals were forged in the furnace of war... they saw their fair share of defeats till their nations needed them to step up, and they did. One thing they will all tell you.... NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!! Only quitters quit.... (meaning, quit once, you will always quit...) Good luck.
  13. Take a deep breath.... now..... exhale.... inhale.... hold it... HOLD IT.... and out..... calm like the ocean... no, sorry... calm like the forest..... birds tweeting... why are they even on twitter? Anyhow.... I agree with you, BUT... practice makes perfect. Start from t5 and work up, get used to ships, try out tactics, watch videos on how to play.... Then.... if you keep losing... you probably suck and should quit... NO... sorry, that wasn't funny... Trust me, you will get better. If you keep losing, drop down a tier or 2... take your time... relax.... its only a game... Then, if you lose 12 in a row, its your keyboard, destroy it an buy another one that works. Seriously... relax and play... being on edge and playing only causes mistakes. Good luck, and remember, the Force is with you.... always.
  14. Kiwi1960

    Graphics setting

    The problem is... two things... With the Coronavirus, everyone is home using the internet. I assume, like me, you are in the Netherlands (with the NL part of your name) so be advised, this will slow it down, NETFLIX has announced that it will reduce the quality of its streaming by 25% because the internet is slowing down in Europe because the virus... Also, the internet in NL is nearly maxed out, last I heard, its 95% full... but more fiber is being laid. The quality of what you see is also dependent on the data coming from the game server... to some extent. For example, if the server is down, you won't get on... recent slow downs of the server (due to bugs) also affects this data transfer. Sure, the screen displays your ship and ocean BUT, its also dependent on the server telling your computer where other ships are, torps, shells... etc etc ... if the speed between the server and your computer is slow for whatever reason, that will also affect game performance. If everyone is experiencing a slow down, then that just makes matters worse. In New Zealand, where I was for 58 years before coming home, I'd always start 15 seconds after everyone else was already moving... the internet there sucks. The framerate was 15... ping was about 150ms .... but I endured the pain. (that was with all my settings on LOW) Now, i have them all on high... any problems are due to the data coming from the server too slowly.... Never mind, my bad... the NL guy wasn't the OP... but the points still stay the same, mostly...
  15. Kiwi1960

    A problem the game has...

    This was going to be an attack on WoWs but as we have kissed and made up... hmmm, lie... there was no kissing... 1) my wife would kill me 2) not good in the Covid-19 world... We made up, WoWs proved they had a heart. So, here is my .... concern... note: not a complaint. The news items are posted by a BOT, yes, a posting bot? it always seems to post OLD news, that is stale and out of date. No one seems to care, I mean, out of the staff here ior Wows staff.\ That is very unprofessional. I want you to be seen (now) as professional. Can't the bug be fixed? Would you shop from a supermarket that advertised last weeks specials? Would you read a newspaper that had week old stories? No, you wouldn't. You'd read the newspaper with the latest news and you'd feel good knowing they were professionals doing a good job. By the same token, I want to know that the people I'm handing my money to were professionals enough to take pride in EVERY aspect of this game, including bot that posts "news" It boils down to the impression you leave people... a poor opinion in this tiny little area of news might have a huge impact on the other services you run. I would like to think that the news bot was as professional as the SUPPORT I get... are they going to offer me week old solutions to today's problems? Again, it all in how it looks. Sure, and this IS a minor problem, no biggie... right... but the fix is maybe just as easy as well! Its a niggle... it annoys me... its a distraction... but maybe YOU can make that bot with a human like user name into a real professional... he is, after all, the main public face people see when it posts the news.... right? BUT... again, if its not fixed, no biggie... but every second post in the TEST SERVER post was asking why they couldn't log into into the test game which ended days before.... as I said, its not a good look.