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  1. kaesarsosei

    Petition to Wargaming

    Please please please can something be done to stop the proliferation of TERRIBLE German T8+ BB players, especially at weekends. *Edited
  2. kaesarsosei

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I have some questions for Midway owners. I am about 40k XP away from Midway and my Essex captain has 18 points. When he gets the last point I will have 4 points spare. Do any of you keep and play the Essex even after unlocking Midway? Since they have same squadrons but Midway gets 2-1-2 option I don't see anything about Essex worth keeping (I also have Taiho and I will probably keep one of the T9s only). Is Concealment Expert an absolute must for Midway? I have AFT and was thinking that AFT+Manual AA would make Midway immune to snipes. But maybe the Concealment is too big an issue.
  3. People concerned about the Saipan, I think all this buff will do is make the 3-0-1 loadout viable. Whether it makes it superior to 2-2-0 remains to be seen (I doubt it). But for the sake of argument, let's say that it makes 3-0-1 equal to 2-2-0, that's not a buff to Saipan since its "best" spec (whichever one that is) has gotten no better. That's just better balance.
  4. kaesarsosei

    Best fire-starter in game?

    In most realistic scenarios, Zao is the best answer. Especially since its HE shells also do insane damage. I can see how Hindenberg would be good since although its HE dmg is lacklustre compared to Zao, it has 25% better RoF. Dimitri Donskoi merits a mention as being very nearly as good as Zao at starting fires. It also has very similar superb shell arcs and a very slightly better reload. Chapyaev is one of the only T8 ships that can usefully stealth fire (with a 15pt captain), and has good fire chance and shell arcs. The HE shells tend to do no dmg though. If allowed to molest, an Atlanta with DE is ridiculous. 8% fire chance with 14 shells every 4secs. Non-CA's - Udaloi/Khabarovsk with DE are very annoying/effective. Montana has 12 guns with a 35% fire chance (40% with DE and flags) and 26s reload... For anything inside 12km, a Des Moines with DE and the flags is without question the best though.
  5. kaesarsosei

    Gearing the TURD,anyone?

    I wonder when people will catch on to the fact that the Fletcher is the best torpedo boat in the game? You can discuss the merits of the Gearing all you like, but there is no question the Fletcher beats it in torpedos.
  6. kaesarsosei

    So, this just happened

    I wonder is/was there a bug going around? Two games in a row I got a detonation from my Udaloi torps on Tirpitz's. This was before the .5.10 patch.
  7. kaesarsosei

    Nice preview about german BB's from Jingles

    A full page of speculation on the ramifications of Jingles being banned before anyone knows if Jingles has been banned. Also, gameplay > history. Furthermore, it was always likely that between the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst, one would have the small guns and one the larger. The developers have to make a living so let them decide which one should be premium.
  8. kaesarsosei

    Best high tier ships in each class to aim for.

    If you want sub-T10 options: Cruiser Roon - very nearly as good as Hindenberg, with better concealment and better MM at the expense of 1 turret really. The best T9 cruiser for sure Budyonny - IMO the Schchors and Chappyaev are not worth going past the T6 Buddy, unless you want to go all the way to Moskva. Destroyer Fubuki - the Kagero is a downgrade and IMO the Shimakaze is not enough better compared to the Fubuki to justify the pain of Kagero nor the worse MM. Fletcher - IMO 95% as good as Gearing. Worse guns, but a better torp boat and better MM/concealment. Kiev - gets a good upgrade in the Russian DD guns. Some people dislike the Tashkent massively (I liked it) although the Udalois & Khab appear to be extremely good (I just got Udaloi yesterday). Battleship Yamato and Montana are very far ahead of everything else on the trees. At this stage though I am interested in Bismarck as my end-goal for the German BBs The IJN has a very smooth progression all the way from T5 so there is no obvious stopping point. The USN line gets a power spike at T6 and T8. CV Shokaku enjoys an advantage over Lexington IMO. On the other hand, going from T8 to T9 gives the USN 6 (or 7) extra planes compared to 4 (or 5) for IJN so IMO a USN CV player should go to at least Essex. Avoid T7 due to Saipan players with 15 point captains. T5 is a also a good stopping point since you only see T6 ships whereas T6 CVs can get T8 MM. Langley is OP as hell for T4.
  9. kaesarsosei

    Ibuki, is it a keeper or an instant sell after Zao?

    Good point about the torps actually, I would take the Ibuki torps (including their firing arc) over the Zaos any day.
  10. kaesarsosei

    0.5.9. Patch Notes

    What German HE buff? That was last patch. And any changes which encourage a bit of thinking over ammo usage have to be commended instead of mindless spamming of the same shell type.
  11. kaesarsosei

    Ibuki, is it a keeper or an instant sell after Zao?

    Buy the Zao and fire your first salvo with its guns and then you will realise why you won't be looking at the Ibuki again. I still fondly remember my drooling grin...
  12. kaesarsosei

    The Hipper, was it worth the grind?

    I would say the HIpper is one of the most over-rated ships in the game actually. I've just got started on the Chappy, and only played Mogami pre-nerf, but I would certainly say the New Orleans is a much better ship. The Hipper is absolutely not worth grinding for alone, but if you are heading to Roon then Hipper is not a great experience to have to go through.
  13. I hope this question doesn't get lost among the outrage. I am currently on 980 gems having finished every mission including this weeks repeatable mission. Will there be another repeatable mission before the end of the event to allow me to reach 1000? How else can I get those 20 gems?
  14. kaesarsosei

    Katori in Action! ;)

    Picked this up and played one game, ended up with 3 kills, Confederate, 1.7k XP and 210k credits...in a DEFEAT so not bad at all. The guns are really nice, the torpedo arcs are insane, the plane is a nice novelty at T3...if it was 5 knots faster this would be a really really nice ship, 10knots and it would be OP. The one positive of its slow speed is that as a DD hunter it makes it a bit easier to dodge torps. But still, compared to Albany, Smith and Tachibana I believe this is the only one that is actually worth considering playing on a regular basis as I think it could definately be a useful captain trainer. I believe it only sees T2-4 as well which keeps it away from nasty stuff like Omaha, Furutaka, Konigsberg, Kirov....all things which would completely wreck it.
  15. kaesarsosei

    Tachibana or Smith? Which one is better?

    Doesn't matter, they are both crap(I have Tachibana). The only T2 ship in the game that is remotely interesting/worth keeping is the Umikaze.