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  1. VictorHuge

    [OSC] Recruiting exclusively Balkan players

    Friendly bump :)
  2. VictorHuge

    [TROLL] Norwegian clan recruiting

    Et vennlig bump oppover Hilsen VictorH :)
  3. VictorHuge

    BB, the new Camping Class ?

    Before blaming camping bbs/cowardly cruisers/retard dds or cvs in general...have you asked your self; how can I improve myself in order to improve the games i participate in...If you are at 49/50% winrate, what that means is that you are doing average or somewhat below average of what is expected of you in a battle. This translates into that every battle you are part of..you are dependent on the rest of the team for securing a win. You are not a liability to your team but at the same time you dont improve your team either. So if you play enough battles such things even out around exactly 50% winrate. As soon as you realise that you are not special in any kind of way, but rather your typical average wows player, you need to ask yourself a question and answer it truthfully. Do I wish to improve (win more games, have more fun), or am I satisfied by staying middle and have the fun that beeing in middle generates. If you wish to improve then cudos for you, wows need more players like you (start analysing our games, be your worst critic, watch replays, your own and others, practice alot in training room/coop, search for help, watch Flamu/Flambass/Runner/Notser/Femmenly, ignore the comments and focus on their gameplay). If you do decide that you are happy by staying in middle (be really honest with yourself), then there is nothing wrong with that...Have fun with the game and dont take it seriously...when you stop having fun, make a break. But, by my opinion, if you choose to stay in the middle then you have no right complaining about other players and their gameplay since you are not willing to go above call of duty to improve yourself. Cheers VictorHuge
  4. Cool thanks, poke send in your general direction. I'm up for a chat whenever you have time. :)
  5. Still recruiting? How are my chances? :) If you are interested in "checking the goods" <--no naughty puns intended at all :p I'd be more than happy doing a couple of division matches or a discord-chat with you guys :) PS! Grab me before the next ranked season starts as my sanity has a tendency to drop drastically and mad ramblings do increase substantially. :)
  6. VictorHuge

    [TSUN] looking for competitive fun players

    Greetings! Any chance for entrance of a package deal of two? :) Me: https://wows-numbers.com/player/529610432,VictorHuge/ and Namolis https://wows-numbers.com/player/500322458,Namolis/ Cheers :)
  7. VictorHuge

    Fish' n ships are recruiting

    up :)
  8. VictorHuge

    Fish' n ships are recruiting

    Just a showcase of a fun game we've had today. We're still recruiting :)
  9. VictorHuge

    Are you kidding me 7 dd's in a clan battle????

    You sir suck, period! Not because you lost, but because you come here on forum to whine about a bunch of guys trying to have fun. They came to that battle with an unorthodox setup and you and your team failed to react properly and thus you lost. Shame on you!
  10. VictorHuge

    Musashi specifications

    If the AA stays like that, would It be considered an evil and vile act to use all of the torbedo bombers of Taiho at once? Or maybe give it a 5-10 sec of warning first..? ;-)
  11. VictorHuge

    Fish' n ships are recruiting

    up! :)
  12. VictorHuge

    Fish' n ships are recruiting

    bump :)