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  1. Rngebus giveth and Rngebus taketh away. Praise Rngeebus!
  2. What happends to your stats, in that particular line, do they get to be reset aswell or do we keep those?
  3. If i have understood it correctly, he is asking for the researchable engine upgrade on silver ships to be free/at max... And not some rl modifications. If that is the case, then i dont have any preferances regarding that... Would ease up the grind of us bbs but other than that, its not that important for my part. Doubt it would happend tho.
  4. DeleteCVs_VH

    Secondaries : Cruiser HE power at 10 km or not ?

    I am going to bite and toss you a reply on this one. First of all, I am not saying that a secondaries build do not have a place in this game. By all means they are fun and from time to time I take out my GK with sec. build and do go derp around. But, if your goal is to get the most wins possible, and beeing as useful to the team as humanly possible, then a secondary build, over time, will not help you get there. Sure you can have amasing matches in it, but that its not the point...its a rarity not a norm. There is a reason why unicums and super unicums have 60% ++ winrate, aswell as there is a reason why all the top teams in clanwars are not using secondary specced GK in their team composition. Those guys know what they are doing and if it was so efficient, then by Odin they sure would use a secondary GK in clanwars. Now over to why: When you press "random battle", whatever tactics you envisoned for yourself at start, you have to be prepared to toss it out of the window when you enter the battle. Your tactics are based on what ever the rest of your team is doing at any given time, aka map awareness. If you want to position yourself in a clever place and your team is running towards J10, you have to act acordingly. If you want to push in and make use of your secondaries, but the team isnt willing (this can be because the team is either smarter than you or retarded) then you have to act accordingly. You say "specialized build = use tailored to its tactics", I understand what you say here, I really do. But those conditions you are describing are dependent on what the enemy team is doing and what your team is doing. You cannot create those "pushing-situations" where secondaries shine on demand. Sometimes they occur and its great, but alot of the time they simply dont. Every second you spend, where you are not in secondary range of something and the guns arent shooting, its a second where you would be better off with more accuracy on main guns. Every time you get spotted at 15-17 km range (depending on the ship), is a time where enemy Zao, Conq, Desmo, Stalin, Henry, Hinden or any other ship for that matter, get a chance to light your ship up, Boy wouldnt it be nice with lower detection, so that you can get into position without beeing fired at or take evasive manouvers. Every time you get 2-4 permafires on your ship, you kinda miss fire prevention...anyways you get where im going. On any of those situations i just mentioned, secondary build is not helping you. And trust me, those situations occur alot. To summerise: Play secondaries, have fun with them on occasion, but over an extended period of time a survival build will give you better results. (provided you actually know what you are doing) PS! My entire post is based on games on the random/ranked modes. Coop and scenarions might have entire different metas where secondaries might be more effective. I rarely play those mods so I will not talk about those at all.
  5. DeleteCVs_VH

    Secondaries : Cruiser HE power at 10 km or not ?

    Well ofc, that makes more sense :D Im getting old...good bye youth, hello dementia :(
  6. DeleteCVs_VH

    Secondaries : Cruiser HE power at 10 km or not ?

    Secondaries on Mass?? Its a dd.. Why would you do that??
  7. DeleteCVs_VH

    Secondaries : Cruiser HE power at 10 km or not ?

    Althoug the damage from secondaries can reach impressive numbers, you sacrafice alot of survivability and main gun performance in order to make secondaries good. And because of their short range (relative to the main batteries) they are really only in play in the lower mid or ending stages of a match, provided a match lasts 20 mins. So you end up with good secondaries build that help you maybe 30-40% of the time, while a proper survival build is helping you 100% of the time.