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  1. Nephstar

    Bug in Cherry Blossom - 5 Star impossible

    Well, than I stand by my first post. Why wait for players to put in the extra effort?
  2. Nephstar

    Bug in Cherry Blossom - 5 Star impossible

    You are probably right. I though it was a more frequent bug because we tried it two times today and had the bug both times. In this case it would have been easier to just let the devs play it than having the player install a programm to get the correct report. But yeah, if its not that frequent than its okay
  3. Nephstar

    Bug in Cherry Blossom - 5 Star impossible

    No offense but why do you need players to do this? Why not find a couple of guys and play it? See for yourself.
  4. Ahoy fellow captains! This won't look as fancy as the top clan's posts but we are not a top clan (yet ) We will just try to be honest: We are AWU, a clan with 24 members of which around 16 are active and 8 to 10 of those have a winrate around 55-61% (so we will even be able to give you some tips, but only if you want them) Our own discord has usually 4-7 people online in the evenings and I can tell for myself that playing with other people (and coordinating via voice chat) is a lot more fun than playing solo. Our competetiv team is developing good over the last weeks and we plan to reach Typhoon the next season as we will have enough skilled players for the first time this season. You can be a part of this team! But thanks to the Bravo-Team everyone will be able to play CWs and we want everyone to be able to earn their steel. We are basically just a funny bunch and that likes to play warships together and don't it take too seriously. We are planning on doing weekly trainings but there will be no mandatory dates! We don't have that many requirements but you should match our average: 52% WR with 1000 matches played. But feel free to apply if you think you might be a valuable member of our clan even when you do not reach those numbers. Just message one of our leaders (preferrably ingame): 1stSilenceThunder (Commander) Terratecs (Deputy Commander) Nephstar (Deputy Commander) PS: The majority of our members is german but we switch to english whenever one of our international members is present (right now we have members from 5 different countries)
  5. Nephstar

    HB Reenactment: Battle of Tassafaronga

    I would bring my fletcher. I understand that I have to use it in stock, but what's about captain skills? I use the torpedo acceleration on my fletcher, which would limit my torpedo attacks very much with stock torps. Edit: nevermind, stealth torping would still work. But skill still have influence on range etc
  6. Nephstar

    Historical Battles General Thread (They are back!)

    i'd like play on the Allies-side.