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  1. HardLens

    1701's Verdict On 0.8.0

    With All My respect, WG ruin World of warships as like They do with World of tanks, They made a bigg changements in Artys & after the changements, lot of players leave the game, you can check this in the forum or in reddit, and now its Wows turn ... WG doesn't respect the community choices. The game became unbalanced after the CV reworks..
  2. HardLens

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    I really don't care about Claim or "Premium Account" Cause when i was playing at the same time of the server issue, i had a bad experiance that make me feels angry, when you in the midle of the battle, and you got log off, and you simply lost the battle, or just can't play as you must be, its not about compensation, its about that moment, it's already from the past... i know lot of members may will say, its a free game... but don't forget that we spend something more valuable than moneys, its our time. all i ask, its keep the works up and let the game better...Thanks
  3. HardLens

    Is Radar Seriously this powerful?

    How does WG count The 15 seconds On Hsienyand radar -_- ?! it's not 15 seconds it's 15 part of a second
  4. HardLens

    Giving Advices

    atleast i was better than them all, when the match finish i was Second one in the team
  5. HardLens

    Giving Advices

    Nope, i was BB too and when the match finish i was the second one in my team =)
  6. HardLens

    Giving Advices

    The thing is a lot of players start complaining, i just give them real advice =) but there is wrong in Report system at WG
  7. HardLens

    Giving Advices

    WG give attention only for ($$) more than Life XD
  8. HardLens

    Giving Advices

    You wasn't with me in the match to see what happen and what i said =) a division with prem ships, all i said is (You guys need learn a lot about game play, so try play co op before play random battles ) but they are a division, they report me for that about my stats, you won't understand even if i explain to you =)
  9. HardLens

    Giving Advices

    So In these days, if you give a player an advice to how to play in game chat, and if he didn't like the idea and you got reported from a division you will get ban from chating that's how game system works, you shouldn't talk and advice players, nothing to say... re-think about this
  10. HardLens


    I open The Game Normaly i play for 20 minutes after that i close The game.. when i try open The laucher again i got This Error Critical error. Unable to connect to update service. The application cannot continue. For details, see log file help me please