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  1. sunshine, you haven't played CVs before or after 8.0, i guess, coz you seem to have clearly missed something... planes would fall out of the sky, while being shot by invisible ships and through hard cover (ISLANDS) for any other ship, there is a rule "if it can shoot at you and hit you, you can see it (exception smoke and US cruisers behind island)" so line of sight means visibility, if firing your guns. so called invisifire was ruled out of the game for DDs some time ago, coz ... guess what, BB Kevins complained... and rightfully so...

    1. TheKillerSquirrels


      Guess what, I have played some CVs before the REEEEEwork, and tried them after. The "AA trap" is not like, you can shoot at the planes and stay invisible, but similar to holding main battery fire until the enemy is at the spot you want them to be. And yes, WG is working against thinking with all the measures they have.

      Sorry for the late reply but I'm not too active on the forum

  2. Lord_of_the_Noobies


    interesting... looks like they nerfed CVs so hard last time, even they see, it was a little to much, to hard... jeez, i wonder, why they always pull out the sledgehammer, instead of tweaking numbers with a little more, ... sensitivity... maybe? but it never was their thing... always use a ROCK on the HEAD, instead of more subtile ways...
  3. bless you for responding to one of my comments. you guys are having a hard time atm, i guess and it takes a better man than me, to do that kind of job. some of the "fun times" you are having is due to attitude and "vision" of game design team and their attitude... they should be dealing with some of the stuff you face every day... anyway, keep up your work, but try to be a little more diplomatic and honest with the playerbase. a straight answer or a simple "no comment" at times is way better than flatout lying, as some of you did in the past... (submarines) ;) have a nice day

  4. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    fun question: how long ago was the last answer by a WG staffer to ANY of what was said here in this threat? seriously... i mean, "someone" might read it, "some" of what he/she reads might get passed on, but i think most of what is discussed here, stays between players, who probably love the game and want to make it better, than it is atm... but hey, maybe it is just me... still, i don't think, we will ever get a straight answer out of @MrConway and @Crysantos for most, if not all of our topics. besides, it is not their job, to talk to individuals. they might do it every now and then, which honors them, but still, they try to keep the community informed and under control. and they are not at court here. we are not procecutors or attourneys. i tend to forget that, too...
  5. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    It's getting stupid now, we need to stop this and step up.

    basically, players, who hated the old CV gameplay, coz OP, never understood, that playing as a team made life very difficult for a CV. staying close, combining your AA, communicating and using consumables in a smart way... wows is a "team-based" multiplayer game. a lot of people seem to forget that. TEAM being the keyword here. if you don't want to play WITH your teammates or if you CAN'T, you have no [edited]right to bloody complain about a class of ship being to powerful... also, if you hated the RTS gameplay, tell me how you feel about 2 squadrons of T10 planes WIPED out of the sky in less than 5 seconds, by a certain cruiser... does that sound fun and engaging to you? and nope, no skill in that, crtl-click and press consumable hotkey, done, CV lost 12 planes... while the CV actually needed SKILL to perfectly time his approach on a target, manual-drop and then, maybe devastrike someone... one is skill, the other a one click denial... so there is that. i personally HATE the new, so called, rework, which is just a BAD and shallow carbon copy of a year old game, that had so much more detail and depth to it, than THIS... but yeah, i know everybody LOVES the rework... as to the original post up front... the playerbase of these kind of games has always turned more and more salty, the more people play the game. some wanna-be elitists take the game very serious (be it, they are competitive, stupid or just [edited]), but i don't judge them or blame them. some others take the game very casual... sailing around, occasionally firing BB guns and basically loving the looks and sounds and setting more, than the gameplay. i personally think, the first should have ranked games all the time and the latter should spend their time in coop. keep the random battles for the normal people, salty at times, but mostly behaving... but you can't force it onto people. it is WG's game, they can and will do, whatever the hell pleases them and brings the money. whether we as a player base are happy with that or not is an entirely different story. i simply don't like how they are presenting their "data" and how they think they solve certain problems, while being faced with hard evidence, that some of these changes simply are either stupid or don't work as intended or are unbalanced and they flat out deny it, how they lie to the community, KNOWINGLY. some arrogance and ignorance is there, that would be better covered by someone with communication and diplomacy skills, instead of accountants and so called lead game designers, that would better serve under EA, than WG...
  6. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    jeez, i don't even know, why we are trying to raise awareness to certain problems in the game here, discuss about strengths and weaknesses of ships and classes and the gameplay... as if anyone who actually had the power to make decisions had ever listened to (and understood or agreed) to what the playerbase had to say... the only time, they react, is when they fear, stupid noob players would stop playing, coz their lack of skill makes them to bad at a game... it is like putting good hockey players, one hand tied to the back and the crappiest skates, they can find, also a broken stick... only that the effing kid from next door can feel at least as good as them, when it clearly isn't and probably never will be. then make the console game your childcare version of the game and leave the people with skill, experience and knowledge of gameplay and mechanics in peace with the once fantastic PC version... but nope, they won't do any of that. i just give up. i play a day here, a day there, wait until 8.4 and have another good look. will probably request a refund of premium time, coz product was changed so drastically, i couldn't bother playing anymore and if they made it even worse, which i have all the trust of the world in, THEY WILL, will sell my account. simple as that. say goodbye to everything i achieved over the last 3 years, kiss goodbye to all my premiums and just move on and play something that is fun and engaging... WarThunder maybe. at least they managed to bring a gamemode for the skilled, hardcore players, where complete noobs don't have a good time at all and therefore, stay away. bring this to WoWs (arcade and sim-mode) and you might get me back for good... atm, you are loosing me rapidly and most of my friends and clan as well... and from what i hear, many more of the playerbase think the same.
  7. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    they don't want the RTS gameplay. simple as that. that is why they HAD to change into this dull and boring, "wanna-be-action" gameplay. maybe they didn't do it solely for consoles, but it sure as hell will make it possible to have CVs on the console version. which the RTS would have not done. further than that, they somewhen decided, that they want "IMMERSION". so the player gets ONE avatar and sticks to it. sadly, they decided to rush and push an unfinished, untweaked, buggy and HEAVILY criticised version of gameplay to go on the live servers, coz PTS data wasn't clear enough and they turned us all into supertesters, instead of doing their job properly. they will NEVER admit a mistake, they will never go back to RTS and they will keep holding on to a lead game designer, who has absolutely NO CLUE of the game, the meta and the different classes. They will also only share the numbers, that will make them look good or help their argument, no matter, how many other numbers would be proving the opposite. that is how they have been working in the past and that is, sadly, how they will be working in the future. i played 1 day in 1 month. tried haku, hated it more than any other ship i ever played. yes, that includes turds of the techtree, like pre-nerf Izumo, stock Iowa, pre-nerf FDG and many more. seriously, one of the greatest ships in the game was turned into little less, than a shadow of what it used to be... in the name of balans... well, how the [edited]is there a ship in the game like retardedly, EFFING OP Stalingrad? coz balans? quoting the lead game designer:"Nope"
  8. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    it is THEIR game after all. we are consumers and laboratory rats, nothing more. if we don't like the product, we have to stop using it. sad, but simple truth. i don't like ANY of the rework so far. I also think, that they "stole" it from a couple year old game, only they left the GREAT parts from that game away, and took all the crappy crap they could find and pressed it into this early alpha state of "rework" we have now. but again, about forcing it on us, it is THEIR GAME after all. they can do what ever the hell pleases them. all we can do is give feedback and speak our concerns. i haven't played the game since 2 days before 8.0 and i don't think i will start before 8.2 THE EARLIEST. coz THIS is just incredible [edited].
  9. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    how can i put this... 1. the autopilot is completely useless and unreliable, but i realize, how WG will not change this, even if forced to at gun-point...fun and engaging my arse... 2. auto consumables are even more shitty, who's brilliant idea it might have been, deserves a proper introduction with a 2 by 4 to his backhead, to improve THINKING, before speaking, even worse, somebody signed off on that. all in the name of "reducing the skill gap" coz "direct control over consumables" makes good players to strong... bloody hell, how about all other classes? knowing when and where to use certain consumables IS key to success and better, more skilled, more experienced players SHOULD see better results, than completely ignorant noobs. 3. player interaction between AA defense ships and CVs are STILL a one sided thing, where skill only needs to be proven by the CV, while the defender only clicks one button... hell, the control-click was a better system than that. 4. buffing EVERY ships concealment in terms of being spotted by planes is, as usual, WG's "sledgehammer to the problem" method. didn't work ever before, hasn't had great results as of now. but that is how they tick... sad 5. so a squadron of planes can and will fly deep into an enemy cruisers AA range, before spotting it. as soon, as the Mino/Wooster open up fire, it is almost an insta-delete of the squadron... bloody hell, what a great idea... as long as the ship is VISIBLE for ALL players, when it opens AA fire, FINE, same spotting mechanics for everybody, please. that all... i am curious, although in a very sad and depressing way, how you will be trying to save this MONSTER-EFF-UP of a so called REWORK, that you have literally SHITTED on your playerbase. 2019 - year of the carrier : WG: "Hell, yeah!" Playerbase: "NOPE!" (quoting your, very close to the meta, completely failing in communication skills, Lead Game Designer, who couldn't have more disrespectful, without swaying, than he was... what a complete but whole ... send him to EA. His attitude fits right in perfectly with them. yes, i am cursing and swaying myself. never said, i was an angel either, but I think, that accountant piece of crap you have leading the game design, should actually PLAY the BLOODY GAME, instead of turning pages with numbers on it all day long. KNOW YOUR BLOODY PRODUCT, not PRETEND to...
  10. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Update 0.7.12: The Holidays Are Coming! - Discussion Thread

    seriously, guys, am I the only one, pissed off, coz someone is bigmouthing to "HOST THE UPDATE VIDOES NOW"? I do really hope, Dasha was just sick and did not get booted or else i have to visit WG St-Petersburg and break some legs... other than that, steel for cash is a bad idea (yeah, yeah, call it campaign, if you will, it is still steel for cash), imo. could be anything between bad cashgrab and next to impossible to achieve (maybe both)... Eitel Freddy campaign is a good thing, map change is a good thing. actually PLENTY of good things coming our way. i don't want to only point fingers at the stuff i don't like. ;)
  11. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.12 - Discussion Thread

    still getting these freeze bug issues after opening the RN event menu to check stats. tried everything from different graphics settings (windowed, full-screen, borderless, etc.) over a complete uninstall and new reinstall. a friend logged in ONCE on my computer to play ONE game, after that the crashes started to happen. also problems with the log in screen. won't accept the saved log in data. always have to delete the "preset" password and type it in exactly the same again. 2nd try always works... you fine people better look into these kind of bugs, as it is really pissing me off and makes playing the game neigh impossible
  12. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

    anyone else having issues with the game crashing/freezing after looking at the RN event progress or achievements/badges in the profile section? it happens a lot to me and i have already re-installed the game, all drivers are up to date, so i am guessing, it has to be the software...
  13. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    PSA: Issue with Daily Shipments

    well, they straight out said it was a mistake and gave everyone a chance to REJOIN the thing. stay with it and recieve the rewards, you already had, for a second time, then continue to pick up, what you hadn't managed to get so far... this is how i understand it.
  14. wow, entweder macht ihr premium schiffe, die gnadenlos STARK sind oder so grottenschlecht, dass es jeden vergleich sprengt. die terrible ist genau das. grauenhaft. wer bei euch dachte denn, dieser HIRNFURZ von einem schiff wäre "balanced"? concealment jenseits von allem was recht ist, MEH-reload, die ballistic der granaten ist auch nix, KEIN nebelwerfer, die torps haben NUR 8km reichweite UND nur ein werfer ist "centerline mounted" also doch nur 2*3 anstatt 3*3... das teil hat genau 2 dinge die NICHT DAGEGEN sprechen, geschwindigkeit (aber solange granaten schneller fliegen, als schiffe fahren ist das auch nur n satz mit x) und dieser unheimlich situations-abhängige reload boost, schade, denn anschleichen geht in dem ding mal nicht, weil überall radar rumsaust UND das concealment echt unterirdisch ist. das teil muss gegen harugumo, grozovoi und ihresgleichen antreten, hat von euch mal einer dran gedacht, dass dieser (oft nicht lange) auf dem wasser treibende haufen müll mit dermassen miesen charakteristiken nicht mal auf level 8 ein effektives schiff ist? verdammt nochmal, in einer farragut muss ich vor dem teil keine angst haben... und den speed (mit oder ohne boost) wird man eh immer brauchen um vor allem davonzulaufen, was mehr feuerkraft hat als eine tachibana. ich weiss echt nicht, wo und wie ihr eure meinungen prägt, ob ein schiff nu so in ordnung ist oder nicht. da kann ich nur völlig gefrustet mit dem kopf schütteln und mich im geschlossenen strahl übergeben.
  15. und wieder zeigt sich, in den forums verliert sich irgendwann der thread und 2-4 leute diskutieren sich die köppe heiss über hätte, wenn, aber und vielleicht... freue mich auf's testen, erwarte nix positives. da haben diverse personen im stab von WG leider zu oft böcke geschossen ("sagt uns, was ihr von [xyz] haltet und lasst euer feedback einfluss auf die entwicklung nehmen - ausser, dass wir das komplett ignorieren und doch bloss machen, was wir von vornherein vorhatten, AUSSER natürlich, unsere russische playerbase oder BB-Kevins im allgemeinen haben ein problem damit") zum thema kamikaze bomber, da spielt mal mit sicherheit der ethische aspekt ne rolle. 2 schiffe die "kollidieren" sind nicht das gleiche, wie ein Pilot der SELBSTMORD begeht, aus Fanatismus und fehlgeleitetem Ehrgefühl... brauchen wir jetzt nicht drüber zu sprechen, warum das nicht in einem Computerspiel "glorifiziert" werden soll oder? und damit hat sich dieser thread für mich auch wieder erledigt... nur noch heisse luft...