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  1. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    sooooo, the nerfs to Kleber and Henry are MASSIVE and in case of Henry take the ONE unique thing it has going for it, it's flavour, so to speak. Kleber was to strong, i agree, Henry... well, in the hands of a good captain, a very strong ship, but far from OP, I think. yet both get the hammer... KREMLIN on the other hand gets nerfed in a way, that will, at best, be felt after mid-battle, in a way, that only CVs will actually be able to make profit from... so the least played shipclass AFTER the battle is half over and Kremlin already had a huge impact on the outcome. Congratulations, you have finally found the way, to nerf a ship, by doing the LEAST POSSIBLE damage to it's completely broken design. Because, I am sure, the BIGGEST and MOST OFTEN complaint about Kremlin, came from CV players about her AA being to healthy... another proof, how you constantly ignore player feedback, to comfort your russian player base. well done, indeed. on top of it, we get another half arsed ship line (if you keep bringing one, every two months, you run out of content before 2020 is over), that nobody asked for... where are italian BBs? commonwealth cruisers? more panasian ships? pan-european cruisers? nope, I am afraid, we see russian CVs, before italian BBs... driving veteran players away from the game, breaking the camels back more and more, hiding the unique upgrade modules behind a grind/paywall (before those changes, one had to play the game IN SAID SHIP, instead of converting XP into free XP with CASH)... you are steering the game on a course, that will make it dive into mediocrity AT BEST, making it not a unique playing experience, but yet just another BS monetized multiplayer pay to win game... good stuff... sad to see such a great game, get ruined like that... next, you sell it to EA to do the publishing as an AAA title, one has to buy for 80 euros, only to find most content hidden behind another paywall... and the firing of IEarlGrey has finally proven, how big of a non-caring, selfish piece of crap SUBOCTAVIAN really is. he hurt his own reputation a lot more with this act, than grey did with his tweets. WELL DONE, WELL DONE INDEED...
  2. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    @MrConway so you brake current laws, I have to jump through burning hoops, to MAYBE get some of my money back? well, I guess, someone's paycheck will be cut over this disaster... but to be clear, you effed up on purpose. mislead people with flawed advertising and don't even have the balls, to admit, that it was the plan from the get-go. dishonest all the way, no guts. constantly not telling your customers the truth. quote: "No, there will not be submarines in World of Warships!" (guess who said that on a live-stream, hint: it wasn't Chrysantos) 6 weeks later, halloween event announced with submarines, rest is history just as one example. you guys just never learn to trust your players, do you? as if we wouldn't understand certain decisions... we may not like it, but we will agree with certain steps being necessary. instead, we are being told lies all day long... bad habbit, you have and you should get rid off FAST... wows is running out of credit with some players and CCs and you are on a great way to ruin yet another title of your company. well done i say, well done. listen to nozoup and hire a mothereffing professional for ANY kind of news/announcement/PR/communication/advertisement and effing DO AS THEY SAY and listen for the sake of your job
  3. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    @MrConway an increased ticket load? jeez, I wonder why? Maybe your latest EFF UP has something to do with it? Maybe, finally being in the same league as EA, Bethesda and Ubisoft, when it comes to BS statements and predatory monetization practices, has something to do with it? Maybe, because you are to stupid to get things right and to coward to at least ADMIT your tactics, has something to do with it? And now BAN me, for speaking the truth. Non of you guys deserves the least bit of respect anymore. Happy Holidays BTW, returning the loons is not even remotely good enough, as you have the money and won't return that. you will simply make players spend the money on something else in your game, so you are not returning ANYTHING...
  4. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”

    mwahahahaha... bug reports have the same impact as players, abusing chat or game mechanics, being reported. NON... just a robo-response message and nothing more... don't you feel stupid telling us this non sense? it will, at best, end up on some poor guys to do list, which is already longer than the trans-siberian railway... just get some guys on your team to work on actual gameplay balance issues for ONCE...
  5. Lord_of_the_Noobies

    Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”

    so, there will AGAIN, be no balance related changes for the existing ships and tech trees, german high tier battleships remain xp pinatas for non-braindead BB captains and firebreathers of the other classes, AA will remain either useless or brokenly OP (coz why would one actually make CVs competitive again?!? they might actually play a decent role again and we can't have THAT, can we?), perversions of cruisers such as smolensk and colbert and yes, even stalingrad, will not be affected by anything, coz the allmighty spreadsheet says, they are FINE (which anyone who has ever played against one will testify AGAINST), radar can still be spammed by multiple ships (still no "blocking" of radar, after ONE player on a team has used it... you know... to give NON-gunboat DDs an actual fighting chance, as if CVs spotting them wasn't bad enough already) and yes, radar is still the magical X-ray vision, that we all have learned to love so much, coz historically accuracy only matters, if it matches with the lead game vomitters game plan ( I clearly meant to say lead game designer... i guess) but AA mounts are now displayed, as they should have, from the get-go and casemate's armor works as intended (sloppy work, just to push them out in time, i guess, coz one PR guy jumped the gun, before the ships were visually ready and properly balanced for release), also we get some sound fixes... as if ONE player would have stopped playing because of ANY of those minor things... guys, for ONCE, be real about it and tell our players, that you either don't CARE about balancing the game some of us used to love OR that you have no frigging idea, HOW to balance the game again, after you had multiple powercreep sessions, while introducing lines such as... hm, let me think of one... well, russian BBs maybe?!? naaaaah, coz the allmighty spreadsheet says they are fine, too... bussian rias my mo fu ar se thanks for nothing again... a year full of nonsense fancy new BS updates, ruining CV gameplay to ground zero, then balancing them back to "not completely useless" levels, yet still massively underperforming in certain situations (yes, midway torps, i am looking at you here) and distracting from core issues of gameplay time and time again, IGNORING player feedback over and over again (the spreadsheet thingy) and proving yet again, how little you KNOW and CARE about the game. just keep going like that. more BS premiums (one per week should be doable, as you don't seem to care about balance or anything else anymore, as long as it has fancy gimmix and the hull looks reasonably ok on first glance), more events, how about 3 of them at the same time? lasting 2 weeks instead of 4, ranked battles all year long, 4 weeks normal, 2 weeks sprint, and CW teams blown up to full 12 player teams. seriously, serve these ideas to your lead game designer, together with his rolled up, resin filled, precious spreadsheet, to ram up his... he signed and pushed through so many BS ideas in the last 2 years, the listed brain farts will be just of his taste. no, thanks, i have had enough, put enough money and time into your product and by far more attitude and dedication, than most of your so called senior staffers (coz, to know the game, you have to actually PLAY it... and not just 5 battles a week), but you keep ignoring your regular, veteran players and their demands/feedback for way to long now. if you keep going like this, another WG title, after WoT is going to turn into a rubbish credit printing machine, that will run out of time at some point. well done, ruined another great game with greed and powercreep, coz you just couldn't get rich FAST ENOUGH. well done, indeed. I will soon step away from the game for good and just sell my account.
  6. sunshine, you haven't played CVs before or after 8.0, i guess, coz you seem to have clearly missed something... planes would fall out of the sky, while being shot by invisible ships and through hard cover (ISLANDS) for any other ship, there is a rule "if it can shoot at you and hit you, you can see it (exception smoke and US cruisers behind island)" so line of sight means visibility, if firing your guns. so called invisifire was ruled out of the game for DDs some time ago, coz ... guess what, BB Kevins complained... and rightfully so...

    1. TheKillerSquirrels


      Guess what, I have played some CVs before the REEEEEwork, and tried them after. The "AA trap" is not like, you can shoot at the planes and stay invisible, but similar to holding main battery fire until the enemy is at the spot you want them to be. And yes, WG is working against thinking with all the measures they have.

      Sorry for the late reply but I'm not too active on the forum

  7. bless you for responding to one of my comments. you guys are having a hard time atm, i guess and it takes a better man than me, to do that kind of job. some of the "fun times" you are having is due to attitude and "vision" of game design team and their attitude... they should be dealing with some of the stuff you face every day... anyway, keep up your work, but try to be a little more diplomatic and honest with the playerbase. a straight answer or a simple "no comment" at times is way better than flatout lying, as some of you did in the past... (submarines) ;) have a nice day