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  1. peter_creed

    looking for a new clan

    thank you everyone that has replayed i have now found a new home
  2. peter_creed

    looking for a new clan

    HI all i have just left my old clan JEANS as the leader stopped playing for a bit and then joined a new clan and make a bot account to keep his place so if he dose not have the truth for the clan then there is no hope it will last :-( i am not the best but not the worst since getting a New PC i am getting better and better so need a nice Clan that would help push me alone abit too yes i want to play CB but dont have the time to say 100% i will be there on a set time and day but will show up when i can to do my part if you think i can help i am on the EU server and name is Peter_creed
  3. peter_creed

    0.8.5 PTS - General Feedback

    play a battle looking at my scores and get a text box "a critical error has been occurred" i have to restart or terminate happen about 3 time so far in less then 30 mins