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  1. G_UK

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    OK, here is some feedback on the latest test. Summary/Suggestions: Currently most of the CV's feel balanced when fighting their own tier, however they do not do well at all when facing +2/-2 ships. The disparity between AA and damage output is just too great across 2 tiers. - Limit CV's to +/-1 Matchmaking The other key thing is the amount of CV's per match. As we get into higher tiers, concealment becomes more and more important and multiple CV's will risk breaking the mechanic. At lower tiers this is far less important. - Limit CV's to 2 per side at Tier 4 & 6. - Limit CV's to 1 per side at Tier 8 & 10. - Nerf aircraft speed across the board, especially high tier. Having a potato CV vs a unicum CV is much less of a problem now as the unicum cannot completely shutdown the potato. Tier 4 This is the beginner tier, not much else to say. AA: - No real AA to speak of outside of rare ships, defence against air attack is mainly dodging. Damage Potential: - Low Damage output balances the lack of AA. Matchmaking: - Can get away with 2 CVs per side as at this tier the CV will struggle to carry due to low damage output and less reliance on concealment for other ships. - CV's cant be up tiered as they just don't have the damage output potential. Tier 6 First real CVs, still easy mode for Good and Better players but still not overpowered. AA: - AA starting to become a thing but still not too much of a problem, going potato is not as harshly punished at higher tiers. Damage Potential: - CV damage output potential feels much more fleshed out. Matchmaking: - 2 CV's per side is the absolute maximum, 1 would be preferred. Some ships start to rely on concealment and whilst not a major issue at this tier 2+ CVs will cause issues. - Probably the CV's that up tier best, but they still struggle vs Tier 8 AA. Tier 8: Probably the CV sweet spot with correct matchmaking. AA: - AA is now dangerous and punishes mistakes but can in general be played around by good play. - If you potato you will lose planes and be fielding partial squadrons in the second half of the game. - AA ships are now a thing and even good players will lose planes around them, attack with caution. Damage Potential: - CV damage output is good, you can and will punish lone ships but this damage output falls off significantly against good teamplay by the enemy. - You are strongest late game if you havn't wasted your planes early on as the AA has thinned out. Matchmaking: - Needs to be limited to 1 CV per side, too many ships rely on concealment at this tier and more CV's will break this mechanic. - Tier 8 CV's do not up tier well to Tier 10, a single Tier 10 AA ship can shutdown a Tier 8 CV. - Tier 8 CV's also do not down tier well, Tier 6 AA just can't do enough to limit the potential damage output that Tier 8 CV's have. Tier 10: High Risk, High Reward. AA: - AA is murderous even on classically low AA ships. AA specced ships or grouped ships will shred your planes. - Even small mistakes are punished hard. - You will only have partial squadrons late game, and if you potato you will be struggling after a few minutes. - Just as DD's rely on their teammates to take out Radars, CV's rely on their teammates to take out AA platforms. Damage Potential: - Tier 10 CV's have extremely high potential damage output but this is kept in check by the fact you will struggle to get off more than one or two attacks per run against fellow Tier 10s. - You are strongest late game if you have not wasted your planes early on as the AA has thinned out. - Unicum players can still rack up big scores (but then again they do on other ships as well) against bots and potatoes but even a couple of average player can make life much more difficult for them. Matchmaking: - Needs to be limited to 1 CV per side, too many ships rely on concealment at this tier and more CV's will break this mechanic. - Tier 10 CV's must not be down tiered to face Tier 8s. Tier 8 AA is just not good enough to limit the damage they can do, a Tier 10 CV will just run riot in a mainly Tier 8 match.
  2. Thats down to the speed of your aircraft when you start the attack. You can test it by doing the following: Attack a ship whilst at full engine boost (W) Notice how elongated the attack becomes and how shallow the dive becomes due to your forward momentum. Attack a ship whilst going as slow as possible (S) Notice how steep the dive becomes and how little forward motion you get.
  3. IJN - Teir 6 (Ryujo) AP bombs still a problem limiting consistent damage output. Cits are not rewarded Rockets useful for harrasing ships and setting fires. Torps ok, feels lacklustre compared to USN USN - Teir 6 (Ranger) Stronger ship than Ryujo again mainly as DoT is much higher with no downside on alpha. Rockets useful for harrasing ships and setting fires. Torps are ok. General - Teir 6 CV sniping will not be a problem Aircraft feel too quick again, if this progression were to keep going T10 would have warp speed. AA feels reasonably well balanced maybe could be increased slightly. Only just figured out that "W" and "S" adjusts vertcal aim on DB attack runs. Doh!!!! Fighters are deadly..... Good!! Other Ship Perspective - Tier 6 Aircraft feel more dangerous if you get focussed, Torps are harder to dodge in a BB than previous tests. AA skills and modules seem to make a noticeable difference. Ships in a group work well together. Bugs/Comments I like how running through an attack at high speed (Attacking straight after Engine Boost) throws off the attack. When being attacked by fighters the fighter squad sits in formation on top of the strike squad rather than behind it. Catapult fighters launched from non-CV's display as a whole squadron rather than one or two floatplanes.
  4. Another one for the Hosho being underpowered here, Ryujo felt much better however. IJN - Teir 4 (Hosho) Underpowered, very limited in what you can effectivly target and your damage output is very hit or miss. DB AP Bombs at T4 feel pointless as they overpen everything that is not a BB, even if you get a citadel the damage is poor. Rockets are OK, damage is still meh but at least you can hit with them now so harassing DD's is possible. US - Teir 4 (Langley) Much more powerful than Hosho, can keep up reliable damage output throughout the game. DB Bombs do almost as much damage as the Hosho AP bombs but can do consistent damage. Rockets seem to be more accurate (or my aim is improving) than Hosho meaning yet more consistent damage. Common - Teir 4 Aircraft feel too quick for the tier, I would slow the aircraft down. Good decision to not have torps or fighters at T4, flattens the learning curve for newer players. Sweet spot is somewhere between the two, however it's closer to Langley than Hosho. I also wouldn't be to worried about making the T4 CV's too similar to each other as these are the starter CV's Other Ship Perspective - Tier 4 Well, I managed perfectly well sailing a stock Myogi about and doing 50k+ damage. Stock Myogi has no AA. Not much to say, Aircraft just are not much of a threat with or without AA. Do Rockets still take out AA as I was hit by 3-4 salvos in a Kuma and still had 100% according to the information on the 'H' key. Bugs / Comments Aircraft sounds sometimes cut out for a few seconds, other sounds continue. It's as if there is some empty space at the end of a sound effect loops. If you launch aircraft immediatly after launching fighters, your aircraft are invisible. Is the CV meant to use damage control automatically whilst I am controlling aircraft? If so, nice feature. Mouse and Keyboard steering still do not work well together, they end up fighting each other and when entering an attack can cause the target point to jump. Just pick a control scheme (Mouse or Keyboard) and stick to it. I'll post further about the other tiers later.
  5. G_UK

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    OK, now also played a couple of hours of USN Tier VIII. USN BB Summary VIII North Carolina Stock AA is a bit Meh... upgraded it is ok and will down a few planes helping defend the ship. Ideally you should still be with support but you can still manage without better than the IJN BB's and even can support allies when close. USN CA Summary VIII Cleveland It's clear that the AA CL's are going to be AA ships, Cleve all by itself can down a good number of aircraft whilst dodging attacks. It still feels reasonably balanced as you are not shredding same tier aircraft but it is obvious that you are being a pain in the backside to the CV. CV - VIII Lexington Summary Aircraft feel more robust than IJN although could just be me getting better. Still painful as bottom tier for the same reasons as IJN but I was able to harrass higher tier CV's without losing the squad straight away. (Suspect that this is more about practice though). Attack Aircraft The Tiny Tim(?) Rockets are useless and I struggled to hit anything. Was expecting them to have a gimick and be high damage but low chance to hit but they are not anything special when you do hit. Dive Bombers Crosshair and Attack Run felt better than IJN although this could be me just getting used to it. Drops feel reasonably well balanced, I can do some damage without deleting the ship. Torp Bombers Best balanced squad at the moment, same criticisms as IJN but feels better as more torps in the water at once. Fighters Same as IJN!? I've been back to the IJN Tier VIII ships now the economy is fixed as well and had a go with fully upgraded ships and my comments still stand although you do feel the buff.
  6. G_UK

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Currently playing now, just posting whilst in the queue.
  7. G_UK

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Either US aircraft are more solid than IJN or the Worcester I just came across had lost a lot of AA as likewise I was able to harass him for quite a while which I couldn't doi earlier with IJN aircraft.
  8. G_UK

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I think the Dive Bombers are more me just not being comfotable with them, it just "feels" out. Mogami is the only Hull I upgraded and whilst it did improve the AA, the difference wasn't that much.
  9. G_UK

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Now I've had time to play the Tier VIII IJN properly here is my review: IJN BB Summary VIII Amagi & IX Izumo AA is not particularly effective (Izumo can struggle to shoot down any planes) but this is fine as these ships are not known for strong AA. Amagi can dodge some damage but Izumo has to tank it. Stay with friendly AA ships where possible, luckily the lower Alpha damage gives you a chance to survive if you are caught alone, just don't expect to be able to lone wolf or you WILL get worn down. Balance seems reasonable. IJN CA Summary VIII Mogami & IX Ibuki Again AA is not particularly effective but is fine again as these ships are not known for strong AA, you can still knock out a few aircraft especially if the CV derps into your AA clouds. Dodging is your main AA defence and you can give a carrier a hard time with evasive manauvers, this has the downside of meaning you are open to incoming fire from enemy ships and distracts you from doing damage yourself. Balance seems reasonable. CV - VIII Shokaku Summary Painful when bottom tier as AA Flak clouds shred your planes and US ships can put up a wall of Flak which is very difficult to dodge, much better against same tier ships as dodging the flak is much easier with practice. Avoid US Tier X's like the plague (especially Worcester) as you will be lucky to get off even one shot. AA flak clouds need a damage nerf or need to be made fewer in number so they are slightly more forgiving to the odd mistake, hitting one cloud and losing most of your squad doesn't feel balanced. Damage output will be low across this test for the T-VIII CV's as they will almost always face T-X AA which as stated shreds their aircraft. Damage output is much more reasonable when fighting your own tier. Attack Aircraft Fast & Nimble, when you get a solid hit on a ship, which can be a challenge, they seem to be better than the first test and can actually set fires now. Personally I think they still need a slight damage buff, probably to fire chance rather than Alpha. Good for attacking DD's and finishing off CA's, they are not meant as your main damage dealer and struggle to do much vs BB's. Dive Bombers Pre drop crosshair is wonky and doesn't have the correct lead. Could do with a bit more control (especially vertically) after starting an attack to make adjustments. In general they feel a bit meh, that may just be me though. Torp Bombers Torps are too slow, I agree with others that the lead indicator should be added. I think that they should be about right then. Fighters UI improvements are good, could do with an increase in patrol zone so that they are effective area denial weapons. Something like a 50% increase in radius should do it. General UI Good overall improvements over the first test, may as well get rid of mouse steer outside of attack runs completly now though. I was ok with the deadzone/delay to the keyboard steering but others don't like it, an option to adjust control sensitivity and deadzone in the options would probably be the best solution so people could adjust it to there own preference (you probably want to do this for consoles as well anyway) Now to try out the US ships and see if the AA feels as powerful on the other end of it.
  10. G_UK

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Well, dodging does help quite a bit with the AA. I think I need to take some more time to judge the balance again now. You take huge amounts of damage to your whole squad if you touch the black AA clouds and a well postioned Worcester can put a wall of AA up covering a good portion of the enemy team.
  11. G_UK

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Also we are unable to actually test this properly or practice dodging as the test missions to get credits and xp are broken. One thing that this does show is that the vast majority feel the AA is overpowered after their first couple of matches, this is dangerous as it will turn people off before they have a chance to learn dodging. It "feels" far to punishing at the moment and it seems that if you get hit with long range AA it destroys or severly damages a significant portion of your squad. It looks like it needs practice for the majority to deal with this. Personally I preferred the feel of the Tier VI matches from the first test, although I still feel that the AA from that test could do with a small Buff, potentially through decreasing accuracy in heavy AA or limiting number of aircraft. On the positive side the UI has been improved and I think it is much clearer where fighters are patrolling and what aircraft are available to be launched. Edit: Dodging the black AA clouds does help a lot and probably needs making clearer so people don't just think RNG is blowing up their planes.
  12. G_UK

    One of the funniest sprint ranked games

    What did those poor islands do to deserve that beating you gave them?
  13. G_UK

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    This is just some personal feedback on the CV test, everything is just my opinion. First off, I have mainly played the tier 6 ships in the test so most of the feedback is from those games, I have played a few Tier 10 games though. I only played with lower tier carriers previously (pre manual drop, with manual drops and post IV & V restrictions) upto tier VII. I was put off from playing them though as if I came up against a good CV player I would feel like a complete liability for the team which is no fun at all. This put me off playing enough to really improve myself, although at best I am average. Despite the complaints I actually find this gameplay has promise. General damage output is broadly in-line with other ships, carriers can no longer dominate battles as they do now. Being on the recieving end of a carrier attack no longer feels like a death sentence and even if you are focussed you can evade and still do some useful damage for the team before you are killed. It appears DD's have little to fear from carriers at the moment though which may need looking at. So on to the specifics: AA Still feels a little lacklustre but coupled with current low damage output of aircraft attacks it is not game breaking. - With unlimited aircraft I had no fear of just throwing planes into AA. AA needs buffing to punish this more OR the penalty for aircraft loss needs increasing OR the number of planes needs limiting. Personally I prefer the latter. [Balance] - Possibly an aiming penalty to aircraft in heavy AA could be introduced (Similar to but less effective than the Defensive AA consumable), this could scale with the total amount of AA fire. [Feature] - Defensive AA consumable needs a buff as I barely noticed it. [Balance] - UI for switching AA zone is clumsy, a single button toggle would be much easier to use. [Feature] Carrier - Autopilot can behave unexpectedly, it crashed the ship more than once by making unexpected turns, I even came back to the ship once to find it reversing. [Bug] - Let us use Repair without returning to carrier, it's just frustrating to not be able to do so. [Feature] - If Autopilot cant be fixed/improved we do need better manual control of the carrier. Aircraft General - Speed Boost feels like a gimick, doesn't really add anything and I could easily live without it. [Comment] - The camera should track the attacking aircraft rather than the main wing until the attack is complete in spectator view. [Feature] - Aircraft/Camera can glitch out when attacking over an island throwing off your attack run. [Bug] - Aircraft glitch out when launching with an island in the way. [Bug] - Camera movements in general need smoothing out, they are still too Jerky. [Comment] - Phantom aircraft over target markers sometimes appear, possibly related to returning aircraft. [Bug] - Aircraft need to be more visible, especially on the Minimap, very often they do not appear properly or are hard to track. [Bug/Feature] Attack Aircraft (Rocket) Weak and not much use, even with the damage they do to AA guns. They feel like they need 'something' more. - Either needs increased damage OR increaed fire chance OR increased accuracy. [Balance] Dive Bombers Challenging at first to get the timing right but gets easier with practice. - Can be frustrating as there is limited vertical adjustment once you start the attack, you cant really make this easier without making them too easy to use though. [Comment] Torpedo Bombers Easiest planes to use but also easiest attacks to dodge. - I like the long attack run (15s). [Comment] - Maybe needs a longer arming time on the tier 6's, the tier 10's were better with a longer arming time. [Balance] - Airdropped torpedos can be almost invisible until they arm, they set off the torp alarms but are not visible. [Bug] Fighters Needs a better UI. - Show the area of effect on the minimap for both friend and foe. [Feature] - Need a clearer warning/animation when flying through a fighter "zone". [Feature]
  14. I presume Rank 5+ (Prem) is regularly dead at this time of night/morning due to lack of players. Heading past midnight we were severly running out of players and as of 2am there were 3 people in the queue. This is probably good as it limits my drunk sailing.