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  1. mcboernester

    Kremlin AA nerf

    But isnt that pretty much the same for every ship that gets under AA focus? I mean im pretty sure that i already took out 18-20 aa mounts in the very first salvo of the game with thunderer on all types of bbs.
  2. mcboernester

    Matchmaking in der Kritik

    Zocke gerade nach nem Monat Pause wieder bissl aber nach dem Patchday sind wieder Leute unterwegs die man net kompensieren kann. Im Prinzip kommt es dann wieder darauf an wer die meisten Idioten abkriegt, die schmeissen sich teils weg als ob es kein morgen gibt. Richtig derbe frustrierend. Hab aus 17 Spielen jetzt 2 x nen Kraken mit Enterprise geholt und beide verloren. Super unicum PR mit 35% Winrate hat was
  3. mcboernester

    Suggestion: MM for ships and CV

    If only AAO was in CST and could do something about it...
  4. mcboernester

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I'm starting to run out of ideas...
  5. mcboernester

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    What a nice day Buff plx?
  6. mcboernester

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Unfortunately no team
  7. mcboernester

    CV Diskussionen

    Oderint dum metuant Kann bisher aber schon sagen dass die Ente im Vergleich zu den anderen CVs wirklich vollkommen broken ist. Alle 3 Ammo Typen sind mind. stark, im Trainingsraum hab ich ner Henri schon knapp 25k hits mit AP Bomben verteilt. Alle 3 Flieger wenden auf nem Bierdeckel, da können maximal die Raketenflieger der GZ mithalten. Ansonsten halt noch der sehr schnelle Planeregen und der wesentlich größere Radius der Fighter. Ansonsten is noch zu sagen dass der Pen der Bomben zwar niedrig im Vergleich ist, dafür wie bei der RTS Ente auf deutschen BBs der stufe 7 und 8 überskaliert.
  8. mcboernester

    Shinano or Yashima

    I would love to see Shinano but there are some issues i can already predict: - Shinano might become the first coal / steel carrier - Shinano will be T10 - Shinano also needs a special Feature. Most likely this will be Deepwater Torps - Shinano will be bought by CV unicums if broken af, which will happen by 99% since wg has no clue about balancing A week later ppl start to complain because the shinano is listed with 150k average dmg and 2.0 kills per game Just a friendly warning.
  9. mcboernester

    If Kremlin is so OP

    You cannot meassure if a ship is op / broken by player numbers alone. There are many aspects that need to be considered: - RU BBs are still fairly new when compared with the other nations - Most players in T10 prefer to snipe from 20km+ which isn't the strength of it - There's a reason why so many high clans picked her as double bb last season ;) In Case of Kremlin you just have this immovable object that you just cannot kill, even when focussing with 5 ships. If she was just beefy i could live with that but WG decided to give her 457mm fantasy guns that even papa stalin would never had approved of ( RU ships where meant to go with 406mm guns, you can read it up) and an unrealistic turret traverse that makes even some cruisers jealous. Just as a sidenode : In Terms of popularity she already overtook cqr, repu is right around the corner (100 players). Most Popular bbs atm are yamato, montana and thunderer, where thunderer is the only one with more avrg dmg while montana is 11k behind. Speaking of popularity doesnt alway feature power -> There are literally tons of shimakazes out there even though there are far better destroyers in terms of constant dmg output / surviveability. Ppl play her as a long range torp spammer where a gearing would be more effective, left alone somers.
  10. mcboernester

    CV Diskussionen

    Hab mir die Ente restoren lassen (feb 2019 verkauft). Mal gucken
  11. mcboernester

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Got my Enterprise back that i sold in February 2019 Get ready boys
  12. mcboernester

    Thunderer or Yoshino??

    Thunderer should be the better experience.
  13. mcboernester

    Fix the Smolensk shell tracers

    AFAIK this affects ALL HE as of now, not smolensk exclusively. As well as the rendering Issue.
  14. mcboernester

    Big nerf on FR top tier dds

    Cut's down the ambusher role quite a bit. Questionable once more.. Would have been better to do what the high league players said since weeks and do smth about her dmg saturation but noooo......