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  1. mcboernester

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Countered russian bias in ranked https://outplayed.tv/media/n307gM
  2. mcboernester

    Patch 11.4.... the age of ROFLSTOMP

    Don't forget to run premium, you always get better MM with premium. Or something like that
  3. mcboernester

    San Diego nerfs - discussion on the NA forum

    Not really offtopic but -> there was a reason that the NDA lift for CCs was shortened to a couple of days a few years ago-> back in the day they could already show very early alterations and ppl constantly kept reeeeing about it like " this is op" or "this is bad" even though those ships where nowhere near release ( for example CQR and Kremlin with Radar, minotaurs first alteration was shooting HE, the AP only Stalingrad... ). All those things have been changed over the course of their testing, just as they do with newer ships, and one thing that happened here constantly was that players saw a very early vid and where like "oh nice im gonna get this one, seems strong", even though it had already been nerfed to normal levels. For Sandy it feels exactly the same here, with the difference that all ppl can rely on ATM are patchnotes, so nobody even knows how the ship feels in a normal battle. And while i can see how a unicum can judge it from those stats alone i hardly doubt the broad mass can get somewhat accurate assumptions out of a 0.5 sec reload nerf for example. AN ADDITION HERE: https://github.com/WoWs-Builder-Team/WoWs-ShipBuilder A tool i highly recommend as you can already get the dispersion graphs / ballistics / shell trajectory from it , as well as all the stats. Those screenshots above are from that tool. What i want to add her as a personal note -> Since I'm part of those test ship players ( or as i got called already, WG Slave :<) until the supership release there hasn't been a ship / line where i said "this is broken". In fact there has been a lot of balancing to adjust power levels , be it a ship like Weimar who had to be tuned down quite heavily or the 2nd german dd line which had the opposite issue. Unfortunately the super US can lay havoc after those recent changes / buffs to her Tactical Squads which i personally didn't wittness as i wasn't playing in that time.
  4. mcboernester

    San Diego nerfs - discussion on the NA forum

    First off NA is its own little world, therefore placing a complaint on an EU Forum about their moderation will help nobody. Second, why do people even disguss about testships in a super early phase? It's so pointless... Locking this thread was the right call as it will lead nowhere. The only persons that can say if those nerfs are justified are the Testers which obviously still have a NDA on her. But just a hint -> those are the SAP DPM Values of her compared to Austin.
  5. mcboernester

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    All those subs don't really help but it worked out anyway
  6. mcboernester

    Super Ships = Super Slap in the face

    Firstoff I don't see any Issues with those Superships in general but let me elaborate on that quote: "Why grind steel for Shikishima when you can get the Satsuma for credits" - steelships aren't the next big gameplay upgrade as you can easily see by ships played in competitive. Aside from smaland and ragnar which have 7.5km radar as their distinct feature no other steelship has a regular place in the meta. They are collectibles , just as buyable ships are on the other tier. Some have unique features, others feel like copy / paste with some extras. As you mentioned you are playing for 5,5 years now, so you also know how the meta changes on a regular basis just like any other moba game when new "heroes" (in our case ships) are added. If you play the game for such a long time now you should also already have a ton of steel ships anyway. I mean i hardly play ranked and skipped a few CB seasons and yet i have everything i wanted ( plymouth can rot in the shop lol). You can basically bring the same argument for all other tiers as well -> why get a Missouri when there is Georgia? Wargaming tries to keep the game fresh and as a matter of fact we are reaching the end for "classic" roles in the game. Many ships that had been added and are upcoming never made it past blueprint. If you want to go the next big step -> no more BBs as modern warfare centers around CVs and ship fired missiles. Personally i hate to see subs being added to the game as well, yet for other reasons as they never ever took part in grand naval battles since heir role was that of a raider. But just keeping everything as it is for the next 10 years won't work either.
  7. mcboernester

    Do RNGesus cater to noobs?

    There's RNG involved in every shot you take, be it main guns, torpedos or divebombs. Yes, even CV torp spread are rng ( and detonations). The reason for that was mentioned above by Garrus -> it helps "not so good" players gaining a sense of achievement when for exmaple that 1 magical Kurfürst Shell doesn't go 400meter to the left of my cruiser cause i dodged but strays and went right in my citadel. And honestly most players should be happy that this RNG exists, otherwise i would have had way more devstrikes by now. Kinda scary to think a skilled BB player has all his shells land exactly where he aims all the time. Also the sigma / dispersion / shell velocity / firing angle / pen usually get better the higher the ships tier gets, therefore nuking a Hindenburg on 20km with a Yamato is as realistic as hitting a Nürnberg on 15km with a Hood, at least from my experience. Another thing that adds up on higher engagement ranges is experience in terms of " is he going faster / stopping / turning / gonna smoke" , example below For the subs -> didnt have any issues with hitting them ( when they are hitable ofc). Those things are super slow most of the so i'm barely giving any lead in general.
  8. mcboernester

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Finished bronze again. This equals -1 Karma btw, therefore i once again wanna thank WG for this awesome mechanic And last game was also special
  9. mcboernester

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    ranked is pretty painful so far, ngl. Either hardcarry or lose
  10. mcboernester

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Moneyprinter still works
  11. mcboernester

    So this happened...

    That's a certified yikes moment
  12. mcboernester

    Es scheint ein Leuchtturm am Donnerstag

    Schonmal daran Gedacht, dass die Rodney als Premiumschiff kommt? Just saying...