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  1. Mirawenya

    New ARP missions

    What skins? What are you guys talking about, what did I miss?
  2. Mirawenya

    Anime Chicks?

    I just wanted to say... What the heck does anime chicks have to do with world war II warships? It's just plain silly, remove it please. The game otherwise I'm fine with. It's a fun game. (Though something bad happened to the Zao, and it's not just it's lowered health)
  3. Mirawenya

    Update 0.5.2 - General Feedback

    Don't like the new sounds for the shots.
  4. Mirawenya

    How do you get audio to your headset?

    My headphones are in. I use headphones for Teamspeak every day to play wows with my friends, and also Skype. Game sounds of wows I just keep on my regular speakers normally.
  5. Mirawenya

    How do you get audio to your headset?

    I'm used to games like world of warcraft, where you can set it inside the game. Setting default sound to headset means I have to change back and forth depending on what I'm doing, which I'm not used to simply But thanks for the help guys
  6. I might be missing something, but I don't see any settings in this game to get audio on my headset. Any top tips?
  7. Mirawenya


    Just keep shooting AP, and if you see a Tirpitz, go "Oh, Tirpitz!" then go kill him. With AP. (I recommend having another cruiser join you. Two baltimores = eek) Good times
  8. Mirawenya


    You have gone from Cleveland to Pensacola. It's hard to adjust to this change. I hated how squishy the Pensi was, and hated how hard it was to do damage. I was used to 100-200 hits in one match. Now I was happy if I had 36. But it _did_ hit hard when it did hit. That's how I remember it anyways. Towards the end of the grind to the next ship, I really started to get the hang of it. I used to go towards the enemy, then turn and go away, keeping only one ship in range at a time. I tried to always show my front or back as much as possible, and keep any broadsides to a minimum. Was a [edited] of a ship to get after Cleveland at any rate. I now have the Des Moines (loved the Balti, played it a bit similar to pensi), aaaaand I'm playing the Cleveland again I can't afford to play Des Moines. Edit: OH and ofc, what I also hated on the Pensi, the turn time of the guns!! Nightmare.. Edit2: I also recall timing my zig zags to after the enemy had shot before turning. That was rather vital.
  9. Can't play Des Moines with my friend anymore. Two Des Moines just take up tier 10 spots for possible BBs that will be on the other team. And two Des Moines does _not_ equal to two Yamatos or Montanas. I wish they would balance that out a tad as well.... It was fun while it lasted. I don't find it _as_ fun to play alone, I gotta admit. (I used to steal his kills. hehehe....)
  10. Mirawenya


    Not joking. But played it with a friend on a Baltimore as well. We tried pairing up with Des Moines and doing the same thing, but we kept getting killed in just a few salvos. Suppose it could be because they focus us now I don't know. But a recent battle on Baltimores, we killed first two battleships, then two cruisers and a dd. With the Des Moines, we die before we get close enough to damage anything. And using HE, we do on average 500 per hit. We were never scared of battleships on Balti. We used to go "ooh, a tirpitz! Let's kill him!!" and shot at it with ap till it was dead. Somehow they never managed to kill us. But it took 5 salvos, not all of them direct hits, on my Des Moines before I was dead. I had one shell hit the back of my ship, it was 2k damage. I'm not used to that.
  11. Not if you play it with another Baltimore. It's amazing. Shoot AP at everything, especially tirpitzes and you'll see. Perhaps Des Moines does more damage, but at least the Baltimore is allive at the end, even if it got in range of something that shot back. Even if it _stayed_ in range of something that shot back. I freakin miss that ship. Still not decided what to do to get some credits rolling. I don't want to sell the Des Moines, cause it's real money out the window. But I can't afford getting something else either.
  12. Mirawenya


    I played the Pensacola veeeeery carefully. I would only go into firing range of one ship at a time, if I was in range of more , I had to travel away from the fight and come back in. I would always stay angled, only showing citadel to turn to zig zag away from the fight again. (I have the Des Moines now, and I feel I have to play that ship the same way, problem is they focus me, so turning to go away they hit my citadels, gg.....) I mastered towards the end before I could get the New Orleans. Often survived, did decent damage. Just had to play it like a wimp, and it worked ok. Don't miss it though.
  13. If it's just simply that they prioritize me, then the Baltimore is still better. I survived to the end, I killed many ships, did lots of damage, avoided being hit myself. Me and my friend were just wrecking. Especially battleships. We would gang up on them, just the two of us, and we would kill it before it killed us. Des Moines, five salvos and I was dead. And that was with me being angled as well, and not full hits. And it's a recurring theme. We are dead withing the first 5 minutes most of the time. We just cannot avoid being hit, and we cannot use ap before we are close, cause it does no damage otherwise. Baltimore we could go down their throat, sometimes going in for a ram (though it needs to be said, they would usually kill us when we were 2 kms away from the BB we wanted to ram, but in the Des Moines, the difference is, I would be dead before I reached 12 kms.) Fix the repair thing, and perhaps I would learn Des Moines (cause I did learn the Pensi eventually). But I suppose they have to get their money somehow. Even when we survive and did some damage, we hardly cover the repair cost. That's lame. The worst thing is I can't get the Baltimore, even if I sell the Des Moines. I dunno how to earn credits. Go back and start from scratch? Sell Des Moines and get the Cleveland?
  14. My friend asked me to post this for him, as he cannot, for some reason, log into this forum. The page won't load. "The des moines is a crapy ship all over. you take more dmg than a baltimore. is it bigger citadels or what ever, but you take more dmg. Your AP is crap unless under 7 km and by that time you are dead. Your HE is crap as for the last 10 games average HE dmg per shot is 550. Firing arc is just plain stupid. With that low dmg you are in negative credits balance. As far as AA goes.... oh its crap. My record on a baltimore is 58 planes in one game, while on a des moines is 14. Des moines just seems a broken ship. Baltimore was better in every way."
  15. Me and my mate killed two bbs (we weren't scared of them at all, shot ap at them, did good damage), a dd and 2 cruisers laughing all the while on the Baltimore. Des Moines, we rarely survive. We were fearless on Baltimore. Now we see a bb and we know we are soon toast. Even a single shell hitting the very back of my Des Moines takes 2k health off me. Perhaps it's a case of really bad luck, I don't know. But the repaircost is too great to get a feel for the ship anyways. Just sad.