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  1. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Rise of CV population?

    Is not their aim, but the way they play. Latest CV battle our 'Flying Alexander' decided to move forward through the centre getting killed too early and thus condemning the whole team. And yet he had the face to blame a friendly Cleveland...
  2. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Rise of CV population?

    Methinks I fell short of the mark with such epithets.
  3. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Tier 5 gameplay with 3 CVs on either side

    Indeed, sorry guys, I was leaving work I read it very quickly. Here is the full text: ST, matchmaker changes. With the current matchmaker settings, sometimes you might encounter a situation where six aircraft carriers are present in one battle at Tiers IV and V battles. It's difficult for Tier III-V ships to put up a fight against a large number of aircraft carriers, which affects their overall efficiency in battle. We've prepared changes to the matchmaker that will reduce the number of aircraft carriers in this scenario: - For Tier V battles, a soft limit of two aircraft carriers per team will be set. A battle with three aircraft carriers in the team will be possible only after a long wait in the queue. - All other Tiers of battle, including IV, will have a hard limit of 2 aircraft carriers per team. Thank you for highlighting this problem, we will make all the necessary changes required. However, due to technical limitations, these changes will only take effect in one of the next updates in early 2020. The new algorithms will reduce the number of battles with three aircraft carriers for Tier IV-V ships, and Tier III ships will not encounter more than two aircraft carriers in a team after these changes. At the moment, the popularity of Tier IV aircraft carriers is very high, so stricter restrictions than those described could have a significant impact on waiting times in the queue and also lead to the assembling of a large amount of incomplete teams. We will continue to monitor the situation and make additional changes if necessary. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  4. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Rise of CV population?

    They are everywhere now. Like flying cockroaches in summer round a putrid dead organism.
  5. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Tier 5 gameplay with 3 CVs on either side

    I just saw an update from WG saying they fixed this.
  6. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Matchmaking...vote with your wallet!

    I just switched to co-ops and stopped buying things. That'st the only way this is still a game for me, otherwise is too stressful.
  7. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Double CVs at tier 8 is a nightmare.

    I still don't understand why this game needs CVs.
  8. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Italian pizza and torps

    I am tired of all these stereotypes. Mafia, pizza, pasta, cannoli. Italy is more than that. Capisci?
  9. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Tier 10 BB's are cowards, why is that?

    Sometimes it works if you tank and the rest of the team follows behind and kills while you absorb the damage. Most times it just doesn't work so why bother?
  10. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Captain retrain necessary, really WG !

    Easy in this case. Do not touch my pocket if not necessary.
  11. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Captain retrain necessary, really WG !

    The right thing is always the right move. If it doesn't please everybody is still right.
  12. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Captain retrain necessary, really WG !

    They still should do the right thing always. Cheap moves are not right.
  13. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Boots in COOP

    Too early and you'll get that. For one I am ok with this as I said already. It's more challenging.
  14. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    CV Aquila Regia Marina

    No we don't!