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  1. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Female captains

    Yes, why not. Although blood flows differently in women. A lot of blood goes through their baby making parts and not to the brain, so they should avoid any decision making position. For a game is fine, real life not. Kidding! Yes, bring them to the game! Good idea!
  2. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    What Wows was, what to bring back

    It wasn't perfect but it was not this...this..this aberration. What's next?
  3. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    This match has been brought to you by Wargaming.

    I am happy because a carrier got sunk. Always makes my day.
  4. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    All the skills of your captains have been replaced

    The time I have to invest into this crap, man. Also WG choosing names for skills is just amazing.
  5. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    My latest creation

    Are these off the shelf models or how do you make them? They look amazing.
  6. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    So, How things are going in the bronze sprint?

    I just tried 1 battle. The level of idiocy in my team has reached a new high in my record book, starting with a AFK CV and all BBs going to the farthest cap in the map leaving us the rest alone. Never again.
  7. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    General CV related discussions.

    Well, they should be removed from the game. It would be a Christmas to remember.
  8. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    General CV related discussions.

    It would be the most glorious day.
  9. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    General CV related discussions.

    The best Christmas ever! Thanks WG! You are the best!
  10. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    General CV related discussions.

    Are CVs still in the game?
  11. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    Yes, same for everybody I would say. It's been broken for a long while now.
  12. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Why not? Never done so merry Christmas to all and thanks for this. IN game name is the same as forum's.
  13. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    I got Ochakov and Orkan. Bought 8 big santa containers and a couple more mega containers in the game for gold. I already had the Duca. I think the shortlist theory is correct.
  14. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    AI (Artificial Intelligence) BOTTs

    They avoid torps very, very well.