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  1. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Christmas horns, where are they!?

    Christmas horns?
  2. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I bought 10 mega and 10 big. I got Ashitaka, Monaghan and Graf Spee and like 3000 doublons in total plus the usual camos ( they should give more camos for that amount of money). Ashitaka is good, not brilliand but good enough. Graf Spee is fun, really like it even with the obvious limitations. Monaghan is really bad, I can't believe how bad that boat is.
  3. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Restrict CV's to one per team.

    I agree. And this is not about the CV rework, it is about the game mechanics. I also go out of the queue if I see more than 2 CVs.
  4. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    How many selected you as target?

    I'll see if I can get the whole 12 now.
  5. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    How many selected you as target?

    The full house!
  6. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    How many selected you as target?

    Yes, survived and won that one!
  7. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    How many selected you as target?

    My record so far is 8. That;s why that skill is important :)
  8. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Am I the only person who doesn't use Priority Target?

    Since using it on my Cruisers my game improved. It's not so useful on DDs, on BBs it depends. I use it on my Roma and it helps.
  9. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Noob hiding in smoke.

    It was not about the kraken. The point is he called noob something that is clearly not by using a proven and effective common tactic, etc, etc, etc. Now, it can be a meh situation but it was quite funny for me and also I thought, if this guys or anybody else that thinks like him reads the forum, then they can learn from this. In game there is not time to chat or explain or teach. So there you go, I do not have anything else to add to this. Cheers.
  10. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Noob hiding in smoke.

    Because it was funny. It is a forum, so sometimes people post funny things. The P2W or OP is not part of the topic, because that guy would have probably commented the same were I on a standard boat. Isn't it? Besides, for the price of the T-61 there should be more in the game but there aren't. And having it is not a warranty for success, wouldn't you agree?
  11. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Giulio Cesare

    Still lots of fun for me and still erasing cruisers showing broadside. Ancora una nave divertente per me, e ancora continuo a distruggere degli incrociatori mostrando broad.
  12. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Noob hiding in smoke.

    My point exactly, you do not call someone like me in this case a 'noob'. A wallet warrior, maybe :) I do not get attacked in the chat, I was very surprised and found it very funny and wanted to share a moment in the forum, that's all. Also I do not really think I am clubbing, I do not get many games like this and I usually struggle my way into victory or glorious defeats. So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.
  13. That was very close. None of the top 3 are the ones I voted for :)
  14. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Noob hiding in smoke.

    Of course someone took out one of my karma points...
  15. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Italian Cruiser Line

    I hope they do the RMI Fiume, my grandfather served on her.