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  1. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    Well, I am getting better at it, but if you try to go near an island the thing just gets beached if you click too close to it. IF you don't get beached and the bow is pointing towards the island then the only way to get out of there is to click back towards the stern so it will reverse. I don't know, some people may not see an issue but it is a bit 'stupid' and needs lots of attention you can give while flying.
  2. Winged_Cat_Dormant


    I'll give it a try now. Hope it really balances things out.
  3. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    Excellent, thanks! Autopilot is really bad at the moment. Thanks for listening WG!
  4. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    DevBlogWoWs: CV Changes and Roadmap

    Very good, thanks WG!
  5. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Stop the Microscamming with Flags and Camos

    Some will tell you it's your fault and you should pay more attention. I agree with this, and you are not the first to complain about it. Cheeky WG!
  6. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Went to the dark side.

    Yes, exactly my experience!
  7. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Went to the dark side.

    Ok, I'll give it a try. Thanks guys for all the input. Hope to have news to report soon :)
  8. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Went to the dark side.

    Let's talk in game reality. I'll wait, but I am not counting on WG to do it right.
  9. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Went to the dark side.

    I honestly don't see how this can be properly integrated. You have three very different classes, then so many ships in each one depending on tiers, countries, etc. Also, for instance on my Izumo. If you go full AA spec then it is very difficult to have the level of success but if you change it back to battle spec, then it gets obliterated by planes. There is no balance even from the ship itself.
  10. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Went to the dark side.

    Thanks for the info!
  11. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Went to the dark side.

    I'll jump to T-VI CVs soon and report on that.
  12. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Went to the dark side.

    So after three years of never touching a CV I went ahead and got my first American T-IV carrier. Pain the back, mind you. What pleasure people get from flying planes when you can cut the waters on a ship with guns? No idea. Anyways, I went ahead and played some games first in co-op then in random. Started doing 2K damage, then 7K, now barely reached 10K. Getting better at dropping bombs but it’s still difficult. Torping BBs is still bad, I can’t just do it right. It is not clear when you can start dropping bombs and less clear why your torps are always late. Rockets are the easiest to control from the beginning. Spotting DDs initially is not that easy, but once you see them you can make their lives miserable. But at low tiers there are lots of DDs, usually 3 or 4 a side, so they are the ones deciding the battle. A very, very frustrating thing is the autopilot which keeps on beaching the CV. It Is not cleat sometimes why I can’t activate the autopilot and just keep on clicking on the map. You never feel in control of the ship, it’s difficult to adjust position because sometimes it just does not respond to orders. Another thing is that you can get attacked by the enemy CVs and there is nothing you can do about it. Same with attacking planes, you can’t help your team mates. I am determined to keep on learning this line, not because I like it but in order to understand WG an CV players motivations. To me CVs do not belong into the game at all, and nothing that I have experienced so far have given me elements to even start changing my mind, although I’ll remain open for the sake of having a constructive discussion. Note: You know who really enjoys CVs? My son. He is 8. He loves them. That to me says a lot. Cheers and good hunt!
  13. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Listen to your fanbase wargaming

    We've seen this in the Q&A session. Basically is: you do not how to play, get used to the new. Sorry!
  14. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Are you still enjoying the game or you are going to uninstall?

    On Izumo, 4CVs in the battle, Midway took 14K off my hitpoints with one drop. Then killed me with torps in two consecutive attacks. I was close two a couple of cruisers, reinforced sectors, etc. Killed two bloody planes and got flooded. Never engaged the enemy. Also on another game, survived myself with the Gearing, but our two CV captains were so bad the game was lost in 5 minutes. They survived until the end though. CVs are taking the fun out of the game for sure.
  15. Winged_Cat_Dormant

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    That would be the day I uninstall WoWs. .