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  1. BanzaiPiluso

    New player experience

    We all been there. Stick at it and try to copy good players. Every time you get killed try to see why and to avoid that next time.
  2. BanzaiPiluso

    An up to date Submarine poll

    Subs. What a joke. Way to ruin a game already half sunk with those idiotic CVs.
  3. BanzaiPiluso

    Update 0.11.7 - Battle Camera improvements

    Guys, please, can we have an option to use the old camera mode? Thanks.
  4. BanzaiPiluso

    This new camera makes me sick

    Well, you can change it back almost to what it was in Controls.
  5. BanzaiPiluso

    Back to the Deadeye era.

    Less skill is needed now. Classic WG move.
  6. BanzaiPiluso

    Back to the Deadeye era.

    So this is the new spotter plane view that you can switch to or is it something different?
  7. BanzaiPiluso

    Shimakaze torps arc?

    Ok, I changed the settings as shown here and now Shimakaze feels right again. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/163853-update-0117-battle-camera-improvements/
  8. BanzaiPiluso

    Shimakaze torps arc?

    Exactly, that's the feeling, that is a different boat completely.
  9. BanzaiPiluso

    Shimakaze torps arc?

    Something is off. Played another game in co-op just in case, arc is too wide now.
  10. BanzaiPiluso

    Shimakaze torps arc?

    Was this changed? I cant anything anywhere about this. Or is it the new camera angle? It seems the narrow torp arc is wider or is it the same with all the DDs? I could only play a game and it feeled weird, like not the same ship.
  11. BanzaiPiluso

    Terrain Avoidance Torpedos?

    There are releasing and communicating so many things in so many ways that one become a bit overwhelmed. I just sometimes don't read anything for months. Usually learn from the forum.
  12. BanzaiPiluso

    General Submarines related discussions

    I just got shotgunned to the face by a sub. I was on my Shima. Impossible to know the bastard was there, also the torp activation distance seems to be too short for subs. It should be increased, it is shorter than that for DDs.
  13. BanzaiPiluso

    Your karma has increased by 1

    I got complimented by a team mate durig a battle. It feels good actually. I'll try to copy his example.
  14. BanzaiPiluso

    Z 44

    Yeah, it is bad.