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  1. BanzaiPiluso


    The man is right, 4 CV battles are not needed.
  2. BanzaiPiluso

    Why bother at this point

    Yes, happens a lot. Why? No idea.
  3. BanzaiPiluso

    General Submarines related discussions

    The Mistery of the Missing Subaquatic Vessel. Invest almost 10 minutes of your life to find the lost enemy boat. RPF will not do neither Hydro. Only your deductive mental skills or enhanced hunting instintcs will help you!
  4. BanzaiPiluso

    Super containers? lol not really!

    Hey, we have two kinds of things in this town, Nothing or Super.
  5. BanzaiPiluso

    Anniversary of World of Warships Bonus Codes

    Gratitude, Consul.
  6. BanzaiPiluso

    Mikoyan in Premium V container.

    For two reasons, because I opened this thread initially and to be nice. And I still think less people will pay attention to this thread than to another focused on specs for Mikoyan.
  7. BanzaiPiluso

    Mikoyan in Premium V container.

    No idea, sorry. Perhaps you can open a separate thread for this.
  8. BanzaiPiluso

    The blob strategy

    I am saying that when this stupid "strategy" happens then you have more chances of winning if your team dispatches the red DDs first. I am not saying we should play this way but when you are dealt those cards....
  9. BanzaiPiluso

    The blob strategy

    Once you kill the enemy dds it's torp fest.
  10. BanzaiPiluso

    The blob strategy

    It works for the team with the best destroyers.
  11. BanzaiPiluso

    The blob strategy

    Yes, 3 times in 2 days seen this behavior. I hope is not a tendency.
  12. BanzaiPiluso

    New line

    I hope they use the right voices for this, not like the 9 de Julio captain with Caribbean accent.
  13. BanzaiPiluso

    Mikoyan in Premium V container.

    Lima is the capital city of Peru or...a green fruit (a citric, similar to the lemon). Also a file, the kind of abrasive tool.
  14. BanzaiPiluso

    Mikoyan in Premium V container.

    I see, so it's not only the Mikki Moko, it's a list of mediocre T5 Premium Ships and I just had bad luck.