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  1. DarthMurloc

    Too often seen problem

    Why people hug the borders? - because it gives them advantage. What advantage they have? - lowered chance of being hit while still being able to fire away. Remove advantage to solve the problem. Disabling all weapons is a good idea. Want to be invulnerable? Then everyone else gains invulnerability against your fire as you are unable to provide any. Happy border hugging.
  2. DarthMurloc

    Anyone needs some bad weather or is it just me?

    Rain. Bring more rain. At least it'll lower getting a fire chance (wet deck) and help put out fires. Yes, yes. Daydreaming - I know. Back to reality ...
  3. DarthMurloc

    That wierd/funny lucky shot

    More received than done, but yeah, it happens. Tho not that spectacular as yours. One of the recent. Been in Kongo, top HP (54100) as game just started and people are getting into position. Noticed single TB coming my way. Start maneuvering for narrow profile. TB drops 5 fishes, I'll fit between 4th and 5th...naah, 5th will hit. No big deal as one torpedo isn't a thre... Your ship has been destroyed. And other side - some map with multiple islands to hide behind. Me sailing early Kongo. Nothing interesting in sigths. Then, at max range - single CA very close to an island. No time to aim properly, add massive spread = no chance. But what the heck, at least I'll put some stress on him. Fire. And forget as 90% of cases it's a miss. 10 sec later: citadel x2, enemy cruiser destroyed.
  4. DarthMurloc

    premium ships pay to win :(

    The only one premium I had was Albany. I thought I'd own at T1/T2 range with that beast. Turned out stock Hashidate can sink it without receiving a single shot back due to larger range. Also slower tower turn rate doesn't help for those fast maneuvering ships. I didn't regret selling it. Free silver and port place. A bargain.
  5. DarthMurloc

    Can we please buff Battleships?

    I smell L2P issue.
  6. DarthMurloc

    Battleships = death trap

    Up to T5 Cruiser >>> Battleship unless BB gets insanely lucky and score citadel at first shot. While grinding to my Kongo I was furiously crying while watching how lower tier CA burned my Kawachi/Myogi as my guns reloaded. It looked like this: - I spot CA, aim and shoot putting my range at an advantage. - all missed, 30s reloading. - while reloading and getting away, CA gets into his range and starts to spam his 5s reload HE. - me reloading, his super accurate HE firestorm adds another fire on my deck. - me still reloading, 40% HP gone, 3 fires raging. Time to consumable extinguish it. - 3s later another 5 HE hits which added 2 fires, 60% HP already gone - finally, reloaded. Aim, fire! - out of 6 shells 1 actually hit: 1000 damage. - yay :/ - by the time I finish reloading he will launch 6 move volleys, 35-40 shells total. - don't forget 3 raging fires on my deck eating me like a haystack But hey - BBs are OP due to large caliber and range. Sadly, at early tiers BB can't stand against CA. So what I can deliver massive punch and remove half of his HP? One, two salvos max is what I have before I get burned down. And even if I manage to survive I have so little help that single hit will sunk me. Hopefully situation gets better T5 upwards. Playing in my Kongo enemy cruisers start to loose considerable amount of HP each shot. Sure, 1k damage full salvo still happens but seeing how 1/3 vanishes is indeed cheering up sight. The best are those situations where you snipe at long rage for a citadel and leave that sneaking CA with 25% HP left. And he still is out of range. By the time he gets into shooting range I'm reloaded and ready.
  7. DarthMurloc

    More time...

    Victory conditions are clear - get 1000 points to win. If one team reaches that threshold it means they met victory conditions. Time in which they achieved that does not matter.
  8. DarthMurloc

    is it?

    Argh, was about to post that exactly. Now I just bump my post counter with "^this".
  9. Then I dare you: present us full detailed render* of one ship. I'll give you the freedom to choose it. One condition: none existing atm in-game. November 1st is a deadline so you have your 1 month. Then we (community) will vote if your creation matches the quality of current in-game ships. If your ship gets at least 75% of positive votes, you passed the test. Otherwise it's just talk. And talk is cheap. * - still images will do but video is preferred. Firing animation, burn animation, damage animation required.
  10. DarthMurloc

    Polish WWII Warship Postcards

    Morning Sailors, quite recently there were some discussions about EU tech tree which would consist of various European ships. Dutch, Sweden, Italian, Polish and so on. So I'v been browsing the Internetz to see how these ships look like. And I found something on polish news portal. It seems someone created a series of postcards depicting Polish navy units from WWII. Here are those paintings. Enjoy. ORP Gryf Minelayer ORP Groźny Submarine Chaser ORP Warszawa Missile Destroyer ORP Błyskawica Destroyer ORP Garland Destroyer ORP Iskra Training Ship ORP Kaszub Anti-sub Corvette ORP Wicher and ORP Burza Destroyers
  11. DarthMurloc

    The bitter truth

    Because what *I* think > what you think. That's the reason. And it works both ways. When I play by my own rules because it suits me and I'm accused because, you know, "reasons" - I apply the very same logic that made them accuse me. What I think > what you think. I play for my own amusement, not for your joy or achievements. You don't pay me, don't teach me, I have no incentive to play "by your rules". I'm not telling you how to play *your* game so gtfo with your "advice". Truly, people think way too much about how others see them. And are pissing their pants about other judgement. To cite Catherine Tate: I wish game chat supported pics as replies (I know, I know, it'd be abused the second it'd be implemented). But still, perfect reply for those who think others play bad.
  12. DarthMurloc

    Coward simulator 2015 ?

    Cowardice? Meh, highly defensive attitude of stats wh...err.. I mean, woman of negotiable affection. They are so focused about their WR that whole strategy is based on it.
  13. DarthMurloc

    WG's "big" WoWS LAUNCH DAY stream a big flop?

    Launch day - forum moderator posts something about attractions planned because of that. I take a look and what do I see? All 3rd party people streams and individual projects. No official representation? No official giveaways? Really? It looked like people playing this game had more interest in celebrating and promotion than developers themselves.
  14. DarthMurloc

    Those lame cap circles are a relic of the past

    CenturionPuch, on 18 September 2015 - 10:37 AM, said: How about setting different objectives? Each team has a port or depo,fort or whatever that needs to be destroyed by bombardment. Then try to successfully protect in in early game while I start spitting my shells from 25km (Kongo + spotting plane). Stationary targets are the best targets.
  15. DarthMurloc

    Post your best 3x XP matches

    Second match, scored literally 3 hits + 1 plane as BB. Roughly 1100XP total due to awesome luck having my carefully aimed target being sunk before my shots even get there... Awesome x3 bonus victory waste...