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  1. Repaleon

    Hotkey Reserved

    I know a fix,, a Razer death adder lets you rebind your mouse keys it fixed my wows probems
  2. Repaleon

    Hotkey Reserved

    Hello.. I just wanted to throw this out there.. I cannot use certain keys in any key slot,, like right mouse for gun camera.. I had send a ticket of this more then 2 months ago and havent played since then and after they said it will be fixed the next 2 updates.. Seriously Wargaming why restrict keys?? I dont have fancy mouse with 5 extra buttons and neither do I want it,, but ow no if I want to use the most basic thing on my mouse.. I heard more people had this problem and if there is any new fix plz let me know cause I want to play again but not with a handicap AGAIN.. Out of topic Im playing on a laptop and the keys on the keyboard seem to die fast so already had to adjust certain keys in the game,, basicly ive always had isseus but this is straight up restricting me from using a key for no reason.. Srry if this already a topix but i can never find this stuff,, but the more attention it gets the quicker it might be fixed I hope
  3. Repaleon

    Bug Reports

    Hey yes I have this too,, before the patch I could change the preferences file, but now it does not work,, it goes blank after a minute.. I saw a reply above but that's very confusing to read
  4. Repaleon

    Bug Reports

  5. Repaleon

    Bastion Mode - Anyone else really not like it?

    I dislike it alot, specially when i do get it so many times on a day.. I can get bastion more then any other map id like to play.. Yes it ruins concealment captains.. The gamemode requires even more teamwork!! and thats just too rare.. There is no way to carry a noob team cause your always spotted and then take 3k damage per hit by a fort if you wanna cap it,,, or even lose planes in a carrier in this game mode,,, once enemy controls Forts there is even more AA then the already rediculous AA in the game.. And then my biggest complaint wich i once send as a ticket to wargaming but the answer war a well thats rng is that,, I cannot hit surviallence stations!! My shell litarly get sucked down to the mountain no matter where i aim, i dont know why other people dont have this.. i even had a video of it clearly shows no matter where i aimed in my Hindenburg so an accurate ship,, the shells could never hit the stations.. So plz wargaming get this gamemode out of here i hate getting it like 5 times in an evening,, i never had any normal domination on atlantic anymore..
  6. Repaleon

    High ping time (300 ms) solved by "terminating game".

    yeah im having this high pings as well.. sometimes all seems fine and then few rounds in a row i get extreme ping spikes.. also disconnected alot
  7. Repaleon

    Bug on Two Brother's map

    this is probaly because of the mod.. i had same on North.. used fog remover and had it once where a mountain appeared
  8. oke in what folder do i paste this??
  9. Repaleon

    We want lower repair costs too!

    I Agree.. Playing for the win will result in high repair costs.. specially if you take point and rush the objective, or you defend your cap till the End.. You need so many hits or kills to compensate damage.. What if you stay back to defend Carrier whole game,, doing nothing until end of match dds swarm the carrrier and you manage to hold em off but die,, lose credits for the so called Escort role.. Its like you gotta find that sweetspot where you allies take damage instead of you.. Bad motivation for teamplay.. Ow and what about a deatchmatch mode when theres only 14 players in a game,, if some noobs decide to win by cap within 10 minutes,, you have barely any time to compensate repair,, or make use of your precious camos, flags, gold consumeble,, I had 1 match where I forget to demount and we win by total outcapping thnx to idiots btw.. Anyway without premium you can have an entire night not gaining any credit.. luckely i do have premium..
  10. Hello.. When clicking play.. it will show a error message saying could not find recources.xml , wich should contain the location of system recources.. Anyway I can reinstall latest update?? because before that i had no problems