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  1. they said they were concerned about the low number of people playing CV's in high tier games, is DFAA REALLY going to help that? but the short range AA will have to be very low damage. On the plus point it will make ships that USN CV's can damage and IJN ones cannot :D USN Dive bombers still need to be more accurate with HE bombs
  2. the one crime is even proposing to put radar on lion and conqueror. no battleship should ever have radar or hydro. period
  3. yes, but the thing is, other tier 5 BB's have WW2 refits so it wouldn't be competitive without one
  4. what we need is new loadouts for ranger and Lexington. No CV should EVER be able to enter battle without any fighters
  5. the tier 5 HMS Iron Duke was NOT fictional
  6. but here @Tuccy you say that KGV will be tier 7. So are you saying that KGV and Nelson are tier 7, or that KGV and Monarch are tier 8?
  7. so @Tuccy, where has HMS Nelson gone?
  8. if they release that tier 7 premium as HMS Monarch then I will not be amused. it either needs to be called Prince of Wales or Duke of York
  9. come back when you have played a high tier aircraft carrier. How about going for a Bismarck in a saipan late game and seeing all six torpedo bombers die before any torpedos hit the water?
  10. AA has been being buffed continuously for two years. only two regular aircraft carriers are outperforming battleships in damage significantly of the same tier. Its really funny that its the people with almost no games in CV's that think they are still over powered with too much influence. please, get into at least a taiho or an Essex before coming back with an opinion about the place high tier cv's are in. Battleships should NOT be the counter of aircraft carriers. Cruisers should. If a battleships goes off alone, a carrier of the same tier should be able to hammer it without losing more than a few planes. But if you just flick the aa bubble of a minotaur, you just lose all your planes. no other class gets that problem. or shall we arrange for anti air to shoot down main gun shells as well to make things fair?
  11. it would be ludicrous to argue anything but that BB's have the largest influence on high tier matches at the moment. AA needs nerfing across the board and US CV's need to be buffed to get up to the level of their IJN rivals
  12. the way to do that is to sort out aircraft carriers and bring the US ones up to the level of IJN ones and then after that make CV's more popular in general, by nerfing AA across the board and particularly the ability to increase the AA power of your ship with modules and commander skills. the multiplier those give to your AA is simply too large. I will be spending the day after RN BB's get released alternating between sailing Midway and Hakuryu
  13. yeah ok. I'll accept that. Ok, how do you close the gap between the performance of USN and IJN regular CV's without buffing USN CV's. But actually, tongue in cheek, IJN CV's have out performed USN ones for over a year so the USN ones deserve a year of over performing themselves :D. I was just talking about reducing servicing times for USN CV's and giving Bogue, Ranger, Lexington and Essex different loadouts. I would genuinely buy Ranger or Lexington if they were competitive even though I own Saipan and Enterprise. Nothing drastic. I resent the 2-2-2/2-3-2/2-3-3 loadouts of IJN CV's though as they can do everything well at the same time. USN CV's can't. They have to choose one thing and suck at everything else
  14. because they seem to be more tanky than other BB's and don't get punished for things other lines get punished for. But I don't see FdG's and GK's pushing all the time anyway. the way to hit all BB's is simply to make USN CV's competitive
  15. maybe yes. I resent the fact that IJN CV's can do everything all at once very well. Hiryu, Shokaku, Taiho, Hakuryu I am looking at you whereas the American ones can't. Servicing times are also an issue. either IJN ones need to be increased or USN ones need decreasing. A Ranger TB squad takes 41 seconds to service for a squad of 6. A Kaga squad of 6 takes 29 seconds. There is no reason for this gap to exist