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  1. do we really need a third tier 8 US Battleship. why not produce something different like maybe a british aircraft carrier? we've got enough battleships at this point
  2. the main problem with the graf zeppelin is that it doesn't have any option to mount torpedo bombers but the fighter change is helpful
  3. Thanks @Sub_Octavian for this response. its great to hear that these things are being worked on. Keep up the good work :) I'll be back playing when this update hits
  4. yeah. But BBs are already too popular and we haven't had a CV line for over two years so I think we needed a CV line not another BB line. But certainly the third nation with a CV in game should have been Britain and not Germany
  5. @Tuccy can we have an answer to my question about aircraft carriers in the Q & A section. Its just Sub Octavian said that USN CVs would be made more flexible in "one or two updates" in June, but we have had more updates than that since. An entire class it out of balance at the moment. Wargaming has stated again and again that there was a CV rework coming but won't say when and its been out of kilter for 18 months. You've also said there won't be a new CV line till after the rework but won't say when that is. We've had lots of lines of battleships, cruisers and destroyers but CV players have been neglected. most of the issues that you have tried to fix by other means can actually be traced back to the lack of carriers in the game. Could you at least push out a premium British CV like for example Ark Royal or something? Thanks. Its a bit of an insult that the third nation with a carrier in the game in the Germany particularly when you yourselves said that Britain, Japan and America had the most numerous carrier fleets in WW2 yet we haven't even got a single Royal Navy Carrier and you prioritise a carrier that wasn't even finished built by a navy that never finished an aircraft carrier
  6. I didn't say make them four plane squadrons, I just said for example give Bogue 1 1 1, give Ranger and Lexington 2 1 1 or 1 1 2 and give Essex 2 1 2. That way you still get the US flavour but stock US loadouts become possible and US CVs become more flexible. Essex and Midway do need more alpha and US dive bombers are too inaccurate. The problem is Hiryu and Shokaku can do everything very well all at once where as Ranger and Lexington either do nothing well or have to sacrifice something
  7. no I don't. But I do want US and IJN carriers to be balanced and to perform roughly equally. unfortunately at the moment regular IJN CV's all out perform the USN regular CV's by a distance. What the US CV's need is flexibility and lower servicing times
  8. they may well put one in but I think it will be via free xp or for ranked or something. it would have to be a Baltimore though because you hope at least that premium ships existed and no other tier 9 or 10 cruiser in the game actually ever set sail except for Baltimore or Des Moines. Why not lets have a premium Essex as well :)
  9. Hi, Love the game, I've been playing since the start of open beta and have taken a liking to aircraft carriers because I am a fan of RTS games. I have Midway, Hakuryu, Kaga, Saipan and Enterprise at present. Could I ask what you are planning regarding carriers and the future. Particularly the state of US Carriers right now. On three servers, the win rate of all seven regular Japanese carriers is above the win rate of all seven regular American carriers. On the fourth, at each tier, the Japanese carrier has a better win rate than the American carrier. What do you intend to do about this and how long might this take. Sub Octavian said in June that American Carriers would be made "more flexible" in one or two updates but we haven't heard anything since. Further to that, what steps are you going to take to make carriers more popular and a more regular sight in battles? I feel as though the strafe mechanic needs looking at because it drives casual carrier players away from playing them and places too much emphasis on skill
  10. this is great, what we need now is information on the entire CV rework and the balance between USN and IJN CV's and what they intend to do about it and when. To be honest, I know people have spent money on GZ but I think its of at least equal priority to fix regular USN carriers and wider issues with CV's so that they can then work on the third CV line and really make CV's popular again because most of the problems the game has now can be directly attributed to the lack of CVs in the game. I will almost certainly buy myself a GZ if it becomes competitive in the future however. To anyone who says USN CV's don't need fixing, go and have a look at the stats on on all four servers for carriers
  11. what they need to do is: 1) Give every US carrier THREE loadouts with the maximum number of squadrons for that carrier. So that a US Carrier can go for a balanced loadout if it wants to 2) Decrease servicing time for every single squadron on a US Carrier by 10 seconds as stock 3) Increase the alpha of Midway and Essex perhaps by making US dive bombers more accurate. AP bombs are possible but make them less random and more consistent 4) Decrease AA across the board by 25% to reverse the stupid AA buffs of the last two years. they have just driven people away from carriers Its very simple. But whatever, we need to hear imminently from them what the masterplan is and when they intend to do something about it
  12. the problem is the high servicing times and the utterly inflexible loadouts on Bogue, Ranger and Lexington. These things need to be fixed. Sub Octavian said they would in "one or two updates" in June but we haven't heard anything since
  13. its actually better for carrier players if there is only one carrier per side in each battle but that's not the main problem. on three servers out of four, all seven regular IJN CV's have a better win rate than all seven US CV's and on the other server, each IJN CV still has a better win rate than its opposite number US CV. this has been going on for 18 months. WG will you PLEASE fix US Carriers. There is nothing more unbalanced about the game than this. we need information now on how you intend to go about fixing this. please @Sub_Octavian let us know how you intend to fix it
  14. oh I am sceptical too, but Sub Octavian saying they would have a go at sorting US CV's in "one or two updates". So I guess in 6.11 or 6.12 then. I'll settle for just US CV's being sorted for now
  15. Its what Sub Octavian said on this forum unless he was lying