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  1. lankylad11_lankylad

    RN CV's in testing

    Malta was also post war as well
  2. lankylad11_lankylad

    RN CV's in testing

    I thought HMS Malta would be the tier 10 given you know it was supposed to carry over a hundred aircraft unlike the one they actually chose
  3. lankylad11_lankylad

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I hope Bogue goes and Indi becomes 5
  4. lankylad11_lankylad

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I noticed they are hinting at Ranger being a 6 soon so what on earth becomes the tier 7 US carrier?
  5. lankylad11_lankylad

    Worried CV Rework

    that too. they buffed AA patch after patch after patch and then made CV's ridiculously skill intensive. this drove people away from CV's and then they solved all the "problems" caused by a lack of CV's by other means including radar instead of fixing CV's. could they not have seen the drop off of CV players with each change in this area and simply rolled back the change?
  6. lankylad11_lankylad

    Worried CV Rework

    I used to be a CV player, but since I don't play enough I am not good enough to play a high tier CV and the mid tier ones get screwed by mm, particularly regarding fighter control so I would like them to get this right but produce something reasonably fast so I can play CV's again. I would be happy if they just removed strafes and were done with it (though Saipan would need work) at that but anything that makes CV's less skill dependent would be fantastic and something where US and IJN CV's are are broadly equal would be really nice
  7. lankylad11_lankylad

    How to avoid getting Penertrated?

    its just stupid game design. a battleship should have to switch to HE to do significant damage to a destroyer with main battery guns. I mean the in game description also talks about overpens doing less damage. what on earth causes overpens if not less than 19mm armour on a DD? however you angle 19mm of armour 16 inch AP or bigger should go straight through without arming and do about 100 damage per hit. not take at least half your health. this needs fixing asap
  8. lankylad11_lankylad

    Ships that need a buff

    zao can have a turret rotation buff if we can swap the armour and concealment between zao and des moines. Zao has the tools there for brawling but it doesn't brawl that's not its style its the des moines that does that yet its very fragile. makes no sense. Also all destroyers when facing battleship AP. Battleship AP should NOT do full damage to a destroyer under almost any circumstance
  9. lankylad11_lankylad

    Midway vs. Hakuryu

    136 was what it actually had in real life when it left the drydock on launch day and since it actually existed unlike the Hakuryu, I feel it should have kept that. The Midway wasn't over performing
  10. lankylad11_lankylad

    Midway vs. Hakuryu

    But if you were going to reduce the hangar, they should have upped the tier of some of the planes
  11. lankylad11_lankylad

    The CV Captains Cabin

    having seen the patch notes, they are going to have to push the Midway's torpedo bombers and fighters up one tier. Midway and Hakuryu now have the same number of torpedo bombers so it isn't fair that Midway's are two tiers lower
  12. lankylad11_lankylad

    The CV Captains Cabin

    I haven't heard them say anything about compensating the midway for this ridiculous and unnecessary nerf. Whats the point in doubling the displacement of your aircraft carrier if you can't get better torpedo bombers, or any more reserves. I just said that if they are going to hammer it by taking away hangar capacity, they should buff it somewhere else in return
  13. lankylad11_lankylad

    The CV Captains Cabin

    of course not no, but the reason it had the nerfed aircraft and the long servicing time was the hangar. so if you take the hangar away then we need the others back. As I said, I won't be sailing a tier 10 CV till they are easier to play but it will be the Hakuryu unless they have readjusted it by then. Is there even any point in going up into the midway if your TB's melt anyway now? Since squadrons to hangar gives Essex more reserves on a ship half the size #WGlogic
  14. lankylad11_lankylad

    The CV Captains Cabin

    if they are going to do that to the hangar, they should return all aircraft to tier 10 and cut the servicing time of the aircraft by a third
  15. lankylad11_lankylad

    ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    personally I wouldn't be nerfing any tier 10 aircraft carriers since the stated goal of wargaming has been to make carriers more popular. the way to do that isn't to brutally kill one carrier line stone dead with the other much harder to play