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    Have you bought Belfast, Kutuzov? if so prepare to be shocked...

    1. It's good to see WG actively trying to balance the game. 2. I personally do not believe this change will help the game as it is too much of a learning curve for the average casual player to understand. They're playing the game to have some fun for an hour after work or studying not understand a specific mechanic of smokes and how long will be left in a smoke when they fire. 3. The real problem is the game currently doesn't reward players with credits and xp for teamplay. We've all seen the Battleship players running to a corner of the map to get as much xp as possible rather than use their ship to actually try and win. 4. If WG genuinely wants to solve the problems with the game they need to rework the whole economy using the full resources of their team rather than use a few individuals to code in a smoke change. Changing the smoke mechanics is a far easier change when it comes to manpower. Will they do that? Who knows but the more people start communicating about how they can make a positive change to the game the more likely people are to enjoy playing the game.
  2. Ginger_General

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    My thoughts and actions are my own and I would prefer this topic sticks to the facts that each individual has portrayed themselves. This paragraph of my response is mainly for KarmaQU_EU and daki. But also anyone who feels they are leaning towards speaking on someone else's behalf. Let's stick to what people have actually said themselves rather than guess what they may be thinking! I believe my original post was clear based on the number of people who have commented on it being so and the fact nearly all of the clans in the quarter finals of KOTS 3 have a member either posting or liking the OP in this topic, therefore the title "The Competitive scene in World of Warships" is thoroughly valid in my view. I messaged Wargaming before the KOTS tournament even started as you can see in the attached image as the original post is a concern not just I but members of other clans have had for some time. There was no response to my message despite all three having read the post and they quite easily could have written a holding message saying something like: "We are extremely busy at the moment and we will respond to your message properly with a full answer at a more convenient time." The above in quotation marks is taking into consideration Crysantos' post in this topic where he mentions he wants to give full answers where he could gather additional information, my suggested reply allows for that but it is at least a communication. As I have stated before no communication is a communication. The whole point of this topic is to create a discussion, which can be ongoing within the competitive community. As stated in the OP I regard the competitive community to be all players, organisers, spectators and anyone who has an interest in it. Regardless of the result on Sunday, I was going to post this on the forum on Monday as it is the best opportunity to get a discussion going around competitive with the greatest potential for a genuine conversation due to the interest in the competitive side of the game immediately after a tournament. I may have been disappointed to not win the final, but I was in no way "butthurt." The first thing OMNI as a clan did after the game ended was to congratulate the winners as we share a Teamspeak with OM. First and foremost we are people who have good will for this game and see it's potential. I for one did not write the OP nor contact the clans last week to see if they are on the same page for myself, I have done it to help create a discussion to the benefit of all clans and those interested in this side of the game. With the support the message has received I am glad I posted it and I am more than grateful to all those who have and will comment in the future whether they be positive or negative opinions towards the OP or suggestions of others so far in this topic. Increasing the communication and the information we receive from Wargaming while continuing the discussion within the community all done in a polite and reasonable manner is the aim here. Cheers!
  3. Ginger_General

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    I believe that neither I nor anyone else in this topic has suggested that WG EU does not care nor communicate with the developers and that assumption does not exist in my opinion. However there is a fact that there is no communication reaching back down to the players. You of course will know more than we do, although we've had nothing concrete since teambattles one year ago. As I said in the original post this is an opportunity for more communication and you can see the support from the community for it. I do not see this topic as a problem for WG EU, I see it as an absolute gift for the next time you're in contact with the developers. I'm not expecting an immediate response from the developers but the time it takes for them to respond with some content and the time it takes for it to arrive will show how much interest they have in the competitive side of the game. WG EU can however choose to equalise the prizes they offer with those offered in Russia and if the community is still creating the tournaments then those individuals should also be rewarded as they are putting in an immense amount of time for hundreds of competitive players and now thousands of spectators. Cheers!
  4. Ginger_General

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    This is a post for all those involved and interested in competitive World of Warships; players, organisers and spectators. As a long term member of OMNI, I sent the attached message to Wargaming (MrConway, Crysantos, Tuccy) on 11th May to no response despite all of the above reading the message. I believe no communication to be a communication. Having not had a response within 10 days to even say thanks for your concern and we'll look into it or to say they may be able to respond more fully in a couple of weeks is rather disappointing. I also feel it shows the current level of attention Wargaming are willing to show competitive in EU at the moment. I go into this in more detail in my attached images. If you have the time I'd appreciate you reading the attached images which is the message I sent to Wargaming and let me know your thoughts. This is me escalating the issue as there was no previous response. Hopefully if there's enough of a response Wargaming will finally respond and I'm giving them the perfect opportunity to turn over a new leaf and be more responsive and forthcoming to all clans, players and spectators involved in competitive World of Warships. Thanks and have a good one!
  5. Ginger_General

    King of the Sea Feedback: Frequency

    This post is in reference to bullet 2 of Eclaire's post. In the King of the Sea II tournament I posted that the tournament prizes were on the decline from the King of the Winter tournament. The top prize for the KotW tournament was premium ships for this one just past we get 50 combat flags. Before KotS II the organisers mentioned the prizes would improve but unfortunately they didn't. I am aware that WG are the ones who should provide the prizes but please don't say they will be better when they are worse, not just for 1st place. Wargaming really do need to show more ambition when it comes to the prizes, the number of viewers on twitch and the number of people watching their game is increasing with every tournament that has 32+ teams giving them free publicity. However Wargaming choose to be stingy on the prizes which are going to players of all levels giving them free publicity. I am aware that Wargaming can't just give away prizes non stop to those who are playing competitive, as there are thousands of other players in the community, but the value added by these players to Wargaming is far greater than they are being rewarded with. It's about time Wargaming step up to the plate! Look forward to it!
  6. Ginger_General

    King of the Sea II

    Couldn't have put it better myself!
  7. Ginger_General

    King of the Sea II

    I understand as organisers you have put a lot of your free time into organising all three of the King of the Sea/Winter tournaments but the rewards unfortunately are on a steady decline from the first tournament in the series. It is rather disappointing when earlier in this topic you mentioned the prizes would be better than last time. I'm sorry to say they just aren't. It seems a shame, when community events are put on and people take their free time to organise such events creating free publicity for Wargaming, the company itself can't give out better rewards as the competitive scene and the publicity around it grows. It is ultimately just a click of a button as it is their own currency they'd be rewarding teams with. Hopefully there is time for Wargaming to bump the prize pool, not just for 1st and 2nd as Kamikazesushi pointed out above.
  8. Ginger_General

    King of the Sea II

    The message was as much to WG as the organisers, glad to see you'll have the prizes sorted! Albeit the tournament after we had two teams in the final. Couldn't resist a little friendly banter!
  9. Ginger_General

    King of the Sea II

    Good to see another tournament coming up. Good job organising the last one! As part of the runner's up team last time round I have to say the prize of 10 containers was rather, to put it politely, pants. Don't get me wrong it was incredibly satisfying to get to the final with the bracket the team I was a part of had but it was a bit of a slap in the face to open 10 containers getting 3 premium smokes / defensive AA and 3 liquidator signals in each. This is compared to last time round the teams getting premium ships. I'm saying this as constructive feedback for the next time as really when we're dealing with what's ultimately an e-currency and easily created by WG with a click, that was a terrible main prize for 2nd and 1st place. For future tournaments it would be great to see the 1st and 2nd prizes something more like this: 1st; Flag 100 FTW camouflages 30 days premium 5k doubloons/premium ship about to be released 2nd; 50 FTW camouflages 7 days premium 2.5k doubloons That's also a bump in camouflages for 2nd as last time 3rd and 4th got 20 camouflages for the 25 that 2nd received. The added effort of being in the final just isn't equal to the change in prize pool. I could totally understand you may think I'm being biased towards second place getting a boost but 1st has a greater boost in the prize. Finally I'd just like to say I'm grateful for the containers but none of the consumables/signals were at all needed in my port.
  10. Ginger_General

    Bastion Poll 2.0

    Firstly I think this poll needs to be saved as it is. Then a new one created which can be based on the same questions but the new build of Bastion. Only one extra question is needed, is Bastion even worse than the previous build they removed from the game? This results in an unequivocal answer for WG so they can understand what a chocolate teapot of a mode they created. I'm genuinely curious how many WG developers can actually play the game to a high level and understand the ramifications of creating such game modes and how subsequent random battles would play out. For example Bastion is decided by the initial caps unless cruisers supporting the DDs are devastating striked. This is because the forts are so strong CVs have to fly planes around the forts to drop a target and then back around to re-arm planes. Any uncoordinated push is likely to leave ships being chewed up one by one by the fort itself, especially as it has better armour than a German BB and the HE spam from them is bonkers. (RIP RN in Bastion). I'm surprised WG can actually expect anything other than anger from the player base for creating such a mode. Why are the Forts even needed? If they're so stubborn about such a ridiculous mode why don't they remove the forts and leave the surveillance stations in with a bit more health. Spotting enemy ships is enough value to cap a base and defend or kite it from range. You don't need some insane BOT that can get Krakens, see link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbA1pwIUde4
  11. Ginger_General

    [IDEA] overhaul of the camouflage system

    I know what you're saying, I know you mean well and appreciate the suggestion as a solution. But that solution is basically us as customers paying wargaming so that we can fix their own problem for them... Seems the wrong way round in my book. Don't get me wrong the stat bonus is nice, but having to go through the code to change the look of the camouflage myself is rather a pain.
  12. Ginger_General

    [IDEA] overhaul of the camouflage system

    It would be nice if you could choose which style of camouflage you want to play with on a given ship, once you've bought the bonus camouflage. But have the bonuses applied to the look of each if you've already paid for a bonus camouflage. Also would be nice if you could change the colours. I'm guessing there's no more than 3-4 colours per camo. So say for example you wanted to use the GNB camouflage style but with different colours you could... And in the same way others could disable the edited colours so players wouldn't have to see glow in the dark bright green camos everywhere. Just the stock 22,500 one if the opponent is running a custom one. I honestly don't believe it would require much extra code for a colour wheel to adapt the colours as well as giving the freedom to choose the basic art of the camo you want to use on your ship. This is a Montana in the GNB camouflage, still one of the better ones available. Certainly looks better than the permanent camouflage one. Fletcher camo, still the best one available in my opinion. Could be even better if you could customise the colours even further should some wish to.
  13. Ginger_General

    Papa Papa Flags

    Yeah I still think it's low though. I had a 3k base xp atago game today, and only got 2.2k free xp with 800k credits. Normally that would be at least 3k free xp tbh.
  14. Ginger_General

    Papa Papa Flags

    Anyone else noticed Papa Papa flags giving less xp per battle than before? For 100% daily wins, I used to get 2k free xp + per game in my T8 premium wins. Now it's down to 1200-1500. I think they don't include daily win modifiers anymore. Anyone else found that?
  15. Ginger_General

    Kicked from battle by the server

    Still wasn't allowed to rejoin the battle and the battle didn't seem to go through.