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  1. Agt_endrn

    0.8.6 PTS - BUGS

    1. Arsenal Buying French DDs with new tokens 2. I clicked on the buy button to buy the new french tier VIII dd, clicked on yes when asked to buy 3. no ship was credited but tokens are gone 4. ship should have been added to the ship carousel 5. Bug occurred on 04.07.2019 at 18:45
  2. Agt_endrn

    0.8.5 PTS - General Feedback

    Changes to the interaction between AA guns and Aircraft are not healthy for the game. With the change that now AA guns target one Aircraft until it is dead and then start attacking the next several parts of carrier play like the heal are almost useless as well as the adrenaline rush skill. The heal is in most situations completely useless since only one aircraft at a time is damaged and there for only one can be healed. This drastically decreases survivability of Torpedo Bombers and makes the Heal not worth bothering anymore. Second the adrenaline rush skill acts on total loss of % hp of the squadron. This means that with only one aircraft being targeted at once the total HP is for the most part at close to 100% since all but one plane are healthy and the plane that gets shot down dies soon. A redesign of the skill would be good if this change to AA gun interaction with Planes is pursued. For example change the Adrenalin rush to % of planes still remaining in the squadron. I don't think it is an improvement to the game and certainly does not really resolve the problems with CVs
  3. Agt_endrn

    0.8.4 - PTS - Ranked with CVs

    CV is a very strong and game deciding class especially with only having that few people per team, like in ranked. It encourages people to play in at least groups of 2 ships, if not more and makes the overall games experience slower. Capping is harder to perform and most caps will not get flipped over the course of the game. Most games are decided by capping since CV generally kill/spot or attack ships that try to move alone or cap. On live server there might be a problem up the ladder in higher leagues when more players what to play CVs and not enough players are there or want to play surface ships, since there is only 1 CV per team. Epicenter is one of the worst modes since it limits teams in there ability to form smaller battle groups. Maps, like Riposte that encourage 2 battle groups should work the best. While playing carrier I noticed that most teams are very limited in there maneuverability because of the blobbing up and the CV catching every one trying to leave it. Maybe limit the CVs ability to regain plains so that bad game play by the CV gets punished harder.
  4. Agt_endrn

    0.8.4 - PTS - CVs Improvement

    The change to the launch time of the aircraft at the start of the battle is a move in the right direction, but for a CV it is just wasted time. I would suggest that the CV can like queue up a certain type of squadron that then launches once it is ready. Change to the HE dive bombs of american carriers makes it definitely harder to consistently hit all bombs on a target, especially DDs. A change in the right direction. I noticed however that currently there is a slight delay between a player executing an action and it actually happening. This gets specifically annoying when dropping cruisers or DDs, WG please fix.
  5. Agt_endrn

    0.8.4 - PTS - Bugs

    Description: Lag Spike and inability to properly control/aim with planes Reproduction steps: 1. Played with Midway in Co-Op and Ranked 2. Randomly occurred after 2 or 3 min into the game Result: Planes are stuttering(freeing for a brief second and then jumping to the next section) While aiming with the planes the reticle jumped in size. When trying to aim and change the heading planes freeze and jump the next position Expected result Changing the heading should have been smooth and the planes should have moved over the map normally(with an constant movement speed) Technical details Experience 17.05.2019 around 17:00, no problems with my connection while playing and PC did not run into problems either.
  6. Agt_endrn

    0.8.4 - PTS - Overall quality & stability

    Experienced extrem lag-spikes while playing CV, to the point where the planes just jumped from part to the other. Internet connection experienced no problems over the length of the game and encountered no problems with my computer, so I assume it is an issue with the game client or the servers. While aiming the strikes the reticle jumped and narrowed not gradually as normal, it jumped in intervals.